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Infiniti Q45 Maintenance and Repair



  • knowspinzoneknowspinzone Posts: 91
    edited October 2012
    That heat shield simply protects objects, e.g. grass, from coming in contact with the extremely hot converter and catching fire. Its removal would have nothing to do with that hot smell you are experiencing. My heat shield was missing for years and made no difference.

    As for your braking during reversing, I would guess that your parking braking is engaging or failing to disengage.
  • KSZ, Thank you for the very prompt response. Is it possible that the hot smell may be related to the parking brake not disengaging completly? oh well, enough speculating, time to have it checked out! Hopefully it is one problem causing both issues.
  • njoyn1njoyn1 Posts: 11
    I own a 2005 Q45 with 72,000 miles. Approx. 3 weeks ago when I tried to crank the engine I only got a "click" sound for about four attempts then the engine starts without problem. This has happened once or twice over the past three or four weeks.
    Also, I have had to replace the battery four or five times since I bought the auto. The current battery is about two months old. Need comments, recommendations or suggestions
  • Assuming your battery is OK, I would check the inside of the battery cables. Take a fine grit sandpaper and clean the inside of the cables thoroughly and securely attach to the terminals. For good measure, just rough up the terminals with the same sandpaper.
  • cobrapccobrapc Posts: 10
    The first thing I would do is find you local Autozone or Advance auto parts store, depending on your area, and have them check the battery, charging system, and starter. Problem sounds like it could be in the starter solenoid, or brushes. Troubleshooting is best when you start with the basics and work your way out.
  • DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT "ENGNITOR SIGNAL PRIMARY" MEANS ?? the code that comes up is "p1492" ....We cant figure out what that is telling us to fix...HELPPPP! thanKs
  • Ok I was test driving a 2001 infinity q45 and the only problem seems to be that when I accelerated it stuttered as if it wasnt getting enough fuel... The dealer said that there could be moister under the distributer cap or the plugs could need to be changed, other than that it drove like a dream. Any ideas on what the cause could be?

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