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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • pdierkspdierks Posts: 4
    If you end up not giving the cd's back, let me know how much you want for the pkg.
  • rs6errs6er Posts: 11
    It makes no difference whatsoever which DVD is in the NAV
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Hey sorry to see you leave the fold :cry:

    so what did you buy (sorry to be off topic). ahhh see you been posting on the MDX forums... too bad there is not a way to private message here without revealing your email address to the world...

    I have 75k on my B9. it only needs another set of front antisway bushings that I am holding off on. replaced the tires on the 20s just this past week. so good for another summer. had a hard time finding someone to mount the new tires on 20's without charging like $30 per wheel :mad:

    was thinking of moving on as well but I got all the hacks in and the SUV is running well with the exception of that stupid bushing that goes out every 25 or 30k miles. plus economy and job (ya never know).

    I thought you would have gotten better $$ selling the B9 outright instead of trading it in on the MDX...
  • We recently bought a 2006 B9 Tribeca which had only a West navigation disc, and we need the East. Does anyone have one that they'd like to trade?
  • pdierkspdierks Posts: 4
    My wife purchased a 2007 B9 a few months back and we have the opposite scenario, as this was a dealer demo from Florida. We need the West CD. You can contact me at to work out the swap.
  • sti9mmsti9mm Posts: 3
    So, did they get the unit fixed? I have an 07 B9 that is flashing the Subaru logo 3 times, then goes black. The NAV buttons flash 4 times, pause, and then flash 4 times.

    2 months and much $$$ later (replaced DVD unit, replaced cable, replace radio) still does it. Of course, it is past 36K miles, so dealer is having trouble getting 'free' parts.

    Anyone else had this issue, and if so, what fixed it?
  • I don't know about the downgrading - but I'm interested in whether the V 3.0 was acquired from a dealer or somewhere else.
  • ellungoellungo Posts: 2
    I'm in the same boat many of you are...have a 2006 B9 Tribeca with gps version 1.awful....have to upgrade but man that is a lot more than what I had expected to the only option to go through Kenwood?...I think about spending $250 for these disks that I really don't how accurate they are versus buying a Garmin gps and always having an updated I thought I'd just pick up some $60 update disk and I'd be on my way...not so bueno...
  • ellungoellungo Posts: 2
    Any Don Quixote people out there who have a link to a less than authentic source for 3.0 gps disks for the B9 Tribeca?
  • mlyonsmlyons Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me if the version 3.0 looks anything like the screenshots I've seen from the Forester and Outback? The graphics are much cleaner (it looks just like Toyota's screen). The graphics in my 2007 Tribeca are terrible. I don't want to update if it's not the new look.
  • mlyonsmlyons Posts: 3
    I misspoke. The new system is in the Legacy and Outback.


    Let me just add that I don't think the ver. 1 was that bad, it just looks ... well ... like a version 1. I had NAV screen envy when I got in my friend's Lexus. My wife just got a Venza and it has the same rich screen. But, I've only occasionally had a problem with the system giving me bad directions. I agree with others that having to hit the "Agree" button EVERY time you start the car is a nuisance. The Toyota warning screen clears after about 5-10 seconds.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I hear very, very mixed reviews about Toyota systems.

    gagrice has it on his Toyota truck and he simply hates it. He's actually thinking about plugging in a portable Garmin and just ignoring the useless OE one.

    But I have heard good things from the model that appears in the Solara and several Lexus models. Perhaps the Venza got that better system.

    That Outback's screen sure looks better than the one in the Forester. I didn't feel like the Tribeca's was bad, but then again I sampled it a few years ago and newer ones have improved dramatically.
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    I just bought a new Tribeca that came with V3 disks. I live in SE NC, and while it shows the names of most of the roads, it will not find any addresses on secondary roads, and that include the 10 year old development I live in. It will not route me to or from my home. It will not plan a route on secondary roads (those w/o highway numbers). When I check the version info, it shows V1.0 dtd 2007 even though I have the V3 East disk installed and loaded. Subaru and Kenwood have not been of any help. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    call subaru headquarters they will be happy to give you version 3.0 for free, my 2008 tribeca had the old one as well, but the dealer should had given you the newer version as well since 3.0 came out in 2008 the time i bought mine.
  • My wife purchased a 2009 Tribeca and it came with Navigation 3.0. We received the discs new from Kenwood and as such, it is not installed. Does anyone know how to install it. I've put it in the CD player but it does not read. The DVD player does not read it either. Any suggestions???
  • mlyonsmlyons Posts: 3
    @jsequin: Look under the driver's seat. The navigation DVD player there.
  • look under the drivers seat, becarefull how you open the door, first remove the safety. Then open the door. I recommend you read the manual before you do anything. Good luck
  • We just got a 2006 Tribeca and there is NO manual for the gps, I've been reading some of the post on this link and it's very helpful. Said that the dvd is under the driver seat, I never would of thought of looking there... Yes, it is, are you suppose to be able to take that out? I didn't want to force it. Could a dvd be inside that? I only got 1 dvd in the case, that was the West and we live in the East, but it is installed, just in case we ever need to re-install.
    Is that a memory card or some way that you can program trips in your computer and put it on that gps in the car? :confuse:
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    I have a 2009 Tribeca. It comes as Version 3 with 2 DVD's. The East is in the player. Both the East and the West have identical maps, but POI's differ for their respective coverage areas. The player is located under the seat and has a button for ejection on the unit.

    In general this is a poor GPS system compared to modern units like Garmin. It does not route to many areas in NC where I live. When it does a route, it usually only follows numbered highways. As a result, routes are longer if I can find the address. I have taken issue with both Subaru and their GPS hardware/software supplier Kenwood. The only response I got from Subaru was that a new version will be out in 2010. However, they did not commit that it would do any more than add more POI's to what already exits, or that it would work in older systems like mine. As a result, I use a Garmin system that works real well, and I have an expensive back-up camera for my 2009.
  • Maybe I asked this question wrong before. I have a garmin hand held gps, that I plan our many trips with on the computer then transfer the data to the gps.

    1. Is a way to do this with the gps in the tribeca? If so HOW? What software would you use.

    2. Are you suppose to be able to read the dvd that came with the car on your computer? I tried and it said they were IDX files and couldn't open them.

  • We also just recently bought a 06 Tribeca which I thought only had the West disc, and we live in the East. When I took the car to the dealers today about the gold paint job, I asked how you open that box under the driver seat. The sales manager tried but couldn't figure it out, he had someone come out from service, he showed me, and the East disc was in there.
  • Update after calling all around, I finally found a manual for the gps at the dealership that had 2 people looking and couldn't find one. Guy from service dept. found one, also I figured out (just guessing) that the manal is #3100 and you can d/l it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think so, in fact my guess is no for both questions.
  • I bought a 2006 B9 Tribeca, which I love, but it has the original navigation discs. Does anyone have the newest version of the East disc they would be willing to send/sell me??
  • I'm looking for the Ver 3 DvD for the West. Anyone interested in selling?
  • I am trying to figure out if I can use the AUX jack in my '09 Tribeca (radio model # P-144) to connect my mobile phone and use it as a hand free solution.

    I am already able to connect the phone (it's a HTC HD2) to the AUX jack via the 3.5mm plug in the center console and listen to music. When the phone rings, the music automatically mutes and the caller’s voice is piped into the speakers in the car. However the MIC on the phone is somehow disabled so the called cannot hear me speak.

    Does the radio in the Tribeca have a MIC-IN capability? If yes, I think I can wire a microphone and (onto the steering column) and be able to use it as a hands-free solution in the car. Does anyone know if the radio has this capability, please?

    I just posted this question in the radio forum but noticed in my search that there are more discussions re: MIC installations in this forum and so I thought I would repost it here too, Has anyone tried this and got it to work? Thanks in advance.
  • jax44jax44 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2009 Tribeca with V 3.0 nav system, but when you check the version on the set up it shows Ver 1.0 also. Have you found a solution for this?
  • pametzpametz Posts: 7
    No. I use a Garmin now. It sees more of the streets and addresses in my area. It plans better routes. Too bad Subaru did this to their Tribeca buyers. I suspect they will be dropping it because it is not a great seller, and it doesn't do well with gas mileage. I've also had a lot of problems with rattles.
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    Imposible, you cant be using a 3.0 version and showing the 1.0. Are you sure you have the correct dvd in and not the old one? The navi is under the drivers seat,
  • jax44jax44 Posts: 2
    The label on the DVD says V 3, but The DVD does read 2007 Ver1. I have talked to Subaru and they said it was a glitch and to live with it as they had no idea how to fix it. When I opened the DVD up on my laptop and read the Version folder/file it read ver1
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