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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Electrical Problems



  • c2cpc2cp Posts: 11
    I noticed that there is water leaking somewhere around my fuse box under the dash on the drivers side. does anybody know how i can unhook the fuse box from the wall? or has anybody else had this problem?
  • Well I seemed to have solved my problems, I discovered I had a loose ground coming off of my battery. I tightened the connection and my issue has disappeared. :shades:
  • mgjameianmgjameian Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    My wife's 2000 Chevy S-10 wouldn't start, after sitting for a couple days. I connected jumper cables to her battery and the engine cranked without putting the keys into the ignition switch. Is this a starter, ignition or alternator problem?
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    It has a lighting problem. No dash or radio lights at night. The radio lights up in the day. When I first got it 3 years ago, there were no interior lights so I got a new headlight switch. When I put it in, I had dash lights for 1 second and then they were dead again. The switch fixed the interior and dome light problem. I ended up mounting a small 3 led light strip wired to the extra cig outlet. I point one at the tach, one at the speedometer, and the 3rd one at the radio and vent panel.

    I also had a water leak that showed up in constant wet carpet and I couldn't ever find it. One day I was pulling up the carpet and was running the hose all around the rear window, the 3rd brake light and then hooked it under the windshield wiper and let it run for 30 minutes. No water ever came in by the pass side footwell where it always got wet. I gave up that day. It turned out that I fixed the leak. By flooding the vent cavities by the w/s wipers, I must have floated away som leaf or something that was blocking a drain port. It allowed the cavity to stop overfilling and somehow backing up into the cabin. Been totally dry for 2 months now. I pulled out the console and seats and dyed the carpets black right after that. It came out nice. I mixed a 39 cent box if dye in an empty spray bottle and just sprayed it and rubbed it in with a washcloth.

    Also had the intake manifold gaskets replaced by a local mechanic. They were bad at 111k miles. Common on 4.3 L at 100k.

    Now I need new front tires and I might have the same mechanic fix the a/c.

    My last tank of mixed driving was over 21 mpg with lots of congestion on I-70 due to construction. I was about to dump it over the water leak problem.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    you might be blowing a fuse for the dash lights, or there is a bad ground somewhere... electrical's on these vehicles (or any vehicle for that matter) are terrible gremlins to get and track down once you've got them.

    I can attest to the intake manifold leak. Mine did that too and a buddy andn I replaced it at about 130K miles, although it had been leaking for several thousand before it finally went all the way and started dumping coolant down the front of the block....
  • dave8697dave8697 Posts: 1,498
    I punched it coming off an interstate ramp a year ago on a icy morning and when I parked it at work it was pouring coolant onto the ground. Stop leak never really worked and the leak got worse this spring. It was $400 well spent. Lucky I didn't freeze the water jacket this past Feb. because keeping a 50% mix was getting expensive. The mechanic I used was 1/2 mile from my house and beat the Chev dealer by $290 on price.

    I gave up on the electrical problem. I looked at wiring diagrams but there are multiple buried relays and the day/night sensor could even be part of the problem. I even put in a new dome light and brake light. The red 3rd brake lens gets a split from sun or heat from the brake light bulb, and water gets into the wires there. There have never been any other electrical issues. The Sonoma battery terminals don't corrode like my Astro.
  • johnstajohnsta Posts: 1
    I have a 98 s10 pickup and i am having a problem with my high beam indicator. My high beams work fine but my high beam indicator doesn't turn on and off. What i don't understand is that if i just turn the key to turn the power on the indicator works fine. Once i turn the truck all the way on it stops working. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my inspection is out and where i live that indicator has to work to pass inspection.
  • fireman46fireman46 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2002 Sonoma Pickup. Can anybody tell me what the proper reading is for voltage gauge? Mine used to read on 14 or bit more. Now it reads less than 14. Had it checked everything is normal but I still feel its not right. Can anybody help. Thanks.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    The voltmeter should be reading right at about 14 amps (straight up in the middle) while the truck is running. If not, it either means faulty gauge or faulty alternator. If you had it checked the test should have shown that the alternator was drawing about 14 amps. If it reading less, than it is not working right and a sign it is going out. Another good test is to see if the head-lights dim while the stereo is running or when you turn the AC compressor on.

    I have a 10" subwoofer I am running in my truck and I can crank it without affecting the lights while the truck is running. Simple setup, no caps so it draws all its power through the alternator.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Mine runs in the middle or above if it sets too long.

    "Everything checks normal", do you mean at least 14 volts at the battery with headlights high beam on,HVAC blower an AC on, radio on with 1500 rpm.
  • dusty007dusty007 Posts: 4
    Ser, Did you ever find out what was causing your problem? I too am having the same problem...thank you in advance for your thoughts and solution....
  • I had a 2.2L that did something similar, talked to some people that had had the same problem and gone so far as to change the main relay and ECU out and still had the problem. I gave up and sold mine.
  • Need schematic or advice. Dash switch works, compresser clutch works, but can not check wiring without schematic or advice. Is there a relay somewhere? THANKS for any help!
  • stumannstumann Posts: 7
    Tell us what the problem is, then maybe we can help.
  • jmoatsjmoats Posts: 2
    Did you ever find the location of the pwr door lock relay(s)
  • Do you find the Power door lock relay?? Would you please advise as to where it can be found?? Been looking... Thanks
  • Any help would be greatly appreciated ... Where in the world is it!?!
  • jmoatsjmoats Posts: 2
    I did not find a relay, BUT in the fuse panel was a 30 amp circut breaker(silver in color) which powers the door locks and the non existant rear window defoger. There is also one of these circut breakers for the power windows. I have scanned in the pictures from the book i have but cannot attach them here. My e-mail address is please feel free to contact me there.

  • I have the same problem. I replaced the same
    senscors and it still does it. Did you ever figure out
    what it was cause I def need help with the same
    issue. Please help
  • Wish I had good news for you...I have a 01 Yukon, once turned off and just sitting the bright light sensor and cruise lights come on and stay on...If I start it starts! Let it sit for two days it is drained...I did replace my battery and that helped as driving everyday. I have had 3 mechanics take a look...and nothing without spending $$$$$ lots of it to find the draw. Wish I had the answer...If you find out please let me know too....Dusty
  • i have a 1998 cevey s10. 2.2 5 speed. i have had this problem for some time. i will be driving down the road and all of a sudden my gauges go crazy and the check engine light comes on and it dies. i can start it back up but it will just keep dieing. it happens so randomly . i have replaced the crankshaft sencor and the camshaft sencor but it keeps doing this to me. i dont know what it is and i really need some answers to help me figure this problem out! i just keep putting money in to this problem and nothing seems to fix it! im thinking of replacing the ignition switch next! any info on this issue i would be very greatful. thanks
  • meatemeate Posts: 2
    I have a 99 s10 with 4.3 5 speed. That does the same thing. I have an idea when the truck is going to act up when my volt meter start to "float". Usually the voltmeter stays in the 12 o'clock straight up. When it floats it goes from 12 o'clock to about 10 o'clock when it drops below 10. when the gauges go wild and the truck dies which could be at anytime it could be fatal. It is rather random it has messed up in about 6 weeks. Any one have any ideas.
  • mc22x3mc22x3 Posts: 6
    check to make sure the positive bat cable isn't touching the exaust manafold somewhere.
  • When first started in the morning the dash lights and the taillights will not operate. I also notice a bussing sound from under the dashboard. Over time the buss starts to quite down. After a while it will stop all together and the lights will start working. I have checked the fuses and I have also replaced the headlight switch. I dont know what to check next.
  • after some more checking I found that one of the connectors to the fuse block under the hood had a loose connection. I secured the harness and it seams to have solved th problem.
  • MY 2002 just decided to light up its check engine light. I took it into the local auto zone to see what the code it was well my ECM is not getting any power I wiggled all teh wires behind it and still nothing. Does any one have a clue on how to fix this so I can see what is going on this is my only vehicle I have that is running.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Has to be a code for something else, you could not drive it to auto zone with no power to ECM.
  • It is the on board diagnostic plug. that has no power to it. Looks like I will have to wire chase but do not know which one of the four is supposed to be the hot lead wire
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Cig fuse powers diagnostic plug.
  • Thanks who would have thought of that. Okay the fuse was blown out so now I am going to trek on back to auto zone and see if they can read the code for me.
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