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Dodge Caliber Transmission Problems



  • kevsmerckevsmerc Posts: 1

    Hi my 2008 Calibers tranny is going out 90k on it has been great till now was informed because I dint have a 5yr inspection done last year it is not covered by the LIFETIME warranty that it came with I prob would of had inspected which is crap but I had no idea it was supposed to be inspected and now I am __it out of luck I would do suit. Oh by the way the tranny has a bad whinning growling sound

  • edgarskiedgarski Posts: 1

    Hi. I have a 2008 Caliber SXT Automatic and is going 98Ks on it. Recently I noticed on decelaration after running above 60ks, when gradually applying breaks or just letting your foot of the pedal to a rolling stop, the dial stays on at 1300 RPM and after about 2-3 seconds it falls down on normal idling 700-800 rpm when you hit the breaks for a full stop.. Seems like a bit of delay getting to its normal idling. Is this normal ? So when this is happening you will hear two (2) engine sound, the car is already slow and you will still hear the engine revving at 1300 RPM, when u hit the breaks, you will hear the engine slows down and comes to idling .. sound like Engine breaking a manual car... but for an Automatic transmission, it should be gradual.. is my transmission failing? Acceleration is normal... Thanks for any tip/experience you can share.

  • Just want to add my frustration with this POS car. I had to replace the engine at 73k miles through no fault of my own. Not even a warning! Car rode just fine, no sign of mechanical problems. Came to a stop and the car died. Spent $2,200 on new engine. About 1.5 months later the alternator went out. Mechanic said he had never seen anything like it, the insides completely disintegrated! About another 1.5 months and the starter went, again, completely fell apart. What I thought was the starter making noise now appears to be the transmission! That will be roughly 6k in repairs in 5 months! I am done! I will never, EVER own another dodge! They should be sued for allowing such a piece of crap to see the light of day.
  • I have the exact same frustration with this crappy vehicle. I have seen information about a recall on these transmissions, but am not able to locate any good source. Is anyone aware of a recall, and, if so, would you please send contact information?
  • i have a 2010 dodge caliber auto trans its making a whining noise when accelerating fast. I have taken the drive belt off to see if the belt or alternator was making the noise. after i ran the car it still make the same whining noise. please help
  • NickHNickH WinnipegPosts: 1
    Alright, can i get on this dodge action lawsuit. I have a 2007 Dodge sxt 2.0 cvt. Was running fine for the 3 years i had it with very minimal issues, Alternator, brakes, 1 fuel injector. Then all of a sudden, was coming back from a buddies house pulling into my backlane (so lucky) and all of a sudden i lose all power in drive and by all power i mean, will not pull forward, and will not rev past 2k rpm. Now here is the odd part, it runs in neutral fine, will rev past 4K (only did it once to see what was going on) and my reverse gear drives fine as well. Now this was a month ago, i removed the air filter and checked the wires by the transmission, they all seemed ok, checked a couple sensors seemed clean. Car was running fine again for about a week. Then again today same thing happened, lost all power in drive and will not get any pull forward. I mean if it was a transmission issue, it would not want to work all the time right? Not sometimes. So again this morning it went into gear, was able to drive, and then same thing got about 2 mins from home was coming to a stop, then it locked me in place, and could not get power. What would be causing this!!!!! No lights, No error Codes, No Burning smell, No Leaks. I am at a total loss on what the fudge is going on!
  • 2008 Dodge Caliber. About 3 years ago I was driving home from work and heard the whiring sound of the tranny. Dealer replaced it as it is under lifetime warranty (used/rebuilt tranny). Recently I'm heading that familiar noise again but usually on a warm day or when I am on the highway for 20 minutes or so. I really haven't had an issue with the car other than that.
    Based on what I have read here, is there no real solution other than to continuously have the tranny replaced? (multiple times)
  • KymberliKymberli ArizonaPosts: 1
    Mine has a about 125k miles on it. I drove it up to Prescott Valley AZ from Phoenix last summer which is several thousand feet of mountains/hills. Tranny temp light came on about half to 3/4 of the way. Let it sit all weekend & when I drove home it was in the evening so it was cooler & nothing happened. Had a hard time getting to PV though. When I finally got into the turn lane and the light changed I could barely get moving. It's my fiance's car so I didn't know much about it. Had my friend, an old mechanic, look at it to check the fluid etc & he told me about the CVT. Been babying it around town w/no problems & shop couldn't duplicate. I was quoted $3k for the new tranny also. He'd read that I was lucky to get this far with it because his research came up with the same problems prior owners have have and at much less mileage than I have. Taking it home to IL today & going to baby it all the way up to Flagstaff, after that I should be good. Wish me luck! :worried:
  • 2007 Caliber RT AWD just hitting 93k and my transmission is slipping during mid drive and almost caused me an accident. I went from about 45 mph to about 15 in a second and engine was screaming at redline. Tires screamed and almost ate the steering wheel while I'm sure the guy behind me was probably ready to beat me for thinking I brake checked him. My last Ford Explorer transmission made it to 200k and my engine bit it at 300k. I've been taking care of this dodge better than I did the ford. Real let down.
  • I am driving a 2010 caliber with a CVT transmission, And if I am driving between 15-20 miles an hour AND 1.5-2k RPM the transmission starts to vibrate violently, so much so that the last time I was driving, both myself and the passenger where concerned. Whats strange is that if I am driving at 10 or 30 mph at 1.5k RPM, its fine.
  • just bought 2007 dodge caliber R/T, with 85,301 miles on it. when I drove it for the first time, I realized a funny clicking noise coming from the transmission. figured that was just how this tranny sounded. now at 89xxx miles, the transmission just completely failed, how some really lowed clunking noised on my way home, with some other noises, onces I got to my road which is up hill, the gears were skipping, and falling out, like I was in neutral. I managed to make it to my mailbox, then once I started down my private drive, it completely stopped working. would no longer commence forward. I can go in reverse, but not forward. this sucks, because I don't have a lot of money, have a second child on the way, and its my birthday on the 20th. just my luck. all I gotta say, don't by this car what so ever!
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