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2008 Pontiac G8



  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    The Asians have about 1500+ Asian owned suppliers in our country pumping out parts for the lovely state-side assy operations..You drivers of Asian cars are funneling the money back to pay the retirement & health benefits of the Japanese workers...and keeping our offshore guys healthy..

    Yep! The Big3 uses some lots of parts and assemblies produced in other countries, but the final end is the bulk of the dough stays in the USA...

    Any G8 in my garage will be the result of a giveaway by the dealer, $..22,500 w/sunroof. My Bullitt was purchased in Detroit and transported to Venice, Fl by covered was a deal...
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    Always a great point/perspective to consider from you, cracovian - thanks for posting.
    The G8 deals & GM-card round-up are enticing but currently I won't consider a new car for now unless I got paid and got a new car out of the deal, such as trading 2 used cars for one new G8, plus cash back from dealer.
    If G8 GT were available with stickshift, I'd probably have already made that deal...

    To answer your question, wideglide, I understand that GM does not offer the G8 GT with stickshift in USA due to homologation cost being per engine*drivetrain combo, and not enough
    units/model-years to spread/amortize that cost over,
    consider such low production # totals as well as even lower # that could have
    sold as G8-GT with manual-transmission. skippy cheers to all ....
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Have you received any GM card round-up offers yet? I've been waiting for mine and so far nothing... I want $5K like in 2004 :-) I mean if they're going bankrupt and we're covering the losses then we should get something back...
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    craco, yes I got a round-up offer a month or so ago, rounding $2100 up to $3k.
    I think its expired now. /e
  • mrpushrodmrpushrod Posts: 80
    Actually assembly accounts for very little on what goes into building a vehicle. It is a global economy and that we can not change. Parts for all makes come from manufacturers all over the world. Both domestic and foreign manufactures even use the same suppliers in a lot of instances.

    There is a lot more to a company than where the vehicle is assembled. For example: Nissan assembles vehicles here but only employs 12k people in the US out of 200k total.
    I for one would like to see GMs Australia's division succeed and send the US a profit check for every vehicle sold abroad. This model seems to work for Honda & Toyota who have raped the US in trade deficits
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I get your point but, c'mon, let's not fool ourselves about the G8 with its 20% American content... The car is 100% Australian design and now the engines are not even made here anymore (V6 is Australian and V8 is Mexican.) I personally don't have a problem with "imports" but IF you really want an American car that truly benefits our economy, you'd probably want to look at the Mustang or similar... The new 2010 is so tempting...
  • carguy89carguy89 Posts: 7
    What would happen to all their warranties??? Both new car and the GMPP?? My friend is still undecided on buying out the Honda or going for the G-8 which seems to be way above other GM's in reliability,however it still seems to have some issues(I know no car is perfect,Honda included). What kind of protection does the government offer vif a manufacturer goes under to people who have bought their products!Thanks for any insight about this especially if you live in Canada.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Their initial bankruptcy would be more like debt restructuring (not paying the creditors, converting bonds to stock, and cutting and/or eliminating benefits.) They will not disappear as a company and as long as they have a business presence in the States and Canada they have to honor their existing warranty commitments.

    For example, my Trooper warranty lasts until 2012 and even though Isuzu pulled out of the U.S. market this year, it's valid since they still have their commercial truck business here.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,937
    “IF you really want an American car that truly benefits our economy, you'd probably want to look at the Mustang or similar... The new 2010 is so tempting...”


    I do not see the Mustang as even vaguely comparable
    to a G8 GT. . .

    But even if it is \ was:

    “Meanwhile, you can thank Mexican workers for the manual transmissions used with either Mustang engine. But if you want the automatic 5-speed, well, they're made in France.”

    Has this changed significantly?
    And are there not other Edmunds forums
    where this sort of discussion could continue?
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,937
    For what it's worth:

    I bought my GMPP for my 'Vette from him...

    "As a forum sponsoring dealer and a dealer committed to providing the lowest prices on the General Motors Protection Plan I thought it appropriate to publish this statement from GM.

    Thanks to the thousands of you who have placed your confidence in our dealership and for your business. We realize that you have lots of choices when it's time to purchase a Corvette, parts and accessories or a protection plan.

    During these times of economic uncertainty you have our promise that we will be here to take care of you!

    Email us here for a quote on the GM Protection Plan!
    [ deleted ]

    Important Information
    About the Purchase of Your GM Protection Plan
    Ongoing economic turmoil driven by uncertainty in financial markets has created an environment in the financial services sector that is perhaps the most challenging in our nation’s history.
    GMAC Financial Services, which includes GMAC Insurance, has taken several actions recently to strategically manage its various business operations and improve its access to funding during this historic period of financial instability in the global capital and credit markets. In addition, GMAC Insurance continues to operate with a strong balance sheet, significant market presence and an employee base committed to supporting you, our customer.
    Your GM Protection Plan vehicle service contract is a wise and secure purchase. Every GM Protection Plan is 100% insured by a member company of the GMAC Insurance Group. Our companies are highly rated and are regulated by law for the protection of the public.
    A legacy of Service. With over 69 years of experience offering quality insurance and insurance related products and services to automotive dealerships, GMAC Insurance has offered high quality vehicle service contract products and exceptional service to our valued customers for 35 years.
    A strongly rated company. GMAC Insurance maintains a financial strength rating of “A-” (Excellent) from A.M. Best Company, the main rating organization for the insurance industry. The “A-” rating is assigned to companies that have, in the opinion of A.M. Best, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.
    Protection for your investment. The GMAC Insurance Group of companies is regulated under insurance laws designed to protect you and to enable insurance companies to maintain a sound financial condition.
    Direct claims. Under the terms of your GM Protection Plan vehicle service contract, you have the right to make a claim directly against the GMAC Insurance company backing your GM Protection Plan if necessary. Please refer to your vehicle service contract for details and contact information.
    We value your business. GMAC Insurance remains committed to providing strength and peace of mind in your GM Protection Plan purchase, and we appreciate you as a customer. If you have questions regarding GMAC Insurance during the purchase process of a GM Protection Plan vehicle service contract, we invite you to contact us[ deleted ]
    As of February 3, 2009"
    2016 BMW 340i
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I never said it was 100% American content but it should be pretty obvious to anyone who looks deeper into the issue which car is more beneficial to our economy (applies to any car, not just G8 vs. Mustang.) The bottom line is, I would never claim I'm doing GM (maybe the execs...) or our domestic workers much of a favor by buying a G8. That's all I'm saying.
  • mrpushrodmrpushrod Posts: 80
    Regardless, I am for anything that can help the big three. I have owned American vehicles all my life and actually like them better. Currently I own the G8, vette and F150 (primary vehicle).
    I firmly believe the business model of Toyota & Honda has killed us at our own game. We have unions that have legacy contracts i.e. early retirement (30 yrs), excellent wages and health care, etc. Toy & Hon have none of this and collect a check every time they sell a vehicle assembled in the US. Tell me this is good for our trade deficit.

    American's want the best health care & wages when they work but when it comes time for purchase, they run to Wallmart where not one item is made here.

    A company consists of many departments that all take a share of the pie to make the entire entity. If you look at Honda, Toyota & Nissan, the lions share is not on our shores.

    What is wrong with GM having a presence in Australia? If GM can build, sell, and share designs with a subsidiary that makes a profit for GM, what is the harm?. It doesn't seem to hurt Toyota & Honda over here.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Holden has been pretty much independent in the way it designs, builds, and sells its vehicles there. It's GM that should be looking and take notice how that subsidiary can survive in such a small and competitive market... Aside from the negative reputation they've worked so hard on for decades, the real downfall of the Big 3 and pretty much every other business now are out-of-control healthcare costs in this country. We have terrible coverage, we and the employers pay drastically more each year, and almost 50 million have none. I'm looking forward to seeing this resolved, now more than ever. It will help everyone.
  • mrpushrodmrpushrod Posts: 80
    Not to get off subject, but we import over a trillion dollars a year more than we export. We are losing our jobs due to this. Some of this is caused by health care and high taxes to businesses, but mostly because our labor is competing with labor that is much cheaper elsewhere. Why do you think you get India when you call HPs support line.
    Are you going to compete with someone making $100 a month in China? When you walk into Verizon, do you by an American made phone or do you buy the cheap LG?

    The big three produced more profitable SUVs because they had to. The foreign transplants do not have the legacy overhead and therefore can produce a cheaper small car where the labor differential cost makes it impossible for GM to compete. GM pays the health care for just as many working as non working employees. If they go under, the Gov is going to have to support these people.

    We need to stop borrowing money from our kids to pay for all this junk that we do not produce ourselves. Our own president did not want to back up the "buy American" clause in the stimulus package because China threatened a trade war. Obama doesn't want us to take the hit on forcing Americans to lower our life style by purchasing what we make.

    We have puchased ourselfs out of our own jobs
  • Two questions guys

    1. When I stomped the gas on my 09 G8 GT from a standstill why is there an slight hesitation/buck/bogging down and not an instand jump? It remind me of my old 78 Lasabre. Also, my rear wheels do not spin.

    2. I have not owned a new 8 cyclinder ever, is the engine "knock" normal? Am I spoiled by the line of silent Nissans I have owned?


    I received my first traffic violation in 5 years last night (doing 58 in a 40) by a NC trooper.
  • pafromflpafromfl Posts: 47
    Did you disable traction control first? With traction control on, mine starts to break the tires loose, and then traction control backs off the power. The engine has sensors to prevent knock, so knock is not normal. However, fuel injector ticking is normal.
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Have a new G8 GT on order and a little concerned about winter handling since I live in the North. Can anyone comment how driving in snow has been this winter? Has anyone been using snow tires on their G8 and can share their experience with any particular brand? Thanks.
  • Check out Lots of posts about winter driving/handling/tires, etc. there.
  • carguy89carguy89 Posts: 7
    Hi: Anyone having problems with their G-8 in this area?Car will be kept totally stock(V-6)? Over in Australia they are having problems with it coming on and off.Thanks(This is the forum I'm referring to if anyone wants to read about it). For some reason link isn't working just type in to your address bar should take you to the site?
  • shadezshadez Posts: 2
    1st off, tan leather looks absolutely horrible, try a winshield screen or a towel on the seat if you have sissy skin. Plus are you kidding me with the woodgrain garbage? No car looks good with WOOD in it, why dont you buy a covered wagon, it isnt furniture it is a sports car.
  • shadezshadez Posts: 2
    red dashlights are awesome, what would you prefer, boring white or maybe green? lol comon
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    If you could put the center dash stack from the 09 Maxima in this car it would be perfect! And why no Nav option for the G8? GM has a great Nav unit it should be available. And the entire department responsible for the power seat controls should be fired. Though I was in a 2008, maybe they went full power seats for 09?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,937
    "maybe they went full power seats for 09? "
    - Ray
    09 G9 GT driver...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • mrpushrodmrpushrod Posts: 80
    If they could keep the Nav system and center dash stack on the Maxima and swap out the junk FWD front heavy unbalanced platform & lackluster V6 with the G8s balanced RWD chassis/platform and pushrod V8 they Maxima might be a decent car
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Yes, that would be awesome and "smart" to put navigation within the system of the screen they already have. Using Onstar and XM traffic service, it would make for a perfect combo. This is where it gets a bit dated. The resources are there, why not use them. I would like to point out that when I was going to florida, I pretty much saw every car on the road with a portable nav unit on the windshield. Practically every car. People want and love this! Makes for a more peaceful drive. If it wasn't for my Iphone, I would get one in my car. Even suzuki is putting nav in their lower trimmed cars. This is where the technology and our future is going. Personally, it should all be standard now. Those that have it as an option should make it standard now. But still be cost effective. Which I think it is getting better. Makes sense to me.

    Also, I believe that GM is a little dated in creating dash gauges. The G8 is better than the other GM cars and tastefully done. Simple, but they need to put a little more thought it to the creation of gauges. Since you do look at them more than any part of the car. I love the red lighted gauges, and on some GM cars, it is blue. Nice! GM is slowly coming away from the old school gauges.

    One thing I loved about my 06 Accord was the fact that the gauges were lit at all times, when the car was off, you could barely see the gauges, Made to glow. it was made like that. Although the new 08 Accord doesn't use that method anymore. But they have a more high end gauge. I wish my G6 gauges stay lit all the time. Without having every light on. Headlights and gauges are different. Its nice to have them lit.

    Anyway. lol The G8 gauges are simply done, rather than they tacky, overdone, previous gauges GM has made.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Wow what quick wit you have! :D
  • wideglidewideglide Posts: 146
    1st off, tan leather looks absolutely horrible, try a winshield screen or a towel on the seat if you have sissy skin. Plus are you kidding me with the woodgrain garbage? No car looks good with WOOD in it, why dont you buy a covered wagon, it isnt furniture it is a sports car.

    I'll bet you wear baggy pants, and have a big sub-woofer in your trunk. Tan and/or gray leather looks great IMO, and apparently a lot of other people's as well. Sorry, I grew out of the all black Darth Vader look about 20 years ago. No car looks good with wood?!? Yeah, all those Mercedes, BMW's, Audis, Jaguars, and Aston Martins have terrible looking interiors, right? What is a classic interior to you, a 90's Grand AM? And the G8 is certainly NOT a sports car. A sports sedan, maybe. Sports cars generally have two seats, and do without a lot of creature comforts and a soft ride, in the name of lighter weight and better absolute handling at the limit. Sports sedans generally have 4 doors, room for 4 or 5 people, lots of creature comforts, and try to strike a compromise between handling and cruising comfort. If you're still confused about the difference, go to your library and read the last 10 years of Road & Track and Car and Driver. And I pretty much won't consider the G8 GT a proper sports sedan, until they offer it with a manual transmission.
  • pafromflpafromfl Posts: 47
    And I pretty much won't consider the G8 GT a proper sports sedan, until they offer it with a manual transmission.
    The G8 GXP automatic is faster than the manual. Does the fun of shifting outweigh the fun of performance? Also, the automatic is much more entertaining after a Superchips Cortex tune.
  • wideglidewideglide Posts: 146
    It far outweighs it, as far as I'm concerned! In the real world, a tenth or two mean absolutely nothing, unless you're drag racing (in a straight line) for pink slips. The greater control a manual gives totally outweighs the small difference in straight line performance. Unless you live in Kansas or Florida, the real world has curves, hills, etc.... I can go much faster in a manual equipped car. It is also so very much more of an involving, rewarding and fun driving experience. Probably gets better fuel economy, too. Autos are boring. To me, using automatic and entertaining in the same sentence is a contradiction of terms, not unlike military intelligence or McDonalds and delicious! ;)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,937
    I have driven V8s with automatic transmissions
    and ‘manumatic’ functionality since late 1999.
    [ Lincoln LS Sport 3.9L V8 and five speed auto. ]

    The Current 6L80 in the G8 GT is, by far, the best, IMHO.

    I drove a Corvette with an automatic labeled
    also as a 6L80 for over 30,000 miles.
    This G8 ‘version’ is superior in several respects:

    The Sport \ Manual Mode = DSC shifts quickly.
    Specifically, the response to manual commands
    [ the time between moving the shift lever and
    the beginning of shift execution ]
    is short. This is good.

    When driving [ um ] briskly, but not ** VERY **
    briskly, the shift execution I find is a very good
    compromise between quickness & smoothness.
    The style of the shifts are very similar to what one might
    choose if driving a manual trans. and not hurrying.
    The electronic throttle is reduced and \ or timing
    is pulled at the beginning of the shift, and
    as the next gear is engaged, the throttle \ timing
    is re-applied smoothly – and on we go.

    When driving more briskly, the shift execution
    seems quicker, but still very smooth.

    The downshift rev-match is nearly perfect.
    The RPM rise exactly to where they must be for
    a smooth transition to the next lower gear.
    Well done, indeed.
    And on we go.

    The Sport Automatic mode is improved even more
    than the Sport \ Manual mode over the prior
    6L80, as installed in the 2007 Corvette.

    The timing and execution of the shifts is much
    better, and the response to throttle input is
    much quicker and much more consistent.

    The multiple downshifts – say from cruise in sixth
    at 50 or 60 to second or third gear as a result of
    slamming the pedal to the floor are both quick,
    & smooth - not jarring. Very well done.

    No transmission [ automatic or manual ] will
    likely please everyone all the time – but the 6L80
    in my G8 GT pleases me every time I drive it . . .

    Just my 0.02 gallons worth . . .
    - Ray
    Driving and driving and driving . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
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