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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    My suggestion is to video tape it and tell everyone you know on Facebook, etc to view it so it racks up a lot of viewings. Someone else did that for another Sienna defect and it got 40,000 views. Toyota coincidentally did a recall after that...check out the video...

    Here's one with the sienna sliding door defect...
  • To me it looks like the door was frozen shut and once you opened it it work ok.
    Mine has done this. I have tried silicone, dry lube and that has not done the trick. I was sent this suggestion but have not given it a try yet.
    "Prevent car doors from freezing shut with cooking spray! Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car doors & rub it in with a paper towel. The cooking spray prevents water from melting into the rubber"
    Worth a try.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Careful - petroleum-based products can damage rubber seals over time. I'd use something like lithium instead.
  • jivanijivani Posts: 1
    My driver side sliding door's cable was broken in Jun 2009. I went to dealer and they quote $1800 to fix the door. Then I went to local mechanic and fixed it for $1000. Last week, my passanger side's sliding door's cable is broken. It looks like I will spend more in repairing my car than my original purchase price. Now I have decided that my next car can not be TOYOTA.
  • Cooking oil is a vegetable oil from corn or olives thats why you can eat it. It is not a petroleum based oil!
  • Here is a short list of 3 videos on YouTube of people with similar problems as us. All are different owners. Please spread the word and view the videos as much as possible so we can increase the pressure on Toyota to do a recall--for our mutual benefit! Or post a video as well! Thank you
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Still, doesn't it damage natural rubber seals?
  • verv1verv1 Posts: 2
    We also experienced the same failure in our R sliding door in our 2004 Sienna. A strand of the Cable came loose and jammed the pully mechanism on the door. I pulled the offending strands from the pulley and gave it copious amount of WD40 and moved the system back and forth until I can get some movment. I can now open and close the door manually but with much effort. The electrical does not seem to work any more.I also believe this to be a SAFETY ISSUE How do you open a jammed door in an emergency ie submersion, fire etc.
  • This happened to me twice. I paid for the repair out of pocket the first time, the second time, the part was still covered under warranty, so Toyota had to pay for it and they had to send my vehicle to the body shop to repair the damage that the faulty part had caused.
  • Hi, Folks,
    I purchased a 2011 Sienna in November 2010. Almost immediately, I began experiencing intermittent issues with BOTH rear sliding doors, where they would not open automatically (either with my hand, or by pressing any of the number of buttons one can use to open these doors). It would open about 1/2 inch, issue a high-pitched electronic sound and then stop. The only way to open it at that point was manually - but it only opened in jerks and with great difficulty. Once the door was open all the way, the only way to close it was with the same difficulty. I brought it to the dealer, who politely told me they could not duplicate the problem (of course - it was intermittent!), and they sent me home with my car. The issue kept intermittently reoccurring. I brought the car back again, and insisted they keep it for a period of days and try (and I mean really try) to duplicate the problem. They willingly agreed, and they gave me a loaner car. They apparently tried for several days, with no success. They even called a Toyota rep, who told them he had not heard of this issue, but gave them suggestions of things to try in order to duplicate. Finally, on about the fourth day - success! They duplicated it and got the "error code". I was told it was a problem with the motors. I was a bit suspicious, as I thought it odd that BOTH motors would be defective. In any event, the car went back in early January for the motor replacement. Unfortunately, the day they replaced the motors, the Toyota rep called to tell them that they discovered that the motors are NOT the issue - it is, instead a computer problem. They are now working on getting whatever necessary replacement computer parts (sorry - I'm not a car "techie" so I don't know correct terminology) needed to fix this (hopefully) for good. I understand the parts will be available in late March 2011.
    In the meantime, all power doors in my vehicle (including the rear hatch door) stopped working in their entirety and would only operate manually. Unfortunately, the left rear passenger door got stuck in the OPEN position in my driveway. We finally forced it closed, but I took the darn thing back to the dealer the 3rd week of February, and have been in a loaner since then and will be in this loaner until they fix the car.
    My dealer is wonderful, by the way. They have been helpful and patient and, most of all, persistent, throughout this process. They truly want to see this problem FIXED. (They are Balise Toyota in West Springfield, MA. Great people to work with!!)
    For all of you who have been struggling with the same issue with no help from your dealers - show them this post! Toyota corporate is COMPLETELY aware of this problem, and you should not be told otherwise! According to my dealer, I am apparently the "pioneer" for this issue because my car was the first one for which Toyota correctly diagnosed this issue. Also, please know that my dealer told me they are dealing with this with several other people who bought their Siennas there. You are not alone!!
    Thanks for reading this very long-winded post. I wanted everyone to know that a fix is coming - but you will probably need to inform your dealers. Good luck to all!
  • I have a 2005 Sienna....8 months ago had to have both sliding door panels replaced because doors would not open from the inside or the outside. 8 months later the passenger side slider got stuck open and I had to tie it shut to go to the dealer. Unfortunately it was a "different" problem and now want $1,000+ to fix it to open manually or $2,300+ to fix it to automatically as it should!! For real?? I only bought a brand new Toyota because I thought they backed their cars!! What a joke!! They said there isn't a recall yet but it is a re-occuring problem - what do they need a child to fall out or get stuck in after an accident?? I don't think they will recall it because they know all of us who own them have children and HAVE to have it fixed for safety reasons!!! NEVER, NEVER, AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A TOYOTA!!!
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I am have the same problems with my 2004 sienna. They did not help at all.
    I am having problem with my driver side seat belt, hard to release after you stop?, they are asking for 400 dollars. They do not have any safety in mind.

    These are only some of the problems...

    Take to the local mechanics and they might be able to fix it cheaper.

    Good luck
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    My suggestion is to take your van in for the passenger seat seat belt recall and politely ask them to fix the drivers seat belt as well. It's ridiculous that they don't include all the seat belts in the recall. We did exactly that and got all our seat belts replaced (except the back row).
  • sam4205sam4205 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    Hi Jjllcal,

    Can you please provide more details on the Latch/Hinge (L shape metal) that you are referring to.

    I just recently bought used Sienna and both the doors are not closing. they try to close but it opens again before it latches to the lock. I look into the rails and it seem that the plastic coating/cushion over the metal rail seems to peel off and might be causing the door to open again.

    I am speculating your mechanic would have replaced that rail, but not sure. If you have additional details like the part number/photos etc, that would be helpful.

  • u_s_au_s_a Posts: 1
    Not sure if the statement below from the 2011 Sienna Owner's Manual (page 70) is related to the problem you see on your Sienna, but here it is:

    "When the power sliding door detects an abnormality and stops operating, power sliding door brake function may be activated. When brake function is activated, door movement is restricted by the brake and motion may appear to be not smooth. This is not malfunction. Move the door to fully closed position to reset the system and normal power sliding door function will resume"

    Hope your issue will be fixed soon.
  • I have been having issues with the driver side automatic sliding door. I have approached Toyota and they have said since it cannot be duplicated it will not fix. I have an inspection guy coming to take a look at it but don't have any hope that anything will be done. Here is my video that I had provided.

    What can I do if they can't repeat it and I go on with this possessed, phantom door? :sick: :confuse:
  • tsvi1tsvi1 Posts: 2
    I represent a client who had a 2005 Toyota Sienna and has also had to fix both sliding doors. He is considering legal action.
  • ihatemysiennaihatemysienna Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    Replying to pk9501986:
    Please see my post #529 from last week for details, as it sounds like you are having the problem I had with my 2011 Sienna from close to the day I bought the car in November 2010. Toyota is ABSOLUTELY aware of the problem. I should go back and update my post, but I'm not sure how. It turns out that the problem is a defect in the motors and NOT a computer problem, as I had been told in February. It took a bit of time, but Toyota apparently redesigned the motors; my dealer received the parts and replaced both sliding door motors last week. I am hoping the issue is fixed for good, but time will tell. I don't know where you are, but you should ask your dealer to contact Balise Toyota in West Springfield, MA to discuss this. I believe they have several customers with the same issue. They worked VERY hard on my behalf to resolve this issue with Toyota. Good luck.
  • wythehsuwythehsu Posts: 3
    edited April 2011
    I have exactly same problem on my 2011 Sienna.
    Below is the e-mail I send to Toyota. The e-mail was sent 24 hours ago and they have not respond yet.

    I just bought a 2011 Sienna last Thursday (3-31-11). At the time the Salesperson walkthrough the vehicle with me, the door jammed. The door opened about 1/2 inch, making a high-pitched electronic sound and then stop. I have to push door very hard to close it and the door them back to work. At the time, the saleperson explained to me it's because I did not open the door correctly. I took the car home that night and then on Saturday, the door jammed again. I took the car back to dealer and they can't duplicated the problem. I google search "2011 Sienna Sliding Door Problems", and found many people has exactly same problem with their 2011 Sienna. Please advise if Toyota has aware of this problem on 2011 sienna, and please advise if there is any up coming service bulletin for this issue. Thanks
  • As I said in my previous posts, Toyota IS aware of this problem. Do not let the salesperson convince you that you are the problem - you are NOT the problem!! The issue here is that the motors in these 2011 Siennas are defective. My dealer has (hopefully it is "had" at this point...) several 2011 Sienna customers with the identical sliding doors issue. My suggestion is that you print this posting, bring it to your dealer and insist that they deal with this issue. Have them contact Balise Toyota in West Springfield, MA. Ask for the service manager or the customer relations manager. They are all aware of this problem; they worked very hard to get this fixed for me. Keep pushing until they fix this for their expense, not yours! Good luck.
  • wythehsuwythehsu Posts: 3
    edited April 2011
    Good morning ihatemysienna

    I will bring your posting to our Toyota dealer.
    Thank you for step forward and make Toyota to reconize this issue.

    The slidind door is the only complaint I have with my Sienna so far. It's roomy, easy to handle, and has all the gadges we need. I traded in my 2009 Odyssey EX for this V6 Sienna LE, and I I don't miss my ody at all.

    By the way, are you still hating your sienna after the door is fixed?
  • cheranecherane Posts: 8
    We might think about having a facebook page on this issue of the sliding door to call on the public to rally for all of us who have this automobile. I own the Toyota Seinna XLE.. at seven thousand miles my sliding door went out.. no use at all and only myself driving or in the car. I took it to be fixed and they told me to go back to the dealer I bought it I have 30,000 miles to never have use of the door. Sad..and shame on TOYOTA. I' seventy years old so what kind of damage could I possibly have done to this automobile to be stuck with a bummer. I gave up a HONDA odessy van for this one.. :confuse: for I had also own a toyota from 1991 through 2994 when the hurricanes took it away from me.
  • Answering wythehsu's question as to whether I still hate my sienna. NO, I don't hate it anymore! I regret using that for my screen name. I did it out of frustration because of the problems I'd been having. I tried to change it, but once you set up a name, Edmunds won't allow you to change it, unfortunately. I actually really like the car for all the reasons you posted - roomy, easy to handle, and it has everything in it I could possibly want. I love the power and the all-wheel drive. Great car...I just wish the door issues had not left such a bad first impression. I have owned many Toyotas and never had one problem until this one. I hope my postings will help you get what you need from your dealer. To everyone experiencing the sliding door issue I described in my previous postings - insist your dealers take care of this problem. IT IS A KNOWN PROBLEM, AND THERE IS A FIX!!! Good luck.
  • I have a 2004 Sienna, I have had multiple problems with my power sliding doors. I have had to replace one motor on the one of the doors and now the motor on the other door has also gone out. Each time to have the motor replaced is $1,000.00. I have not yet fixed the second door. I will never buy another vehicle with power sliding doors. You can get them open in the winter (freezing) and even if you try it puts too much strain on the motor. I find myself turning the power to the doors off in the winter and using them only in the summer and still both of the motors have gone out.

  • tsvi1tsvi1 Posts: 2
    My client also had his motor replaced on one of the doors of his 2005 Sienna. I believe the motor is the primary problem. If you would like to discuss this further and I can tell you what I have learned or if you would like to consider legal action, please e-mail me at [email protected]
  • alhockalhock Posts: 6
    I personally think it's going to take a lawsuit to get Toyota to do anything at this point. What have you learned?
  • Hello
    I own a 2007 Toyota Sienna LE....we bought it just 2 1/2 years ago. We only have one power door with the button to open and close it....the other is manual but has the motor in the back to pull it in closed. Ever since we got it the passenger side full power door has worked intermittently. One day it works just fine, then one day you have to manually open the VERY heavy door for no known reason. Its not consistent as to when it doesn't work like cold vs hot or rain vs just never know. The back motor hasn't given us a prolem until recently. However, the drivers sliding door has given us tons of problems. We bought it in August of 08 and in October my mother-in-law was driving down the street with my 4 kids to go to the park when out of nowhere the glass shattered!! NOTHING hit it! It scared the kids and her. At that time I called Toyota to see if there was a defect or recall on the doors but they claimed there was none. So I ended up using my car insurance to replace that. Then recently the motor that pulls the door in on the drivers side sliding door just stopped working....I was driving when it flew open! Luckily I had a bungee cord with me to hold it closed. When it first stopped we were able to push the back end of door in, but then it just stopped all together. Right now it is duct taped shut on the outside with a bungee inside!! Then just yesterday we were closing the passenger side slider....we pushed the button and it closed but again the back motor would not grab it and pull it in....for the moment we are able to push it in to get it to "catch".
    Recently, I decided to my own looking and found numerous complaints about the motors on the sliding doors....starting from models years ago. I was surprised because as I said Toyota said there was NO problems at all with the sliders. I do plan to call a dealership today to inquire again. But really what am I supposed to do...the van is the only car of our two that is large enough for the family as my husband drives a much smaller car for his commuting. I plan to trade it in soon....and because of this my car is worth $4000-$5000 less on trade....frustrating! At this point I can't even recoup the amount of our down payment from 2 1/2 years ago....and I was told the Toyotas "retain" there value. If I can't get this fixed I will be forced to consider legal action. My van is no longer safe to have my children in or their friends. :mad:
    Any input from anywherer here is much appreciated!
  • bubuleyabubuleya Posts: 1
    I am having same problem as many other people. Door is working when I use handles inside and outside but it does not work when I use any of 3 power buttons.
    Tomorrow (APR-22) I am taking cat to a Toyota dealer to see what is going on. I also called Toyota customer service and filed complaint. Everyone should do the same by filing official complaint to Toyota.
  • I think your van has same problem like my van had, I have fixed it myself by replacing a part from motor assembly. (Dealer was charging me $1200 for fix). I could help you with reasonable charge if you are here in Indianapolis, IN. I don’t know where you are? It is hard for me to explain everything step by step what I did. Any way good luck.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    My passenger sliding door will not open if I push the buttons, but if I lift the handle inside or out it works fine slides as normal. I have it at the shop today, they just called and sid it needs a motor for over $850.00, I asked them to look at it again because the motor works fine, there is something that catches the door keeping it from opening. I also had to replace my battery due to this door problem a month ago, it did not latch and ruined the battery. I am really upset over this, it is a real safety hazzard!! If anyone has an idea to fix this problem, please let me know. I will contact toyota about it also.
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