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Dodge Caliber Changes You'd Like To See



  • Has anyone had this problem? On a hot and humid day, the air conditioner will have condensation flow down into the 6 disc changer, and cause the whole thing to give off an "error" message until it's dry. How about this one. What genius decided it was a good idea to have a cream ceiling with no screen for the sun roof? The ceiling in the back of my caliber is disgusting because all the dirt just flows in and sticks. Or for those of you that have a manual, does your car jerk when on cruise control, and going down hill to maintain speed? I've had both of my dodges just shut off while idling. Anyone had that?
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Although I have not experienced the humidity problem with the cd
    changer I would say there is a possibility that youe evaporater drain
    hose is blocked/pinched.
    The hose drains out just below the gas pedal and there have been
    several posts about it but usually you also can detect dampness
    at floor level under the carpet.
  • I have that problem but not on a Caliber, as I traded mine in but on another Dodge a Ram truck. Someone that works with my husband said he had to same problem on his Dodge vehicle. The fix is to run your fan to dry to the condensation.

    It's apparently a Dodge design flaw.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Caliberchic I have to disagree with your comment re design flaw,
    if it was indeed the reason for the original post"humidity/cd changer"
    there would droves of posts regarding it.
    The crux of the matter is the fact that that under certain locality conditions
    the evaporeter does not dry sufficiently when you turn the car off with AC/Defrost
    cycle running or just terminated.This usually results in a musty smell upon start
    up again and you solution to "run the fan" will help eleviate this complaint.
    The amount of humidity needed to effect the changer which is designed/built
    with average humidity parameters would in my opinion require that the evap
    collection/drainage system is not working and Chrysler needs to get it's act
    together and solve this owners problem
  • Ok agreed, then it would be a design flaw of the collection/drainage system...they need to design or install one that works properly.

    Odd thing is that my husbands CD player didn't work from start up, it had been sitting over night with no AC/Defrost running. I wonder where the condensation came from in that case?

    I would imagine we'd see more posts about this issue but it's hard to say how many owners use their CD players vs the radio or satellite, and how many use them in the perfect conditions to duplicate the issue. I know if it were happening to my vehicle I would never know because I use XM in my Dodge.
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Good points about usage-I would think poor installation of the drain
    by an assembly line worker could be the cause or again poor sealing
    of the cowl/dash area on the assembly line which has been the subject
    of a few posts on the net,irregardless it's not right and should be addressed
    to each owners satisfaction.
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