2004 GMC SLE Dome light problems

smileytn1smileytn1 Member Posts: 1
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Dome lights won't come on when door is opened either side and only works when key is in door lock to unlock or key is in switch. Installed new light dome switch with overide switch and have lights when unlock or put key in ignition. now. makes dome lights work. I use it @night and has been quite aggravating .I already tried the dome overide switch & both work the button as well as the dash panel dimmer switch wheel that turns on dome light.and dims the dash panel . Has anyone experienced similar problems . Has anybody experienced parasitic battery drain with these trucks? Looked around the web and chatted with some mechanics and were advised switch in door that controls dome lights was in need of lubricant or replacement . . Anybody got any ideas. all suggestions appreciated!Thanks! smiley
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