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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's probably out of warranty, and given dealer rates are higher, it may be a good time to find a good private mechanic who knows Toyotas.
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    I have the same problem several years ago... Toyota said the same thing about the motor is the problem and asking for 1500 to fix. I brought it to an independent mechanic and it was a L shape door hinge ( upper one ) that holding the door from the body that create the problem (The cushion somehow worn off, toyota used cheap parts). In my case, the door was not lifting high enough and it is creating friction with the body. When their is a friction the sensor will stop the door movement and causing it to stop in the middle of the door closing process and you need to pull it again to finish the process. It cost me $250 to replace the hinge and it is working since then.
    I hope this will help.... good luck ... never buy another toyota again... this is not just the problems i have with the vans... there are lot more....
  • Well, I got both of my doors fixed. Before that, the plastic handle to the passenger sliding door broke. The handle repair was just under $200. Toyota would have charged that for the part. I had them cut the cable to the power door to make it manual and they fixed the drivers side door. The handle, both doors, replacing all dash lights and rear brake work was $505. I shudder to think what the bill from Toyota would've been.
    Good luck out there.
  • The passenger-side sliding door of our '06 Sienna LE got stuck OPEN in restaurant parking lot in June of 2011. The dealership was nearby and the manager came to help us. He couldn't get it closed either. They gave us loaner and kept our van for 3 days to repair. They said they had not seen the problem before. They replaced the slide motor assembly and covered the parts under warranty. They charged us $930 for labor. 9 months later, the door is starting to making a small grinding noise again. We can hardly wait!

    It seems there are already enough of us who have experience the same/similar problem to warrant a class action suite.
  • adiehl13adiehl13 Posts: 28
    Mtorg- I posted quite a bit about this. The "crunching noise" is likely because the cable is rusted out. This is how ours started. Eventually, it sheered off and then you couldn't open or close the door. There is also a problem with the motor. I actually think there is a technical service bulletin out now. Check out one of the TSB sites. They won't actually "recall" these things but I got mine fixed under the platinum warranty.
  • We have a 2005 Sienna that first had the cable on the passenger side sliding door break but we just used it as a manual door. However, just a few weeks later my wife went to open the door and it would not open at all! I have spent many hours working on it, but to no avail. I even took the interier door panal off, which is very hard with the door shut, but all I could determine is that the latch on the front of the door, on the post that the front door latches to, simply will not release. It has been five months now that we have had to function with only one sliding door working. A Toyota dealership said it would be several hundred dollars just to "try" and figure out why it isn't working. I am so frustrated and disappointed with Toyota.
  • susand3susand3 Posts: 1
    At only 3 years old and 47K miles the cable snapped on one of our power sliding doors yesterday and could have injured someone the way the door slammed shut! I called Toyota customer service and there is no technical bulletin or recall. I filled a complaint with the NTSB. Now I just have to bring it to the dealer for the bad news. It seems like it will be a very expensive repair. It's outrageous to know that this has been going on since the introduction of this generation of vans and Toyota has not done anything to correct the problem. :mad:
  • I have had problems with my 2006 Toyota Sienna power sliding doors and I see by the number of posts, so have many others. Here's what I found that may help some of you. First, you need to understand how the thing works: There are TWO small plastic coated cables, one to pull the door open and one to pull it shut. The pull-open cable attaches in the slot just under the vent window and the pull-shut one is attached on the same level in the hinge area. Both have two screws holding them onto the body. The system can be completely disabled by disconnecting BOTH of these clamps. The failure happens when the plastic coating starts to come loose and then it fouls the system of pullies and finally either breaks the pullies of the cable. If you start having problems with the door binding, you can save the cables by disconnecting them and this will allow the door to open and close as a manual one. At this point, I would suggest having someone with a lot of mechanical ability to try and save the cables It involves completely removing the sliding door , disassembling it, which includes removing the window, then removing the cable motor and pullies, then removing all the plastic coating pieces from the pullies and what is remaining on the cables. I did mine and it took several hours of work. I now understand why the labor cost is so high. Finally, if you disconnect both of the cables as I mentioned before and the door still "drags", you may also have a sticky roller on one of the three hinge/supports. If so, carefully remove one at a time and lube them up. Be sure to support the door as you do. Good luck!
  • ruthzruthz Posts: 1
    Here is my whole story:
    1) June, 08: My 2008 Sienna had small car wreck. Left Slide door damaged but no problem to open/close either manuallly or automaticaly.
    2) Sep, 08: I took to Body Shop which was recommended by insurance. Slide door outer body change.
    3) Slide door control start having problem since then. Sometime open a little bit then stop; some time open all the way but not close; some time open and close but not fully close. I took my car back forth to body shop about 5 to 6 times from 2008 to 2010. 3rd time I took back at Summer 2009, they change "whole control thing" inside the slide door. (I don't remember what part they change exactly. But now they told me they change "wire harness". They didn't file to auto insurance for this change and they never gave me any documentation each time I took my car back to them. I hate my neglect for never request any further document every time I took back because the manager is very nice and cooperate and I thought he should have record in their system...Now I think they may feel guilty therefore they didn't give me any paper work, even the extra parts change and have not report any those problems to auto insurance and rather to paid the extra cost by themselves.)
    4) Since they change this parts, my slide door still have same problem twice. The last time I took my car back is one year after they change the control part. 2011 is the first year I had not send my car back to them. I thought they fixed the problem eventually. But I am wrong. Three weeks ago, I took my daughter for dental appointment. I parked my car and click my remote control, the slide door start to open normally for a half then all a sudden sliding all the way to the end like loose control. It unable to close anymore. But when I click my remote, I still can hear motor sound and I have no problem to manually close it.
    5) I call body shop right way like before and was noted the manager is new. I told her all my story but she can not find any my information. So I bring my original paper work to her and heard their computer system totally changed and she even don't have my record at all. So she make a copy of my paper and took my car to inside to check. In less than 10 mins, she came back to me and said the CABLE MOTOR ASSEMBLY is broken and need be change. And that the same time, I saw a broken metal wire appeared under my rear window. The wire is still like fresh brand new stainless steel and no any sign of wear and tear. and the broken ends like force broken either by high tension or pinched something. And when I check closely, the black plastic wrap around broken wire are all cracked. The new manager said Moter Cable Assembly is normal wear and tear parts and nothing relate to their work.
    I doubt Moter Cable Assembly has problem because a) When I click remote or button in the car, I still can hear the motor sound. b) how can they tell Cable Moter Assembly broken in less than 10 mins without uninstall anything. c) I can see the wire is broken. For me, It sounds like only need replace wire. Can they just change wire to save my money.
    I truly believe this problem is strong relate to the body shop never appropately install my slide door. Every time I took back they make some change. I believe the wire must be pinched for so long and all the sudden broken.

    6) I complain to insurance, but they said the door was changed since 08 and they had no any record show the control have problem since the door was changed. My milage is 66,000. So they conclude it is normal wear and tear and I need pay full by myself.

    7) I check with Toyota dealer and tell them I will take my car to them full check just want them show me the problem honestly and tell me if related to inappropate installation or some thing wrong. they refuse since they don't want to involve any investigate.

    8) When I had my oil change last week, the tech told me it is CABLE MOTER ASSEMBLY problem too. He just take a quick glance. We can see the wire is broken visibly, why it is cable moter asesmbly whole thing problem. Only the part need $1300 not include labor. Is it possible only change wire?My God!

    I am so upset and angry. I need fight for rightous. This slide door always have problem since they install/uninstall so many times. Other slide door have no any problem at all. Further more, I don't believe 66,000 miles suppose have normal tear and wear for Slide door. That tear and wear is because this poor slide door being manipulate too many times by body shop. They need at least take some responsiblity. Please help. will Any advices and suggestions, no matter technical or how to fight, are deeply appreciate. thank you very very much!!
  • pinvestpinvest Posts: 1
    The problem could also come from the weather. I have a sienna which has given me the same problem. I noticed that htis would happen only during cold days. So I decided to clean the rails and use grease that will not clutter with the cold. The first thing to do is clean the rails top and bottom with a degreaser. If this works, use liquid grease, but like I said make sure it does not becomes hard during winter or cold days. I fixed the isssue doing the above. Good luck.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Word from someone who has access to Toyota TIS reports that dealers are receiving advanced notification about a new warranty extension on door motors / cable assemblies and the door latch motor assembly. It should be public shortly, or go annoy your service manager by asking directly. Refunds for past repairs may also be included.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I have advised people to contact Toyota about their sliding door problem for years. I am happy to say it has paid off!!!!!! My Toyota dealer in Hagerstown, Maryland emailed me and told me that Toyota has extended the warranty on certain 2004 to 2010 model year Siennas. Toyota is offering a Warranty Coverage Extension (CPS) for rear door latch assemblies and power sliding doors for a period of 9 years from the vehicle`s first use of 120,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty extension will also provide coverage for the power sliding door cable assembly on certain 2004 to 2007.

    This dealership states they will perform a complete inspection AT ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE, AND NO CHARGE FOR REPAIRS!!!

    I am so happy to share this news, I plan to make an appointment to get my door repaired this week. The dealership said I will have to leave the van overnight and get it the next day, it is quite involved to repair.

    Hope this helps and gets the free repair you deserve!!
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Great! Sounds like some of the dealers are starting to act on the advanced information. Letters to owners of record should also be mailed shortly.
  • mtj1mtj1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Sienna (purchased 4/2/03) with 109K miles on it. The sliding door has been a problem for at least a year. I initially took it to my regular mechanic thinking it was a simple tightening of a bolt. He couldn't fix it and advised taking it to the dealer, but I have his invoice documenting the problem at 99K miles. I waited until I needed an oil change and went this week. I learned that the repair, involving actuators, cables, and latches like everyone else, costs $1167 in parts plus $1069 in labor!!!!!! And it WOULD be covered under the extended warranty but I was 13 days past the 9 year mark. It doesn't matter that I am still under 120K miles. The corporate office said they would take care of the parts but I still have to suck up $1069 in labor and taxes for a door that they know is faulty. I preordered the first of the newer model Siennas, sight unseen, and I have had so many recall repairs done, as Toyota worked out the kinks on the new line. But we stayed loyal and bought a Prius too. Now I really feel betrayed. SHAME on Toyota!
  • jm63jm63 Posts: 1
    Can you get a service bulletin number or any reference number on the Toyota communique to dealers? I am about to contact my service adviser at the dealership and it would be great to be 'armed' with the info. Currently have my 2006 Sienna with passenger sliding door not sliding closed - have to manually get out and haul it shut...motor works - but it sticks and refuses to shut.
  • I just called my Toyota dealer and spoke to the service manager. He said that they have received no advance notice about a recall and gave me toyotas number. No help at all. Anyone have a ref # or something that I can provide to them? Thanks.
  • Unbelievable! Just called a different dealer and they verified this information!!! :) Scheduled my repair and they said it will be free of charge! Happy dance!!!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool. :shades:

    Please keep us posted on how the repair goes.
  • Hi fellow frustrated Sienna owners,
    Wow! Toyota is finally taking responsibility! Never thought I'd see the day. This has been a thorn in my side for a very long time. Anyone know if this courtesy is being extended north of the border. I'm in Nova Scotia and the climate here combined with the salt, as a result of living on the Atlantic's doorstep, has only exacerbated the corrosion issue connected with the door latch assembly failing. We have had the doors both fixed once already and now they have seized again and have been that way for about 2 years now. So far I can't seem to find any such warranty extension on the net from Toyota Canada. If anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate the heads up. :confuse:
  • melis67melis67 Posts: 1
    I have had "everything" replaced for the passenger side door at a cost of $950.00, after the door wouldn't shut and would randomly pop open, from not latching. Now the driver's side door is doing the same thing, except now the cost is $2900.00. I was going around a corner, and without any warning, the door came open. It took my husband 2 hours just to get it closed, only to have it pop open again. He finally disconnected the battery so the battery doesn't go dead. This is without a doubt a safety issue that should be addressed. :mad:
  • rnovakrnovak Posts: 3
    I am so sorry to hear that Toyota will not fix this problem! After 2 years and about $4000.00 of the dealer never being able to fix the problem, i took mine to an independent mechanic and disconnected the motor in the door and I use it automatically. We still have problems with the door ie the handles breaking off and it still gets stuck closed but it is much cheaper to fix. It's funny but Toyota does not seem to understand that when you purchase a car, at the least you want the doors to open and close.
  • Just an FYI, i have an 01 Sienna.. Mine had issues with the doors not opening or closing, or getting jammed. It turned out for me to be a simple fix. I took the door off the van, "yeah the neighbors were looking like i was crazy too". I ended up purchasing a cable adjuster for the cable that runs from the door to the latch. I removed the old cable, installed the adjuster, and welded a bracket to the inside sheet metal support.. Then reassembled the door, and put it back on the van, adjusted the cable.. Lastly i used Lithium grease on the latch and the moving parts inside the door to keep moisture out, and off the cable.. It has been good now for about 2 years.. Total cost was about 9.00 and about 6 hours of labor that i did in my garage.. This was after the dealer told me it would be about 2k dollars to fix..

    Side note: doesn't void the warranty if they will never see it
  • jmor2jmor2 Posts: 1
    I'm very disappointed in the way Toyota is handling this warranty extension for the door issues on the van. I have a 2005 Sienna and the first time I brought it up to my local dealer was in 2009 and was told I had to take it to a body to get it repaired!! My doors still open and shut. They just have to be pulled closed and sometimes they jam but the kids are used to it and know how to work it so I never took it to a body shop, mainly because i knew it would probably cost btwn $2-3,000 to fix.
    Of course, I just got the warranty extension in the mail yesterday and now my car is over the mileage for the extension and after a phone call to the Toyota main office, they pretty much said too bad, so sad! I cannot believe that they won't step up and pay for this when they've known about this problem for years! There should not be any time limits or mileage limits on this issue.
    Toyota WILL NOT be getting any more business from my family!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    What is the mileage limit?
  • jjllcaljjllcal Posts: 31
    120000.... This is why they took their time for this extension....let the owner reach the 120000 and they do not pay anything... Toyota you sucks... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • nevinnhnevinnh Posts: 1
    in case you did not get this yet - there is no number on the letter from Toyota. It has this at the top:

    Certain 2004 to 2007 Model Year Sienna Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and Power Sliding Door Cable Assemblies
    Warranty Enhancement Notice

    good luck.
  • larz5larz5 Posts: 2
    Unbelievable is right. I got the same notice. They actually refer to it as a warranty extension rather than a recall. Anyway, my doors have been broken for about a year now. I have a 2004 Sienna with 113,000 miles. I took it in and they told me it wasn't covered because in my case they said they didn't work because one (apparently there are two) of the motors wasn't working and this part is not covered by the extension. To add insult to injury, they charged me $60 to diagnose the problem or in other words to tell me "too bad". Nice business practice.

    I will never buy another Toyota.
  • nana1427nana1427 Posts: 18
    I took my 2004 Sienna in with the recall, I also was told it was not covered under the recall, my letter from the dealership said I would not be charged to diagnose the problem, so I showed the dealership the letter, so it was no charge to me. I decided to have the door fixed, it cost me $300.00, which I am happy to have the door working again.

    I still have the recall, so if the doors break in the next couple months I`m covered, but I doubt I will have such luck.

    I still like my Sienna, just sorry the doors have such problems. The dealership gave me a rental 2012 Sienna while my van was being fixed, it was much larger then my van, I really did`nt like that, just too long.
  • mugsismemugsisme Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Sienna, and both doors stopped operating properly several years ago, after the original warranty expired. The drivers side non power door stopped locking or unlocking with the fob, and then the passenger power sliding door stopped opening or closing with the fob. I was real excited after getting this letter from Toyota. Took it in yesterday and they said both doors fail to meet the requirements for the warranty enhancement. They want $647.50 and $458.00 to fix the doors. What I don't understand is what this warranty extension actually covers? Seems like they are playing games. The letters says it covers "Power Sliding Door Cable Assembly", but the estimate calls it "Motor Assembly" My wife called Toyota to complain, and they took all of our information and gave us a case #, but said they would not do anything, we are out of luck. Seems pretty unfair. I only have 70k miles on this 2004 and have suffered for 3-5 years with these bad doors. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to get Toyota to fix these? Thanks.
  • cheranecherane Posts: 8
    I only have thrity one thousand miles and since 17,000 miles I'v e had no sliding door. I'm seventy years old and no kids, none other in my 06 XLE. I've bought new toyotas since 1990......guess they don't give a smell today. I cannot even sell it for a decent price due to this situation. also I spilled coke on the drivers side and it ate throeugh the carpet, couldn't get to it due to this dam door.
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