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Ford Explorer Electrical Problems



  • I had that problem. window stuck down. I removed the door panel and found that there was a plastic gib that rides in a steel track. the gib was jamed. so i freed it up and greased the whole track and haven't had a problem since. its been about 2 years now.
    I first checked the motor to make sure it was getting good voltage. I was getting 12vdc at the motor when I hit the window switch so thats when I started checing all the mechanical parts.
  • same as everyone else
  • wojnarwojnar Posts: 2
    Yesterday I had to charge the battery. The car started, but now the gauges, windows, radio, etc. won't work--I checked the fuses--they're ok. Any suggestions?
  • dberkebiledberkebile Posts: 1
    This sounds suspiciously like what happened to my wife's Explorer 2002 last night. She was driving home and all the gauges, lights, and radio went out. In about 5 minutes or so, the truck stalled with a dead battery. Apparently no warning lights on the dash came on. Going to have the alternator tested and hope that's the problem.
  • owner_2owner_2 Posts: 1
    I bought the car totally new at a certified local agency (Yude de Canahuati – Honduras, CA). I bought it especially for long family trips (I have 4 children). The car, which I have used for a few months, presents a strange sound, I had to take a video risking our lives to prove it (video shot at 62.14 mph, you can see it at

    The sound actually occurs after two-hour trip at least and never in the city. After three or four hours of travel the sound is almost permanently at any speed and even louder. At this time the dealer have had the car for two weeks without reporting clearly what happens. I´m worried about having the car back and wait for another family trip to discover that the sound is still there and even worse without knowing what the cause is.

    Do you know what is causing this noise?
  • luckycaliluckycali Posts: 17
    Recently my 04 Ford Explorer started acting up. My door ajar lights up and my interior lights come on. I checked all the doors and they are all shut,the dome light switch is on the position to have to have the lights come on when a door is open. The lights will go off if I turn the dome light switch off but the door ajar keeps lit up. Also if I turn the truck on they won't turn off. If I disconnect the battery for a sec and reconnect the battery the lights work fine and the door ajar light turns off but it acts up afterwards. Any ideas on what might be causing this problem?
  • gwest3024gwest3024 Posts: 1
    Sir, what was the end result for your 2002 explorer. My son's has a close issue, it just shut off going up a hill. I have good fuel, spark and air but it will not run and when you touch tyhe power windows button it seems to short the dash out.
  • scampi75scampi75 Posts: 1
    In my 2003 Explorer Sport, the overhead readout of direction and temp slowly stopped working and now is completely dead. Any ideas?
  • fostersfosters Posts: 1
    In my explorer my windows , fuel gauges, service light, darage controls all not working. I checked all fuses and still cannot get them to work. Any suggestions
  • bruce101bruce101 Posts: 1
    my power windows , door locks, turned signals, air conditioner is stuck on high and it will only work on defrost setting. all this happen at the same time. someone told me that it's a sensor behind the radio :confuse:
  • wh1235wh1235 Posts: 1
    my wife drives the explorer with exactly the same problem. we had it in the shop for 4 days but they couldnt recreate the noise. i think its got to do with air flow through the cowell. i blocked it with a towell and alot of the noise went away. i was wondering if you had any sucess with getting rid of the problem?
  • marge15marge15 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Ford Explorer which has a battery drain and the windshield wipers keep dying. I've taken it in and checked the battery and the alternator and both are good, but the battery keeps dying and the windshield wipers stop working after a couple weeks. After getting a new battery everything starts to work again. The mechanic keeps trying to tell me there's a whole list of problems that cause this, but I want to avoid having to spend an arm and a leg just to get to the root of the problem here...please help...
  • I've had the same problem on my '03 Explorer and found a very simple fix. The sensor within the door latch doesn't recognize that the door is shut. Take some WD-40, spray into each door latch, including the lift gate, and hopefully the problem will be resolved. I do this about every other month.

    I found this fix on another forum and verified with my son who is a certified Ford technician. Just wish I had found out about it before I had to replace a dead battery.

    Good luck!
  • The main black wire has snapped in my door jamb and i'm wondering the best way to gain some slack so i can splice and re-connect them. Any suggestions?
  • I bought my explorer about 2 years ago and have been fixing it up as I go. Well, I recently
    ran into a peculiar problem, the passenger side head light keeps literally blowing up.
    There is glass in my head lamp. Well I had thought it was my brights making a surge and blowing it, but its not. Recently it just now blows everytime I put in a new bulb. I have gone through quite a bit of bulbs. When it is on its extremely dim almost like it is blown but its not.
  • Ever since I have had my 2003 Ford Explorer I have had NUMEROUS electrical issues. 1st off, the door ajar always being on, I just read the WD-40 post and will try that. 2nd, my driver's window suddenly stopped working. I am not convinced this is a motor issue as it worked. I turned my car off, restarted the car about 10 minutes later and then it wouldn't roll down. If it was truly a motor issue I would think there would've been some sign, like rolling down sluggishly, or making a noise. I checked the fuse/breaker, and it was fine. 3rd, I have a constant "clicking" from my heat/a/c. This summer, the air wouldn't work one day, I turned it up all the way, now the air works, and the heat won't. I'm thinking this may be an issue with a relay? Any input on this?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    My '02 has had the same problem, usually after heavy rain.
    It happened yesterday, so I used some WD-40.
    It worked!
    Thanks for the tip. :)
    Got any good ideas for CD's stuck in the CD changer?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2011
    You can the tricks in the How to Remove a Stuck CD discussion, but usually the tricks work better for players instead of changers.
  • My car wont come out of park if the air is on, plus hazard lights are stuck on in the cluster, if I turn air off I can get car out of park but now my air wont blow regardless of what gear it's in. It's on and cold but not blowing. Also the cluster light is not working so I cannot see anything at night and when I use directionals the clock light area blinks. We've disconnected battery and checked fuses but has not fixed anything. Any suggestions? It's a 2001 Explorer XLT with 143K miles.
  • I have been on this Forum for 1hour now (just registered) and this is crazy that I'm having the majority of these problems on my 2002 FORD EXPLORER worse puchase ever and I have an Extended Warranty. I have electrical problems with the locks switching on an off Lights not turning off, dashboard lights on, 4/4 that won't engage I recently had to get a new Transmission rebuilt from the dealership an I'm still having problems with it, This is a disgrace that this many people are having the same problems with FORD. They should really recall there vehicles especially the FORD EXPLORER What do you think?? This is just insane, ( Oh I forgot about the heat problem not working) I see there's mutiple people on different sites with this problem, FORD this is an Disgrace to your American made product.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,859
    You have a ten year old vehicle that is still covered under an extended warranty? How did you get that?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    First of all, you have a 10 year old car. They don't run perfectly forever. Secondly, you act as if every Ford made is just like yours, they're not. I've had 8 explorers since 1994, and most of them have been amazingly good and tough. A couple of them had transmission problems, but one was seriously wrecked. They're excellent SUVs, best engineered and designed in the world, and put together fairly well. Yours is an old dud, get over it and get rid of it. No company makes 100% perfect cars, especially after being in service 10 years. :lemon:
  • wog33wog33 Posts: 1
    As I was driving I hit a small pothole and the radio went off, fuel gauge stopped working, and power windows stopped working! Now check engine light is on! Any suggestions on problem. All fuses seem to be in working order...
  • As far as No Power to Windows.. I just fixed this problem last night.
    The wiring harness that goes form door to the body of the car is crap !
    I found 3 broken wires hidden underneath the rubber boot that goes from the door to the body. The power wire for the windows, the main ground wire, and a 3rd smaller wire all were broken.
    For some reason, the wire is cheap, and by opening and closing the door all the time it weakens the wires when they bend and they just break. I fixed all 3 of the wires, and now.. the windows work, the door locks work, the mirrors work, and best of all, the FREAKIN door Ajar light issue that I have had for over a year, is resolved as well.
    Guess this is a common problem with these Fords, and a major headache.
    Good luck !!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I had a Buick do this once - it turned out to be a staple through a section of the wiring harness that had worn through the insulation and had shorted out the wires. Problem was finding it. And the other problem is, the windows won't go down, and the A/C won't work, presenting a real problem in the summer! I had to drive around with the door open to breathe.
  • Hi I have the same problem! How did you fix this problem? Please help, the constant beeping of the door ajar is driving me crazy!!
  • I have a 2002 ford explorer xlt and when i was driving the suv started to loose power, the rpms wouldnt go over 2000, and it started to loose speed. It would start and drive with difficulty it would only go about ten mph and again the rpms wouldnt go over 2000. After it was towed home it would start and then stall, now it wont even start. I plugged the computer onto the truck and it read cylinder misfires, intake airflow sensor, and mass airflow sensor. I replaced the mass airflow sensor and charged the battery and it made no difference the truck has a full tank of gas and still refuses to turn over. I was told it could possibly be the coil packs or the ignition module. The coil packs are fine but could it be the ignition module and what other possible problems could it have? has anyone had these problems with their explorer? If so how was it fixed? PLEASE HELP I NEED MY TRUCK BACK!
  • Had the same issue with mine. The exhaust Y pipe with the catalytic converter was the issue. It was not cheap!!!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Yeah, it sounded to me like the cats were plugged. This will slow the engine right down due to back pressure, the exhaust can't get out of the engine. Check that first.....
  • mjeffmjeff Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Excellent post. I am having the same problem. I can only raise and lower my windows with the door all the way open.

    How did you get to the wires inside the boot? Did you cut it off?

    I appreciate your help.
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