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Lexus ES Engine Questions



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Wise choice. I know of no engine failures on these cars because of clicking.
  • doberdawgdoberdawg Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 96 ES300 98K from original owner, garaged never smoked in near new condition. It has 98K original, & tuned up with new belt water pump at 94K.

    MY PROBLEM when floor boarded whether in P or N, or on the road attempting to jack rabbit onto a freeway, or use passing gear going uphill at 65 the engine cuts out. I lighten up on the gas pedal & it is again as new. But it is dangerous, I had to slam on the brakes & get behind a big rig I was passing when sudden oncoming traffic appeared. I kicked it into passing (floored it) it cut out & I braked hard to get behind the big rig. Again, from a stop sign I saw a line of a bunch of cars coming & stepped on it hard in plenty of time (normally) to get into traffic & accelerate to speed, again it cut out. So, I tried it in Neutral & sure enough, floor it it cuts out.

    No code with 2 different orbit II readers, none. Mechanic thought perhaps an RPM block but no way, it is too dangerous. I can think of 3 & with stretch 4 possibilities??? Getting too much fuel when floored, not enough fuel when floored, tiny possibility of fuel filter, & most likely - but no code - some sensor. I would VERY much like a suggestion as this is one sweet ride except when needing quick speed. I am 65 & not a hot rodder, but all drivers on occasion need rapid acceleration. This is my first time to the forum & am not sure I will see answer unless emailed directly [email protected] thanxxxxxxx
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