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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Lets agree that for highway commuting that the Tundra is the way to go and for hauling/towing/etc. the Chev or Ford F150 might be preferable. All three get the same lousy mileage in just general putzing around. But IMHO the Toyota costs a bunch more up front.

    A quick look at the Sunday papers leads me to believe that the Ford and Chev stores deep discount their trucks whereby Toyota doesn't. I think you can pick up a new F150 SuperCab 4x4 with the upscale XLT trim for 23K or so. A Tundra Access Cab would be 5K more. That initial 5K bump is going to be hard to make back at trade in time or even over 10 years if you keep it out to 120K. Or, did I miss something?
  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    Yeah, you did. Probably a dozen recalls and 30 days in the shop over a five year period! I just purchased an 05 Tundra 4x4, and I really agonized over this deal. Managed to get 3500 off of MSRP. I could have bought a 38K Ford for 10K off MSRP. The Ford was a nice truck, but my last Toyota, a 96 T-100, gave me 115K with one problem, and that problem was fixed under warranty.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Stoneybroke, what did your 05 Tundra 4X4 list for?
  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    List was 31K. Discount was 2K and Toyota rebate, as of 5/5/05, was $1500.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Guys, this is not a flame. I promise. I'm new to the world of Japanese pickups and I know it shows. I'm looking for a pickup to replace an F150 Supercab and so I took a look at Toyota. They have an unrivaled reputation for longevity. Heck even the Taliban drive them and you know how often they pull maintenance. But the world of Toyota confuses me. The Tacoma and Tundra seem identical. If you look at dimensions, visual appearance, etc. I can't tell the difference. Sure, one has a V8 that offers a little more power than the 4.0. The Tacoma seems to be both sportier AND about 3K less to purchase (like I said, I can't figure these guys out). I think you can option up a Tunda more than a Tacoma, e.g., the Limited with leather. Clearly Tundra is being positioned as the high price spread. But I can't see much real world difference unless you have to have a lot of glitz. I do see a lot of office workers commuting to work in Tacomas and a lot of middle class students driving them to school.

    Speaking of Tacoma, IMHO Toyota doesn't spell out the model differerences very well. Sure, I see where the Taco Prerunner is 4X4 but what the heck is a X-Runner besides 2X2? Why can't you get their rear antisway bar on the Prerunner?

    The Toyota options are equally baffling. While a lot of options are listed separately, the trucks on the car lots all have their options bundled into option package numbers. While they list leather in the Tundra brochure you have to order the Limited with a step cab box to park your butt on leather. And from reading other posts only one distribtuor (Gulf States Toyota) brings them in that way.

    Now take something I'm used to, the F150. It can be ordered in almost an infinite number of permutations. Almost every option is sold as a stand alone option. You want a 7200 pound payload with heated mirrors? No problem. You want leather but no fancy box or extra set of doors? You want a tranny cooler? Etc. No problem, Jimbo. When I look at Toyota I get the impression that its very hard to spec out individual options without being forced into an option package. Naturally, I'd like to spec my own options and not what someone else has bundled together.

    Now lets talk money. Maybe buying a sparsely optioned, 2X2 stick shift Taco is the way to go for a commuter vehicle (although you can't get the neat sport seats with the lumbar adjustment w/o buying a 4X4 or an X Runner). But reality check time: this spartan commuter rig isn't going to save anyone any money with EPA estimates of 16/21. But maybe this is a moot point. I don't see any spartan Tacos or Tundras being bought. They all have lots of the option package and either an Access Cab or four doors. Most if not all are 4X4. IMHO a Tundra at 33K plus is priced out of the ball park. It doesn't compute for me. Sure, the average person is going to get 3K off list and just now in mid-May perhaps $1250 in a factory rebate on a Tundra. But, when all the pushing and shoving are done, I think you are at least 6K above a comparable F150 4X4 with a much nicer interior. That 6K will result in a much lower monthly and make up for a lot of any glitches the Ford might have. The Ford can be specced out to have a 6000 pound GVWR and qualify for what is left of the Section 179 depreciation write off. No Taco and only V8 Tundras hit that GVWR so Toyota owners pay more in taxes. At the end of 10 years and 120K miles they will both be worth the same.

    As I began, I just don't get this Toyota pick up truck craze. People often paying more money to get less. Is it a generational thing? No one hip wants to be seen in an F150, especially at the office park or High School? Help me out.
  • aztechianaztechian Posts: 31
    I think part of the lack of difference you see in the Toyota line is because of the new Tacomas being redesigned/upgraded. I just got an '05 Taco and the other day had it parked between a Tundra and an F-150 (both a couple years old), and it looked like it fit right in. The new F150 is still a bit bigger, and the Tundra is due for a redesign soon which I'm sure will differentiate it more from the tacoma. I was assuming that you were talking about all '05 models - if not well...disregard this post.

    But I chose the Tacoma because:
    1. Its cheaper than the Tundra & F-150
    2. I didn't need a "full-size" truck (but honestly the tacoma isn't far from it in Dbl Cab, TRD)
    3. Don't need the V8 and the V6 gets better mileage.
    4. Resale values of Toyotas
    5. I liked the styling

    That's pretty much my reasoning. It sounds like you have your reasons for getting a full-size truck, and so mine may not apply.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    After a couple of days of thought, I'm starting to get the attraction of Toyota pickups. I think that they appeal to people who like the many, Swiss Army knife like features (e.g., the composite bed on the Taco with power outlets, grab hooks, etc.), and the neat overall size. They appeal to people who don't correlate the size of their pickup with their ego. It would be nice though if the Japanese didn't MSRP these things north of 30K .

    Now, for the exact opposite: lets talk about the Ford F350. Have you ever seen anyone driving one with anything (dogs don't count) in the bed?? Anyone else in the cab? In any other than the passing lane?
  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    I test drove a Ford 350 Super cab V-10, on the same day I purchased a Tundra. The Ford was a very nice truck, with a very attractive price. Sticker was 38K and I could have purchased for 28K.. Three reasons I did not purchase the Ford. 1. Figured the V-10 would pass everything but a gas station. 2. A truck is a tool, just like a crescent wrench. The 350 was WAAAAY to big a tool for me. 3. I have some concern about Ford reliability.
  • aztechianaztechian Posts: 31
    You are right about the pricing on them. I agree the pricing is a bit high on the toyota's, especially when you can get around 10k off sticker just for showing your face on a Ford lot. Supply and Demand I suppose.

    In continuing with the swiss-army knife analogy: the Toyota's are also an excellent balance between the utility of a truck and the ride, interior comforts and features of a car. Not that my tacoma drives like a Z or anything, but compared other cars and trucks in it's class/price range I think it's a unique mix. It just comes at the expense of size ( vs. full size trucks). Just my thoughts...

    I'll start paying attention to the F350's going by ;)
  • keanukeanu Posts: 2
    I just recently purchased a ntroperformance chip on E-bay and I'm having a hard time locating my IAT sensor, MAF sensor, or my CTS sensor. I have a 01' Limited. If anyone can assist I would really appreciate it.
  • aa41aa41 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Tundra. It has 91k miles and when I went to smog it, the repair man said I should change the timing belt and some other stuff which is done at 90K. He added it would cost me $950.
    I looked in the manual and it did not say changing of the timing belt at 90k.
    What do you guys think? Shall I go for it?
  • pismo10pismo10 Posts: 2
    I have 2000 tundra, I push the 4wd hi button and get nothing, it just flashes, never engages no matter what I do. It worked fine last fall, stored for the winter, then worked once this spring now not working at all, just flashing

    Any ideas what is wrong?

    Thanks very much
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • roarkusroarkus Posts: 1
    I have a 00 Tundra and while descending a winding road I shifted down to 2nd. Just before the road leveled out I shifted up to drive but accidently went all the way up to reverse. I quickly shifted back to drive but not before the truck fish tailed slightly and then lost power. After pulling over and starting it back up everything appeared to be normal except of the "Check Engine" light coming on. I'm assuming that this would be standard after doing an idiotic thing like this but I would like to find out if it is just standard or if it's sign of damage to the tranny? The truck appears to be no worse for wear and tear but it would be good to receive some feedback before going to the dealer and dropping whatever the cost is going to be to either turn the light off or repair whatever damage there is. Thanks.
  • shhendrishhendri Posts: 7
    Have an 05 dbl Tundra, was wondering, if anyone knows how to program the door locks to all open at the same time, and also get it so it does not lock when put into gear? Also has anyone gotten their "built in" garage opener to work, the dealership can't even get mine to program.
  • doglover7doglover7 Posts: 12
    I will start off by saying that I am very excited and happy with my recent purchase of an 05 4x4 double cab Tundra. Great truck and I expect to have a lot of happy miles in it.

    However, I can't believe that I just dumped 35K into a loaded up truck and it does not have 4 wheel disc brakes!!! Rear drums, unbelievable. Does anybody not do 4 wheel disc on trucks these days? Did I miss an option or what? I can't believe that Toyota can short cut this important safety feature! GRRRRR! :mad: Other than that, I'm happy. :)
  • doglover7doglover7 Posts: 12
    The dealer should know how to do all you requested according to the owners manual. Find another dealer or try calling Toyota Customer Satisfaction for instruction on how to do it yourself.
  • I am looking for a front license plate mounting bracket that will conform the curve of my 05 Tundra's front bumper. Any suggestions?
  • drewbdrewb Posts: 1
    HI - I have a 02 Tundra just bought new - couldn't find one with a power drivers seat - anyone had any success with an upgrade to powers driver seats or buckets? Mine is a bit worn stiff if places, and soft in others - uncomfortable. Suggestions - where to buy?

  • ace654ace654 Posts: 8
    If i may tell the new ftx is going to be a whole makeover for the tundra. If you want more info just tell me ok
  • jowensjowens Posts: 2
    may not help you but a buddy of mine who works at a car shop and is kind of in tune with this sort of thing.... he found that at 20-30 and at 40-50 there was a slight vibration. the local toyota rep said that the center bearing had to be shimed down with washers to line up the drive shaft better. alot of washers! like about 1 1/2 inches or so worth! it worked though. the toyota dealer had already replaced the rear end and the wheel bearings and that didn't help. try it out and see if it will help. good luck.
  • jowensjowens Posts: 2
    check the above posts, you may find your answer there about the vibration.
  • I noticed that the website is advertising the 2006 Tundra V8 as 271 hp and 313 ft lbs torque. That is a drop from 2005 which was 282 hp and 325 ft lbs torque. Does anyone know if this is just a misprint or did they do something to detune the engine? If so, what a step in the wrong direction.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    its just because the SAE has been calculated differently, true for most other cars as well
  • Problems since I have owned the truck: bought new in 2000
    front brakes completely rebuilt at 36,000 miles tsb
    o2 sensors replaced tsb
    warped exhaust manifold
    front brakes need replacement at 70000(pads only)
    Has anyone else had problems with warped exhaust manifolds? I have anothe one again at 70536 miles
  • Looking for some instructions for programming a keyless entry remote for 2004 Tundra Double Cab?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I had the same prob, found out only the dealership can do it.
  • I am interested in any and all info on the FTX.
  • Does anyone have any real mileage results on a 2005/2006 Tundra Access Cab with 4.0 V6 and an automatic trans?
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Ordered a 06 4X4 Tacoma DC LB. Waited 3 months for the one with side curtains steering wheel controls etc. Test drove it at the dealership & didn't like it! Felt like a honda with a 4" lift.
    I decided to stick with the Tundra Access Cab as I've owned one since 00 with 200K Miles & not a problem.
    Here's my problem, in California I am unable to get a 4X4 Limited Access Cab with the Nav system, Heated seats, Liqui Gel leather faced seats, & Sunroof. I know Toyota make them. Can anyone out there point me in the right direction where I can find this truck? I am not bothered about travelling to another state to pick it up, figured if I am going to have it for the next five years I might as well get what I want.(I know I can probably do the nav & sunroof aftermarket but I've never had much luck with aftermarket products)
    Any advice or direction would be appreciated.
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