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Subaru B9 Tribeca Navigation System Questions



  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    there are a lot of MIC commands but you still need to enter locations manually unless they are in your presets 1-9

    there is no voice to text type recognition to enter data or numbers.

    Its not the best solution but better then nothing and fun to use :)

    so with all these mods I think I will keep my B9 for at least a few more years, maybe drive it until it drops and buy a 2nd vehicle in a year or two additional... Yeah I wish they redo the 2008+ front ends on the B9s.. they are just too traditional for me.

    only regret is the newer engine (low octane ability and more hp).
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    that is good! I have lots of dvds for the baby etc. ripped to .iso for playing on player in home and was worried about having to burn them to dvd and have all those loose dvd discs laying around. what other file type can it play? just mpg, divx and .iso? i guess hidef isn't neccesary on the small dvd screen but if it could play x.264 (720p and 1080p .mkv) and wmv-hd that would be great. actually for that i could just connect my popcorn hour player which isn't big but it has a full 3.5" ide hdd inside so something smaller that uses 2.5" hdd would be better. istar-hd mini nmt is smaller and can use an ext. 2.5" usb hdd.

    i'll have to check out the mg-25 but its prob similiar to other ones i am aware of in fact the model# sounds familiar so i might know the brand that makes it.

    you dont have anything else connected to your rear audio video inputs do you? cus i have my pioneer inno portable xm plugged into the rear inputs for direct connection sound rather then fm transmiter or whatever. I'd prob rather have integrated xm like was available on the 07 special edition and the new models but i like being able to record live xm for playback when i dont have signal or something and also can take the player in the house for listening on the home dock and on the go as a portable like an mp3 player.

    But yeah so my rear audio/video inputs are being used by that though i guess i can't listen to both at once raelly so can just unplug those when connected the video player. anything small that plays .iso and some other file formats would def be great.

    man i want to get the 3 mods done. (enable nav while moving, enable vid while moving without clicking parking brake, and the mic install) I guess with your instructions and/or link to other instructions and the right materials i could do it myself. But though i installed the portable xm myself hiding the wiring, I kind of want to get the mic pro installed and at that point just have them do the other 2 things as well

    as far as the media player for dvd screen. i can prob just leave that in the back unless i really want to be able to operate it from up front with a remote or whatever to start/stop it etc. so would just be a matter of another wiring hide (the audio/video cable) once i have that I will really want some more screens though. possible 1 in each headrest (though then for a total of 3 just for the baby is prob overkill) and at least one more upfront (visor maybe?) i know my friend has a 350 Z and he put in a nice pioneer headunit that does everything and has a hard drive to store mp3s, is touch screen and voice activated nav and everything. has 2 screens one on top of another basically and one is slight smaller but it allows to have nav on one screen and movie playing on another which is clutch.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    no hd file support but it does do MP3 and MPEG DIVX so thats alot right there. check my link in post #243. lots of Good Info there that will answer ALL your questions ;) the 2.5" hd is better for auto use as they are more made to take bumps being laptop hds. vs 3.5" desktop hds. I put the largest 2.5" PATA drive which is a 250 GB Western Digital drive into the MG-25 unit....

    if you have a few hrs a weekend you can do the mods your self.. do one a weekend ...

    the voice command is nothing like the acura. it is pretty basic commands and you have to get them exact wording or it guesses wrong. ie. gasoline doesn't work but Gas Stations works...

    do a search online for voice commands for Kenwood KNA-DV-3200 and forums and you will find the full listing posted in the one Legacy forums.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    here they are:
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I just got the Gefen IR Extender for $22 plus $5 shipping from B&H.
    link title
    It plugs into the MG-25p (the p model has the IR output port) the nonP model does not and allows you to have the IR receiver for the remote be located up front. I just run the wire from the extender mounted up front to the back and plug it into the MG-25. the nice thing is everything else is in back with the cup holder to place the MG-25 and the Lighter socket to power it! I am waiting on the Lighter adapter as it doesn't come with one. got one on Ebay for cheap from Hong Kong...
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    I am definately doing the nav input while moving mod asap. It is really a must have even more so then disabling the seat belt chime. I still can't believe they dont let a passenger operate the nav when it detects someone in the passenger and shows the passenger airbag light on.

    once I have the nav while moving mod done then I will think about the video while moving (instead of parking brake 1 click). The parking brake 1 click also serves the purpose to turn off the daytime running lights which is actually the part of it that I use most often as on a sunny day I dont need dtr's and it just burns out my upgraded bulbs faster (I was changing them once a year previously)

    I'm assuming the clean enable video while driving wire mod will also turn off the dtr's? and if you want them on , on a cloudy day or something you can just turn on your parking lights for basically the same thing or better since it also includes the rear tail lights while dt's is just the front right?

    then I'll think about the mic and a media player, but if i'm mostly going to play .iso's of dvds it might just be cheaper and easier to just burn them to dvdr then buy install and play them on the same factory dvd screen which already has a dvd player. Just the fact of having loose dvd discs around. What I need is some more screens especially another upfront but ideally so I could somehow still have Nav upfront on the main touch screen and then have another non touch screen just for video.

    I'm assuming any screen you add to the existing factory dvd screen will only show the same as the dvd screen anyway as it would only be connected to that. You would have to connect it to the nav unit I guess as well to also get nav display on any additional screen and it wont be touch screen unless you get a touch screen display. That would be pointless unless maybe for a touch screen on passenger side for them to more easily input nav stuff but I think just an extra screen or 2 just for video display whlle the center would be for nav. Then I might not even worry about video while moving so much on that screen if there is another screen or 2 upfront for video I could keep the nav on the main center screen always and not have to switch back and forth.

    Again I'm going to start with the nav while moving mod and it sounds like its a tad easier with the old version nav which I still have. If I do it with that, I wont have to redo the mod once I upgrade to version 3.0 will I? If not that gives me incentive to hurry up and do the mod then order the nav update which will allow me to do the mic later if I want to.

    But for me right now priority is nav while moving, nav dvd update and then an additional screen or 3 at which point video while moving on the main factory screen wont be as neccesary though might still be nicer then parkging brake one click to turn of the dtr's.

    Then maybe the mic and add a media player.

    In summary 2 main questions:

    1. will the enable video while driving wire mod also turn off the dtr's?

    2. If I do the nav while moving mod with original nav dvd version (just makes it easier to access the menu you verify with) I wont have to redo the mod once I upgrade to version 3.0 nav will I?
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    1. I never looked but I am almost 100% sure it does not turn off the DTRs. I really like the DTRs. can never have enough safety... even in bright days it still helps sometimes to people not paying attention. it should not burn out your lights early as it is running at a lower power then they usually run at so should not be burning out early... I had DTRs on my other cars and cant say they burned out earlier. my right bulb has lately been burning out but the first bulb lasted 2 years...

    I just got ULTRA Silverstars for the low beams. $10 rebate until end of this month from Sylvania

    2. NAV while moving is independant of the DVD NAV version running. its a hardware function you are tricking the NAV unit into thinking the parking brake is on. Not 100% sure but if you want to send me the 3.0 DVD I can test it for ya ... LOL :shades:

    3. the big thing with the Media Player is that you can switch movies from the FRONT seat while driving and not swap out DVDs :-) the Video hack makes it nice so you can view the VIDEO on the FRONT screen :-) see what your doing with the Media Player while in motion. also with the Media Player its not just movies (ISO). its DIVX (about 1/10 the size of an ISO. You could fit 200 movies on a Hard Drive in DIVX and still have 50 GB for Music :)
  • I recently bought a 07' 7 Pass. limited Tribeca with only 9443 miles on it. I love the car but it was in a fleet app. then returned to the dealer for retail. I live in what the nav. screen says is zone 1 Wash., Ore. & Ida.. The car was from the Ohio, Illinois area And it will not let me select my current address for the home destination. Does anybody have a disc that is the most current update, and interested in selling or maybe the contact # for Subaru to sweet talk them into sending me the current update for the west.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    you should have received the 2nd DVD NAV disk with the car (in a DVD movie like case). there is a WEST coast and an EAST coast. if not the dealer should provide for you as part of the purchase.

    if the WEST coast in the drive (under the driver seat is the DVD drive unit) just swap the DVD inside with the EAST coast.

    if the EAST coast dvd is already installed. then you need to relesect the zone you are in when selecting navigation. did they give you the NAV manual? good reading :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Talk to your dealer or call 800-SUBARU3.

    If it's a recent purchase you should at least have the 2 original DVDs.
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello all. Buying a 2008 Tribeca at the end of this year (hopefully, it will be cheaper then) and I'm wondering if I should get it with the nav. I love the interior of the Tribeca and the nav always looks better when it's in the dash as opposed to getting a garmin or something. But I have heard bad things about the nav in this car. Someone with a 2008 Tribeca with nav, please let me know. I also like the idea of the back up camera but if the nav is not accurate, what's the point. I do have one silly question since I really have no experience with navs. Can I use the nav in the Tribeca while the radio is on? I mean if so, how does that work with the voice giving directions while the radio is blasting. Ok thanks people.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Its not a Bad NAV system. just not anywhere as good and user friendly as the Garmin systems. For the price they charge if you can find an after market stereo with NAV that will fit great but with the Tribeca dash not sure what you could get. or something to replace the Display screen, but that would mean you would lose the other functions for that screen.

    tough choice... but the Garmin would probably get you newer map data and like I said a more intuitive interface. you just have to worry about 1. looks and 2. someone stealing it...

    if you get the 2008 with NAV make sure to make a deal with the dealer ship to get the very LATEST NAV DVD released covered in the deal. right now I think that is Release 3.
  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    I have the 2008 tribeca loaded with the Nav and DVD system. Make sure you get the latest upgrade software 3.0 I think. Because before I was using Garmin It felt so weird at first, but once you read the book you will find out that is not so bad. The only negative is that the car needs to be stopped in order to add locations for safety reasons of course.
  • rs6errs6er Posts: 11
    Yes you can listen to the radio. The volume lowers when the NAV "speaks" to you. I'm not a fan of the Subaru NAV at all. It always tells me to go a different way than one I know is better. You also get info display with it though, like average fuel mileage, current fuel mileage, etc. Whenever I go somewhere I'm not familiar with, I take my Garmin along too.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think there is a way to bypass that "safety" feature.

    Subaru should make it so that if a passenger is with you that feature is disabled. They have the sensors for the air bag already.
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Entering info in NAV when moving... *yes you can*

    see my posting about 10 posts up from here ;)
  • My sister-in law just purchased a new 2009 Forester LTD with Navigation. There are 3 DVD's with her system, East, Mid, and West. The version info says Kenwood 3100, 2007 ver 1.1 Does anyone know if these include the same info as the version 3.0 now available, and if not should she press the dealer to give her version 3.0? Also, will her version work in the Tribeca?

  • ttentelhttentelh Posts: 46
    the 3.0 works only with tribeca, legacy, forester and outback. WRX and impreza have a different one version 1.0. The best way is to call subaru usa and complaint that the dealer gave you an older version and they will send to you free of charge right away. The dealer did the same with mine and subaru of usa send me o free copy.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Agreed. It's not a 'bad' Nav system, just not as good as some. The user interface is OK, but not all that intuitive sometimes. The touch screen is nice.

    This may be irrelavent to many, but I bought the $1800 nav system because of the $200 back-up camera. The back-up camera is terrific!
    Bu- I back into my garage and parking spaces daily... so I use it a lot. YMMV
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For certain cars with poor rear visibility I think that feature is nearly a must-have. I'd like to see Subaru offer it the way Toyota does - standard on certain models even without NAV.

    The Highlander Sport makes it standard.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    subaru navigation dvds by x5killer
    Aug 21, 2008 (2:54 pm)
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    I did the mod to the back of the nav unit to ebable input while driving which my wife is very happy about as it was very annoying that the passenger couldn't.
    I waited to install my nav 3.0 update until after I did it as it was easier too see when the wire as grounded through the menu available in that version.
    good thing to because when I tried to go into that menu by holding the top middle of the menu screen until the screen that asks you for the passsword or whatever pops up, the code I had didn't work.
    I believe it was cluelesspa on the main tribeca thread that shared this mod including the code to access that menu on suba nav v 2.0 or 3. and ill have to tell him it didn't work or hopefully he sees this post and id like to get the right code.
    also wondering where I could sell the old nav dvd though maybe I should make a copy of it as if ever needed to access that menu again id need to put the old dvd back in unless I get the right accesscode.
    it comes with a west coast version and I've heard of ppl on the forums from opposite coasts splitting the coast or sselling to someone on the other side the other dvd for half.
    I have no need for the est coast dvd so I should def sell that.
    anyone need the subaru nav newest ver. 3 for the west coast?

    is their a 3rd dvd for midwest? I can sell that too then polus if anyone wants version 1.0 which makes it easier to do the mod.

    edit: ah it was cluelesspa who shared the mod. thanks man! it work great and is a godsend. my wife is happy. before I did this it was one of the most annoying tings about the nav thaty the passenger couldn't operate it even though it can detect a passenger for the airbag
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    glad it worked... not sure why the code to confirm that the EBrake was activated did not work. it worked fine on my 2.0 version system. you really dont need it if you did the mod already... its just nice to confirm.

    I love the portable media player hook up... its great to have about 30 movies on tap along with 30 or so MP3 albums!

    drop me a private msg when you get a chance.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    yeah the code you gave must just be for nav version 2.0 because it didnt work for v. 3.0

    as you said though i dont need to access that menu anyway but it was good i did the mod first before updating to 3.0 when we could see when we had the wire grounded via the menu easily accesible in ver. 1.0

    where did you get the menu acceas cod because if someone who already upgraded to 3.0 wont be able to with that code and may make it harder to know when they have the wire grounded.

    i know i had to tell my friend doing it when the pkb indicator in that menu was on or off till he secured the wire and got it to stay off so it does help when first doing it.

    after that you wont need it but im thinking aout keeping my 1.0 dvd until i find out the access code for ver. 3.0 in case i ever nned to access that menu again.

    i will msg you about the other mods that have been discussed earlier in this and the other thread and the media player plus get your reccomendations on adding some screens but im at the beach/shore right now and wm phone battery is dying
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Thanks for documenting the mod, I'm sure someone will find it useful. :shades:
  • amy10amy10 Posts: 26
    My 2007 Tribeca came with the Version 1.1 2005-2006 Nav. System DVD. Is it worth upgrading to the more current one? When did the newest one come out? Thank you for your input. :)
  • I called Subaru to ask if there was any way to replace the nav unit with one that was actually usable. They said no. I expressed my displeasure with the unit, and to try to make me happy they send me the latest DVD update free of charge. In my area, I see no improvement whatever with the latest DVD. There are still stores that closed over 15 years ago, on the DVD. Changes to major roads made over 5 years ago do not appear on the maps. This, of course, may be different for your area. I would say that if you get the upgrade for free, it might help in your area, although it was no better in my area. In my opinion, actually paying for this version is a complete waste of money.
  • I forgot to mention that I started with Version 2.0, and now I have both Version 2.0 and 3.0, and there is no difference between them in my area. I can't say what improvement going from 1.1 to 3.0 would take place. I can say that I have a pile of DVD's, and they are essentially the same content in my area, both missing major road and point of interest changes. My guess would be that even the latest version, in many regards, lags reality by about 5 to 10 years. Hope this helps you.
  • amy10amy10 Posts: 26
    Thank you very much for your time and input. I appreciate it! Looks like I'll make do with the 1.1. Thanks again.
  • I tried the trick today of pressing the parking brake lever one click while driving to let me use the navigation system. (I was in a safe area to do this).

    Anyways, it doesn't work. Do you think it has something to do w/the fact that I have version 1 DVD?

    I don't know if I want to go so far as to ground the wire so we can use the Navi on trips. I don't like the idea of the parking brake staying lit. I would also have to upgrade my DVD.

    Any suggestions?
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    parking brake one click never allowed you to use nav while driving. it just turns off the day time running lights so I sometimes like to do it as my after market headlight bulbs (sylvania silver star whites) seem to burn out much quicker then oem headlight bulbs. Also, if you have rear entertainment system (dvd) it allows you to watch on the front screen while driving.

    to get nav while driving you have to do the ground wire trick on the back of the nav unit underneath the drivers seat. its not a big deal and doesn't cause any other issues or the parking break light to be on, it has nothing to do with that really.

    its easier to do with the nav dvd 1.1 anyway cus you can check in the one screen to make sure its off. then later you can update and it will remain useable (nav input) while driving.
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