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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • jcoukosjcoukos Posts: 6
    Have an '07 Tundra DC 5.7 4x4 with 1200 miles. Just did a highway trip keeping steady at 65 mph for 100+ miles and got 21.2 mpg with the air conditioning on. Beats my '05 Tacoma 4.0L which got 18.

    Can't say enough about how much I enjoy driving this rig.
  • I purchased an extra Tundra keyless entry remote fob that came with directions for programming it from a Toyota Technical Service bulletin (referenced below). After following the nine steps like inserting the key and closing and opening the door within 5 and 40 seconds, it fails to give the confirmation signal in step 10 critical to program the transmitter in step 11. Appreciate any advice for an 05 Tundra double cab limited.

    [email protected]

    Re. Toyota Technical Service BULLETIN title: Programming OEM wireless door lock remote transmitters, dated July 19, 2002
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    The new Tundra is sweet. Never had any vehicle that was such a true pleasure to drive. That includes Saab, Lexus, & BMW!
  • mileskmilesk Posts: 2
    This thing ROCKS!!
    It is fast!
    It has towing power and guts like nobodys business.
    10,400 towing capacity for this model.
    The thing stops on a dime.
    I love the Sunroof!
    The 4 foot backseat in the Crew Cab is a dream for the passengers.
    The rear window that goes down is great when I need to haul some 2x4's the other day.
    Toyota thought of so many things to make this truck usable, and the best rolling office I have ever had!!
    I'm getting around 15.5 mpg which is less than the sticker said it would be. I'm mostly on the freeway for over 120+ miles each day!

    I LOVE my Tundra... just took it in for a 5000 mile oil change and tire rotation... if you can afford one or in the market for a truck... Test drive this one... that's all it took for me!!
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    It is an amazing truck! It is not just fast, it is the fastest! I love smoking 1/2 tons on the way home. Can't wait to get out of the office and drive it!
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Hey all, just thought I'd get your input on this.

    I have a 2002 Dodge Durango R/T, which I've been very happy with over my two previous vehicles (A '99 Explorer and a '98 Sidekick). However, while taking my sister car shopping, I came across something I don't think I can pass up.

    A 2002 Toyota Tundra Limited Access Cab 4x4, black with the tan leather interior, TRD package, and get this...only 27,481 miles, and is a local one owner. This is one that you just don't come across very often.

    I was going to see what those of you who have older tundras have experienced as far as problems (which I'm sure aren't many), gas mileage, etc. I've considered a Tundra once before, but I passed on it because it was 2wd. This one is gorgeous, and it drew me in. I'm going to miss the extra room for passengers that my durango has, but I'm sure I won't be sad when I hit 80, 90, 100k miles and still going strong, whereas the durango will probably need a transmission by 75k, based on Dodge's history.

    Let me know what you guys think, and I'm looking forward to joining the Tundra Club!

  • 12ozcurls12ozcurls Posts: 65
    Don't know about the new Tundras yet but the model your talkin about has had some problems. Make sure you do your research first. this is a good place to start:
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    I have an 02 Access Cab 4x4. I tow close to 6000 pounds on a regular basis. My truck had the ball joint recall and I received the extended warranty on the oxygen sensors from Toyota. I have an ongoing shake that can be felt in the console at highway speeds. Toyota regional guy could not fix it and declared it to be normal. With the exception of this problem the truck has been extremely dependable. It now has 70,000 miles. I get 16 mpg on the highway and about 10mpg when towing.The verdict is still out to see if it will be as dependable and long lived as my 93 pre tacoma but so far I have to give it at least a high B for a mid term grade. If you can buy this truck right it will more than likely serve you well. Thanks.
  • I just used my tundra for the first 4 days. I am in the construction industry and required a 3/4 or half-ton for the job. I traded a 2001 3/4 silverado (company's truck) for a Black 07 TRD Tundra. I just put 1100 kilometers on it, it averaged 10.7 litres/100 kilometers which is about 22.0 MPG (US gal, not the 26.4 imperial). I basically gained about 120 miles of range per tank over that 3/4 ton (exact size match of tanks). I drove mostly highway miles at the limit to achieve that fuel mark, and it is very easy to turn 22.0 MPG to 16.0 MPG if you like to hammer the pedal. I love to drive fast, but making 160 extra bucks to take an extra 2 hours on the road was worth it. (The company pays a fuel rate that could almost cover a V10 triton's fuel bill).

    As far as the truck itself, love it so far, but i am almost positive that the dampened tailgate (major favorite on the job site) is not going to make it in the long run. It was showing signs of wear after a few heavy loads. Time will tell I suppose, and hey its on warranty for 3 years. That and they advertised it being used as a work truck, and thats exactly what its going to do.

    Next to the great gas mileage the truck *can* deliver, my second favorite thing was having 2 die hard ford fans I work with finding out that Toyota's puny little Tundra has more grunt than both of there super duties V10 triton's and has enough payload to more than cover general site work. In my years of experience, anything over 1000 lbs is going on a 5-ton flat deck with a HIAB crane, and most trailers coming to site are behind a Kenworth, not an F-250, not a tundra, or any other light duty pickup. That being said, I am working on 300 yard bridges, not new home construction.

    Hope everyone else is having a good time with the new Tundras.....

    Oh, one last thing, all the flag girls loved the truck and one of the die hard ford guys is going to test drive a tundra after i showed him the fuel reciepts for my trip.
  • ppisanoppisano Posts: 16
    Morning all, po430 code on a 03Tundra, Any best location where to look it up exactly for my vehicle??
    Thanks again. :)
  • :mad: i went to bank of america online site to fill out a pre-aproved auto loan app. i was denied like 2 seconds after i hit the enter key on my keyboard. i called them and they say because i have not used credit in almost 7 years the enhanced auto bureau credit request that they pulled would not rate me. they also say that i would get a very high interest rate because i have not used credit in so long. they said i had what is called DORMANT credit. what in the world should i do. i have worked my but off to pay of the things on my credit report and i saved and bought everything in cash. i do not even open credit card offers. they go straight to the trash. i pulled my credit report and it says i have a 708 beacon score. what is going on. i was shocked to hear this info. is it true and how do i get around the high interest rate just because i have not bought things on credit for a long time. i am in the market for a 2007 toyota tundra. PLEASE HELP........
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Very surprising. I've heard of people who have had their car ins sky rocket when the ins companies started using credit history as a factor. These are the same people as yourself who just have never had to borrow money. Kind of ironic isn't it?

    All I could say is to shop around for financing. Others here who are more familiar with financing may be able to help. I'd suggest to get a credit card with no anual fee, which I'm sure you would pay off each month.
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Posts: 118
    I never use credit either but I just wrote a check for the Tundra. Talk to Toyota finance guys at your dealer if you have not done so.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    Welcome to the wild world of credit. Where NOT using it is worse than a bankruptcy by many standards. Try another lender, some have different requirements. Your beacon score isn't all that bad so it's just a credit history issue. You'll probably need to visit a local bank and speak with a human that makes decisions.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Just bought a 2002 tundra access cab, and the passenger side rear window latch broke a couple of days after I got it. Besides going to the dealer to get a replacement (about $30) is there another place I might check? I've looked online, haven't been able to find anything, nothing on ebay either. Thanks!
  • 12ozcurls12ozcurls Posts: 65
    Unfortunately this is only the beginning of your problems...
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241 is a pretty good source for used Toyota parts. I haven't bought anything from them in probably ten years....but that's where I'd look if I needed something pricey. Of course, I'm not sure you could beat $30 by the time it gets shipped to you. Might as well go with a new part.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Well, I've read up on some of the Tundra issues...appears that this one has had all the recalls and fixes done to it, but I'll be cautiously optimistic. The way I look at it, it's gotta be better than what I had.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    Thanks for the info, I checked them out, sent them a description of what i need, hopefully I'll get a quote today. Thanks again!
  • 12ozcurls12ozcurls Posts: 65
    yeah probably true...tough to find a good piece of machinery these might want to check out the tundra brake problems forum to make sure you got all your ducks in a row, would hate for you to get into trouble:
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Great way to look at it... A good friend of mine has pretty much convinced me to steer clear of the GM twins based on two disappointing experiences with GMC Sierras. That and the horror stories that come out of the dealership that he works for (service manager).

    Stupid stuff, repetitive issues along with some serious, costly things that happened to both of his trucks. Tranny replacment, rear axle whine, O2 sensors, intake Manifolds, Int. steering shaft replacement, multiple early brake jobs, all of this happened on both of his trucks (combined). Not to mention they were just cheap and chintzy...

    So even his own personal service dept. couldn't keep him in the GM camp. Free fixes are still fixes no matter how he looked at it, it was still too much inconvenience than it was worth. So, he now drives a 5.7l TTDC. Didn't even give the new ones a chance... :sick:
  • I printed out all the codes that an '03 Tundra could report. Found them at, but had to become a paying member, but that was well worth it for all the information I picked up from this site. :)
  • I just filled my tank last night (17.38 Gal) and according to my ScanGuageII, I got 16.8 MPG on that last tankfull. All city driving, heavy foot, jackrabit starts.

    My highway varies between 23-26 MPG, and I'm REAL happy about that.

    How did I get there? Lots of performance parts $$$$

    CAI, TBS, Headers, Y-Pipe, Cat-Back Dual, Computer Chip, Electric Fan, ScanGuageII to monitor.

    Most info I got from, most of the parts from Runs nice and smooth, power to spare, will smoke those big 17 inch rear tires, even after a rolling start. :)
  • did you find anything to stop the "Tundra" from bouncing all aver the highway?????? like maybe a heavy duty frame???
  • yeah! they thought of everything except a heavy enough frame to keep the thing from bouncing all over the place....
  • no problem with bouncing bed??? this thing shudders for no reason at all, the frame is to puny.......
  • DaveDave Posts: 5
    If you're talking about the 5.7 I just returned from a vacation in Mamouth Lakes, Ca., max elevation 8500 ft., pulling a trailer with about 9,400 lbs. loaded weight. My
    Tundra Double Cab did exelent on hills (65 mph) super comfortable. MPG was only 8 1/2 but that was all my lifted F350 diesel got on the hills pulling the same trailer. Talked to another new Tundra owner who said that's what he got pulling an 8,500 lb trailer 2,600 miles on a vacation through Colorado. I have gotten around 14 1/2 mpg pulling my 5,200 lb concrete pump combination city/highway.(No windage on it like my travel trailer) Best I've done not towing straight highway is 17.12 mpg. Overall I'm super happy with my new Tundra. Just wish they had made it about 6" higher!
  • Thinking of buying a 4200# travel trailer. Wish to pull it in the mountains without too much of an issue. I have a towing package (I guess that means it has the wiring and a bigger transmission) and it is an extended cab if that matters.

    Any ideas?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,179
    I have a 2003 Tundrs SR5 EXCab, auto, sportside, 2 wheel drive, TRD sprorts package. Recently a one time passenger asked me how I liked it and I told they I never had any trouble and it was great. We parked at a store, came out and took off. Guess what? Tranny wouldn't shift from 1st to second without running up to about 5000 rpms and jerking the foot off the gas it would shift to second. After an afternoon and evening of that, off to the dealer it went. Long story short and a week later, just picked up the truck with a remanufactured tranny. Bad news is it only had 43,000 miles and I drive it pretty easy. Good news is it was replaced under powertrain warranty. Never in life had a tranny go out anywher near that mileage. Hopefully, it was an anomoly.
  • not an anomaly, a somewhat common thing with that model tundra...
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