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Ford Ranger III



  • p67p67 Posts: 3
    I hear all this talk about 4.0 Rangers breaking axles, mainly manual trans., and it concerns me not a bit. I worked at Ford dealerships for 15 years and saw first hand that the majority of of those types of problems come from, do I say this without offending someone, oh what the hell, abuse. Now I know there are situations off road where considerable stress can be placed on any given system and breakage can and will occur. But that happens to all vehicles and with "proper" driving habits those problems can mostly be avoided. As I told my son when he got his first 4X4, "The idea is to get there and get back, not see how many parts you can break." At least that's my style, my hot rod days are behind me since I'm probably older than 90% of this group. So I'm not any more concerned about breaking an axle than I am with breaking a leg.

    And I got 18+ mpg yesterday.
  • wyncotewyncote Posts: 5
    My Ranger, bought new last summer, has had an occasional musty, mildew smell coming from the vents since the first week. It seemed worse on damp/rainy days. My big problem is not the smell, but whatever is causing it makes me very sick when I run the blower, esp. the AC.

    The dealer deodorized it twice (no help) then said they had to pull the dash and replace the evaporator. But they later copped out as the tech. couldnt duplicate my concern. I went to another dealer who said they are well aware of the problem ... they had a service bulliten or something on it ... and they would need to replace the evaporator. They too ended up not replacing that (they told me that didnt apply to my truck) but installed what the service writer described as a "reverse fan" to prevent the smell's return. I told him again that the smell itself is not making me sick, but whatever is in there is. He was very evasive and just kept telling me that they did the repair that Ford recommends.

    When I got my truck back, there was a pre-printed flyer inside stating: "A module has been added to turn on the blower motor for two minutes after your vehicle has been parked for 45 minutes. This will help prevent the return of odors from the AC system."
    So far no odor, but I still get very sick whenever I run the blower and/or AC. Is the dealer being straight, or is this being used as a "mask" for a deeper probem? Thanks
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    the fx4's axle issue isn't "just from abuse". if that were true, ford wouldn't have a stop sale on manuals right now and recalling these units. it's a design flaw with the torsen lsd and ford axle.
  • fhawsfhaws Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 extended cab 4.0. There is a loud hissing sound coming from behind the driver's seat when I go 55+. Has anyone else experienced this? How can I stop it? It makes it a loud truck on the highway. Dosn't seem very arrowdymanic.
  • mjbwrtrmjbwrtr Posts: 172
    edmunds says my 2.5 liter four cylinder Ranger can tow 6,000 pounds. lets be honest, i am sure it cant. what CAN i tow, however?
  • fhaws, Behind the drivers seat? Like floorboard, rear passenger door, or rear window? You need to have someone ride with you and locate the source od the noise. Probably a window seal. Once you know the source or at least the general location, you should then be able to inform your dealership for where to look and fix. Trucks aren't very aerodynamic to begin with, but it will seal.

    matt, You could probably move a trailer around the block or so, but yes I wouldn't be going across the state with anything near that weight. You should be able to tow a couple of motorcycles, jet ski's, or a little uhaul trailer with no problem.
  • jazzy8jazzy8 Posts: 11
    Hello all:
    Just bought 2002 3.0 2WD SuperCab. So far so good. Will report any probs as they arise. Question: Where is the best place to get an under the rail bed liner for the least amount of money? Thanks in advance.
  • Rhino liner... It's a DIY rubber liner that is very durable and looks great. Should be at most auto part stores.
  • jazzy8jazzy8 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the response...but I want to go with a Plastic bed liner, and not a paint on. I like the ability to take out put in on a whim (even though I may never do it).

    Anybody else???
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    i got my ford (duraliner) bedliner from a huge ford dealer in des moines for $145 installed. underrail that is. fit like a glove.
  • I've just rolled over 18,000 km's and have nothing to complain about. The only thing that I think could be better is the gas mileage. But It actually isn't that bad. I put an average of 100 kms on it a day and I've yet to have a problem. I had a crack in my fog light and I had it fixed under warranty, eventhough I had to go to 2 different dealers. That light would have cost $120.00 dollars to replace! The engine runs great and I love driving it. Does anyone know where I can sell my factory bed rails because I purchased a bed cap and have no use for them? The dealer won't buy them back. Has anyone heard that Ford replaced the 2001 3.0 litre V-6 with an upgrade on the 2002's? Does anyone have any suggestions on what to watch for mechanically? This is the second Ranger I have owned, and I honestly think for the money you spend, they are the best value out there. I realize that everyone hasn't had the same expieriance, but excluding minor flaws that all trucks have, I haven't had any problems with these trucks!! My last truck was a 94 4 banger, and I sold it with 175,000 km's on it. It still had the original clutch and never had anything repaired on it other than a couple of sensors!

    Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    Good luck on your truck. I own a 2000 4x4 with 4.0 and 5 speed auto.
    IF you own an automatic, change the fluid WITH THE PROPER FORD SPECS at 30 000 miles AND it is VERY important, to prevent klunks and vibration, to grease the extension shaft spline of the drive shaft (where the rubber boot is located) perhaps once a year or so. If you have the 3.0 V6 and it DOES NOT ping, you are very fortunate, as most of them start to get noisy. This can be cured by using higher octane fuel, orinjector cleaner, or both.
    Also, periodically make sure the front end is aligned properly; Rangers can eat the outside of your front tires off pretty quickly. Mobil 1 which I use has given me about .5 mpg, but of course at extra expense. I think the Mobil 1 is worth it if you drive in cold weather a lot, as it possesses reduced friction at lower temps than regular petro-based oils. Good luck.
  • Jake, I am like you, 1993 regular cab with 138,000 miles (220,800km) on it. Alignment has never needed adjusting, and I get no problems with tire wear. Of course, I don't drive my truck like a race car either. And I definitely agree that the Ranger is the best truck for the money.
  • Hello. Thanks for the information. I have a 5-speed manual tranny. I don't really like automatics, but if I'm not correct, the 4.0 litre extended cab doesn't come with a 5-speed manual. My engine doesn't ping. I don't use my truck for heavy hauling or towing. Do you know normally if this problem would show up sooner or later with a new engine? My roommate has a F-150 4x4 with the Triton V-8 and it pings. It has about 22,000 kms on it. I'm already aware of the drive train problems. Even with my 94 Ranger I made sure to have all my major components either greased or inspected once a year. I've just purchased a K & N air filter for my truck and I do notice a difference with acceleration, especially going up hills. I don't think it's had a significant effect on my gas mileage though. Also regarding the alignment, do you use your truck for offroading or do you remember hitting any potholes? That could have caused the problem with alignment. I honestly never had to do the alignment on my old truck. I didn't even have power steering on it, and I never had abnormal tire wear.
  • tbundertbunder Posts: 580
    4.0 with manual for '02. quite rare. mostly fx4's. and they are junk, so to speak.
  • I just had my oil changed at around 19,435km. While the service technician did a multi-point visual inspection he noticed "sweat" at the rear engine seal. Does anyone know if this is potenially a serious problem? Should I try and get it serviced under warranty? The technician said it was common and it wasn't a serious problem. Eventhough the seal is still holding now, eventually it will begin to leak. Will this problem lead to the seal leaking prematurley?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I would have it looked into and make sure you have it documented, so that if it ever gives out at least that it was noticed and written up. But to be safe talk to the service manager and get his opinion and have him document it as well.
  • cochise4cochise4 Posts: 1
    I only get 13-14 mpg on my '99 Ranger 4x4, 3.0L.4spd. auto, 4.10 axle ratio, in cooler weather, city driving!
    However, I am ecstatic about the 25mpg hwy. during warm weather months and 16 mpg city! It is, after all, a truck! I also have that weird nasty smell from the heater/AC unit! I thought that maybe a mouse or something crawled in the dash and died!
  • I have a 2000 XLT 4.0L with 22k miles. It's been a great truck in every way so far. The other day when I turned the vent on, which activates the cab cooling fan, I noticed a clicking sound, as if a piece of paper was stuck in the blades of the fan, or the fan was contacting something. I operated all the climate control functions, A/C thru heat and defrost, and as long as the fan was on, it made this noise. Increasing fan speed increased the noise. After turning the engine off and starting it a few hours later, the noise was gone. I was wondering if anyone had had and similar experiences. It was a one time event, just curious if I should keep an eye on anything. Thanks.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    For a nearly 4000 lb. 4x4 truck, with 4.11 and auto in cold weather. You can't expect much better than that. The tranny is eating a HUGE amount of energy just to churn that cold fluid.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • mralanmralan Posts: 174
    Did Ford increase the HP in the 4 cylinder Ranger in 02?
  • nerdnerd Posts: 203
    Please excuse my barging in, but I can't find a topic dealing with Mazda trucks. Since mine was built by Ford in Edison, NJ, I guess it is essentially the same as your Rangers.

    My truck is a 2002 B4000 dual sport (2WD) with the 4.0 liter engine and auto trans. I really like the truck, having dumped by 2000 GMC Sierra. Are their any maintenance or reliability issues that I should watch out for? I have had two concerns so far:
    - sometimes I feel a bump just as I am starting from a dead stop. I don't hear any noise. The dealer said that this is a characteristic of the drivetrain and suspension.
    - the gearshift lever encounters some resistance shifting into Park. The dealer said it was normal.

    Have any of you had these situations arise?

    If I should be on another string, please let me know. Otherwise I'll tag along with you guys.
  • mkstfmkstf Posts: 12
    just bought a 94 4x4 3.0 with 41k miles my first truck!! had it 3 days and love it !!!!
  • lizzy55lizzy55 Posts: 3
    I posted earlier this year about my spare tire on my B4000 4 wheel drive with a posi rear end .I explained to the service department my concerns over running two sizes of tires on a posi differential and they agreed with my concerns and bought me a steel rim and a 16 inch spare which was covered on the tire recall .The 16 inch tire fits on the same holder as the 15 inch tire did you just have to be carefull to centre the tire as you pull it up into place .
  • tone2tonetone2tone Posts: 15
    I am hoping that some Ranger owners might be able to help me out on this. I'd like to go to a larger rim/tire size on my '97 B2300 X-Cab (4 cyl/5 spd) to replace the stock 14" spoke rims. I am wanting to do this on the cheap so my target is stock 15" or 16" rims/mags from another vehicle that would bolt on. Anyone done something similar or recommend something that will work?

    It is also time to replace shocks etc. Any recommendations on that? Thanks much
  • jackkajackka Posts: 25
    I'm considering buying a new Ranger (or B4000) with 4.0L engine, manual tranny, 2WD. Can I have an owner report please (reliability, mileage, etc.).
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    I have posted the TSB on this problem. Go to "Ford Ranger Problems" post # 438. You likely need the new alloy 4 inch driveshaft.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Hi all,

    As a previous Ranger owner (1993 4.0L RC Longbed 5-speed and 1996 4.0L SC Auto) I'm fully aware of the quality and reliability of this truck. I'm having a 3000lb (includes trailer weight) boat delivered in about 2 weeks, and now must again purchase a suitable tow vehicle. I've also owned a Dakota QuadCab 4.7L Auto, and although I didn't have too many (weatherstrips falling off doors) problems in the 12K miles I owned the Dodge, I'm thinking the cheaper, "known quantity" Ranger might be the wiser choice (not to mention the $2500 rebate). I've had a lot of experience towing, and I insist on "safety first", which to me means having a "safety factor" in the tow capacity of my vehicle. The SC Ranger 4.0L Auto is rated at 5800+ lbs (I assume with either a 3:55 or 3:73 axle ratio); so capacity isn't a problem. I do NOT have any experience with the new 4.0L motor. The old 160HP 4.0L had plenty of grunt, developing 225 lbs of torque at low RPM.
    Can any of you out there relate how the new 205HP 4.0L pulls a heavy load? Slippery and steep boat ramps, including launching/retrieving into the Pacific is what this truck will be used for.
    Any U.S. coastal fisherman out there that can relate?
    Sorry for the long and wordy post.
  • frey44frey44 Posts: 230
    I too own a Ranger (4.0 4x4 5 speed auto) and tow extensively (about 1800 lbs. max). If I had it all to do again, I'd buy either a small V8 F-150 auto with LSD 2x4, or a Tundra of the same specs (the Dodge Ram won't fit into my garage and I don't like the GM piston slap issues). The new Ranger tows well from buddies of mine that own them (HOWEVER, they are 4x4's). I like the idea of towing with a heavier vehicle. The lonly real scare I get occasionally is on wet roads and the tendency for the boat to push the rearend of that ittle Ranger around when braking...that gets the heart rate going !! Also, the gas mileage of the Rangers is NOT that much better than the F-150. In the 4x4's, it is WORSE than the F-150 2x4's. Just my OPINION. Good luck.
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