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2007 Jeep Wrangler



  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    I'm scared, I want a wrangler 4 door unlimited. But have read about the leaking of the hardtop. Has yours gotten any better? This would be my first wrangler. I own a Liberty now, but when I brought that I really wanted a wrangler, but there was just know room. Are you sorry you got it?
  • I wouldn't be scared. I re-adjusted the top and it sealed fine then. It just takes some getting used to when you first get it and take the top off..there are specific directions in the owners manual as to which side you take off first and which side you put back on first. It pays to read that part. Make sure all your weather stripping seams line up nice and tight and then it works. I took my top off the first time without reading the directions in the manual and that's when it leaked. It only leaked in tiny spots under very high pressure such as in a car wash. I haven't had any issues lately. I was most disappointed with my running boards, they cracked and Chrysler REFUSES to warranty them. So, I bought the stainless steel aftermarket running boards. See if your dealer would be willing to switch them as part of the deal. The stock plastic running boards are not very well made. I went to a Jeep Jamboree and saw them get demolished with the littlest bump. I didn't even take mine off road and it cracked on the seam. Otherwise..I LOVE my Jeep 4 door. It rides nice, has good gas mileage (20MPG city, 23MPG highway). It's not a cadillac, it's a Jeep, but much more refined. I think you'd like it. Test drive one for a day first. Good luck. :)
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    Thanks, now to check the headrest I've read about and I'll definitly ask about those steel running boards.
    Thanks again for your help.
  • I don't have any issues with the headrests. The seats have many different settings to help you adjust for comfort. I'm short and it even has a lever on the side of the seat to raise the seat up..very cool. The seats are very comfortable to me. I drove 10 hours up to Maine in my Jeep last month and had no problems with comfort at all.
  • printzprintz Posts: 70
    I'm glad yours does not leak.........Anyway, I read the instructions, the Jeep technician I think knows how to install the tops correctly.....It's a nationwide problem with the freedom tops leaking, know fix at this time....I've had a rental for 1 week, the dealer is now going to replace my vehicle with a new 1....I have an appointment today....Good luck with all those with the freedom top....What a disaster....
  • I am considering buying a 2008 Wrangler X but am very hesitant now that I have read numerous complaints about the 'Freedom' top leaking. I have not read all the comments in the message boards but this reminds me of the camaro/firebird removable hardtops of yesteryear and their leaking problems. This is supposed to be the 'HOT' vehicle right now and possibly Chrysler doesn't have the time to fix it.

    I also heard rumors that top Chrysler execs are involved in this problem. No way am I going to buy in to this potential problem. Can someone sum this up for me? Is it being resolved? I've got to hear it from the customers out there - won't ask a dealer.
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    I just got my 2008 jeep wrangler unlimited x last monday 10/29 with the freedom top. After reading this thread and other info online, I decided to take my chances. Well last nite was the first time it rained and it was a good steady rain. It did not leak. So now I'll wait and see what happens in a good heavy downpour. And of course this winter when it snow's I'll be out there keeping the roof clear of snow. I do hope I won't reqret getting it. Good Luck
    For now I do love it!
  • Question: Was the Wrangler being driven in the rain, or just parked overnite in the rain?
  • Sorry, I didn't congratulate you on the purchase on your Wrangler Unlimited.. Hope everything works out well. Keep us posted.
  • har57har57 Posts: 6
    Just parked overnite. Drove it in the rain this morning but it was very light rain.
  • Service bulletin on "chirping" available. Dealer fixed and seems fine. They also seemed to make brakes much better. Caliper and alignment issues
  • I haven't had an issue since that one time. I've been taking mine through high pressure automatic carwashes and we've had some serious downpours and not a leak. I guess it was my own mistake that lead to the leak. I haven't had any since that one time I had the leak and I read the manual and replaced the top the correct way. Everyone that sees my Jeep tells me they love the looks of it!! Always getting compliments on it. I still Love my Jeep.0lllllll0....only in a Jeep!
  • Forgot to mention that I never had an issue with my hardtop until I removed it and replaced the top. It didn't just start to leak. It only started to leak after I had removed all the panels and had re-installed them, obviously without reading the manual first. After reading the manual, I tried again to install them the correct way and then it sealed. I just make sure all the weather stripping around the edge isn't crimped or bent in the wrong way and then set the panels according to the directions and I haven't had any issues since. I would purchase another Jeep with the hardtop without hesitation. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to trade my 2006 Roush Mustang in on a '08 Jeep Rubicon. 0lllllll0...only in a Jeep!
  • Awesome! I am glad they took care of you finally.....
  • I too experienced a small leak from the driver side front corner of the freedom top after removing and re installing them the first time. After a careful step by step reinstall I have not had a problem unless high pressure water is directed at the corners. Let's all remember this is a Jeep after all and the elements come with it. If the thought of getting the interior wet is unacceptable maybe the Liberty was the right choice. But then again; getting caught in the rain with the top and doors off is why you have drain plugs in the floor. Have fun out there and get a real Jeep:-)
  • Sorry! I should have read all the new posts before replying. I guess you're not such a girly man after all. Congratulations on your purchase. The Jeep that we have all paid good money for is not perfect. However, if you love jeeps this is the best yet. Enjoy the new ride and don't forget to wave:-)
  • sembasemba Posts: 5
    Anyone else having that annoying rattle in the lower "B Pillars"? It's down low, and I can't find it. Almost as though it is inside the pillar itself....god forbid. I'm working on locating it but it's hard to drive and lay on the floor to listen. The dealership gave a very helpful "Hmmm", haven't heard of anything from chrysler yet, but that was no surprise. Would appreciate any feedback you have on this as my noise in quite loud.
  • sembasemba Posts: 5
    I found the noise today. It is the striker assembly that holds the front door closed. The striker itself (located on the pillar(the silver thingy)) was adjusted at an angle and hitting the latch assembly when going over bumps. What I did to find it was take 1/4 piece of sponge, fold it over the striker, and close the door on it nice and snug. The noise vanished. So I pulled it back out and the noise returned. Now I will see if I can center the striker within the latch assy. and eliminate the noise all together. I know someone on here described the same noise, maybe they will find this and enjoy a rattle free ride too. :)
  • I have a rattle also. I have a 2007 Sahara Unlimited four door, and when I go over bumps/rough road I have this rattle. Sounds like its coming somewhere between the two left hand doors. Now if you could explain to me in easy to understand words (lol) where excatly you had the rattle. OK OK I'm a girl so, sorry but what the heck is the :pillar (the silver thingy)??? Sounds like something I would come up with! Any help in locating this annoying sound would be greatly appricated! It needs to be gone, NOW!
  • sembasemba Posts: 5
    O.K., this is easy. Open the drivers door and look along the edge of the door (opposite of the door hinges). You will see a hole, sort of a < looking thing. That is the latch assembly. This is what allows your door to open when you push the door handle button, and stay closed when shut. If you start to close the door slowly and watch where the assembly get's close to the body you will see it lining up with a silver hook like structure. This silver hook like thing is the striker.This piece is adjustable and can be moved up, down, left, right, and everywhere in between to a small degree. If you get inside and watch closely, the striker should be dead center of the opening on the door. IF it is not, like mine, you will get this noise from the latch assembly bouncing on the striker every time you hit a bump. To adjust it can be tricky, so if your not mechanically inclined, I would take it to the dealer. If that is too far away, a decent body shop can do it easily, they do this sort of adjusting all the time, as where my experience comes from. If you need further help, email me at, I can try and help more. I have the same Jeep, all black and love it. :shades:
  • yeppers mine rattles too! I kept accusing my boyfriend of not putting the doors back on right...haha :)
    If you live in the Gastonia/ Belmont North Carolina area then you can go to the chevy dealership(McKenny) they are in Belmont they are the best!!!
    I love my four door and everyone looks at it.....I get a lot of attention!!!!
    My biggest complaint is that the head rests are so hard and the backseat is very uncomfortable.(((glad I don't have to ride back there)))
    check out my pics @
    Love the black too!!!! But most of all I love my lift kit and my Nitto tires.....haha....who says girls can't have cool toys!
    Bonnie">link title
  • Thanks so much will check that out in the morning. Boy if its that easy that would be great, nothing worse then taking it back to the dealer 10 times and they start to look at me like I'm crazy! Will let you know!
  • pdwpdw Posts: 5
    There is a design issue with the 2008 Jeep Wranglers (Rubicon) - the top leaks at the center of the windshield. My son's Jeep has been in the dealership service center at least 5-6 times for this issue (and he has only owned it for a month) and no repair has been made yet. The seals have even been replaced. We live in a rainy part of the country and the problem is not limited to just a few Jeeps - it's a huge defect in the design. The leak might get stopped briefly but as soon as the top is taken off and replaced, it's back again! I have read on another board that several owners have already had their Jeeps purchased back from the manufacturer. I would definitely think seriously about buying one right now until the problem can be corrected.
  • I went looking today. Two 4 door Saharas were sitting side by side. They had the same tires, the same rims, both had trailer towing packages, hard tops, same axle ratios.. One was noticeably higher (taller) than the other. More clearance between the tire and body. What gives??
  • frossfross Posts: 1
    I have had nothing but leak problems and now Chrysler won't make good on a replacement. Worse than the top leaking - mine also leaks through the dash and firewall/cowl. This has led to electrical problems, mold, and probably compromised the safety of my family if the firewall is allowing water in during a rain storm- suppose it will let flames through in a fire. I would not advise purchasing the 4-door Wrangler until Chrysler either fixes it or takes responsibility for the problem.
  • Hello, out there. I just bought my first Jeep wrangler. It's a 1992 Sahara. I'm looking for some parts for it, and Wow are they expensive. I need fenders. All the ones I've come across so far are all cut up. I guess to make room for bigger tires. Anyhoo, If anyone knows of some better places to search, I would greatly appreciate it. like I said I'm new at this and I have no problem with using someone elses spare parts for the right price and quality. So HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. :( :confuse:
  • sembasemba Posts: 5
    It's me again. My initial fix seemed good for a while, then the noise returned. So I am trying something different. I located some clear plastic hose, cut it to fit the edge of the striker, then cut it lengthwise so I could slide it over the edge of the striker. Glued it in place, and the rattle is completely gone. Now, we will see if the glue will hold (i used superglue). If this works, the problem is solved until Chrysler fixes the problem.........if they ever acknowledge there is a problem. The plastic tubing I used is from a hospital suction device, not too thick, and still rubbery feeling too (unused of course). The tubing is about 1/4 inch in diameter. Hopefully I havent glued my front doors shut tonight : ) I'll give it a while, if it worked I'll let Y'all know. The downside to this is that the doors are a little harder to close (not too bad), but beats the heck out of that annoying as hell rattling. :blush:
  • Well it snowed today and guess what? I rolled my sahara over onto it's side. what a ride. and I just bought it saturday. Just wanted to vent it out. Crazy ride. It wouldn't go into wheel drive, so I had to drive in 2 wheel and it didn't work out too well. Thanks for listening. :cry:
  • Hi There,
    I was just wondering if you ever received your diesel wrangler. It&#146;s Feb 08 and I doubt that there is any possibility to get a wrangler unlimited diesel here in the US. Would be great to know if your dealer found a way to bring this one on the market. :)
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