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Toyota Tundra Owner Experiences



  • $36,000 was the best price? That seems close to MSRP. In MA, I have received 2 quotes from 2 different dealers for $300 under invoice. The Tundra I was looking at was SR5, TRD package, double cab. Quoted at $32,300. Keep looking.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    Approach this as two transactions: 1. new truck price. 2. trade-in of 4runner.

    You should be buying the Tundra at or under invoice. See Edmunds pricing for the numbers. Take a look at Edmunds and KBB trade-in values for a ballpark of what they should be offering for your 4Runner. Your payoff doesn't matter in putting a value on the vehicles so leave that out of the mix.
  • Thanks for the reply Green_g8t I will surely look for other prices, I like the 5.7L V8 Crewmax,if i go for 4.6L then I would keep my 4 runner.I wish good luck.
  • Thanks again for the much appreciated reply,I will by all means keep looking now.
  • Sorry I forgot to mention the deal was for a 5.7L V8 Crewmax with the TRD Rock Warrior package for $ 36000.
    $ 36000 includes my
    1.My trade-in: 2005 4.7L V8-4Runner-which has a payoff of $15000.00(dealer told me that he would take care this payment).
    2.A down payment of $ 3000.00
    3.Monthy payment of $600.00 for 60 months.(0% interest)
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    Seems a little high if the rock warrior pkg is the only option. Here's where I think the deal should be:

    Tunder V8 CM TRD RW package: $34,000 (invoice).

    Trade value: $12,500 (this is a guess assuming SR5 4Runner V8 in good cond)

    Net: $21,500

    Payoff: $15,000

    Subtotal: $36,500

    Plus Tax on purchase price: $1,200 (this is a guess, adjust for local tax rates)

    Total: $37,700

    Less Downpayment: $3,000

    Balance Due: $34,700

    Seems like there should be $1,000 on the table unless there are more options on the truck or your trade isn't "average" for what you describe.
  • Thank you so much for the quick response,your breakdown makes much sense and is very resonable,I would keep these figures and go in for the bargain.Thanks again.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    At the risk of being the skunk at the garden party, why don't you keep the 2005 for a year or two more? At present you seem to owe more on it than it is worth PLUS in my humble opinion with only 3K down on the new 36K Tundra you will be way upside down on that for a long time.
  • Hey Bud !
    Thanks for the reply..I'm so in love with this truck..I couldn't resist and bought it 3 weeks ago..well I got it .. now I have to live with it..thanks though and please keep in touch.
  • I have been the proud owner of 4 Toyotas prior to purchasing my 2007 Tundra Crew Max in August of 2007. This is my last Toyota. Quality is just not there anymore, nor are there any honest dealers to repair them. Here is my list of issues.
    --truck runs like crap after recall to adjust computer . Dealer says "Normal"
    --Gutless towing my 2700 pound Tent Trailer. Advertised to tow 10,000 with ease (my Tacoma does a better job)
    --Poor paint quality. Paint comes off truck with every little bump. Nothing you can rub out or touch up. Repaint the truck or live with the white undercoating showing through
    --Radio volume does not work and stations drift off of where set
    --Dash vents will not stay in adjusted position, you have a choice of full up or full down. Dealer reluctant to fix due to need to pull the dash. Says Dash will start to rattle when they fix it. Dash already rattles. So Add;
    --Excessive dash rattle
    --Loud engine noise similar to valve tapping. Dealer Says "normal" even though I have never heard it before, sounds like a diesel from inside the cab
    --Tranny shifts hard when cold, You guessed it, the dealer says "normal" Did not happen in the first year of driving the truck
    One more thing I should mention, the truck has a whopping 17,000 miles on it. Oh joy, I wonder hat happens when I reach 20,000.
  • I have owned my Tundra for a year and a half and this is my review. I do use mine mostly for towing i have a travel trailer 8000 lbs. I had a Dodge Hemi before and there is no comparision on the towing. The power of the Tundra is made for towing and i felt the Dodge power was not it makes its power on the mid to top where the Tundra is much lower in the range. I can tell the build of the Tundra is much better and sure it could have more options inside the cabin. So far no issue and enjoying it!!!
  • I purchased this truck July of 07. I use it for light duty taking repair materials to properties owned and family use. It has only 20k miles because we have 2 other vehicles. Early on, about 5K mi. the torque converter was replaced due to the speed strip effect. For some unknown reason the front bumper rusted through on the bottom. The rear bumper does not have this problem. I live in Florida but that is not the reason for this rust through. Other than these anomalys, there have been no problems. Gas consumption is 19 to 20 mpg hwy 70 mph and 17 to 18 mpg around our county. It drops off with stops but has never gone below 15 mpg. Even though it is much heavier and more powerful than my standard cab 04 Dodge hemi it gives better mpg. I believe this is the most useful vehicle ever owned by me and I am 74 yrs old this Month.
  • Is there anyone out there having a problem with their radio volume?

    I have a 2007 Tundra double cab eight foot bed. When I get into the truck, it is a gamble if the volume knob will work. I emailed Toyota to see if there was a recall on this problem.

    I have a friend who also owns a 2007 Tundra. He had to take his in for the same reason, radio volume problems. He put high mileage on his quickly. So it was with the 3 year / 36000 warranty. I purchased mine March 2008 and I only have 25,000 miles on it. Please pass this on if you have friends with a Tundra. I will place this on Facebook.
  • Hey guys,

    I just purchased a 2007 Tundra 5.7 with 33k miles on it a couple months ago. I love the truck (even though the saddle leather is very delicate), but what's up with the tranny? Are they all this wonkey or is it just me??
  • No problems yet with the tranny. Lots of giddy up and go.
  • My radio was changed out for intermittent sound when my Tundra was about 1 yr old. The radio they replaced the origonal with occasionally does the same thing. Consumer Reports shows the radio in the 07 reliability as much worse than average so I just live with it since it is out of warranty. Also I have complained since day one about the dim dash lights in bright sun. Except for the LED dash lights, which I do not have, all others the service Mgr checked are the same and there is no fix for this problem. Since I live in Florida this is a problem. The LED dash lights that come in the top of the line Tundra are plenty bright but they can not be changed out in my SR-5.
  • i have a 2011 crew cab 5.7--major vibration,it took a total of 2 months for my dealership sun toyota to fix the problem my chest and leg was shaking, and the funny thing is i would get it fixed, go down the road and have to come right back,i dont know how many alignments i had or wheel balancing,it turned out to be a driveshaft,after that it was better.
  • good luck
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  • pvtcablepvtcable Posts: 7
    buyer beware! Toyota flex fuel vehicles have an ignition problem. They know about it but are not telling anyone about it continue to sell the cars and refuse to let anyone out of their lease or replace vehicles. There is no known fix at this point. I at least a 50,000 dollar Tundra in June and have had it back for service several times. This time they have had it for 2 weeks.the problem seems to be somewhere in the ignitionand some software problem that makes a just mints for oxygen levels depending on the type of fuel you are using. It plain and simply doesn't work..according to Toyota all you have to do is move to a warmer climate over 50 degrees, never run the vehicle for less than 5 minutes, never run on less than a quarter of a tank of gas. The problem will happen when using various fuels or after filling up 7 to 8 times.
    the apparent only solution at this point is to get an attorney using the lemon law. Toyota will have to pay attorneys my opinion this is fraud them continuing to sell these cars knowing there's a problem with no fixed in no way out.
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