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Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Questions



  • art718art718 Posts: 2
    On a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 6 cylinder-Automatic

    Is the Range Sensor the same as a Nuetral Safety switch? And were is it located?
    Were is the Transmision Mode Switch located?
    Thank You!
  • bahmedbahmed Posts: 66
    Yes, Range Sensor the same as a Nuetral Safety switch, it is located on the driver side of the transmission in Auto Transmission. If you get under the truck from the driver side, you will see it installed, there is a removable heat shield on this switch, if you want to see the picture, check out auto zone or oriellyauto website and search for Neutral safety switch. To confirm if this switch is on the saying and need replacement, move you gear selector on all settings P,R,N,D,3,2,1 if the lights dance and/or show incorrect light on the dash and if you are experiencing hard shifting or if the gear selector is on D and the dash light show R or D3,.usually this switch last 60k miles or so, both auto zone and orielllyauto sells them foe around $100. Please note how to install it back, note the dust marks with a permanent marker before removing the existing one, there is a drill bit notch to align as well, but the drill bit needs to be perpendicular to the driveshaft and not parallel tote driveshaft. If you install incorrectly, then it will shift rough.take a closer look at the circular fitting which slides over the shaft and it will make more sense, if you need more details with pictures just google it. Hope this helps.
  • I have a 1998 Rodeo that will not go when you put it in Drive with out it being in Winter Drive. What is going on with this thing? It also shifts hard at 2k rpm but I know that is the range sensor mode. I need advice on the transmission not moving in Drive. The Fluid is full I just had it checked by the Lube place. Please if you know anything let me know.
  • rollogicrollogic Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I have been experiencing the same problem as you describe with my 95 Honda Passport. I have to manually shift mine and also 4 th gear does not work.

    Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
  • bolaobolao Posts: 1
    2000 Isuzu rodeo with auto transmission converted to manual, still shows check engine and transmission lights and jerks when cruise light shows.What to do next?
  • bobwoz55bobwoz55 Posts: 1
    i have a 98 rodeo 4x4 which had slipping 1st &2nd gears but only when stepping on it....the other day was driving home from work and all of a sudden i heard a grinding noise and lost all power to the wheels..i was able to idle it to saftey...shut the motor off and now all i get is a starter grind....and will not turn over....any ideas?
  • Hi I have a 95 isuzu rodeo and I have a question on my transmission. When you put it in drive frm the get go it wont go but if you put it in L (low gear) it will take off like nothing then change it back into D (drive) it will change gears like nothing. But come to a stop you have to put it back into L too take off. Can anyone help me is it the trans or a sensor. Someone told me that it could be the computer under the drivers side seat but Idk.
  • My transmission seemed to drop in and out of gear for a little while and now it barely works but still does the same thing. It seems like maybe the range sensor??? Im not sure so any help would be appreciated.
  • I have read every post on here and to say I am confused is a big understatement. I purchased a '00 Passport a year ago with 125 K miles . I have driven 17K pretty enjoyable and troublefree miles since buying it. I had to replace the battery. I love this little ute. Or should I say I DID. All of a sudden I am experiencing tranny shifting problems. I am not sure what all the posters who describe "hard shifting" mean by that. What mine is doing is slipping when I give it the gas,and as the gears finally catch the rear end shudders. I was hopeful that it might just be that range sensor many talked of,but they almost always included a mismatchhwith the shifter and the dash indicator. I have none of that going on. I gueas I will drive it until it no longer shifts.I guess my question to the expert mechanics here is whether they recommend cleaning or repairing the range sensor,or start saving my rebuild money. Thanks for your help
  • rojac5rojac5 Posts: 1
    Hi - did you work out this problem. I have a similar problem with my 02 4x4 rodeo automatic -- just driving down the road, it stops, have no gears etc
  • after putting in d on 2000 rodeo i hear growling noise ,jump and jerk . after it is ok . shift like it should . what to doe first ? please help . it has only 97 K miles
  • Mine was doin the same thing and now it wont go forward so was wonderin if you ever figured out what was goin on. Only difference is mine is a 02.
  • I have a 2001 isuzu rodeo 3.2. The check transmission light and cruise control light come on at the same time and then the engine stalls or dies and now it only drives in reverse. Please help! Thank you.
  • Sorry it took me so long to answer your question. It is not fixed, but it has been narrowed down some. I ended up having the tranny checked to make sure it was ok and found out it is an outside wiring issue. so thats a little good news. the wiring harness for this truck is a nightmare though. all those wires and finding the one that is shorting out. It sat in the shop for 3 month's before they figured that part out. I am to the point i have no patience to work on this truck anymore. I have been told replacing the transmission wiring harness would be simpler so i am to the point that is going to be done.
  • does anyone know how to check which transmission I have in my 1992 Isuzu Rodeo before I put the transmission.
  • Cyrix11Cyrix11 Posts: 2
    edited January 2012
    Unfortunately, if you are referring to identifying a manual transmission, the only way that I know of is to measure the clutch disc AFTER you pull it. You may be able to find some numbers and then find a place to look it up. I didn't have any luck though. BIG difference in cost between the two clutch assemblies
    (I don't know why it is showing a response to "tahomas1" it is for the cheryl31)
  • i am working on a 97 rodeo just bought the nightmare tranny quit on way home from buyer
    ive looked for help and just found more questions so after getting down into it ive found the electrica problems i have changed outside fuse/relay box still no shifting so i went to change
    fluid and filter while under i found more electrical so i replaced transmission harness ive just got my fluid in and ready to go and doing a few more checks i found a electrical repair on driver side
    fender near firewall cut it open and followed badly burnt wires melted together i do not no how t he vehicle will start much less run well anyway im in the middle of this repair tracing wires leads
    to ecm and transmission i hope this will be my final repair i hoope this mite help some iwill come back and post when done with this repair maybe it will b e good news and maybe it wont i just want to let others know how this one repair of the thousands of rodeo problems repairs that are going on
  • My son replaced flywheel and clutch plate. He managed to get the transmission back in place using a jack but he has been having fits trying to get the clutch fork installed/seated correctly.

    He purchased needle nose plyers with a 45 degree angle but still can not get the clutch fork attached.

    Can anyone lead me to transmission installation instructions that explains the proper procedure to get the clutch fork installed?

    He is repairing this vehicle to give me so I can go look for a job so any help at all would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  • garygaryswaygarygarysway Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    my transmission will not go in any gear,and the engine reves...if i turn off the engine and start it up again,the truck isuzu rodeo sport will move at a slow pace for short the transmission gone? there a sensor? you think changing the filter will help.....not very mechanically inclind........plese help......this old man loves that truck so much i have had a little trouble pushing the shift lever button in the past to put the truck in gear..could this have anything to do with the transmission?
  • There is a clip underneath, that goes to your shifter. sounds like it came out.

    P.s. Im a girl that is just learning the ropes of whats under the hood, but I did have this happen to my rodeo. :)
  • Hi,
    Have you had any insight or luck with this trans. problem? I had the same issues happen with my 01 rodeo last winter, and believe it was a combo of electrical and bad tranny. Let me know what worked for you.
  • Hi i have an 03 rodeo ra lx auto and my trans is playing up it will get stuck in first gear for awhile then go into 2&3rd but not 4th have replaced fluid and speed sensor still no joy can anyone please help me out with this problem?
  • When you hit the gas from a stop, the tranny will shudder till you hit 10 to 15 mph. If you ease into the gas, it won't do it at all. It almost feels like the rear tires are slipping on the pavement, but this thing doesn't have that kind of power! Any Ideas?
  • Sounds like a gear box mount or maybe bearing or uni in tail shaft
  • I know this problem. What is causing your shudder is your carrier bearing. Either yours is in prety bad shape, or it has been replaced but put on backward (yes, it will g together like this). There's a slight offset from center and on the new bearing when you replace it make sure "forward" in small print is facing the front toward transmission and "rear" faces rear. The reason the offset is there is to prevent harmonic vibrations at certain speeds. Likewise, if your bearing is bad it allows the entire driveshaft to "wobble" on takeoff. This happened to me with my 92 4x4 v6 ls rodeo, and when I had bearing replaced repair shop put new one in backwards. Ever since my rodeo shuddered as yours does on takeoff until the new bearing failed after about 9,000 miles. Have your carrier bearing checked. 90% sure by symptoms your describing this is your problem.
  • Thank you, sorry for getting back to you so late. Part of it was the carrier bearing. It wasn't the bearing itself, but the rubber grommet the the bearing sits in. It was bad, I had about a half inch of play within the housing. Also, after cleaning the underside of the truck, I noticed that the trans mount was missing a nut. The mount is also bad, as it has about .75 of an inch of play when there should almost none. As soon as I fix it this weekend, the shudder should be fixed!
  • my 94 rodeo has 1st gear but when it shifts to 2nd it just free revs i was told shift solenoids will fix this but then again might not. is this a common problem and would it be wise to change them and take a chance? im a pretty good mechanic but diagnosing automatic trannys is not my forte
  • My 2001 Rodeo first started hesitating when I put it into gear. There would be a paused after I put it in D and then...clunk! It would drop into gear. In a few days it started slipping each time I made a turn. Then it started slipping as I drove down straight roads. Now it slips continuously, to the point where it is parked.
    After doing massive research on the 4L60e transmission (it is a GM standard transmission and is on many different types of cars and trucks, Isuzu, Honda, BMW, GM, Ford, etc.), I decided that I wanted to check and see if it is something outside or peripheral to the transmission as the second to last thing I want to do is rebuild a transmission. The last thing I want to do is pay someone to rebuild it for me.
    So today I opened up the speed selector (the gear changing mechanism on the driver's side of the transmission). It was very dirty inside and I though that this must be the reason it was slipping. Test drove it after replacing with a new one ($116 at Autozone). Nope. Same problem. Now I am looking at other components that may be causing the issue. Solenoids, connectors, wiring harness. I already replaced the battery on the car as I read that marginal battery power can cause issues with this particular transmission - no luck there either. I also disconnected the battery and disconnected the PCM, hoping that it would reload the EEPROM once I hooked it back up (in case there was a PCM glitch).
    I have a copy of the 4000+ page Rodeo and Trooper depot maintenance manual for 2000. Lots of info, but light on troubleshooting - mostly "Check pressure level, if too high or too low, rebuild transmission". For obvious cash flow reasons the shop wants the tech to do a rebuild as it is a big ticket item.
    I have read about people taking the Rodeo to the shop and paying $2500+ only to have the same problem and find it is one fo the peripheral parts. I am really hoping that is the case with my current issue.
    By the way - I did find where someone uses a novel approach to filling the transmission fluid on this terribly engineered unit. The install a nylon 3/8 to 1/4 barbed end to MIP to secure their fill tube and prevent backspray when the transmission is filled. Others use the transmission cooling line to both empty and fill the transmission. Remember, the transmission only holds 9 quarts - so no more than that added. Also remember that when filling from the bottom (the most common method), it is a two step process. The first 3 quarts go in, then put the fill plug back in. Run for about 10 mins until engine is hot and tran fluid starts circulating through the cooling system. Remove fill plug and pump in the remaining fluid until filled (fluid back up into the transfer pump (the pump that you bought to transfer the fluid from it's bottle into the transmission). Then reinstall the plug. Should hold a total of 9 quarts.
    More on my saga as it unfolds...
  • My mother has a 02 Honda Passport, basically a Rodeo with honda badges and her car had tranny problems as well. What it turned out to be was that there was no fluid in the transmission because the oil pan gasket was leaking. The leaking gasket is actually caused by a serious design flaw. The exhaust runs to close to the transmission pan and dries out the gasket. The dry gasket no longer flexes as the metal expands and contracts and a leak forms. If the designers had any sense they would have included a dip stick for the transmission to make simple problems easier to resolve.

    Solution: Purchase a high quality gasket, replace it, and fill the transmission with fluid and as long as there is no serious damage, you'll be good to go.

    P.s. This problem, despite a high quality gasket will eventually return. Also, you have to get under the vehicle to fill the transmission, so I suggest you just take it to a shop. Shouldn't be too expensive.
  • mwminceymwmincey Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo with 92,000 miles on it.3 weeks ago I had the tranny fluid and filter changed.Last week the trans light started blinking,stop blinking then blinking again.The trans shifts fine.The Rodeo still as the same amount of power as usual.It is the 4 speed automatic.Can somebody please give me some ideal what might be wrong with it.I do not want to take it to a parts changer and spend money for them to just change alot of parts just guessing.Thanks for any help I can get !
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