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Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Accessories & Modifications



  • Take medium size screwdriver and insert it between the bezel and the dash on the right side where the vinyl upper dash meets the plastic lower dash. Pry out gently. It will come about a half inch out. Use your fingers and go all around the bezel. It's a little stiff but will come out. The bezel is just a snap in component. Next you have to unplug all the electronics and controls to get thing totally out. Go to StreetKiaz website and you will find many How To's on mods for your car. I wrote a lot of them.
  • I'm probably going to pick one of these up at a local dealer. its an 05 spec5 with about 34k miles on it. :shades:

    I've been looking everywhere, but I'm not sure what a nice site is for some modifications. I'm going to start small, cold air, possible body kit if they have it. and also, I'd like to see if they have an auxiliary hookup for the sound system, so I can plug in my zune.
  • My son had a parking lot mishap and the plastic headlight lens was broken on our 2001 Spectra. What is the proper name of that part? I can't seem to locate replacements on any of the auto part websites. Any tips on replacement or difficulty?
  • Never mind, forum people. I realize now that it is part of the headlight housing assembly.
  • tsmith10tsmith10 Posts: 1
    Thats a nice interior you got there jcj8008. How much did that cost?
  • jobyjoby Posts: 1
    I am having a lot of trouble with the drivers seat. I cant get comfortable. It is too stiff ij the cushion and the back rest is narrow and sooo stiff also . Any suggestions,Im really stressing .250 miles on car and am ready to trade?
  • djuice03djuice03 Posts: 1
    how did you remove all of your emblems on the exterior specifically the kia logo?
  • This is also a project that i would like to do, has anyone gotten back to u on where to get a manual transaxle and all other pieces?
  • dawnmgdawnmg Posts: 2
    I have had my KIA '05since Sept. 2005. My early gas mileage was 15mpg. They kept telling me it would improve. Now I get barely 18.5 in town and a big 22.5 on the highway.
    Now I do have the automatic but the sticker mpg was for the automatic and it said I would get 28 in town and 35 on the highway. Now that gas prices are so high, I am a bit miffed.
  • dawnmgdawnmg Posts: 2
    A few days ago some kids rolled a pick up wheel down the hill and and after took out my mailbox, it swerved into my rt front fender. BIG dent and two creases.
    The total cost for repair will be $767 but I have $500 deductible.
    I am looking to buy the fender and metal thinga ma jig that goes around the wheel well since the part is pretty economical. My buddy will come back from Iraq in Nov and he will put it on for me..
    Problem is, I can't find any fenders listed anywhere. Dealer wants $181 but I can get it, if I can find it, for $50 less including shipping. Anybody know where I can find one?
  • cavjaccavjac Posts: 1
    has anyone found a trailer hitch for a 2006 spectra5?
    there are plenty for the spectra but not for the 5.
    curt has one (model 11428) but the center holes do not line up.
    any others?
  • Hey everyone,

    I am looking to have a roof rack installed on my 2007 Spectra5. Does anyone have this installed or does anyone know of a place that has images of this. It has to be pictures of the Spectra5.

    I want to see what it looks like before I purchase it. I am looking for the one that is actually drilled into the roof installed. not the one that clips to the door frame.

    Thanks for your help
  • terry_tr6terry_tr6 Posts: 1
    I've got a 2006 and am also looking for a hitch. When you say the holes on the curtis model don't line up, could they be redrilled to fit? I don't mind doing a little machine work up to and including a bit of welding if the hitch can be made to fit without major mods.
  • jschackerjschacker Posts: 1
    I was looking to add a hitch to my Spectra5 for a bike rack (I don't want a roof rack). Has anyone found one that will fit the Spectra5?
  • whats the actual link to the streetkiaz website? I've googled it and it keeps giving me a page requested not found....Just wanna make sure I got the right page.,....thanks
  • Did you already get rid of it??
    I am missing mine and it bothers me alot.
    Can i have it? perhaps i can pay you 15 bucks?
    ?????? :)
  • Does anyone know where I can get performance upgrades and mods for my car. Looking for Cold Air Intake and Cat back or full header exhausts.. I know the dealer offers a lowering kit for it. I may have them do it to maintain the factory warranty but it would run me like 800$ to have them do it when you include the labor and parts..

    My car is a 2008 Spectra 5.

    Thanks in advance

  • havsolohavsolo Posts: 1
    I know this is an old post...I don't know if it'll get a response, but here goes:
    You say you're missing your front spoiler, how did you come to not have it? Was it there when you bought the car? I ask because I'm thinking of removing mine. I think I like the '07s without it better and I am (perhaps naively) thinking that without it the car might be more aerodynamic and get slightly better mileage. Anyway, I'm afraid that it's there to direct air through the radiator. Have you had any problems with overheating? If you had it before and lost it somehow, did your gas mileage change at all?
    I called a some dealerships and have gotten different responses about taking it off. A couple said it'd be fine to take it off and a few said it was necessary to leave it on. I don't know if the couple just aren't aware of the potential problem or if the few are just trying to cover their rear-ends.
    Anyway, any help from anyone who has dealt with this would be much appreciated. Oh yeah, if I end you taking it off and deciding I don't need it we can maybe work out a deal.
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