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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    I doubt seriously if there will be significant changes in the Tundra for the 2003 model year. More than likely it will be the 2004 year model that will likely be introduced early to mid 2003. I haven't heard or read anything about a 5.4L engine either. Toyota is building a new V8 engine plant in Huntsville, Alabama, but I don't believe it is up and running yet. There is talk of a quad cab Tundra, but again, I wouldn't expect that till the 2004 model year. One thing that I think will be available in the 2003 model year is a stepside version of the Tundra extended cab. You can see pics of this at

    Regarding improved handling, I doubt you will ever make a Tundra handle like a BMW 330ci (nice car by the way - I'm currently in the market for an E36 M3 myself), but a set of Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks and a Hellwig rear anti-sway bar will significantly improve its performance in the curves (I have these installed on my 2000 Tundra 4x4). A set of the shocks cost about $300 and the sway bar is about $150 (not installed).

  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I agree with Arkie6, you will never get a Tundra to handle like a BMW. The 2WD versions will handle slightly better because they are lower and have less unsprung weight. The Tundra will kick the beemer's butt off-road :)

    I remember a cute Tundra commercial where a Tundra raced a Lotus in the quarter mile and got massacred. When they came to the end of the track, the Lotus stopped and the Tundra just kept going off-road.
  • grazkgrazk Posts: 18
    Thanks Arkie & bama.

    I just hate getting something and then four or five months later, something comes out with the options that I REALLY wanted. I don't want that to happen with the Tundra. I'm willing to wait, but I would like to get the Tundra before the end of the year.

    The 2002 M3 convertible (Imola Red, of course) is my dream car. I just can't justify selling my house to pay for a $60,000 car, ya know? Maybe in about 10 or 20 years I'll get one.

    If you guys get any info about the 2003's or if Cliffy1 happens to see this post, let me know.

  • You discussed shocks and an anti-sway bar in your post 1411 on this board. I am seriously considering a new Tundra, but I am getting mixed signals from local dealers about the warranty impact of aftermarket parts. I cannot imagine that shocks and anti-sway bars would cause them concern, but what about exhaust systems (eg. Flowmaster) and air intakes (eg. AirAid or K&N).

  • Thanks. This is some impressive (and legal and quasi-legal) reading.

    I think a lot of what would or would not be warranty impacted by an aftermarket part(s) will depend on the dealer. That, in turn, leads me to the conclusion that I need to stick with one whom I know and, hopefully, can trust.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    resulted in the failure of other components lies with the dealer. Course if the dealer decides that, it would probably take an attorney to convince him otherwise. It doesn't hurt to call the Service Manager and get his opinion on it. After all, the final decision to honor the warranty without the assistance of an attorney would fall on him.

    I've made a lot of aftermarket parts installation on my truck. The only one that the dealer insists would void the factory warranty would be the "aftermarket turbo or supercharger". He surmised that with an increase of 100HP, transmission and other engine parts not designed to handle that amount of increase would result in failure of those components in direct relation to the aftermarket part installed.
  • shortlidshortlid Posts: 50
    Tundra Solutions web site is GREAT!
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Interesting figure for comparison.

    Towing my camping trailer with the V6: 11
    Same with my new V8: 10
  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    Haven't seen any posts here in awhile. I think maybe because they are satisfied with their product!
  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    busy enjoying our trucks rather than complain about them :-) At 6500 miles I am still smiling everytime I drive my truck.
  • xman1035xman1035 Posts: 52
    I recently purchased a Toyota 4x4 Tundra XCab and it is doing great. I have 1000 miles on it and that V8 is silky smooth.
  • skippydoskippydo Posts: 3
    Bought the Tundra a month or so ago, traded a Crew Cab Nissan. So far the Tundra has impressed me with it power train and overall performance. The Nissan(2K model)was one of the best vehicles I've ever owned, but needed a bigger bed and I decided that 4 WD would solve some versatility problems I continued to encounter. Hopefully, I'll continue to enjoy this truck...we'll see.
  • kcowboykcowboy Posts: 33
    I'm just counting my blessings I didn't buy a gm made truck. The Tundra has been great!
  • drgodrgo Posts: 13
    My Tundra 4x4 rides pretty darn high. When people get "lifts" on their truck, does the ground clearance increase much? If I lower my 4x4, would the ground clearance change much? Even after 1200 miles, I still feel a bit removed from the road. Guess I miss my old '92 access cab toyota truck ride. Luckily I recently sold her at 152,000 miles to a good family who will continue to enjoy her for many more years.

    What do people think about my wanting to lower my Tundra? Is it an unwise choice compounded by an added cost? Is ground clearance going to be affected? I guess visibility would be slightly affected since there are so many excessivly large SUV's out on the road. How much lower is the 2 WD vs the 4x4? (I recently had to take care of an adult patient who was dragged 15 feet by an SUV traveling 5 mph or so. Doesn't really sound true but it supposedly is. The patient is in a world of hurt though. It's a scary world with all those SUV's. Are we also at fault?

  • drgodrgo Posts: 13
    Where do people recommend getting instructions on 4x4'ing and staying out of trouble, especially in a Tundra?

  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89 the site is dedicated to mainly Tundras. The BBS there has a section for Sequoias and highlanders as well.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    When you average 74 mph and tow around 5000 lbs., you average just over 8 mpg. At 60, its 10 mpg.
  • h1vch1vc Posts: 295
    Can those of you that have heard quad cab rumors give me some more info on it if there is more or tell me where you heard the rumor? Thanks.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    I'm thinking about getting another pickup and after all the small problems I had with my past GM's decided if I do it will probably be a Tundra. Now the real world questions;

    1) What are you seeing as City and Highway MPG with the V8. I wasn't impressed with what I saw for average's when I last looked at them Vs the GM 5.3.

    2) Warranty problems? Have you had any problems, if so what.

    3) Overall satisfaction... your opinion of the vehicle.

    4) Wish list, what doesn't it have you would like to see.

    5) How about that back seat and it's usability, it still seems awful cramped and unusable.

  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    "1) What are you seeing as City and Highway MPG with the V8. I wasn't impressed with what I saw for average's when I last looked at them Vs the GM 5.3."

    I've got a 2000 Tundra Access Cab 4.7L V8 Auto 4x4 with approximately 30,000 miles on it. Driving a mixture of in-town and 2 lane country roads, I usually get anywhere from 15-17 MPG. I get better in the summer months, typically 16-17 in summer, 15-16 in winter. My last tank was 17.4 MPG with no trips greater than 20 miles. On the interstate at 75+ MPH, I usually average 17-19 MPG. On two 400 mile trips that I make every year I got 19.6 MPG one year and 21.4 MPG this most recent year. By the way, I'm running Mobil 1 Synthetic in the engine and drivetrain and I have a bed cover on the truck. I'm also running the original factory tires (P265/70R16 Dunlops)at about 32 psig. I'm kind of a lead foot at times also and always push the speed limit by +5 to +10 mph, sometimes more on the back roads close to home.

    "2) Warranty problems? Have you had any problems, if so what."

    I've had my truck back to the dealer one time. That involved installation of a redesigned center support under the 60/40 bench seat. 2001 and newer trucks have this new design. I also had them replace the drivers side door panel because it was starting to show a little wear where you rest your elbow. It seems to be holding up fine now. These appear to be some early model production bugs that have since been worked out. I also had a driveline thump when I came to a hard stop that was caused by an inadequately lubricated driveshaft slip yoke. I fixed that myself by liberal application of moly grease to the slip yoke. I think there was a TSB on the driveshaft grease thing, but it was easier for me to fix it than to take it to the dealer.

    "3) Overall satisfaction... your opinion of the vehicle."

    I'm satisfied. For my needs, I would purchase another Tundra given the current selection of trucks. But I don't anticipate replacing mine for several years. My last truck I had for 10 years.

    "4) Wish list, what doesn't it have you would like to see."

    Mine doesn't have the limited slip rear differential. That is an option available on 2002 models that I would probably get for the couple of hundred dollars that it costs. I've never been stuck in my 4x4, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra traction in 2WD with an empty bed on wet pavement. I added a set of factory running boards to my truck to make it easier for the short women in my life to get in the truck. I have the SR5 model with all of the power options and the upgraded wheels. I can't think of anything else I would add to my truck.

    "5) How about that back seat and it's usability, it still seems awful cramped and unusable."

    The back seat is great for carrying my hunting gear. It is ok for carrying the guys at work to lunch on occassion. I just scoot the front seats up a couple of inches and they have plenty of room. I wouldn't want to subject 6'+ guys to an extended trip back there though. My 5'0" mom has ridden back there with no complaints for a several hour trip. She just brought a pillow and stretched out and took a nap. I think the 2000+ models have a little better seat angle than the 2000 models, but I added some angle to my rear seat by installing some 1.5" spacers and longer bolts on the bottom of the seat to give it a better angle.

  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Alan, Thanks for the information. I know the dealers are having a hard time getting them, alway's my luck. But I'm not is a rush and like I said will not be getting one of the big 3's again.
  • losangelesemtlosangelesemt Posts: 279
    I'm not sure how quick you are to jump into a new truck, but I'd definitely wait for the 03 Tundra to hit the floor. I can't guarantee that there will be any radical changes, but I have an old buddy who works for corporate Toyota in Japan who says that Toyota will indeed release a " bigger better Tundra " by the year 2005. Im certainly hoping this includes a crew cab, or even just a bigger back seat to the current version. I myself am fighting the urge to go get a 2002 model, but will wait the remaining few months until the 03s hit the lot.

    BTW when you're ready, keep in mind. Very low prices, the lowest I've ever been quoted compared to all the dealers around here in LA area, including Longo Toyota, the largest in the nation. Not to mention the site will allow you to customize the truck with no obligation to anything. I myself am not impressed with the quality of GM trucks in particular and have never been a Dodge fan, so it will remain Toyota for now.

  • ndahi12ndahi12 Posts: 235
    I have had my 2002 since Nov 2001 and I really like the truck. It is the best light truck on the market right now. I have a few things that I would like to say though:

    1. The driveline thump that Alan mentioned. I want to fix mine but I have not had the time given that I am constantly working on my race car for the next race :-)

    2. I have an anoying rattle below the glove compartment that I need to locate and cure. It does not happen often, but it is annoying when it does.

    3. I would like to see the bed made 2-3 inches deeper. As its is, it is hard to fit TWO 205/50/15 7 inches wide rims on top of each other.

    4. I have almost 8k on my tuck and have had zero problems so far. I am hoping for a long term relationship with this truck. I need it to two my race car once a month and it does a great job.

    5. The stock shocks SUCK. They are very soft and designed with comfort in mind. I had the stokcers for 425 miles and then switched to the TRD Bilestin HD shocks. That is the best and only modification that I have done to the truck. The truck is now firm, but not jarring and handles dips w/o floating and wallowing like the stockers do. You can get the TRD package as an option to get better shocks. But mine are even stiffer than the TRD option shocks.

    6. I am a single man and I do not have kids, so the rear seat is for storage mostly. I have not tried it. But to be honest the rear seat is ok for a small adults or children.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A major daily newspaper is writing a story about collision damage insurance, and is looking to talk with drivers who have run into deer or moose. "In most states, such an encounter is not covered by comp. or collision damage insurance; you need special coverage. I want to talk to people who have had these collisions and learn how they handled them. Likewise, I'd also like to hear from people who were involved in some other sort of incident involving their auto and found out that insurance they thought they had was not there." Please respond no later than Monday, June 3 to and/or Thanks as always!

    Jeannine Fallon
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  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60

    Out of 16 car and truck segments, Toyota and its luxury division Lexus led in the quality rankings in nine.

    In a troubling sign for Detroit's automakers, which dominate truck sales, Toyota virtually swept the truck awards, topping six of seven categories, including mid-size sport utility vehicles and full-size pickup trucks.

    "It is a remarkable performance. They've captured virtually every truck award that we have," Walters told Reuters in an interview.
  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60
    to see obyone and quadrunner500 are so interested in toyota threads, maybe they got tired of hanging out in GM threads and giving out advices to other GM owners with truck problems.

    Obyone, i read before that you are very interested in buying a Lexus LX 470, did you bought one yet?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I'm still contemplating what I will get next. Drove a friends new LS 430...little too small. Have to check out the offering from BMW and MB too.

    Do you know if the pistons on the Tundra are forged?
  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60
    I don't know that one but i doubt it as toyota doesn't see tundra owners running their trucks at over 4000 rpm excessively.
  • jaguar0027jaguar0027 Posts: 387
    Careful of what model BMW you look at. My wife has a 2001 325ci which has had its share of problems.

    On a good note, a buddy of mine just got his 5 series beemer about six months ago. No problems with it to date. If you are interested in BMW's let me know and I can e-mail you the laundry list my wife has had.
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