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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 97 chevy lumina. I recently had it in the shop for a problemwith starting. while there they said that the cooling fans were not coming on and that it was because of a relay switch that was stuck. They said that they cleaned it and now it is working, but I never hear the fans coming on. How do I tell if they are and where do I find the switch to clean it off myself if it's not working?
  • slindemanslindeman Posts: 1
    Ok so i got the power steering pump put in but i guess it only came with one screw and it needed three so my belt came off. Now i am wondering if i need to buy a new pump or if i can just get the screws and serpentine belt?
  • jonboy85jonboy85 Posts: 3

    I have a 1994 Lumina Sedan with grinding front-end brakes. Could this just be a sticky brake caliper? Or is it just a worn-to-the-knub disc shoe? I'm putting it in the shop tomorrow AM, but just thought I'd ask.

  • I have a 97 Lumina,that will tirn over but wont fire,then back fires,,what is wrong?
  • I have a '99 lumina 3.1, if I leave the car parked for a couple of days the battery will go dead and have to jump start the car. Replaced the battery about 2 months ago with a new one and the problem is still there. Any suggestion please?
  • Okay. Im only 16 years old, so lord knows i dont know what im doing... but this is my first car, and the last 2 days that I have drove it, my car has overheated and started smoking. I got someone to look at it, and they said that it was leaking antifreeze. They changed my antifreeze and put more in it. Well my temperature still keeps rising and still overheats and smokes. I dont know what to do.

    Another problem is every since I got the car, when I change the gears, the car jerks pretty bad. My brother told me it was nothing, but a friend of mine said I need to have it looked at. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it/.
  • Find thesource of the leak. Ask someone with experience.

    I assume you have a stick shift. If so check the clutch.
    If it is an automatic check the transmission!
  • I got a 1999 lumina 3.1 automatic. Its been running great since we got it about 4 years ago. just normal maintenance, battery, and starter last year. It's got 198,000 miles on it and ran fine until today. Drove to take my daughter to dentist, no problem, got back in to leave and it won't turn over. The dash lights come on, window's work, just won't turn over with the key. I can jump across the solenoid on the starter and it turns over, start's, then dies after about 3 second's. Any advise would be appreciated.
  • It could be your passkey/passlock system. When the key is in the 'On' position, does your security light flash?
  • Yes the security light is flashing. I didn't notice it earlier. Now how do I fix it?
  • well i can tell you right now if you have a coolant leak thats not visible your lookin at a gasket leak becuase i had the same thing and unless you have someone that knows how to take apart an engine and put it back together your looking at alot of money to fix the problem but if you dont fix it it'll get worse over time and your car will lose 99.9% of its balls if it hasn't already.
    the gasket for a lumina isn't very expensive but it is alot of work
    you best bet is to get a pressure test to see where the leaks coming from and if it doesn't show anything then your pretty much screw (gaskets)
  • djanetdjanet Posts: 1
    I got one too
    The previous owner put a kill switch on it just have to remember to use it.
  • goobygooby Posts: 2
    The problem is in the steering column and it is a faulty turn signal switch. See my post under gooby from this same date.
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    my problem is my act like it's not getting any gas after running for a while and cuts off in drive neutral reverse even while driving if someone can help it is truly appreciated thank you
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    i need to know why my car cuts off while driving and why it hesitates i changed the tps an it ran fine for 2 days then it started back now it act like it want to back fire what could cause this please help
  • tlstonertlstoner Posts: 4
    I got it fixed.There is a orange flat wire (actually 2 wires together in the insulation) that run up the steering column. What I had to do was measure the resistance across the resistor in my key. I then cut these wires and soldered resistors about the same resistance from one wire to the other. Started right up and haven't had any problem with it since. I know this bypasses the security key system but didn't want to spend $400 at dealer, just $2 at radio shack. Took about 15 min.
  • timok1timok1 Posts: 2
    Howdy I got a code 28 which relates to a trans range pressure switch circuit. OK so where on a 4t60e or 4t65e trans might one expect to locate this animal. And can it be replaced serviced without trans dis assembly. Thanks Tim

    95 lumina LS given to my wife as birth day present by FIL with SES light as bonus ribbon
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    First of all, have you recently done a transmission service? Flush and fill with a new filter? This can cause a code if the filter is pluged. You may also have dirt buidup in that switch. It`s alot of work but it can be done. You have to remove the tranny cover from the drivers side of the tranny. You`d have to loosen the engine cradle bolts and lower the engine to access the cover through the drivers side front wheel well. You`re best to either let someone do it who knows how, or get yourself a good service manual. I have done this on 2 different cars and it takes a good 6 hours.

  • timok1timok1 Posts: 2
    No I haven't serviced the trany. But I will ASAP and see if it changes the code .

    On a side note, A warning to all the Northern salt subjected Lumina and similar cars.
    Look over your trailing arms . Why you ask? Answer; because they can and will rust in half:, just as mine did on the drivers side. Causes quite a bit of havoc and drivability issues not to mention rips the,speed sensor wires out of the pac connectors . This problem happened to my wife and her dad on the trip from Ceder Rapids,IA to Ardmore,OK. They drove it 400 miles this way . Timok1
  • crashbikescrashbikes Posts: 1
    hope you fixed it.if not spray carburator cleaner on the vaccum lines with the car running. if theres a leak the engine will rev up
  • boss80boss80 Posts: 5
    no i haven't fixed it yet. is the vacuum line the lines that run from the top of the throttle body
  • elaine424elaine424 Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Chevy Lumina APV I keep having a clunking noise from the rear when applying the break and even when just driving. Sometimes sounds like a popping noise like when something heats up and cools down. I have had it in the garage 3 times, have all new brakes, they did a major check with a major bill to go with it but it is still there. Any ideas?

    This vehicle had wiper problems, door lock problems and has even stalled when putting it into gear. Starts great, is fine in neutral but stalls when put into drive.

    I bought it used from a dealer 7 weeks ago.
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    edited May 2010
    Did you have your rear drums turned? I had the same problem and it actually sounded like a loud clicking noise. Had it on and off for a long time. Got the rotors turned/machined and it`s NEVER done it since. The drums were new as well, but still needed to be 'trued' as they say. It`s cheap to get done.
    As for the stalling, it may be a TPS (throtle Position Sensor). This adjusts engine speed when you put a load on it like putting it into drive. Does your idle drop if you're in Park or neutral and you put the A/C on and turn the fan to full? There`s also an issue with some of these cars and the torque convertor locking up randomly in the transmission.

    Hope that helps a little.

  • elaine424elaine424 Posts: 2
    I mentioned that to the garage and they said the rear drums are fine. I seriously don't think they know what they are looking for. When I brought the vehicle in after my many stalls trying to get to the garage, they couldn't start it either. When they called me later in the day , I mentioned the torque converter lockup, they said they cleaned up the area and runs fine. Never got a work order and after insisting on one for a week I got a scribbled note on scrap paper stating it was a wire needed replacing.

    As for the A/C, they now informed me it does not work after telling me it worked fine when buying it. So they removed something from the A/C stating that may have caused a problem.

    I don't want to take it back to them without an idea of what could be wrong because they have not fixed the problems yet, only bandage solutions.
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    I've learned to do most of my repairs myself. Im fortunate I know. It`s my lack of trust of mechanics that forced me to learn....enough said.
    I bought brand new drums for the rear and put them on. Still had a clicking noise when braking...especially as the car slowed down. There was a slight pulsation when braking. Tried new front rotors. Didn't help. Sometimes they still clicked when I drove. Nothing seemed to help until an old GM mechanic said they ALWAYS turned new drums. I also used Monroe brake shoes. They are a higher end shoe. Not sure if they made a difference. Anyways, I have NOT heard the clicking since. This Lumina car is a taxi and I`ve driven almost 50 000Kms since having the rotors turned. It was really an embarrassment that I'm glad is gone.
    Find a better mechanic. Ask around...everyone you know. Ask them about their experiences good and bad. As for the stalling....I'll look around to see what I can find. The torque convertor is IN the transmission....not sure what they cleaned. You can't reach it unless you remove the transmission from the car! Maybe they cleaned the TPS switch.

  • I have to replace the fuel pump inside the gas tank. Should I replace the sending unit also? Do I need to replace anything else while doing this job?

    Thank You,
  • mcdiarmidmcdiarmid Posts: 13
    If you can get a used pump at an auto wreckers, they usually include the sending unit with the pump assembly. I`ve done this twice now and all has been fine. Ask them to find you a pump from a car that has low mileage....don`t assume they`ll do that automatically. It`s always a good idea to replace the fuel filter but, only if you haven`t done so for awhile. Some might argue that you should replace the rubber O-ring at the top of the tank. Again, it`s up to you. If it`s damaged then it has to be replaced because the gas tank depends on vacuum for emmissions etc.

  • Thank you Ian. Advice taken. I talked to the service department and they now are saying to purchase a fuel pump with a spout, but couldn't really explain what a spout was. The price jumped up to 358.00 from 248.00. I called an auto parts store and asked them and they did not know exactly what that meant either. Anyone?
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