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Ford Ranger III



  • I have a 2002 4 cyl ranger and have never put anything but regular unleaded in it. I will try high test next time and see if there is a difference.
  • I recently bought a '94 B4000. it's a nice truck in most ways, but the handling is vague and it tends to lose adhesion in tight corners, especially if the pavement is rough.

    Any suggestions for improving handling w/o getting radical? My '84 Mitsu pickup handles much better, so it's not simply a matter of being a truck.
  • What kinds of tires does it have?
  • Truck tires: Wildcat M&S, on 14 inch OE alloys
  • Truck tires: Wildcat M&S, on 14 inch OE alloys
  • I have some hood decals left over if anyone is interested. These are a nice decal that fits on the cowl of the edge series Ranger hood. I have them listed on ebay. =2431397251&category=33641&rd=1

    Take a look, they add a sweet look to your 4.0L.
  • I have some hood decals left over if anyone is interested. These are a nice decal that fits on the cowl of the edge series Ranger hood. I have them listed on ebay. =2431397251&category=33641&rd=1

    Take a look, they add a sweet look to your 4.0L.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    According to my owners manual, my 2003 Ranger with 4cyl and 5 spd manual tranny, the tranny takes some kind of ATF fluid instead of the usual gear oil? did I read it correclty?
  • You read it right, been a while too, put ATF in my wife's 93 Explorer 5 speed.
  • [I posted this query on the problems list before noticing that no one else had posted there in two weeks, so please forgive the duplicate post.]

    Several years ago I owned a 2000 SuperCab 3.0 automatic and enjoyed it greatly. Sold it for financial reasons in late '01. Now I've got "the fever" again. I'm looking at an '04 regular cab this time, with the base four-cylinder and a five-speed. Haven't driven it yet, because I didn't want to spend too much time wrangling with a dealer at this stage.

    My question: Do any of y'all have the (new) 2.3 with 5-speed manual? What's your impression of the power? Any reliability issues? If I buy this one, it'll be used as a commuter vehicle with occasional trips to the flea market, not regular heavy hauling, and it'll be replacing both a '90 Nissan 240sx and an '83 Mercedes turbodiesel. The daily round trip is about 80 miles, so reliability and economy are both important.


    somewhere in central Georgia
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    plain jane 4cyl 5sp gets about 25mp average with 28+ highway usage. Power is decent but you will not win any dragrace. I only have about 7k miles so no idea about reliability. I do commite about 50 miles or so roundtrip. I was very suprised how comfertable the seats are for a cheap basic truck.
    hate the turn signal cancel
  • campoutcampout Posts: 22
    Hello to everyone on the list. Anyone out there own a Ranger Supercab 4X2 w/3.0 and 3.73ls rear end. The reason I'm asking is thinking about trading in my '97 F-150 for something smaller, just don't need that bulk anymore. Will be using Ranger for light hauling and towing only on occassion. The truck would be an automatic, was impressed with the ride and handling, and the V6 seem to have decent performance. I am aware about the pinging issue w/3.0. Any input appreciated. Thanking in advance.
  • limanliman Posts: 32
    Campout - I have a 2003 Ranger regular cab, 2X4, 3.73 rear end, 3.0 V6, auto, styleside shortbed. I am happy with the truck so far (3250 miles). Fine in town and on the highway. I am not aware of the pinging you mention, I am very pleased with my engine choice. I also have the limited slip rear axle.

    On another forum subject, I have the Ford drop-in over the rail bedliner. My brother-in-law mechanic prefers this to a spray in liner, says it protects the bed better when carrying heavy items and that drainage is not a problem. Time will tell on this one.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Have any of you experienced this? I have gotten into my '02 Ranger XLT FX4, rolled my window down (after a rain shower or a humid night before) and at the first stop, had water pour into the cab right onto the area of the door where the power window buttons are and onto my left knee. Drives me up the wall...especially since its happened twice on my way to work in a suit.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    I am unable to run my 2003 4cyl on regular gas (86 octane), it pings all the time. Once I put in midrange gas (89 octane) it runs just fine.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    get those went shades, it will help
  • I have a 2002 2.3 litre 4x2 auto and it runs just fine on 87 octane. I average 22 mpg with the a/c running all the time.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    but gets 28+ mpg, go figure
  • Sounds low. I don't know why certain areas get a 1 or 2 octane drop across all levels of gasoline, but I think you should use 87 or better. Consult your manual and/or gas tank cap for the proper octane.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    regular here is 87, it pings on that, but with midrange 89 it runs fine, so I just use midrange.
  • You might need to have the timing checked, and/or have the dealer investigate.
  • Is there a way to tighten a Ranger's visor? Mine swings too freely when I turn.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    the dealer said he can check the computer to see what octane the engine is set up for, I guess even that is programable
  • I've noticed that my 2000 ranger 2.5L 4 cylinder runs better on midgrade. I've had several times where the engine seems to hesitate almost to the point of dying when starting in first gear. I've also noticed that if i put in a bottle of fuel injector cleaner the engine seems to run better. Don't know why, especially when everyone seems to think little of the 99 cent cleaner, but it somehow seems to help. I've also noticed my fuel economy slightly improves when i use midgrade, which helps offset the extra 10 cents/gallon.

    Are you in the mountains? I believe the octane requirements are lower in higher altitudes.
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    No, I am upstate NY, we have hills not mountains. The dealer said he has to see if the computer is set to 87 octane. I think what they will do is retard the timing. I can not retard it myself, it has to be done in the computer. The fuel injector may have an effect on pre-detonation and could be lowering the detonation point.
  • FYI, my 1990 2.3 had what the dealer called an "octane adjustment" it was a small black plug that was actually a jumper. When you pulled it out it opened the circuit and retarded the timing 2 degrees. That was the only adjustment there was on that engine. After 140K I guess after that many miles the carbon raised the compression slightly. Once removed no more pinging on regular gas. There was no noticeable loss of performance. (There really wasn't much to start with)

  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    Where was that black plug???????
    I decided not to take it in for now, since the weather turned colder there is no more pinging, I guess it likes the cooler more dense air. Will take it in in the spring when the warmer weather comes and starts pinging again.
  • Its been awhile but I believe the plug small black plastic with two leads was over on the right side near the fan motor. Look what looks like a plastic sleeve with a black end on it. Pull the end off and you retard the timing 2 degrees. As previously mentioned this was on a 1990 2.3L It worked.

    Good Luck
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Suggestion for Ford interior time you update the Ranger's interior, please add lights to the power window and lock buttons....they are not as intuitive as you might think, especially at night. I'm constantly running my hand down the door panel trying to roll a window up/down... Also, would be nice if the overhead dome light came on when you turned the truck off like most cars/trucks do nowdays.
  • frohrsfrohrs Posts: 17
    Hi there
    I have a 95 ranger 2300 and it has a missfire in cyclinder#2. I scanned the computer & the code it pulled up was missfire cyclinder#2 like if I didn't know that allready. I have new plugs, wires & all the electrics checked out good. I replaced the injector thinking that it might be hanging open. Still the same results missfiring in cyclinder#2. Any suggestions?

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