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Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Accessories & Modifications

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Discuss the items you're adding to your Spectra to make your ride special.

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  • geomaticsgeomatics Posts: 60
    After endless hours searching for aftermarket Kia Spectra mods I came to this site...

    They have some cool performance and appearance accessories to Boy Racer the ole Spectra up.

  • billmchalebillmchale Posts: 107
    You know I don't know why they have to make the front spoiler and lower body cladding standard on the Spectra5 or any other car for that matter. At anything like rational road speeds they have absolutely no impact on performance and they often result in exactly the sort of problem that Edmunds had with the Spectra. If someone wants them I am sure the dealer would be more than happy to install them.. but leave them the hell off of my Car. Both the Spectra5 and the upper level trims of the Toyota Matrix have big strikes against them (imho) because of that stuff.

  • geomaticsgeomatics Posts: 60
    Actually in Canada the front and rear lip spoilers are not standard on the Spectra5. only available as accessories.

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum and a new Kia Spectra5 owner -- since June 30. I bought a bright red 5-speed and currently have about 1650 miles on it.

    I'm not fond of the spoilers. Will my dealer remove them if I ask him to? I believe they will be a real bother in the snow in the wintertime.

    I'm quite pleased with the performance.

    The radio 'booms' when I have the base set about 0 and that annoys me because I like to keep the treble down and the bass up. Any suggestions as to a setting that will do away with the boom?

    I'm not pleased with the gas mileage. I do mostly interstate driving and the best I've gotten so far is around 27. It is hot so I've been using the airconditioner. I'm used to getting between 30-35 mpg in my 1999 (red) Dodge Stratus 5-speed, so I'm really disappointed that the Kia Spectra5 5-speed is getting so much less.

    Will my gas mileage improve as I get more miles on the vehicle?
  • Hey there lover of red cards! Welcome!

    I've had my red spectra 5 - sans spoiler - since the end of June as well...have about 1100 km on it now & am really enjoying it. It's handling extremely well and is good and peppy....I could go on & on, but it's nothing that hasn't already been posted here already, so I won't. ;) The last thing I will say though is that I am driving at any given opportunity, for me that says a lot.

    I too have noted that my gas mileage has not been as good as I expected either. That being said, however, having read all entries on this forum in combination with that on a few other sites, apparently it should improve once the car is more broken in. Guess time will tell.
    As for the radio booming, not sure what to say. Mine is fine when the LOUD button is off - when on, it's close to earsplitting depending on the volume.

    Based on previous comments posted on this site, I'm sure you will get lots of helpful feedback on both these issues.

    Anways, glad to hear you are enjoying your new wheels....keep us posted!
  • Hey there! Thanks for the welcome.

    You said: "Mine is fine when the LOUD button is off ..."

    What's a LOUD button?

    I know there is a separate manual for the sound system -- I skimmed it to find out how to activate the rear speakers -- but I don't remember seeing anything about a loud button. The volume adjustment knob I'm familiar with, and I don't play the radio so loud that it can be heard outside of the vehicle.

    What's a LOUD button?? :confuse:
  • dansf49dansf49 Posts: 6
    Where is the loud button on the radio that everyone keeps mentioning?? I dont see it on mine.
  • bwilletbwillet Posts: 11
    Does anyone know if the multi-rack for the regular Spectra works with the Spec5, or if there is a different model available to fit it? The Kia dealer hasn't given me a good answer yet...

    I'll be buying a Spec5 (silver or black, 5spd) in the next week or two - wish me luck!
  • Hello,

    My wife and I bought a Spectra 5 about three weeks ago. I had sworn off Kia, thinking they were cheap junk until I gave the Spectra5 a chance and took a couple of test drives. It was well built, the doors shut without the rattle I had found characteristic in earlier Kia's, the interior was nicely refined for a car of its class, and there was lots of space. I even like the way it looks. Nonetheless, I knew right away, the low front spoiler would be a pain, having read about it at Edmunds before buying the vehicle. Today, entering an automatic car wash with a track, I got off center, and the spoiler was nudged loose. It did not get knocked off, but the glue holding it on across the front has given away. Before this, I had noticed that the spoiler was attached in a flimsy manner, with the glue, and assumed I'd eventually forget to take an apron slowly and knock the damn thing off.

    I'm presuming other people have had problems with the spoiler, what can be done to keep from being such a hassle?

  • Today, entering an automatic car wash with a track, I got off center, and the spoiler was nudged loose. It did not get knocked off, but the glue holding it on across the front has given away. Before this, I had noticed that the spoiler was attached in a flimsy manner, with the glue, and assumed I'd eventually forget to take an apron slowly and knock the damn thing off.

    I looked at a Spec5 at a dealer, specifically the attachment. I saw several screws on the bottom and it appeared it could be removed by backing out the screws. Is this new for 05 (and the 04.5 was glued on)? If I buy a Spec5, I intend to take the spoiler off; I don't want to worry about banging it up.
  • rucronrucron Posts: 1
    Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what wheels fit an 05 Spectra5? I'd like to buy a set of used aftermarket wheels and am not sure if I can use wheels for a Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, etc. Are there any fit issues that I need to be aware of? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • doohickiedoohickie Posts: 949
    I think it's a 4-bolt, 4.5 inch (114.3 mm) bolt pattern.
  • herfnerdherfnerd Posts: 4
    Have an '05 Spectra5 I bought last August and love the car. Just under 11k miles without a problem until now. I've always been aware of the low front spoiler and have been careful with it, but I was distracted when I pulled into a parking spot and hit it against the low sidewalk. The spoiler itself is fine, but it looks like I broke the positioning pins.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that's experienced this problem, but I wonder if anyone has made the repairs on their own? Wonder if I need to buy some new pins and it looks like double sided tape? Want some info before I unscrew the ends from the wheel well and possibly make a bigger problem than I currently have.

  • Hey guys,
    Really Considering the 2006 spectra5 if my dealer can find one,
    2 Questions for you guys,
    I live up here on the praries in Canada, where we have some pretty cold winters, with loads of snow. I would like to try and get the moonroof with the Spectra5, however you hear about the horror stories people have with moonroofs especially in winter climates with leakage and breakage ect.
    I am curious if anyone has any insight into the 2006 Spectra5's moonroof's quality related to winter climates.
    Also I was wondering if its included in the 5 year bumper to bumbper warenty or weather it falls into the 12 month accessory warenty.
    Any help is greatly apreciated,
  • I've always been very, very careful of the spoiler -- then my daughter drove my Spec5 when she was visiting and knocked the front spoiler off the second time she drove it! It was laying on the ground, so I had a friend unbolt the left side and removed the whole thing.

    When my daughter left, I took the spoiler to my dealer and he said it couldn't be re-attached. I ended up spending $518 for a new one, installed.

    Needless to say, I'm NOT happy about it! The one she knocked loose looked fine to me but the dealer said it wasn't. To top it all off, when the new one came in, they called and I took the car in only to find out that they hadn't opened the box and 'someone' had ordered the rear one instead of the front one.


    Two more weeks later, the correct one came in and I had it installed. The next time my daughter comes to visit, I'll let heer drive my OTHER car instead of the KIA.

    Oh -- yeah -- she said it was 'my' fault because I didn't tell her the spoiler was so low!

    I love her anyway!!
  • Ah, that's what Daughters are for, LOL! I've had My Spectra5 for about 3 Months and last Week I scraped the Spoiler for the first Time comming out of a Save Allot store. My Sister told Me how much Money I'd save going there and I found it ironic. Save allot, lose Your Bumper...
    It just scraped, no damage just a scuff on the bottom but funny none the less. I did notice they made the spoiler as a seperate peice so I guess it could be removed to make the bumper higher. I don't think I'd own a Spectra 5 if I lived in areas prone to deep Snow in the Winter. I didn't buy the car to plow Snow, LOL! ;)
  • Perhaps that is why the spec 5 doesn't come with the fx package at all. Instead we get and upgraded mp3 deck.

    bring on the winter!

  • When I bought my 2006 Spectra 5 the dealer gave me an accessory catalog to look through. Since I live on a dirt road, I opted for the mud flaps to help protect the paint. Well I got the mud flaps but as I went to install them, it appears that they are not designed for the ground effect kit on the Spectra 5. Did my dealer mess up and sell me something only meant for the Spectra or is their a trick to putting these things on?


  • First post!

    I just bought my silver 06 yesterday. Love the car so far. Great pickup and it fun to toss around curves. Wish I had a little more legroom, but I'm 6'7" so that is not an unusual wish!

    I've already started the modding. Today I took off the front Kia emblem in the grill, removed the black door protector trim,and removed the Spectra5 emblem on the back. I also had the car tinted. I think it cleaned up the looks of it a bit. Here are some pics!


  • ? 67" or 6'7".. definitely makes a difference., hmmm apparently this post doesn't show it?? 5 feet 7 inches or 6 feet, 7 inches.. let's see if this works now..
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    I gotta do this to my silver Spec5! It's amazing how just removing some emblems and adding tint can change this car. It really looks Euro. Or as they would say in the movie SWINGERS... It's so MONEY! Just found out (from my local KIA service manager) that the '05, '06, and '07 Spec5s are (for the most part) mechanically identical. Which means that mods available for '05's will fit 06 and 07's like K&N's Typhoon air intake system (good for 7 more HP, an E-Z install, and doesn't void your warranty). Here's the site:
    There's also a high-flow cat available through KIA-FX's website:
    I'm thinking carbon fibre hood and LaMans stripes...
  • 4id4id Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Spectra5 with an auto tranny, and im lookin 2 replace it with the 5 speed manual tranny. Does anyone have an idea where i might be able 2 purchase one???
  • Hey is there any way i could replace the green bulbs with a diffent color bulb? that green is absolutely killing me. yuck! could someone suggest something at cardomain or elsewhere? thanks
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    What percent tint do you have

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,752
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  • whats up everyone my name is ruben santos and i bought a kia spectra 5 2006 blue i got it in october of 2006 i got all kinds of mods down to my car that it does not even look like a kia. in one week i will have a supercharger added to it and thats going to be fun to put on
    here are some pictures of my car under my name
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Hi! I checked out your pictures and sent a friend request. Welcome to the forums!
  • Hi,
    Anybody have any clue on finding window visors? I have been searching the net and cannot find any that are specifically for the Spectra5. Are the regular Spectra windows the same as the 5's? I bought my 2007 Spectra5 a week ago and am wanting to customize a bit. Getting ready to tint the windows as well. Thanks for any ideas replied.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    OK, 31k miles later and I couldn't resist doing some work on my Spec5. I started with tinted windows and de-badging a-la red00lght's car. Then I removed the stock ground effects and installed KIA's tuner body kit with cat-back exhaust. I liked the results so much I just kept going... Cold-air induction, larger throttle body, headers, straight through pipes to the center exiting cat-back dual exhaust. Replaced the mags and tires with 18" TSW mags and Hankook performance rubber. Chucked the stock speakers and installed an Alpine head. Replaced the black gauge faces with silver and installed a carbon fibre interior trim kit. Very happy with the results so far. Check her out, pictures on my profile. Thanks to all for the inspiration!
  • I just bought a new in-dash dvd/mp3 stereo for my spec5, but i wanted to install it myself... I dont want to pay the guys at CarToys to do it for me... can anyone explain how to take the panel off so i can get to the harness
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