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Toyota Camry Hybrid Navigation System Questions



  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    If you have the correct Search Area selected, and your address doesn't appear, please call Toyota @ 800 331 4331 and provide them with the full address. They will forward to the map suppliers to investigate.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Inputting address via Voice Recognition

    1. Push the push to talk (PTT) button and say, "Address."

    2. Push the PTT button and say, "Arizona." Or your state name.

    3. Push the PTT button and say, "Phoenix." Or your city name.

    4. Push the PTT button and say, "North 34th Drive." Or your street name.

    5. Push the PTT button and say, "6322." Or say your house number as single digits. It wont recognize anything but single digits.

    6. Touch 'Enter' to get route guidance.

    Refer to your Navigation Quick Guide for the exact steps above. Also, remember to close the windows, sunroof (if you have one), stop any conservations inside, dont have any air conditioning vents pointed upwards, and wait for the beep to give your commands.

    Also, if you use it enough you can disable the voice prompts to move through the menus a lot faster. To disable the voice instructions for address input only do the follwoing steps:

    1. Press the MENU panel button.
    2. Touch 'Setup'.
    3. Scroll down to page 2/3
    4. Touch 'OFF' for 'Voice Recognition Guidance'.
    5. Touch 'OK' at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selection.

    Good luck and use the Navigation Quick Guide for guidance.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    How to disable the Screen Transition feature:

    1. Press the INFO panel button
    2. Touch 'Screen Setting.'
    3. Touch 'OFF' for the 'Automatic transition from Audo to Navigation....'
    4. Touch 'OK' to confirm your selection.

    The navigation system will now stay on the audio/CD screen if that was the last feature you used.
  • captnemo1captnemo1 Posts: 4
    No you can not have XM Radio info and map information on split screen at the same time which is available on our Infiniti screen. You can have XM information stay on the screen full time by going to SCREEN SETTINGS - SET AUTOMATIC TRANSITION FROM AUDIO TO NAVIGATION/ETC to OFF. To return to map screen you will need to push MAP button or Audio Button.

    I find Toyota Navigation system compared to Infiniti system in my case leaves a lot to be desired. It is badly in need of a make over. Also buying a map update which comes out each year in Oct - Nov at $300 is little steep.

    I do love my Camry Hybrid
  • tarkiotarkio Posts: 4
    I recorded a route through Route Trace and saved it. How can I get rid of the route markers now, after it was saved?

  • timh4timh4 Posts: 3
    You mention that you "upgraded to 8.0, disabling the speed lock-out". How did you disable the speed lock-out?
  • nkaizernkaizer Posts: 25
    I bought a version 8.0 off eBay from some guy. He apparently made the DVD himself by combining an old Navi (w the diagnostic override) with a new one (w/o the override). Th einstrucitons that came with the disc are excellent. To disable the Navi speed lockout, after installing the new v.8.0 disc., you hit menu, volume, upper left, bottom left, upper left, bottom left and then press and hold override. This enables you to make calls while driving and operate the Navi while in motion. I paid $69.00 for the DVD and directions for my 09 TCH. Five minutes first time installation. Let me know if you can't find it on the internet and I'll have somebody make a copy of it and send it out to you. I think this is much more practical that cutting wires and removing pins from the speed lockout, but hey, whatever the public wants, right?
  • hudsonjthudsonjt Posts: 1
    Can you tell me how I can order this? I have a 2009 TCH and would like to have this feature.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Touch MAP VIEW
    Touch YES to delete the red dots.

    Its kinda odd but it does delete the older red dots.
  • timh4timh4 Posts: 3
    Yes, this would be far better than cutting wires, etc. If you can point us to the eBay guy, or some other way to purchase this, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have done some looking around on the internet but have not yet found it. BTW, I have the 2007 TCH. Thank you!
  • timh4, did you ever get an answer to your questio of where to get the cd with 8.0 and the speed lock turned off? I have an '07 TCH also.

  • nkaizernkaizer Posts: 25
    this is the guy I got the ver 8.0 with the speed lockout disabled on Ebay from:

    If he doesn't respond, I can make a copy at kinkos and send it to you for whatever it costs me along with the instructions.
  • thanks. I just tried to email him.
  • he got kicked off of ebay. can you email me or is there a way for me to email you through this site?
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    Can't say I'm surprised that eBay kicked him off. He is selling a product he has no right to sell (Toyota Nav disk). He made changes and duplicated their disk and then resold those copies.

    You may still have the right to modify your own copy for personal use, but broadcasting that you want to buy/sell/give away a pirated DVDs is not something you should do (in a public forum.)
  • good point. I am more interested in the speed lockout override than the map. It does not seem that you can get them separately.
  • guruunoguruuno Posts: 23
    2007 TCH, all options, worst NAv/Bluetooth system EVER designed!
    Are we saying that even the owners of a Lexus have the very same low quality crap?
    My Garmin Nuvi works better.
    For $1000 option, I'd think it would be much better than it is.
    Are we saying that most all other manufacturers (autos) have similar low level junk, or is it only Toyota?
    I'd like to sue them, and do a Class Action Lawsuit.
    I'm here in NJ.....anyone feel the need?
  • meshuga1meshuga1 Posts: 2
    I'd be very interested in this as well. I've tried multiple times to burn my own hybrid DVD and failed. :( I'd pay shipping, something for your time, as well as your costs to burn a DVDROM for me.
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87
    I have an 08 TCH w/NAV...that was the only way I could get factory heated leather seats from my Va Bch dealer...and your right, my Garmin Nuvi 350 works much better and easier than the Toy Factory NAV and was much cheaper. My brother was fortunately able to get factory heated leather seats w/o NAV in his TCH from a TX dealer i.e. I guess the Gulf States Toy Distributor doesn't mandate this combo. If anyone else is thinking about getting Toy Factory NAV with their TCH...try out a Garmin Nuvi, and think again!
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    I have been saying this since I got mt car... the system rots. One person actually got offended reading my posting and said I should add... 'in my opinion'. What, it works for you???? And whose opinion would it be... I wrote it... of course it's my opinion!

    Running it against my Nuvi, the TCH told me to go right when the Nuvi said left... and left was the correct way and this was only one of the times I tried it. As a techno-nut... I did give the system a lot of my time before I gave up. What a waste of my time... how can Iever get that time back?

    Toyota obviously has no one looking at these forums as they have not addressed an easy issue to correct. How about sending out free updates... or $100 towards the purchase of a Garmin (haven't tried other brands - had 3 Garmins, pass them on to my fanily). Love my TCH... hate my NAV!!! Shame on you Toyota.
  • quixotic1quixotic1 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the great offer!

    I would like to buy one of those nav DVDs please.

  • meshuga1meshuga1 Posts: 2
    As far as people not getting the house numbers to work, you need to be careful not to add a space at the end of the number. I discovered that I was doing that, and it would not figure out what I wanted.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    Did you call Toyota with the incorrect routing issue? Hopefully you provided the starting and ending addresses with the street name where this issue occurred.
  • bkushnerbkushner Posts: 10
    Has anyone found an affordable way to watch dvd or other videos on the navigation screen?
  • captnemo1captnemo1 Posts: 4
    Having no luck making backup of GEN 5 map DVD any suggestions?
  • Is there a setting to change to make an image of an Dual layer DVD? Also, I don't see where to set "Booktype" in settings
  • okhkokhk Posts: 1
    I use my camry hybrid out of the States and this is a problem with the radio-station selection as in some countrys the frequencys are not on 90,1 resp. 90,3 but on 90,2 MHz. My radio selects only the 90.1, 90.3 etc.
    Any idea on how to change the radio to select also the 90.2, 90.4 ........ MHz Frequency's???
    Also, the CD-Player does not accept anymore a CD after i tuke out all 4 CD's.
    Somebody with the same trouble??
  • Hi I was interested in the version 8.0 with the speed lockout that you had mention. Can I purchase a copy from you? Thanks, Robert Ruggiero
  • sozobonsozobon Posts: 1
    Want to install a NAV system in my 2007 hybrid - got a NAV system on Ebay (out of a 2007 hybrid) but no installation instructions. Was talking with someone who said that in some instances, in order to make everything work (bluetooth, mic, steering wheel commands, etc) pins may have to be removed from the wiring harness connectors, etc. Some sellers on Ebay advertise "complete" installation instructions - just wondering if anyone out there may have some. Thanks much.
  • dahkneedahknee Posts: 1
    Check for posts by Dang. .html. He provided me with a lot of good info.

    I also purchased a nav system (E7011) on Ebay (haven't received it yet) and I plan on doing the install myself but I will check with the dealer to see how much they'll charge.

    Did you get the E7011? Also did it come with a wire harness & GPS antenna?
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