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Volvo C70 Prices Paid

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited April 2015 in Volvo
Talk about your C70 purchase experience here.

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  • I guess I'l start this discussion. Anyways I started on the internet and began sending emails all the dealers that had links. In california theirs alot to choose from here. Then wait for those offers to come through. I think I was lucky, I kept going back and forth with several dealers. The problem was, was dealing on what C70 they had on hand. I was looking for a Celeste blue with dark interior but found I would have to wait after I made an order. But didn't want to wait so I told myself If I wanted a C70 I have to get what the dealer had at the best price. Well I lucked out, after going back and forth for C70's with colors I didn't want I got the best price for one, 45,700.00 with everything on it. Then almost ready to go down to this dealer I got a message from a dealer I thought that wouldn't deal. But then after I told them what price I got they agreed, and guess what It was a Black with Black Interior, yea I did. Well I have had for a month and a half and have over 1500 miles on it. The car is solid and well worth all the trouble. :shades:
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    In order to have price comparisons between countries:

    In France we have also three levels of trim and as previously said 4 engines: prices are in euros
    1 euro = 1.25 dollar

    Sorry for the format but I don't know how to do it better

    Kinetic Momentum Summum
    C70 D5 180 ch Geartronic 39950 41450 45250
    C70 2.4L 140 ch 33900 35400 39200
    C70 2.4i 170 ch 36600 38100 41900
    C70 T5 220 ch ----- 42500 46300

    Momentum is Kinetic +
    Haverdal seats
    Aluminium incrustations and central console
    electrochrome mirror
    rain detector
    4 lockable spaces
    Hook for groceries net (probably what people are wondering regarding the hook on the passenger seat)
    audio commands on the steering wheel
    back parking radar

    Summum is Momentum +

    Perle or Metallised paint
    bi-xenon lights and dynamic ajustment of the range
    high pressure cleaning lights
    17" Sadira 215/50 wheels
    full leather seats
    electrical and memorised adjustments for driver and passenger seats
    heated front seats
    external mirrors can be put along the body of the car electrically and they have lights
    Volvo alarm with movements and inclination sensors

    I will provide options packs and pack accessories prices on request if somebody is interested.

    These are prices all taxes included

    In my case:

    C70 D5 Summum 45250
    removal engine type on the back 0
    temporary spare tire 0
    wood steering weel 400
    fake wood incrustation gearbox stick 75
    fake wood incrustation console and handles 0
    windblocker + front radar 950
    registration papers 348
    Discount -1023
    Preparation of the car free

    total 46000

    As you can see I was able to negotiate a discount of €1023
    free preparation of the car and the dealership bought back my previous car €16300 (€400 above blue book value)

    Even if I consider having obtained a reasonable deal it is still much more expensive than in the US... and I dont talk about gas/diesel price.
  • I requested the Premium Package, Dynaudio, Climate Package and Bluetooth. Because of the cost, I decided to get a manual transmission instead of automatic ($1,295). The car is in the showroom at the dealership (arrived two days ago) and as I was adjusting the seat I noticed there was no clutch pedal. Then I realized the car as an AUTOMATIC! It seems the sales person (who is no longer there but was not my rep) that actually placed the order had made a mistake and ordered the automatic instead of the manual. The manager asked if I am happy with the automatic and, of course, I said yes. So they said the would not charge me for it and they would eat the cost!! Wow! They are a great dealership. And I am happy!
  • That is amazing - I guess you are one of those who could fall in horse manure and come up smelling of roses - well done! Of course, you could have pushed your luck a little and suggested they throw in a sweetner to make you happy - or was that asking too much after they had seen your mile-wide grin?

    My dealer fitted the Volvo Bluetooth for me - the first they had done (previously using an audio specialist to fit a non Volvo system) - and are so impressed that they have fitted the Volvo system to their own cars.

    By the way - I don't want to go down the price comparison path again, however, it's interesting to note that here in the UK, the Geartronic autobox is an option at £1250 - which equates to roughly $2450!!
  • Actually, I did have the nerve to ask them to sweeten the pot (even with my mile-wide grin)! I asked my dealer rep if the dealership gives gifts to buyers like the Mercedes place next door. She jokingly replied along the lines of "we did give you a gift - an automatic transmission." Of course, that is true but I still asked if I could get all weather floor mats as a gift, too (it doesn't hurt). They don't give gifts for Volvos (even though they also own the Mercedes place - bigger mark up at Mercedes). So my boss (great guy that he is) bought me some as a car-warming gift! Woo hoo... yeah, I'm smellin' like roses!
  • That figures!

    Just checked out your forum profile and was amused by your bio - "Totally Jonesing for the C70". Guess what - I'm a Jones (as in Tom Jones - a Welsh name if ever there was one!)
  • Uh oh... does this mean that my having a Volvo C70 mean I'm now also "keeping up with the Joneses"?
  • Nope, you'll have yours before me so I'm the one playing 'catch up' - and that just ain't cricket (another English phrase meaning it just ain't right).

    Good luck and enjoy.
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    Don't have it yet but scheduled for 2/23/07 delivery in Gothenberg. The details of our long story are mostly in post #67 in the "meet the members" thread. I was glad not to have to pay a premium over sticker. We live in an affluent area in northern New Jersey where folks are very car conscious. As of today, I've seen three on the road, all in my town - a white pearlescent, red, and black. I actually followed the white one for awhile though I had to continue on when the driver parked. I didn't want to be pegged as a stalker, even though i was actually stalking the car! My dealer has been excellent, and has been an advocate for me with the OSD department, even calling in favors owed. He will get a gift of some kind from us when we return from Sweden. We will get the car in the states in late March or early April, just in time for spring.
  • Well last weekend (2/17) we put a deposit on a C70 for OSD. It was an easy decision for us, because the choice was either MSRP+delivery or MSRP+free trip to Sweden and no delivery fee. We are/were very excited about the OSD program. The buying experience went okay, nothing terribly remarkable... (until later).

    We got a stern reminder from sales guy about how the contract was binding (we loose deposit if we change our minds). Then five days later he tells me the 2007 C70 is sold out for OSD. They've already cashed our check, so I hope to hold them to their contract and press for a 2008 model (since 07 is sold out).
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    I bought the car at deal plus 500. I walked into the dealership at 12/31/05 and asked them if they were interested in this deal for the c70. The car was in production for 2006 but not available yet. They agreed to the deal and I put in a deposit. Eventually I passed on the '06 and took delivery of an '07 because I wanted Sirius and IPOD connectivity. Had the car now for a few months. Its a nice car not a great car. A little underpowered and tight (I'm coming from an s80). Looking forward to the summer and driving under the sun. Good luck to all, if you can wait doing a deal in late December is the way to go.
  • We just arrived back from our trip to Sweden to get a new C70 by overseas delivery. Since time was short and we were taking a vacation at the Ice Hotel north of the arctic circle, we opted to take delivery at the end of our vacation. Volvo picked us up at Gothenburg Airport in a V70 and delivered us to the complimentary hotel room at SAS Radisson Gothenburg. During breakfast the next morning we overheard some people discussing Volvos in American accents (most Swedes also speak English) and the same persons appeared in the lobby at 10:00am when we had arranged to meet our ride to the Factory Delivery Center. Separate Volvos and drivers were there for each party and soon we were off. Our driver had a V8 XC90 and he did not hesitate to make full use of all those horses! We arrived there several minutes before the others and while we checked in, a military family was being shown their new XC90 in the presentation room. It is a large, glass-walled room adjoining the large waiting/lounge/showroom area. A few other Military delivery customers were also there awaiting their turn. A Volvo rep sat down with us and went over the paperwork which was simple and straightforward. A short time later she drove our new car into the presentation room and proceeded to demonstrate the controls and operation of the car while we got thumbs up signals from the other customers. The next step was for us to drive the car through a glass garage door to the adjoining “test track oval” which was a strip of driveway about 100 meters long with turning circles at each end. After parking the car, we returned to the waiting area to join the other customers as Volvo drove up stretch limousines (S80s!) to transport us all to a luncheon buffet. After that, we were all taken on a tour of the factory. We got to know each other during these activities and had a great time together. My wife and I tried very hard to say nice things about the cars and SUVs that the others were picking up but there was no question that our C70 was the star of the show. Its beauty and gee-whiz coolness blew everyone away!

    I would definitely recommend OSD to anybody that enjoys seeing new things and meeting new people. I would love to do it again myself!

    <img src=""

    Flint gray metalic with quartz leather
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    I hate to nitpick comments, but since many are buying this car site unseen or with a very minimal test drive experience I have to make a few comments.

    I would have to disagee about the C70 being underpowered. I have read this alot and I'm not sure where that comes from, but I would expect it has something to do with acceleration from a dead stop. Granted, the 0 to 60 is not fantastic, but that doesn't mean the car in underpowerd. In fact, in most situations that we drive in, the car is outstanding. I like that Vovlo didn't just focus on raw hp because that just results in a lot of wheel spin in low gear. But, when you get to third gear (with the manual at least) the car really takes off, so that the 30 to 70mph speed is fantastic, which is when you really need it under most normal driving conditions. Too much hp on wet and icy roads or with stones is dangerous, but once the car is safely moving, there is plenty of acceleration. On back roads, it pulls quckly up out of corners and takes off. And, at cruising speeds, even in 6th gear this thing moves quickly and easily aroung most vehicles with minimal depression of the pedal. If more power is needed to qucikly pass, just downshift to 5th and it really takes off. Finally, for the weight of the car, I don't ever feel it dragging, yet it is incredibly solid on the road for a car this small.

    So, for those of you buying this car or thinking of buying this car, don't just look at the hp number and don't just look at 0 to 60 accel. I think Volvo did a great job matching the power for the size and weight of the car and I think the power and acceleration is plenty right where its needed, once the car is up and moving. So unless you are planning on pulling this 45 thousand dollar car out in front of a moving truck often, I think there is plenty of power. And yes, I realize we all have different needs from a car, but I just wanted to offer a different perspective than what most have reported in their comparison shopping and real driving experiences with this. Keep in mind, I am talking about the manaual transmission because I did find that when I test drove the automatic trans there was some lag.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    So as not to be all positive, I will complain that this is a tight suspension (which I like)so that the road can be felt easily. However, I am not sure I love the tire noise on most surfaces. While this isn't noticeable with the radio on, it is fairly loud, up front especially. A slightly softer road feel would be appreciated, but again that may be the tires. Combined with a truly rack and pinion steering (you have to steer this car to get it moving in another direction because the wheel snaps back to the middle fast) and a stiff suspension and slightly too low profile tire (perhaps) I do agree with empty 1 that the ride is a bit tight. Perhaps over time as the chasis loosens up and with a different tire, the ride might soften up. It already drives better than when brand new.

    We hit 1000 miles last pm so just getting started, but I still think Volvo made more good choices than bad ones with this car. ONly 1 drive with top down so far and I don't think it drives any different when compared to top up only more fun in the open air!
  • yegayega Posts: 6
    It's a done deal: Yesterday evening I did a down payment for a Demo model (MY2007) at our local Volvo dealer.
    I can pick it up on the 20th of April 2007.

    Here's the specs & price paid:

    C70 D5 - 163hp (120KW) (Diesel C70's are capped in Belgium)
    Flint Grey Metalic - Offblack interior
    Sumum Pack
    Mobility Pack (High Performance Audio + Rti)
    Front Radar
    Wind Blocker

    Full price (incl 21% VAT) = 47560 Euros
    Price - discount (incl 21% VAT) = 42300 Euros
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    Our Volvo dealer graciously forfieted one on their C70s so we could enjoy the OSD program. So we are back on track to pick up our C70 in Sweden late May or early June.

    The C70 isn't eligible for many discounts, but we still get the free trip to Sweden, metalic paint at no charge, and free shipping back to the States. All in all a pretty good deal for someon who likes to travel...
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    Trying to negotiate on an in stock C70 in the northeast which has been on the dealer's lot for about 2 months and they seem very resistant to go below sticker price. Wondering if others are experiencing this as well...
  • redbuzzredbuzz Posts: 57
    We got ours through the Overseas Delivery Program where the prices are set by Volvo. We paid full price even though most OSD Volvos are discounted 10-15%. The factory cannot produce enough to meet worldwide demand. That is why your dealer believes he can get full sticker. My dealer had one that was not optioned up that he got in a trade with another dealer for one that was loaded. He says that he has gotten a lot of orders from customers who have seen it. Maybe it's the same with your dealer, in fact - maybe it IS your dealer! We are in Northern New Jersey.
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    Actually found another dealer that offered $500 discount off the bat on either of the 2 C70s they had in stock. We'll see if we can get it a bit lower...
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    We are still a few weeks away from final payment through OSD. Is this when the dealer will push the extended warranties, paint protection, etc? So far the dealer has not mentioned any of these products yet, except when I asked about the wheel and tire warranty (which we have an interest in because of the 45-series tires).

    Are all Volvo dealers selling the the warranty packages for the same price? Has anyone else checked on the cost of the Wheel & Tire Warranty for Volvo? Our dealer quoted $595. :surprise:

    The warranty is non-prorated and covers any repair or replacement costs for both the wheels and the tires for up to 4yr and 40mo. The warranty is issued by Volvo, and not a third party (according to dealer).

    Originally I heard it was around $399, so now I am curious if this is like the extended warranties, where the dealer makes a lot of money selling an insurance policy (and might have a bit of wiggle room on the price).
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is a certain amount of wiggle room usually.
    However, Volvo did recently increase the cost of the tire warranty. Apparently by quite a bit.
  • bobparisbobparis Posts: 28
    Purchased my Celestial Blue 2007 C70 on May 15, 2007. Car was fully-loaded with an MSRP of $49,377. Being in Los Angeles, I have the luxury of having about a dozen Volvo dealers within reasonable driving distance. For a $50,000 purchase, I don't mind driving an hour. Checked the dealer websites and found 4 that had the exact car I wanted. Emailed the Sales Manager at each store with a "song & dance" that my wife mentioned to her boss at [fill-in name of big company] that I was looking to buy a Volvo. The boss told her to have me call their vehicle department manager who said he could get me a quote since their maintenance fleet and outside sales autos are sold & serviced by a certain huge Ford dealer that also has a Volvo franchise. Quoted a C70 in Flint Grey w/ an MSRP of $49,377 for an out-the-door [including tax & license etc.] price of $50,789. Then related that I would prefer to have Celestial Blue and asked if they could they match this deal. Three of the dealers replied that I should buy the car in Flint Grey since they couldn't match the price. The fourth one to reply asked if I was ready to do the deal that day and when I replied "yes," he said he would start prepping the car and asked what time I would arrive. The process of sending the emails took about 15 minutes and doing the deal at the car lot took about an hour and a half. Price of the vehicle before fees was $46,500 which represents a discount off sticker of $2,877. I was very happy and got to exercise my creative writing skills.
  • BobParis - very clever use of a reverse "bait and switch" tactic! (Getting a price on a Flint Grey car - probably the least in-demand color - and then getting it matched on the car you really want!)

    I would assume that there are some OK-to-good deals to be had on remaining 2007's - I also think that there is more negotation room on C70's ever since the new BMW 3-series convertibles came out.

    In my case, I got a good deal by accident, due to a dealer with integrity. I had ordered a car in late November or early December (2006, but a 2007 model), and was expecting it to arrive in early-to-mid February. In mid-January I get a call from the dealer telling me my car order didn't get placed properly. He tells me that he can get me an identical car, with everything I ordered, plus two things I didn't order: Dynaudio and the 18" wheels package. I am smelling bait and switch at hearing this, but after I argue about not wanting to pay for things I didn't really want (at least not at that price), he tells me he will honor the original price (which had been MSRP for what I originally ordered). I was still expecting some sort of other shoe to drop when I went to pick up the car, but there was no attempt to change the price on me. So I paid MSRP for the original order configuration, and basically got Dynaudio and the 18" wheels package thrown in for free. (Note that this was still a bit more than the new car's invoice, but a very good deal at the time.)
  • deskmandeskman Posts: 485
    needed 36 month 10.5k res% and money factor with volvo financial services.820 to 850 beacon.

    osd pick up in may/june/july.

  • nickc5nickc5 Posts: 10
    I am on Long Island and am in the process of negotiating for a 2008 Ice White w/ the premium package and climate package.
    I am trading in a 2007 Civic EX Sedan w/ 8,200 miles on it.
    The dealer wants to give me $14,500.00 for the Civic, the price of the C70 is $39,300.
    I plan on trying to negotiate another $1,000.00 off of the price either through getting more for the trade in or lowering the price of the C70 or a combination of both.
    Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you,
  • What is the MSRP of the C70 you selected?
  • nickc5nickc5 Posts: 10
    According to Edmunds the MSRP is $43,405 and the Invoice is $40,606.
    The salesperson did mention that there is a rebate available now but I do not know how much it is for, I assume it is a dealer rebate and that the dealership can pass the rebate on to the customer if they need to.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Incentive is $1500, so you don't have much room in the new car.

    You MIGHT have another $500 in the Civic.
  • nickc5nickc5 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the information, I will let you know how I do.
  • Glad to hear about the incentive. I am also negotiating for a C70. I'm looking at a car with the climate package, geartronic, and premium package. Dealer quoted $46k with $1500 off and said I could probably get another $1500 off because its winter. Does that sound reasonable?
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