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Scion xB Interior & Passenger Comfort Questions

beansproutbeansprout Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Scion
Hi there! I actually just have a question that doesn't seem to be in any online description. Does the front passenger seat fold all the way flat? That's it. Thanks!


  • madvibezmadvibez Posts: 2
    I bought a brand new 05 Scion xB a month ago. I am in preparation to move from Colorado to Florida. This car would be perfect for pack my things in and drive across the states, I thought. As excited as I was to get it then I am equally, if not more, disappointed with it now. From the very beginning things have gone awry.

    1st, I was promised the car with the color and features I wanted was ready to be driven off the lott early one day. Later that same day the sales person tells me that the car was no longer available and on top of that that it will take weeks to get one like it. It took almost 2 weeks and one was found for me. I waited that long because I wasnt in a hurry and Toyota makes cars worth the wait. Right?

    2nd, when I drove the car off of the lot it was pulling severely to the right. A week after that I dropped it off at one of the local Toyota service departments here in the Denver area. They said that the alignment was found to be a little off and it was fixed. The car was still pulling to the right, not as bad. I delt with it because I was busy.

    3rd, a month passed, the weather got really warm and when I went to turn on the A/C. It did not work. I decided to take the car in to get both the alignment and the A/C checked. They called back to say that the condenser was punctured because a rock apparently flew in through the grill and did the damage. I was shocked to find this out, the car had less than 3k miles and already I have to shell out $1000 on getting it fixed!!!!!! From looking at the grill its apparent that its opennings are large, wide, close to the surface of the road, and begging for debris to fly in to do some damage. Colorado is known for it high amount of gravel on its roads.

    4th, I have protested the whole deal with the service department's management and was told that they wont do anything for me. I contacted the people at Scion's customer experience (head quarters). Went back and forth with them for over 3 days and eventually they agreed to cover half of the cost in good will. Although I am not really happy with paying a cent, half is better than nothing. So I set up an appointment to have the car fixed first thing in the morning (7am) next day. I was told the part was in stock and was quoted for 3 hrs of labor so I figured that by noon it should get done. 1pm came along and I hadnt heard from them. So I called (I was always calling them when I was promised a call) and was told that by 2pm it will be ready. No call from them at 2 so I called again and this time to find out that the part they had in stock wasn't the right part. I spoke with the manager and he looked into the matter but only to find that the condenser is nowhere to be found in the US!!!!! It will take weeks to get one imported.

    If this were you, what would you do???? Its Friday and come Monday I have to drive this A/C-less brand new car to Florida!!!! :mad:
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    There is another person in CO with EXACTLY the same problems as you. Check the regular xB topic.
  • jkraackjkraack Posts: 1
    To all who have had road debris puncture your A/C Condenser. I have information that Scion has altered the way this part is attached to the engine which possibly means they know there is a problem with the device. If we can compile a list of those who have actually had this problem we can all get our cars fixed or be reimbursed for the cost we already paid. Toyota doesn't want to admit there is a problem. How may of you have had this happen? Forward this to friends you know who have experienced this. Let's get together and get them to fix it. Right now there is a national back-order on the part so someone else has this problem.
  • siegfriedsiegfried Posts: 2
    Just bought an 06 scion xb less than 3000 miles. Identical condenser problem to what everyone else has posted on this and even scion's own site. Obviously a problem. Lets get that list together
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    What is this condenser problem? Is it road damage from rocks? I have 3500 miles on mine with no problem, but have considered adding a fine black screen behind the car's lower grille to stop little rocks from getting through.


    Manual Transmission Oil Change /
  • siegfriedsiegfried Posts: 2
    If you do a search on the web for scion xb condenser you'll find a bunch of posts for the same thing that happened to me. Identical as a matter of fact. Dealers are refusing to replace the condenser due to road debris puncturing it. The road debris is never recovered so its their word against yours. Basically the ac stopped working after 3 weeks, we took it in and they said a small rock must have punctured the condenser. Therefore its not under warranty. They suggest that your car insurance should cover it just like a windshield would be covered. To me that is 1. insulting and 2.a design flaw for placement of the condenser and metal so cheap that a little pebble can puncture it.
    I've bought $100000 worth of toyota products in the past 4 years this is a great thank you.
    What I dont get is why the ac costs 5% as much as the whole car???
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Yes, both front seats go flat. They do it by reclining. Remove the headrests, slide the seats forward, and recline the seat backs all the way down level with the rear seat cusions.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    You're right... good move to get a topic started for interior questions! :D

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  • Actually, I wanted to know if the passenger seat folds all the way flat forward, and if it has the hard plastic on the back of the seat, so you don't potentially ruin your seat when you tansport stuff. I have a Toyota Matrix, and this is what mine does--it is very convenient. My father has the Pontiac Vibe (pretty much the same as mine) and that is what his does, too. We were just curious if the Scions have that feature, as well, because it is not mentioned in any manual or online.
    Wait, why on earth would you want the driver's seat to fold completely flat?? who would drive???? ;)
  • "... why on earth would you want the driver's seat to fold completely flat?? who would drive????"
    Certainly not the person sleeping in it.
    If there is no armrest added to stick up like an island, folding the front seats back makes the whole front of the car sleepable. Then folding the rear seats forward opens up the whole car but it is all not very flat.
  • I noticed that folding the front seats down still doesn't give you a whole lot of room to lay flat. Maybe with a couple pillows you might be able to make it work, but what was cool was hooking my iBook into the auxilliary jack and watching a DVD with the sound cranked up in "Feel" mode. Sitting in the back seat was like having a couple lounge chairs in a small theater!

    I've been spoiled by my Datsun wagon. I used to be able to pack all kinds of stuff in the cargo area, and the xB just doesn't measure up. I have to fold down one seat and wrap large items with a blanket and then secure them with the rear seat belt to keep them off my daughter. I haven't had the courage to put her in the front seat. She only weighs 50 lbs, and I don't trust the weight sensors with her life. I suppose if push comes to shove, I could move large items by folding down all the passenger side seats and use the seat belt to secure my stuff, but it would mean my daughter or wife would have to ride in the rear left seat.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... I 've been spoiled by my Datsun wagon. I used to be able to pack all kinds of stuff in the cargo area, and the xB just doesn't measure up..."
    It only measures 13 feet long. Your Datsun wagon was probably two feet longer.
  • The Datsun seems like it was engineered to be more mule than stylish. The rear seat cushion lifts up and the back folds down to create a completely flat cargo area that is very stable and spacious, and there is almost no gap between the cushion and the front seat in that mode. There is also a small 3" space under the seat that can be used to store a few incidentals. Great for moving boxes and small to medium pieces of furniture.

    The xB's 60/40 seat and flattening front seat also have great potential for moving lots of stuff, but the don't fold down completely flat (unless I'm missing something). The interior height is superior, but the xB's interior is a little too ergonimic and plush to make moving practical.

    ...Or I could just rent a van.
  • I just installed a pair of front seat covers from They were cheap ($13 + $11 shipping to Seattle area from Houston), well made, nice fit, nice material. I didn't want to take a chance on the $100+ models. HIGHLY recommended.
  • I've always thought that the cu.ft. measurements of maximum cargo capacity are only marginally useful.

    After all, 43ft.³ could be a box 43ft. long x 1ft high x 1ft long.!

    The dimensions of the largest rectangular box that could fit through the hatchback and entirely inside the vehicle with the all the doors closed would be much handier for me to know.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    That would be very useful info in conjunction with the cu ft measurement. You always see people struggling to figure out how they're going to get that TV or other item in a large box into the car!

    I think the volume measurement is a bit more than marginally useful since the interior of most vehicles are NOT in that 43'x1'x1' shape :P

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  • Exactly.

    Notwithstanding reports from the D.E.A. that I'm in the #1 or #2 state for methamphetamine production; I just don't think there are that many folks around wanting to know how much anhydrous ammonia(a product generally sold by volume) they can pump into the car they are shopping for.
  • Al,

    Where did you get the door moldings for your xB? I would like to get a set for my 2007 Fit..

  • Got it from here:
    There is a huge selection of profiles. It came in two peices, each about 8 feet long, with tapered ends, and you have to measure and cut what you need.
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