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Toyota Avalon Rattles and Noises



  • dragonlorddragonlord Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a pre-certified TOYOTA AVALON '07 XLS with 28000 miles on it and I put about 1000 miles more on it and now I have started hearing intermittently a sort of marble rolling sound from the left back passenger under door to the middle of the drivers side.....any ideas?
  • dandldandl Posts: 57
    Hi Dragon, I recall that another poster had a similar problem with his car that he was able to isolate and fix. The poster is Alan S and he commented about it in the Toyota Avalon 2005-2006 Forum, post number 11589. Hope this helps !!!
  • bert25bert25 Posts: 2
    Just picked up a used '97 Avalon XLS with just shy of 150K miles. In excellent condition, except on the test drive it sounded like every suspension point was thunking and bumping. Figured it probably needs struts and have an appintment next week, and witht he good purchase price, even a $1,000 would still be worth it.
    Found the Edmunds review site last night and was quite surprised to see that this was a very common issue - and reading this forum, it sounds like it isn't always fixed with struts and mounts.
    My wife an I have an '02 XL and don't have that issue at all. Is this a characteristic of the earlier Avalons,a nd will my mechanic be able to fix it? Other than that it looks to be an outstanding used car. thanks!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Virtually the entire suspension and braking systems on the first generation Avalons were probably the weakest parts of the 5 year run. The front brakes wore rapidly and the struts were problematic. Read all about it in posts from that time. There are endless comments about the brakes and suspension. All problems can be fixed, however.

    More good news is that beyond these issues, and the oil problems that were noted by some members, they were a great run of cars. My '99 XL was near perfect to 90k when traded for an '03 XL. These cars can easily go 200k or more with proper care. Enjoy your Avy... great cars, I'm on my 3rd, an '07 Limited, the best of the bunch in my opinion, all things considered. :)
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    Thanks for the encouragement on the 07 Avalon. Bought our first one, a new 07, mid-model. After several Camrys, this is the worst and most expensive car we've had. Sunroof track had to be replaced because of rattling noise in cold weather. Dash rattles too. Electronic transmission shifting, the way it's programmed, is less than stellar, not smooth and reving up in down shifting and during accelerating after down shifting. Gas mileage fair but not as good as expected for combined driving. Lots of cars out there with more and better quality for less money. Will be our last one. Wish we'd bought another Camry. Not a one went back to the dealer for a warranty issue. And drove them into the 150-160K range and still were great running and sold for good $.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,669
    not smooth and reving up in down shifting and during accelerating after down shifting.

    huh??? When downshifting the RPM's should increase :confuse:

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • amauhryamauhry Posts: 55
    For what it costs, the Avalon is a great car. Lots of complaints are based on “cosmetic” issues only. Rattling of dashboard/console components is due to the material used in their fabrication; it shrinks tremendously during the dry winter hence affecting components clearances (everything expands in the summer due to heat and humidity; in winter, the opposite is also true due to cold and dryness). The same happens with the moonroof. I doubt the tracks are ever replaced (that means the entire sliding roof housing has to go for no valid reason). Filling some gaps within that structure and relative to the car’s roof should solve the problem effectively.

    The real avy meat should be its mechanical/electrical performance; the heavy-duty stuff that makes my wheels spins efficiently. And the 2GR-FE is a hell of an engine within its class. Many other issues for which complaints have been made, an avid, up-to-date do-it-yourselfer can fix them (including the many minor issues of the Nav system).

    ’08 Limited
  • I have an 07 Limited also, currently at the dealership for the 3rd time in the last year. I don't think Toyota cared about the suspension issues with the first generation Avalons since my 07 has the same problem with rattling. I just got a call today to come and pick up my car, they can't figure out where the rattle is coming from. The noise is so aggravating and embarrassing that I won't let anyone else ride in it. If this issue isn't resolved by the time the warranty expires, this will be my 3rd and my last Toyota.
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    Well, join the club. For what the pricing is or was on the 07 Avalon, there shouldn't be all the aggrevating rattles and noises, and needs to replace sunroof tracks and modify poorly designed features. Most of us who by the Avalon are expecting the quality we've had in the past in a Toyota and peformance, comfort, and no continuous trips back to the dealer. It's cold weather now and the dash rattles and noises in my 07 XLS are back. I'm over trying to analyze them and wasting time shuttling the car back and forth to the dealer. And, the electronic setup on the transmission shifiting is a joke. All this just reminds me of my resolve to not buy another Toyota, at least an Avalon. The extra money spent over other options I looked at was a waste. gpciii
  • drt2drt2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Avalon that just started making the clanking sound when backing up. Nothing going forward. And the noise sounds like its on the passenger side only.
  • carollee3carollee3 Posts: 10
    My 97 Avalon has a trunk noise that I can not figure out. It sounds like the hinge is bad or maybe a strut. Has anyone experieced this and can offer a fix.
  • jondjond Posts: 43
    I have a 2006 Avalon limited and it has developer a "jingle" or "clinking" noise in the back seat area of the car. Sounds like it is near the top side of the rear seat. Dealer has been unable to find and fix although they have tried several times. Anyone have anything similar and what was it?
  • I also have this noise making right turns and going over bumps, sounds like someone cracking there knuckles but I have a 2008 Solara. The dealer replaced the sunroof track but still makes the noise. Did your noise ever get fixed?
  • One of the many rattles in the 06. My wife found this one when we were travelling. She took a nap in the back seat and heard it. Found the headliner was rattling at the rear. Stuffed a sock up in between the headliner and roof and it stopped... now if I could only get her to nap under the dash...

    I'll never own another Toyota...
  • Hello people... I have an 07 XLS and absolutely love the car, with one exception. In cold wx ( approx. 45 degrees and colder ) there is a rattle sound. It actually sounds as if it's coming from the dash board area on the passenger side, but in reality it's coming from the moon roof. I know it's the moon roof because the last time I heard the rattle, I placed my hand on the moonroof and applied pressure.. the rattle stopped.. the second I took my hand off the moon roof, the rattle started right back up again. The good news is (A) this only happens in cold wx, and here in Louisiana we only get 2 or 3 months of wx cold enough to cause the rattle and (B) the rattle only lasts until the heater warms up the car. Once the interior temp warms up, ( 3 or 4 minutes after cold start ) the rattle stops. I think that pretty much shows the rattle is caused by contraction and expansion. Wish it wasn't there but no big deal. The dealer said they could send my car to trim shop where they would have to remove the headliner to work on the moon roof. I declined.. why take a chance on screwing something else up when turning the heater on fixes the problem.

  • I have an 2006 which is a great car. I love everything about it except it also has a rattle which sounds like it is coming from the right front. It only makes the noise when it's cold and lony last a couple of seconds with I start driving. I think after about moving 10 feet it stops. I took it to the local Toyota dealer but they said they couldn't find anything. Still the car is great even with the rattle.
  • ron6ron6 Posts: 27
    I suspect it's related to the cold (-19 this morning) but it definitely is the blower speeds up as I increase the fan speed. Small squeaking sound. Is there a way to get at the motor to see if it needs a drop of oil? :(
  • don_wdon_w Posts: 3
    I have an 08 Avalon and have this popping or cracking noise that sounds like it is coming from the dash on the passenger side. Dealer tried to fix it for 2 weeks, still there. It doesn't go away when I put pressure on the moonroof either, and it is there whether smooth or rough road, though as others noted in this forum it does seem worse in colder weather. Did not notice it until about 3000 miles on it. Has about 10,000 miles now.
  • gpciiigpciii Posts: 13
    Have same thing going on in my 07 Avalon. Cold weather (say less than 40F) is big factor. Have had moon roof fix by dealer which stopped all that noise. Definitely coming from the dash-plastic on plastic-to driver side of glove box. Have not gone to dealer with it. Suspect it's caused by the cheapness of the design vs. poor workmanship and therefore would be difficult to get at and fix. Aggrevating to say the least. gpciii
  • don_wdon_w Posts: 3
    It does sound like plastic-on-plastic to me. Have been struggling whether to ask the dealer to work on the dash as I fear that they may just create new noises if they start disassembling the dash.
  • don_wdon_w Posts: 3
    I took my '08 Avalon xl back to the dealer this week to give them one more shot at finding this popping or cracking noise, and they seem to have found it! I got it back today and it is very quiet, for now at least. I spent some time riding around in it with a lead technician before I dropped it with them so he could hear it in varying circumstances (over bumps, corners, stop/start, etc) and the noise was not being caused by road bumps; he felt it happened whenever the body had to 'flex' and he felt it was not inside the dash. They did a lot of removing of various pieces and then driving it to see if the noise was still there and that also convinced them it was not in the dash. They eventually found a bad weld in front where the front passenger side fender joins. :You have to remove the fender to get to the weld. They re-welded that area and that seems to have worked.
  • samskssamsks Posts: 12
    I also had a clinking noise in my 06 Avalon near the rear seat, sometimes I thought it was coming from the rear deck. It turned out to be the "rods" that counterbalance and help hold the trunk open. I don't know the correct name for them, but you see them when you open the trunk. When the trunk is closed, they were rattling against each other. I could see where there was some sticky adhesive left on them from what appears to be a missing piece of foam tape. Not a great design. I fixed mine with a piece of foam pipe insulation, and a couple of wire ties to hold it on. Took me quite a while to identify it, might be something to check.
  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14
    After many tries to isolate the source of this creak, rattle whatever you want to call it I found it while sitting in the passenger seat while the wife was driving. Turned out to be coming from the area between the A pillar and the dashboard. Pushed some cardboard down between the the A pillar and dashboard, eureka, the noise is gone. Have listened to this noise for a year. Hope this helps someone. This was in a 2008 Limited.
  • Could you share how you exactly put the cardboard down between the A pillar and dashboard. I have this exact rattle and it is very annoying
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