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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • I am so frustrated with this car, specifically the doors. Every winter - frozen out of the car and my automatic door cable snapped and the dealer wants $2000 to repair a problem they should have recalled! I have a question for you, you state that a local mechanic fixed something on your door for you, what was it?
  • 12/14 early rainy morning, I dropped my daughter off at school, and when I tried to close the 2004 sienna power sliding door, it stopped half way. I got off the car tried to push it back manually, but suddenly the the door fell off the track and hit the car. OMG, big dent and scratches; I never scratched my car before. I called my husband and he asked me to drive back home w/ the door half way open. He found out the cable was broken and the remaining cable became locked, so the door would not close, so he grabbed the cutters and cut it. But we can't find our wire cutters and we had to use the garden cutters to cut it for long time. We called the dealer and took it there, they said it would cost $2000 to replace the cable and motor. We asked if we could change it to manual door instead of a power door, but they said they couldn't do it. After this incident, my husband said this is our last Toyota, and we will sell it after 1 or 2 yrs. Instead we will look for the Korean car; at least Korean cars have 10yrs warranty.
  • We use ours as a manual door now. Just disconnect everything and turn you slider off up front. I guess that is if you only have one electric slider.
    We are not happy with our Toyota either and will not buy another one.
    Supposeably they have fixed the problem. Obviously knowing that there was a issue in the first place. Our door stop working 2000 miles out of warranty and they would not fix it.
  • Slyons..... that sounds exactly like what happened with our door. Thank goodness I was in our driveway though. I had AAA tow the car to the dealers. They would do absolutely nothing for us. Considering all the other recalls on this (2004) vehicle, you'd think they'd want to fix the door. Families are the ones that buy the Siennas, and really like the automatic doors, right? Why piss off your best market target? We are looking at getting a Hyundai. If we go American we will go Ford. Best of luck to you all.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    at least Korean cars have 10yrs warranty

    The powertrain warranty would not cover the door cable. A 2004 Kia's B2B warranty would have expired in 2008 or 2009, depending upon when you bought it.

    You may want to consider an extended warranty, just make sure it covers your door.
  • Our 2004 Sienna has had problems with inoperative left AND right doors at least four times each since we've owned the vehicle (new). Here are the list of problems we've had with these doors:

    Mar 04: Left siding door not opening (dealer fixed) (~ 20000 miles)
    Sept 14, 05: Right sliding door not opening, left sliding door intermittently not opening (dealer fixed)
    Sept 21, 05: Right sliding door not opening(dealer fixed - notice a week after previously brought in for SAME problem!)
    July 06: Right and left sliding doors not opening (dealer fixed)
    Feb 09: Right sliding door intermittent (dealer notes that latch needs replacing), left sliding door does not open at ALL
    Mar 09: right and left sliding doors not opening (dealer replaced both left and right door control assemblies)
    Dec 10: left and right sliding doors not opening, right power cable broke and right rear latch broken (dealer is going to fix but at an exorbitant cost of $1500!! I'm opting to do only the right side (for my family's safety) at a cost of ~ $850, which is outrageous given the fact that this has been an on-going problem since day-one with this vehicle! ~113000 miles)

    We've given up fixing the left door since they want about $800 just to replace the front and rear latches on this door (w/o labor)!
    I've also contacted Toyota Consumer affairs about this on-going problem and basically they will NOT do anything for us! Their 'explanation' was that it was fixed before under warranty so this latest occurrence is not covered (i.e. too bad, you're on your own!). Because of this response from Toyota this will be the LAST Toyota vehicle I purchase!

    I've also submitted complaints to NHTSA:
    ( ) and suggest that others who have this problem do the same.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good idea to complain to the ODI.
  • Well, I just experienced the same problem and my mechanic did diagnose it exactly as u did.

    The price however was $599 for just he part - I have 2005 Sienna XLE Limited.

    Was that your year and model? If u got it for $103.09, that was a great steal !
  • owegoowego Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Sienna that had sticky side door latches (manual doors). Both doors were failing. The latches were failing due to dust in the latch at the back of the doors. I was able to flush them out with some WD 40 then re-lubed them (without removing them from the door). This took a few hours to diagnose and fix. The latches have been working ok for the last 9 months.
  • My manual sliding door would not unlatch. It was as if it was locked when it was not. I took it to the dealer and they said it would cost over $950.00 to fix. Meanwhile they said they could fix my driver side front door for free. I said, there's nothing wrong with that door and they said something on it had been recalled. I let them fix it and then it got stuck shut and I couldn't get out that door either! So I had to climb over the passenger seat! That happened two more times after they "fixed" it. I couldn't afford to fix THE SLIDING DOOR it so I lived with three doors. Then the other sliding door started to stick and I took it to my regular mechanic who got the part (a small latch like piece) and replaced it for less than $350.00. He said the original piece was plastic (the one that went bad) and the replacement was metal. Obviously the dealer is gouging people if the mechanic could do it for 1/3 the price! Obviously the part was inferior. Toyota has gone down the tubes trying to cut corners and ending up alienating their customers. I won't buy a Toyota again after their customer service dept got an "F" in my book. They used to send surveys after you got service. They quit sending me any because I had nothing positive to say about them. I reported it to the attorney general but nothing ame of it. It seems obvious it is a defect if you read these forums.
  • TOTALLY AGREE! they should have been recalled. Mine also freeze shut every time the temp is below freezing. POOR QUALITY! WON"T BUY ANOTHER!
  • jabba3jabba3 Posts: 1
    Both of my doors are defective. They won't close without manual effort. I had one close on me because it doesn't stay in the open position at times. I had to fight it off because it did not detect the resistance. It would have caused real injury had it done that to my 3 year old. I notified toyota and they referred me to the dealer. Dealer said 900 per door. I think we're looking at a class action lawsuit, but I am getting rid of the piece of crap. Paid 37k for it in 2005. Carmax quoted me yeaterday, with the door issues, it is worth abut 9k. Hello Honda.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I have been following this thread because I have a 2006 Sienna. I've seen the problems creep up so that now I am seeing 2005 and a couple of 2006 Siennas with problems. I am holding my breath. I assume Toyota follows these discussions so this is for you. I also own a Lexus RX300 which had a transmission go out at 140,000 miles and a likely engine "gelling" issue now surfacing at 167,000. They did extend the warranty for the engine gelling problem but I am now past that extension. I cannot believe how this company has tried to avoid taking responsibility for problems. I am in the market to replace my Lexus and Toyota/Lexus are not even being considered. I will never buy another Toyota/Lexus again and will certainly not recomment them to friends and family.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If this were a Dodge Grand Caravan thread people would be high-fiving each other if their transmissions went 140,000 miles.
  • I doubt Toyota is following these discussions. They are really too big to care about 1 2004, maybe 2005 and 06, van series.
  • RE: Classs action suit: I'm in!
  • Both of my automatic sliding doors do not work. The Toyota dealer indicated that both actuator motors have to be replaced, which is quite costly. I have @84,000 miles on it, and can't afford to repair it or get a new car. Of course I didn't purchase the extended warranty given (what I thought then but not now) Toyota's reputation. I'm very concerned about the automatic doors not working, as my kids have a hard time manually using the doors. God forbid we get in an accident and they can't get out. It looks like a lot of people are having the same problem, so I contacted Toyota as the dealer couldn't do anything. According to Toyota, they won't pay for the repairs unless there is a recall. So, I filed my complaint with and hope that if enough people log their complaints Toyota will be forced to pay for their defect. If anyone else has the same problem and/or knows of an inexpensive fix, please let me know.
  • The followup to my 1st post is that I was lucky to have an extended warranty. The previous owner had the foresight and money to buy an extended warranty.

    It was covered completely. But I was at 65k miles. I have 10k miles left of coverage - I hope the other door doesn't go bad after.
  • Have they given you a price for the actuator motors? I dont think these are the motors that shuttle the door. They are motors (actuators) that release the latch cables to allow the door motor to shuttle the door open. You might check an auto wrecker to see if you can find thses parts.
  • I have a 2005 (identical to the 2006). Both my sliding doors broke and and my 7 year old can't open the door.

    I have a quote from Toyota for the first door -- $1,800. I am furious they will not fix this defect on a complimentary basis.

    Who do I contact? Consumer reports? National Highway commission?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Call Toyota's 800 number, and see if you can plead your case.

    Be nice, trust me - I used to work at a Help Desk. You get more bees with honey. I wouldn't be surprised if they at least offer to pick up half the tab, maybe part or labor. I doubt it'll be a free fix though, otherwise why would anyone ever buy an extended warranty?

    Then report the problem to NHTSA's ODI online:

    Click File a Complaint.
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    Ours sliding doors finally went out a year ago as well, and we've been nursing it for the past year. But as of last week it doesn't open at all now. We took it to the dealer today. They are replacing our seatbelts that are stuck--a few years after the recall was performed I might ad. (Did they even repair it correctly the first time?). I'm waiting to hear what they will charge to fix the sliding door.

    On another issue, I noticed someone video taped Toyota's faulty weld on the driver's door and posted on YouTube. It got 40,000 hits. Then Toyota announced a recall. Someone should do that for the sliding doors. There are 500 posts on this website about sliding door problems. Someone should video tape their problem and post on Youtube.
  • re: Youtube- GREAT IDEA! My guess is your door will be between 900 and 1,000 dollars. I got mine repaired at my own mechanic for about $280.00. The latch (original) was plastic and the replacement he ordered was metal.

    My driver door broke once and I had my mechanic fix it (before the recall) then after the recall they "repaired" it for free... it stuck closed three times after the dealer repaired it.
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    Here's a link to a YouTube video (with 46,000 hits) that someone posted a few years ago about a faulty weld on the driver's side door on the Sienna...then magically, Toyota did a recall. Wow, how 'bout that! If someone could post a video of the sliding doors problem on YouTube, I think this could help us all. Anyone got a Youtube video of the Sienna sliding door problem? YouTube Sienna Defect Link below...
  • dk2005dk2005 Posts: 1
    My two sliding doors on my 2005 Sienna van would not open yesterday. Don't think they are frozen (that does happen A LOT, but usually unfreeze after being in warmed-up car for awhile).
    Today, they still won't open. The alarm was sounding that they were open, and then the "open door light" was not coming on, but alarm was still sounding. The door locks are clicking normally when I lock and unlock the doors, and the sliding door main switch is showing red. I pushed on the door to make sure it is closed properly, and heard it click. Again, tried to open the doors, and still no luck.
    We also had problem with the driver's door welding; popping sound. My mechanic able to fix it, for now, but want to look into getting the passenger door fixed because I understand the defect is in both doors.
    Very frustrating to say the least.
  • I am one of the people here that has had the motor in the sliding door of their 2004 Sienna break. The people at Toyota have done nothing but ignore this issue. Maybe if we could get someone who can do video editing to compile lots of short shots of the broken doors, then make a video of it and post it to YouTube we'd get some attention. At this point I have cut the cable to the broken motor and use the door manually, but it is heavy and will slide back if we are facing downhill (I live in a hilly area). Not safe.

    Boo to Toyota! I used to be a fan, but now that we are looking to replace one of our cars we are looking at Hyundai and Ford.
  • carofthedaycaroftheday Posts: 8
    edited January 2011
    Our automatic sliding door is not working at 55,000 miles. The Toyota Company refuses to pay to fix the sliding door. I am surprise with Toyota ’s reputation that the automatic sliding door has stop working. I am very concerned about the automatic door not working. Right now the door is on manual. It is very difficult to open and close for my family. My spouse and my hands hurt when we pull to open and close the sliding door. Our three kids are unable to open and close the door on their own. I am very concerned because God for bid if we were to get into an accident my kids may not be able to get out. If anyone else has the same problem and/or knows of an inexpensive fix, please let me know.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, the warranty is just 36k miles. Did you ask if you could buy an extended warranty and have the door covered retroactively?

    Thing is, some folks paid for those warranties, if everyone gets the same fix, what exactly did they pay for?
  • tc2903tc2903 Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I've a 2009 Sienna LE with 100k miles. As you can see after I pressed the open button on the remote(or either of the two buttons inside the van), the top of the door just pops opened a bit. The bottom of the door is jammed/stucked against the body, thus preventing the bottom to pop out too and allowing the door to slide open. But if I pull on the outside door handle with a little bit of force, the door operates normally. The problem started to happen a few weeks ago when it started to get cold here in the northeast. I lubed the front and rear lock mechanisms, and I took off the 'L' bracket located on the inside bottom left of the door. Unfortunately, the problem is still occurring more than 50% of the time. HELP? btw, once it only popped open a little, I can't close/open from the inside/outside unless I first push the door back in from the outside.
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