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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • slyonsslyons Posts: 4
    I did call and got know where. Not even sure they recorded the fact that we called. Also, so frustrated. I will not buy a Toyota again.
  • Hey guys, I had much of the same experience as you guys, I don't have $2000 to fix my sliding doors and having a new born and 2 lil ones, being able to open my doors with the press of a button really helps, especially since I don't have 3 hands. My local shop told me of a place in Los Angeles that rebuilt my cables. They sent in my old unit and Benson's Auto fixed them for only $350! My mechanic installed it for $100. Now both my sliders work! You can find them at!
  • Toyota just extended their warranty on this problem for certain 2004-2007 Siennas. I just received the warranty enhancement last Friday and it's in the shop now being warrantied. There are some catches though.

    From the letter..."This warranty extension is for your vehicle's Rear Sliding Door Latch Assemblies and for your Power Sliding Door Cable Assembly for a period of 9 years from the vehicle's date of first use or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first. This offer is limited to your specific Sienna whose VIN is provided above and is subject to the same conditions and exclusions set forth in your Owner's Warranty Information booklet. This coverage is for warranty work performed at an authorized Toyota Dealer only."

    There is also some additional information about being reimbursed if you have paid for repairs in the past for the same issue. I wasn't able to find anything at the Toyota website, but found this in the Sienna chat. na/9534-04-10-sienna-extension-warranty-coverage-rear-sliding-door-parts.html

    Good luck!
  • We are very disappointed in our Toyota Sienna (2006) also. Got a recall for the electric sliding door so I took it to the dealership. They refused to repair the doors because they said the hinges were damaged rather than the cable which was supposedly warranted. The paint and rubber is wearing worse by the day. If anyone knows how to get these repaired under recall please let me know.
  • I was also told by Tustin Toyota that my sliding door was not covered by the warranty or recall since it is the hinge that is failing. I had to turn off the auto button and tell my kids to only use the driver side sliding door. The passenger side slider has also damaged my paint. I was quoted $800 to fix. Crazy..... If this is a manufacturer problem, then it should be fixed by Toyota. If anyone knows how to get around this, please let me know. Thanks
  • Hi Everyone,
    Speaking of Sliding Door cables and hinges....guess what happened to me....
    I was flying in from my vacation (Tuesday, July 31, 2012) with my kids(4) my husband picked me up. Next Day my driver side sliding door gets stuck halfway! IT WON'T BUDGE!! I took it to the dealer in Anaheim and they said its a SAFETY ISSUE, SO TOYOTA won't release it. Because of the extended waranty on the cables they will replace those, PLUS out of Curtesy (yeah right) they are paying for one motor and I pay for the other $270. So we agreed to it, we figured 2 new mechanisms on both doors.... good deal! I live in the Bay Area so they had to give me a rental, I still have it (1.5 mnths later)...
    I got a call yesterday they tell me the hindges on BOTH SLIDING DOORS are going out and if I dont repair them the cables are going to break again because of it. $1500+ in repairs! I think this should be a recall and we should all report to TOYOTA. I cant afford it, I could use that money to feed my kids and buy them Clothes! They should be responsible and take care of it. I have a rental and they are paying for it (the rental) so if they dont want to fix it they will keep on paying the rental until they do.... Good luck to all of you that have the same problem.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    What year is your van?
  • I have a 2004. I can't afford to pay for the door, so I keep it locked. I have 3 kids and we are adjusting the best as we can dealing with only one door. I agree, we need to contact Toyota. Does anyone know who to call? Thanks
  • Paying over a thousand dollars to fix a door isn't really an option for me. Luckily I can help you out for a fraction of that price. Check out . I will replace your cables with brand new stronger ones and ALSO email you instructions on how to remove and replace the EDM unit yourself.
  • Toyota just sent out an official recall notice: "Toyota has received reports of customer concerns regarding rear sliding doors that gradually become difficult to open or close in certain 2004-2007 model year Sienna vehicles. Although the Rear Sliding Door latch Assembliew and Power Sliding Door Cable Assemblies are covered by Toyota's new Vhicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles, we at Toyota care about your overall ownership experience. To assure our customers satisfaction.......We are EXTENDING THE WARRANTY to a period of 9 years or 120,000 miles.


    On a similar note, my parents just got a quote of $7,000.00 to replace the computer on their Prius. Apparently everyone has been attaching the Garmin/GPS to the screen (the only place to attach it on the Prius) and this screws up the touch screen. It's happened so many times, all Toyotal dealers know about what caused the screen to fail (so there's no fibbing). 7K???? Another mad toyota customer
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Doesn't the Prius have a windshield?
  • We just took our Sienna 2006 into the dealership for service on our faulty sliding door. It quit working in February 2012, we had the cables cut in March 2012 in order to use it manually, and the door stuck shut (can ONLY be opened from OUTSIDE) last week (September). We brought in the warranty extension letter mentioned.

    Our dealership informed us that the extended warranty does NOT cover the motor or the stuck-door issue (which is a "latch" issue).

    After seeing how many people are having the same problems we are, and after seeing how Toyota is NOT addressing these problems (they're paying lip service and tiptoeing around the problems), we will no longer be buying Toyota vehicles. After 15 years of being a "Toyota" family, I'm saddened that we feel compelled to move on because of Toyota's LACK of responsibility, of customer care, and of safety consideration.
  • Not a sliding door issue, but in response to post 716...
    The Garmin instructions say itis illegal to attach anything to the windshield in two states. One is California even though it is legal in the two lower corners of the windshield. If the windshield slopes too much, you can't get it close enough to the corners to be legal.
    I think the other state may have been Michigan, but I don't really know if it is legal to attach it to the windshield there or not.
  • Re: Prius and the ruined computer screen.

    But, look, to attach anything to the touchscreen, this is priceless, even for a senior. I think Toyota may be blamed for not providing enough space for gadgets, but not for refusing to pay. I agree though that anything 7K is outrageous for Toyota; it is not Bentley after all. OTOH, Prius is not a Corolla or Camry either, it is a Status/Message vehicle. So, it is a fair game.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    It sounds like some of you are still trying to get full information about what is covered and why many claims are being denied. Attached is a link to my page so that you can download the warranty extension announcement that went out to dealers. They are only covering latch mechanisms and cable assemblies.

    The site has 'issues', and may try to open the file for viewing. Often it hangs up. Look on the top right for a DOWNLOAD button, have it open the file with Acrobat (.pdf), view, save or print as you see fit.

    Good luck in your battle! At least now you will know what you are up against.
  • Thanks for posting. Sure we all received this same announcement and letter. It clearly states "gradually become difficult to open and close... If you paid for repair or replacement..." In my case, the judgment was simple: no replacement - no reimbursement. Just repair does not count. There is a shade of merit in this logic, but, you know, a good tech can fix just about anything without replacement. This is what makes the difference between a good and bad mechanic. The guy might as well just to replace everything - and it would be covered. But Toyota didn't even bother about details. I am thinking to throw some sand into the "cable assembly" now, to make it "eligible" ;)
  • I have done regular oil changes, and ended up with a sludge problem. This is a Toyota right? That's why I didn't mind paying TONS more $ for better quality, SAFETY, RELIABILITY!! The dealership says they "might" be able to get Toyota to provide some assistance since they have seen this before, but they state that was only through the 2002 model Siennas, and other year Camrys. This is such a joke, they need to take responsibility and get me back on the road. People it is time to stand up, Toyota's ARE NOT PERFECT as WE ONCE THOUGHT!!
  • I too got a letter this week regarding the warranty enhancement notice. I was so happy because I thought Toyota had finally acknowledged the poorly made doors! Nope! Took my vehicle by the dealership yesterday and they said I need the motor and cable (don't really need the motor but you can't purchase one without the other). Total price with labor - $1699!!! I called Toyota and immediately filed a complaint. What a ripoff...I have a 2009. My cable snapped last spring after the door got stuck and would not close. These doors are super heavy and a danger for my 3 kids to manage in our hilly neighborhood. Will be looking for another vehicle...was happy to purchase my first brand new Toyota; will be happier to sell it and go to another brand! Shame on you Toyota!
  • Just took my 2005 Sienna to the Toyota Dealer for recall repairs and warranty enhancement repairs, one of which being the REAR DRIVERS SIDE SLIDING DOOR. I too had the cable cut so the door woul function manually. Just received a call that the cables would be replaced at NO CHARGE, however, the motor is NOT COVERED. I asked if the motor and cables function together and how one was covered (the less expensive) and one is not (the most expensive). He tried to explain why, but it sounded like BS to me. I am extremely dissapointed as I think there is a probablity that the screwed up rusted out cable may have caused the motor issues. Maybe its just coincidence that the cable snapped AND the motor is screwed up simultaneously....but odds are that the cable caused the motor malfunction. $1100.00 for PARTS PLUS the HOURLY LABOR RATE. I'd rather open the door manually, thank you very much. DISSAPOINTED! Class Action anyone?
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I suggest everyone in your situation tell Toyota goodbye and let them know why you will never buy another Toyota. I had a similar problem with a Lexus transmission with hundreds of failures and Toyota ignored it. $4700 later I sold the car and told Lexus why I was leaving. I have a 2006 Sienna with a door problem. I haven't gone to the dealer yet to see what they say.
  • and let them know why you will never buy another Toyota

    Yes, that would make us feel good and at least a bit avenged. Two problems with this, a small and a bigger one. It was my impression that the big guys like Toyota couldn't care less about our opinions and even departure. CEOs, for their reasons. Lower managers and common employees, for other reasons. The bigger issue is that changing the brand, you are going to run into the same or similar issues. With even higher probability, if the statistics is any guide.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    You are right. Nothing is perfect and you do the best you can. I purchased a 2011 Volvo XC60 to replace the Lexus. I have owned Volvos previously and when I bought the Lexus, Volvo had nothing comparable. I have never had a major problem with any Volvo I have owned and I keep my cars 10 years or so. I do believe that an ever-expanding group of fed up car owners who swear off the brand will eventually have an impact. If nothing else it made me feel good. And I am very happy with the XC60.
  • Having been in the car, it's not really "priceless..." it was the only obvious place to attach it. Apparently, this has happened so many times that all the dealers know exactly when it happens.

    How about a sticker or a word from the salesperson, "PS- though it may seem like a good idea, NEVER ATTACH SOMETHING TO THE TOUCH SCREEN."

    Such a simple idea.
  • got a great deal on an R350 Mercedes that has tons of room, and spacious cabin. Crappy gas mileage. Cost was never an issue for us- we were just Loyal Toyota fans. No more. I may have issues with the Mercedes- who knows. But it's 60% steel and safe. And if they refuse to fix known defects in quality- I'll move on.
  • Add me to the list of consumers who received the phony warranty letter and then was promptly told that the letter telling me that Toyota would fix my broken 2006 Sienna sliding door did not actually mean that Toyota would fix the door. Rather, it is just a revenue-generating ploy by Toyota to get people to their dealerships. As is obvious from this and similar forums, Toyota is honoring less than 10% of warranty requests, since only screw #32 is covered and if screw #1-31 needs to be replaced you need to pay for it. This is a typical move by a company in a death spiral: sell your accumulated goodwill for short-term gain to keep the company afloat. Well, here is another formally loyal Toyota customer (2 Toyotas and 2 Lexuses) who will never buy a Toyota again.
  • thomsosthomsos Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I think you are right on. Our door actually failed in 2009. I only received the letter today but went to toyota to get copies of my receipts of the repairs and have sent them in. He indicated that toyota is considering a similar "warranty extension" for the motor, but we will see. Mine failed exactly as the letter described. They had to replace the cable, motor, hinges, and at least three other parts to the tune of about 2500.00. The toyota service manager was shocked that they needed the receipts,because he had to go into their system to pull them up and print them off for me. He said I'll definitely get some of the money back.... I'm pretty sure the cable failure had to cause the motor failure too, but I'm sure they won't figure it that way. I'm just hoping for another warranty extension on the motor that I can refile for later. At this point I'm already out the money, have been for a couple of years, so anything I get back is a plus. The repaired door has worked great since I got it back but will never buy a van with a power slide door again. Rediculous repair cost for a not so useful option.
  • kc5573kc5573 Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    I have a 2005 Sienna with 115k miles. I received the warranty enhancement letter. I was very happy to receive this letter as I have had my van in there before due to the door not opening by either buttons. It tries to close/open, but it just can't, nothing is jammed or anything, seems as though it is a latch issue.

    I brought it in today, fought with them to pay for a rental, (which they did not)! and they called me two hours later to tell me that 'conveniently' the motor needs to be replaced and it is not covered by the warranty. Seems very suspicious that in my experience and the majority (77 pages ) of other posts that most are being told the part that needs to be replaced to fix the doors is not covered by the warranty enhancement......if so many people are complaining about their power doors not working, why would Toyota take the initiative to fix the cables but not the accompanying motor!!!!!

    Seems like a big old SCAM!!

  • Yep, that is exactly what happened to me and my van. What is your next step? The bad thing is, we could get the motor fixed, and then the cables break. They won't due the warranty work unless the cables are already broken. Basically, we would have fixed the motor for nothing.
  • aimpulsiveaimpulsive Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    My 2004 Toyota had a new ENGINE installed about 18 months ago (117,000 miles) because they said the engine had sludge in it due to lack of oil changes. This is NOT true, and in fact we started complaining about the engine smoking too much when it only had about 40,000 miles on it. A terrible engine from the start, it seems. We paid $5,000 to have a used engine installed, and NOT by the Toyota dealer.

    A month later the lower control arms broke ($1200).

    Now, the passenger side door would not open due to the binding. Like the rest of you, the dealer price was about $1600 to fix and not covered due to miles and age of car (although the car looks new inside/out because my wife keeps it that way).

    So, I found a place online that will replace the cable for $350 once I get the motor out. It took me about 75 minutes to remove the motor (be sure to follow, absolutely to the last detail, the instructions they send you). You will feel like you are stripping the car down to the last nut, but it really isn't very bad (coming from a non-auto mechanic, but someone who is mechanically inclined at least a little, according to my wife!).

    The company that does the cable rebuild is:

    Rich Jung
    BSJ Enterprises Inc.
    dba Benson's Auto
    7711 South Alameda Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90001
    (323) 583-8941 tel
    (323) 583-0330 fax

    Note, I have not sent mine in yet as it looks like the cable housing is cracked due to the cable stress, and I can't find a replacement. I found "like new" entire assemblies (including cables, motor, etc.) for $600, or Toyota-brand new units for $800 (a lot cheaper than the dealer). I will probably have to go one of these two routes as I can't find just the $10 piece (well, it looks like a $10 piece) of plastic that covers the cables once they are wound onto the motor assembly, and without it I fear they will slip off and break again.

    Last Christmas I bought myself a new car to replace my 2003 Highlander (which has had ZERO problems). I looked at a 4Runner and the dealer reminded me that Toyota quality is "second to none". I told him he was talking to the wrong person, and I bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee instead. I must admit that I spent $1800 on a lifetime-no miles limit complete warranty as I am a bit afraid of the Jeep's quality, but after one year I have not had to use it and it can't be any worse than the problems I had with my Sienna.

    Love my Jeep (Overland with 4wd, hemi engine, two tone leather interior)!
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