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Volkswagen Eos New Owners' Reports



  • gadgetsvgadgetsv Posts: 1
    Bought my 2009 EoS Lux with 16K miles here in San Jose, very happy with the purchase, did the Krytox sunroof seal with the 3-pad VW wipes, so far so good (knock on wood). Car drives pretty well, takes a bit to get used to when launching it from red light, front tires will squeal if press on accelerator too hard. This is the fourth convertible I own, from a Miata to Peugeot 206cc to Peugeot 207cc and now this EoS (Was living overseas for quite some time). Have to say this EoS is the nicest convertible I have ever own. Just wish it had Xenon lights and back-up sensors and it would have been perfect.
  • nanreynnanreyn Posts: 11
    Just curious. Did you do the lubricate your seals yourself of did you have the dealer do it? I have my seals lubricated annually by the dealer since he has a special suport he used to suport the top while the seals are being wiped. I was led to believe it was too dangerous for me to do it.

    Yes, the EOS generates a lot of torque when you hit the gas. It takes a gentle touch on the gas pedal.
  • vwtx05vwtx05 Posts: 2
    I bought my '07 Eos with 40K miles as CPO 6 months ago and have had nothing but problems. The car has been in the shop every 3 to 4 weeks since the purchase - everything from leaks, driver window getting stuck, passenger window getting stuck (3 different times), check engine light, top getting stuck half-way down/up. I'm contemplating trading it in (wishing I would have kept my 2007 Jetta that was paid off!). The dealership has offered me $2k less than I paid for the car. Does anyone have any advice? Should I cut my loses and be done with the car? I have 4 years / 30K miles remaining on my warranty and I do love the car aside from the inconvenience of constantly driving to the dealership... not sure what to do!
  • tjcigartjcigar Posts: 8
    Hi Matthew,

    I have my 2008 eos for 3 months now and have not had that tumping problem yet,hopefully never. But I do have water buildup in door wells, my sunroof only opens 3/4 of the way, is that normal? My brakes squeal on startup in the a.m. or any time the car has been idle for a few hours. Mechanic said the car is cold and will not do it after driving around a while. Love the car as well even with all it's little quirks, I imagine these quirks have been ironed out in the later models. What year is yours? I live in Stamford too and was wondering if you recommend Riverbank? I need a 30k maintenance done and everyone keeps telling me that VW dealer repairs will just rip me off. Sounds like you're not happy with Riverbank.

    I'd love an update on what happened since I realize you left this message on here a few years ago.
  • jl7703jl7703 Posts: 2
    Hi, i have a 6 month old eos and have had the same problem.... the roof got stuck in mid air and now volkswagen has said it is our fault and repairs will not be covered under the warranty. The dealership has had our car for a month triggering new york lemon law... Can you give us the name of the lawyer you contacted with experience in this area.... Thanks
  • I was in Chicago over the weekend and watched as a EOS drove by with the roof in a 1/2 up (or down) position.... All I 'm saying is i know you're not alone.
  • jl7703jl7703 Posts: 2
    Read that to my family and they almost died from laughter..... However, VW wants $4,000 for repairs!!
  • I am considering the 2012 EOS and have read the posts concerning roof issues, oil issues, and window issues on previous models. Does anyone know if these issues have been resolved in the newer models?
  • It is too early to lease on my 2008 EOS ended back in April. I gladly gave them the car back....

    I would not take a chance on this car... Yes, when working properly, its a great car. My best guess is no on the roof and no on the oil issue...same roof parts and same engine. transmission problem and windows probably yes. the ignition issue is a toss-up.. If you can wait a few months, i would....either way best of luck
  • I also have had what sounds like routine oil issues, I attributed it to the fact it was a Turbo. The dealer replaced the window when it got stuck soon after I purchased it, under warranty and now the seal around the convertible top on both the driver and passenger sides leaks when it rains. I live in Florida. Today, I found out that a coil went bad and it's going to cost around $300.00 to fix it, along with an oil and fuel filter change.

    I have almost 120K miles on my 2007 and all things considered, a 4 seater, Turbo, both convertible and hard top. I had a Z06 convertible and a Solara before the EOS's came out. I absolutely love my "moms" convertible car and if I can get 250K on it, I plan on it. If not, I guess I will have to replace it with another EOS or like car, thinking the Lexus.
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