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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I appreciate you providing the link but in it I could find only one consumer complaint about transmission shifting and it was not the same problem. I searched Edmonds forums for similar tranny problems and didn't see much about this either. So I guess I have to question that it is a "common thing". I know 4 other people that have 2002-2004 Tundras and none have had a tranny problem and they all have a lot more miles on their vehicle than I do. In four years this is the only issue I have had with the truck and the first time I recieved warranty work. The dealer supplied me with a new Camry SE to drive for a week and in general was very responsive. I just bought a Mazda6 the other night so I am not a shill for Toyota but I feel I have good luck with the Tundra and with the dealer. Thanks.
  • yeah my bad, probably shouldn't have said common, others have reported problems with their Tundra trans with relatively low milage was hoping the link would help you out some..
  • Highway veries between 23-26? yeah right, dream-on buddy. Unless you are going down hill both ways, or you have tail wind in both directions.
    TundraSolutions is such a BS site. Why would anyone in his right mind pays to be a member. Such BS.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    If you don't want to pay this site may be an option for a Tundra owner.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    We hope the site you're on right now can be the best... share your info here instead!

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • What is your opinions on these comparisons?... 2007 Crewmax limited vs. Avalanche LTZ... both 4x4.... Toyota vs Chevy?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Not the same animal. One has coil springs one has leafs. One can be used to haul manure, the other, can but I wouldn't recommend it.
  • chastychasty Posts: 1
    Hi I just bought my first Tundra 2001 SR5 Limited. My keys are not original Toyota key and with all the options this truck has i was wondering if there is a way to see if it came with keyless entry?
  • A couple of interesting articles from Motor Trend"s Truck Trend concerning their truck of the year and its 3/4 and 1 ton competitors. Note the 0-60MPH times on all the trucks including the 4.7 Toyota especially pulling trailers. _2008_toyota_tundra/index.html


  • I agree. My father owns an 06 Tundra 2wd, V6, regular cab, auto, ac, with 8 foot bed. Best mileage highway he has achieved was 22 miles per gallon with cruise on set at 65 miles per hour in Florida, flat stretch of I 75 and temps around 75 degrees with tires at maximum cold pressure. That was under ideal conditions. Most of the time highway mileage at 65 miles an hour is around 20 miles per gallon and that is very attainable with that truck configuration at that speed. Now drive 75 miles an hour and of course you will get considerably less. He added a streamlined truck cap and lost about 1 mile per gallon due to drag. The truck for light duty use is without question a fine vehicle for his needs and after 58,000 well maintained miles, no reported problems to date.

    Still squeak and rattle free and he has hauled max payload items such as concrete blocks and drywall in the bed, plus towed at maximum quite a few times and the truck performed flawlessly. It rides like a car too. The new 07 Tundra however does need further refinement. Sometimes older is better.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    take your vin by to the local dealer and see if they will pull up the original specs of your truck. If it was sold in that area new it will still be in the computer system and they can pull it up and see. i can not rememebr but if it was a Limited it should have standaadr keyless remote but its been a while since that model year
  • My 2007 Tundra has the chrome peeling and flaking off the rear bumper. Has anyone else had a problem similiar to this? also, here in Wyoming, it can get down right cold, and there's an annoying squeak in the dash, but only when its cold. Just a couple problems I've experienced since I got my 07. I had an 05 and LOVED it, but this new 1, I'm not so sure about.
  • I just dumped this POS last week for a new 08 Honda; it had only 8K miles on it, and I could not stand the rough ride and noisy engine/transmission anymore. I have owned three Tundras, and 5 other Toyotas in the last few years, and this one was the worst. Bye bye Toyota forever.
  • Well, im not the only 1 feeling like that... i too am not impressed with my 07 TURDra. I had an 05 and every day i regret trading it in for this one. I leased it, so I cant wait for the lease to end, so i can get it off my hands. You say you got an 08 Honda, what was it, the Ridgeline? or what? how do you like your Honda so Far? L8Rs
  • What do you think? I have a V8 5.7L 1-ton double cab extended bed with tow package. I want to pull a 39' camper that weighs slightly less than 8200 lbs. dry. I read previously that a truck is meant to work, not just to look at. Well, the truck is under an extended warranty, just want to hear some thoughts.......
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Wondering what make of truck you have and the year.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    I just picked up my new 2008 Tundra last night. Paint looks normal, but I will keep an eye out for this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Of course, I hope your truck was an anomaly and i don't see any paint problems.
  • cheekyrickcheekyrick Posts: 1
    Unfortunately its not an anomoly... if you take a key and scrape the paint (in the bed of course!), then you'll find it's EXTREMELY easy to scratch.

    If you take a look on the other Tundra forums, like or you'll see that it's an endemic problem! :-(
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    OK, So I just went out and took the new key to the bed of my truck. You are correct, It seems to scratch pretty easily. Just as a control test, I also took the same key to the BMW parked next to mine. Turns out that it scratched pretty easily as well.

    The brand new key seems pretty sharp.

    My wife has a 2004 Sequoia at home. That truck's paint still looks brand new. I will take the key to an inconspicuous place on it to determine if the Tundra is significantly different. I should report back by Monday.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 570
    Imagine the BMW owner was thrilled that you keyed his car.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    He has not mentioned it yet. Perhaps he didn't notice it. ;)
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    I did the key test to my wife's 2004 Sequoia this weekend. It scratched, but was not as noticable. As I performed a cursory inspection of the Sequoia's paint, it does seem to have a better finish than the new Tundra's. They are different colors so the comparison is difficult.

    I really hope the paint difference is not as significant as cheekyrick indicates. I had a '89 F250 that had a factory paint problem that made most of the silver paint fall off the truck after a few years. Strangely, the truck never really rusted, but had the primer exposed over most of the horizontal surfaces after perhaps 8 years of service. I still have that truck and will be selling it now that I have the Tundra. I was really hoping to have a truck with more general use than the old Ford's with all the paint peeling all the time.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Paint technology has changed dramatically since your 89 Ford. And I'll bet it was Silver - they had specific problems with the Sherwin-Williams paint on those trucks.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    You are correct sir. It was the silver. The truck is 2-toned, so all of the silver on the roof was gone after 8 years. I recieved several recall notices on it well after the paint was gone, but decided not to bother. The truck is now black, gray (primer where silver peeled off but didn't rust), and brown (where the silver peeled off and it rusted). The good (and surprising) news is that due to the galvinized steel used after the late 80s the truck still has not rusted through anywhere -- and it is 19 years old. And it still runs. Go Ford.

    NVBanker, I seem to recall that you used to frequent the Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Armada, and/or Lincoln Navigator forums back in 2003 when I was investigating the eventual purchase of a SUV. Your comments were very helpful. I eventually bought a 2004 Sequoia for my wife and we have been tickled pink with that truck for the past 4.5 years. Nearly 80,000 miles and not a single trip to the shop for other than scheduled maintenance. It is on its second set of tires and they still have quite a bit of wear left on them.

    So based on my experience with the 2004 Sequoia, I (after much laborious deliberation) finally purchased a Tundra. While some aspects seem to be improved over the Sequoia, most do not. I really hope the new Tundra is made from the same cloth as the previous truck was.

    This paint thing has me a bit worried. I wish I had seen some of these posts before I ordered the truck back in December.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I recently owned an 04 Tundra. Though I didn't really "like" the truck for several design feature reasons, it was undeniably an excellent truck. I doubt you'll be unhappy with your Tundra, and the paint won't fade or peel. Though, it does scratch kind of easy. It's pretty thin, it seems.....
  • customer service agent ashley said that the tundra needs to be treated tenderly, just to let anyone know who is thinking about purchasing one of these powder puffs
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Oh let me guess, you're a Ford man?
  • 07 5.7l under warranty
    1.first the brakes grabbed now they are mushy
    2.the door stop on the regular cab extra long door broke and dealer says not under warranty toyota agrees says to treat tundra tenderly
    3. sun reflection off of the hood on the bend near the windshield and off of the plastic over the radio on the dashboard are extremely annoying

    two things work flawlessly on my powder puff; the tail gate and the cruise control
  • mike i have owed three toyota trucks and one dodge 3/4 ton w v10 but never a ford but may go with one now that you mention it, thanks
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