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Chevrolet Lumina Maintenance and Repair



  • Ok here's my problem. I have a 95 lumina car with a3.1 it idles rough no smoke sputters a little but mainly my big problem is when I drive it I can go up to 49mph with no problems when I hit 50mph it starts shaking when in cruising gear no problems or shaking while accelerating if you go 60 and hold it shakes a little less and 80 you can feel it but it's very slight. It is driving me nuts it's not the tires or wheel it's deff an engine problem. I have replaced the plugs wires, coolant temp sensor, fuel filter, PVC, tps, and the maf, still no change I have ran chevron fuel system treatment threw it also just got an oil change which they added Lucius oil treatment. Any help on with I would have this shaking at 50 would really be helpful again I can cruise at 0-49 with no shaking ..
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