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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I do not think it is the motor. If the motor is bad, do u think it will close at all?It could be the hinge that hold the door from the body. It happened to me and I have to replace the hinge. The cushion on the hinges has worned off and it is scratching the body of the vehicle. It cost me 250.00 to repair (not from the dealer). They always blame it to the motor or the entire assembly.

    Good luck.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Thank you for your info, I have my husband checking it out now, the dealership told me today that there are 2 motors in the door and one does`nt work. It still does not make sense, your explanation makes more sense! Thanks, hope it works.
  • kristygkristyg Posts: 6
    caroftheday... I just bought a 2005 Sienna and am having this problem with one of my doors. I am located in Indy. Can you help me? Any information would be a appreciated.
  • jescal75jescal75 Posts: 1
    Do you happen to remember the part number we are having the exact problem door closes sometimes scratching body of thte car figured it was the hinge
  • socal13socal13 Posts: 14
    hi Jescal,
    I do have a part numbers for the middle and upper right hand side power sliding door on my 2004 LE Sienna. You have an XLE and chances are it will be a different part number. Any Toyota dealer will provide you with the correct part number. A friend of mine who works for an Auto Body and Paint shop installed my two hinges for free. I bought him breakfast and also helped. Dealer wanted $500.00 for parts and labor. I paid about $120.00 for both hinges. Hinges do not come painted the color of your van.
  • I want to inspect your door first, maybe it is different problem. Could you come to 56th and Lafayette Road at Marathon (Hoosier Pete) gas station at 5:30pm today? If you will not respond for this by 5:00pm then I won’t be there. Let me know what color van you are driving?
  • kristygkristyg Posts: 6
    I can't today but maybe later this week? I'm in Greenwood, so a little further south would be helpful if possible. Thanks much.
  • Sorry, I won't be able to come south, I am kind of busy.
    But weekand is fine if you want to come to the same above location, let me know what time you are coming? Thanks.
  • yourmammayourmamma Posts: 1
    One of the two back hinge bolts (holding the door to the sliding mechanism) is broken and now the door is sagging and blocks the door from closing properly. Does anyone know how to fix this without having to take the entire door off. The local body shop said they'd do it for $800 (gasp!). It is just a broken bolt. I can see the problem but don't know what to do. The door sag is about 1/4 inch but it is enough to hinder the door closing and is slowly slicing the paint off the top edge of the body just where the mechanism rolls in to pull the door inward.
  • socal13socal13 Posts: 14
    Unfortunately you will have to remove the door to replace the middle hinge. I recommended replacing the upper hinge while your at it also. I have a technical service bulletin (TSB for the 2004 Sienna) that shows how to replace the hinge and motor assembly. My friend and I replaced both hinges upper and middle hinge in about 3-4 hours. The TSB can also be found possibly in post # 43 in this forum. Look for it or google it.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I saw my mechanic fix it by loosing up the door from the body without disconnecting all the wire. Make sure the automatic closing mechanism switch is turned off. After loosing it from the body, you can take out the hinge and put a new one. It will require 2 people to fix this problem. My cost is $250.00 including parts. It took him 3 hours. Good luck....
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    Also, You can buy a remanufactured hinge instead of a brand new one. This might save you some bucks.....
  • bike_1986bike_1986 Posts: 1
    Opening our passenger side sliding door has been a worsening problem for years. It's gotten to the point where it is impossible to open from the outside, the door handle just doesn't respond. There's rust along the siding track that the other side doesn't have. Opening from the inside has gotten more difficult as well. Now my lovely wife has engaged the child safety lock switch and we cannot open the door from the outside OR the inside. Is there a way to disengage the switch? Other than Toyota, where should I take it for repair? A body shop or a regular car repair shop? Thanks.
  • formertfanformertfan Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sienna XLE and the weirdest thing started to happen with my driver side sliding door.
    Here are the symptoms:
    It operates when I shift into parking. When I say operates I mean if it is closed it will open when I shift into park or when it is open it will close when I shift into park.
    It will always operate when I use the remote or the door lever but does not work with any of the inside buttons.
    Does anyone has any idea of what is going on?
  • adurilinadurilin Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Sienna -- I love the car exept for those darn doors.
    They offered pay half for the part, so instead of $1600, it will cost $1200 to fix. Well, thanks very much for your generosity! We have to do something. It's ridiculous.
  • gouabgouab Posts: 1
    I have a Sienna XLE 2005. My passenger side automatic sliding doors cable drive snapped, the motor is good. The dealer says the cost is $1,150 to fix. What are the alternatives? Any suggestions? Called some places no one knows where to get the cable. The MSRP on the cable is $588!!! This stuff is too expensive. What is Toyota doing about this? They should take some responsibility. The discussion forum on this is growing everyday. My son almost got caught in the cable when it snapped and the door slid without control. Any help, suggestions?
  • My 2006 sienna automatic doors are stuck and won't open. IT's a safety hazard and when you do try to open them manually you need to be a body builder with lots of muscle. The sound of grinding is horrific and I can't imagine that this is what toyota had in mind when they charged an enormous amount of money to have automatic doors.

    Has this happened to anyone?? Can the auto doors be converted safely to manual doors that run smoothly?

    Does anyone want to start a class action law suit? It appears that a ton of toyota owners are having the same issues....maybe they will listen to that instead of charging $1800 per door to fix.
  • Cables on both sides snapped within a week of each other... has anybody had this fixed for a reasonable price? Cable is pretty standard, nothing special, maybe I can have something made on the cheap?
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Call Toyota, tell them about the problem, I called and told them about my problem with the door and they said if they get enough calls, there will be a recall and that will mean we all get the problem fixed without cost. There are alot of Sienna owners with these door problems and Toyota needs to correct their problem. Hope this helps!
  • nora7nora7 Posts: 2
    I spent 5 hours.... today at the Toyota Dealer with my 2005 Sienna... the driver side, slider door would not shut... told the latch had caused the door to push out of alignment. Only fix they offered was a new door at 1,800.00 not happy.... We bought a Toyota because it was supposed to last, and not cause us $$$$$ for repairs. They repaired the spare tire recall, and... just left the spare tire in my trunk... Next time, my husband goes...
  • drasbachdrasbach Posts: 2
    Don't think they are from the same batch. I live in Pennsylvania and my door motor went in my power door after 2 years but thankfully was still under warranty. Now, my sliding door on the drivers side is broken, they said it was the latch and motor assembly and, of course, it is now out of warranty. Also, I am having trouble opening my power door now which is the one that was fixed but it now seems to be a door handle issue. My van is only a 2007. The passenger sliding door will cost $1,100 dollars to fix. I am going to look into having this door turned into a totally manual door as another person in a previous post did.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I called Toyota about my door not opening, they told me if enough people call them, there will be a recall. Please call Toyota and complain and ask them to recall, this way you can save your $1,100, I have seen over 1,000 Sienna owners with the same problem, Toyota needs to fix the problem. Hope this helps you.
  • nora7nora7 Posts: 2
    I spoke with a body repair shop, and he looked at my nonoperating van door.l said he can fix it simply and will do so in less than a l/2 hour... to make it operational.... not a perfect fix, but a fix... thanks.. I will also call toyota, they should be addressing this problem!!!!
  • drasbachdrasbach Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding. I just called Toyota because my dealership told me since Toyota is aware of the problem they would pick up the cost of the part and we would only have to pay labor. Well, just as I thought, they would do nothing because the van is out of warranty. But it did serve the purpose of logging my complaint. I leave for vacation in a week and I have to drive 600 miles with a door that is not closed all the way. We stop at hotel and I may have to unload all my belongings because the door does not lock because it is not latched all the way. Needless to say I am not happy. Will have to pay the $1,100 so we can be safe on vacation.
  • carol87carol87 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna with the same problem. Toyota service is charging $1100 to repair the cable that is broken. I called toyota and they recommended for customers to call and file a complain.
  • kline4kline4 Posts: 1
    I'm glad I checked this site. We have a 2008 XLE with 50,000 miles and the passenger sliding door cable snapped ($529 for the cable plus the same amount in labor charges). When I questioned the fabulous quality of Toyotas (this is my first one) the dealership assured me this is a rare problem and they have only seen this happen one other time in all the time he has worked there. I guess it must by his second day on the job ;)
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    Get on the phone and call Toyota about this problem, there have been thousands of people with same problem and it is not rare!!! We need to make Toyota accountable for this problem. This is such a concern, not only because of the expense we have with it, but, also due the the safety factor, it just needs to be addressed and recalled to be fixed by Toyota!!! When I called Toyota, they told me "if enough people call about the problem, there will be a recall". I plan to tell everyone who has this problem to CALL TOYOTA!!! Hope this helps!
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I have a sliding door problem too, I called Toyota, they told me if enough people call about the problem, there will be a recall. Call Toyota PLEASE!!! I wish you the best.
  • vmorvillovmorvillo Posts: 2
    I thought the problem I experienced today was uncommon, but after seeing so many similar problems, I am joining the community....I created an incident report with Toyota and am awaiting their response. I know there is no recall on this problem, but with the door unable to be opened or closed because of the snapped cable, I believe this is a dangerous situation, especially if one needs to quickly open the back door to remove a young child.

    The convenience of having a power sliding door is not worth it.
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