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Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Questions



  • balogzbalogz Posts: 1
    Hi all.. i have an isuzu rodeo 200 model. recently changed the transmission fluid cos it leaked like twice cos of faulty piping. now when i drive it only gets to second and sometimes third gear. it just starts rev-ing when u hit the gas more instead of engaging fourth gear. and sometime after kick starting and i shift to drive the bloody just turns itself off making me repeat the process like four times before it works!!! Can any body help please?
  • Had the same problem. Dealer could not locate it, had computer reflashed as well per dealer recommendation. Took the tranny apart and no problems. Turns out it was a short in the console switch for the tranny. I can not remember what it is called, but it is mounted on the console just in front of the armrest. Took care of the problem.
  • rodeo101rodeo101 Posts: 1
    This message was very helpful. This will be the second time that I have replaced this which makes sense. I have 124K mi on a 1999 rodeo. Car was shifting hard but this time selector was still showing correct gear. Dealer could not catch code. Now I am occasionally seeing incorrect selector gear. Big issue here is finding someone competent to work on Isuzu's now.
  • I have same problem and heard a shift solenoid? ?? I'm getting ready to try it ..
  • mrremy07mrremy07 Posts: 2
    I have 2002 izuzu rodeo 2.2 lit with auto trans,I bought 98 engine with manuel trans /can 98 engine fits auto trans with noproblem ,because I installing the 98 engine the problem is when trans back to the engine ,but the engine is luck cannot turn?
  • mrremy07mrremy07 Posts: 2
    when I move back the bellhousing 1/4 of inch then I can turn the engine clockwise by hand,what could be done?
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