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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Great news. Last Monday, I got an email from my dealer that my CTS with Prem Lux and B20 and P63 had been accepted to be built by GM. Today, I get an email that it is scheduled to be built the week of 12/3. He said he will be able to provide a VIN in a couple of days. My dealer believes I will take delivery before Xmas which would be wonderful.

    I've downloaded the manuals so that I will be up to speed when I take delivery. I am very excited. This is my first new car since my purchase of and earlier Motor Trend car of the year - a 2000 model year Lincoln LS V8.

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,940
    "This is my first new car since my purchase of and earlier Motor Trend car of the year - a 2000 model year Lincoln LS V8"

    As purchaser of a Y2K Lincoln LS V8 myself ( and an '03 as well ) I'm looking forward to your report on how this CTS compares...

    - Ray
    Not in the market today, but looking....
    2016 BMW 340i
  • My CTS with DI, Luxury Premium, Sport Performance, Polished Wheels, AWD, Black Raven was accepted on Monday. MSRP was about $49 so maybe what you are saying is true.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Were did you download the manuals from? Can you give me the URL.
  • "Were did you download the manuals from? Can you give me the URL."

    Here you go:

    2008 CTS Manuals

  • The FE2 setup is, IMHO, what should be the base suspension, it is softer than I have come to expect from the cars in the ELLPS and LPS class of cars from Germany (and Infiniti.)

    This is NOT at all a bad thing -- I drove in to the dealer in a 2005 Audi A6 with 18" wheels and the then standard suspension set up. I then tested the CTS FE2, AWD, bla bla bla.

    Got in my car and drove over the same route I had just driven the CTS. The CTS was softer, it floated about 1/2 of a suspension cycle more than the A6.

    The damping, apparently was the issue. The FE2 version allows a down, up, down and half an up/down over a "whoop-de-doo" that the A6 only allows a down, up, return to normal motion.

    This is NOT meant to suggest the CTS is not a fine sheen. It simply means it is apparently an American interpretation of a Sport suspension.

    It is not sufficiently damped in this league -- I could live with it and probably after a time come to think the Germans were stiff and harsh.

    Today, I feel the CTS is too much like my first water bed.

    Alas, no FE3 offered with AWD.

    The springs remain the same -- the differences ARE the dampers.

    Drive it like you live.
  • I ordered CTS, red, DI, AWD, PDQ prem lux on 10-16-07 from Pittsburgh, PA area dealer. Salesman told me this morning, 11-29-07, that order was picked up 11-19-07, car most likely built by now. Order was delayed because of B20 wood constraint until 11-19-07. Hope others soon receive such good news.
  • Regarding navigation system. I did not order luxury level that included navigation.
    On Star is free for one year and offers Connections and Directions. The directions are shown on radio screen and audio comes through radio.
    Very easy to use. Call On Star tell them were you want to go, they program directions and it shows up on your radio screen. If you go off course On Star computer comes on an asks if you want new route.
    I like it, very simple to use.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    and after first free year it cost you big bucks, like $299 per year. After 2 years you could buy your own nav unit aftermarket.
  • I just got the Jan. 08 Car and Driver magazine. They test 4 sports sedans, one being the 2008 CTS with manual transmission. They state, "coupled with the six-speed manual, the CTS didn't feel quite as finished or satisfying as the automatic equipped car...from a stiff clutch pedal with inconsistent engagement to a clunky and high-effort shifter that resists smooth, quick gearchanges, the CTS's powertrain seems crude without the automatic."
    I am considering placing an order for a 2008 CTS in December. It would only be if I get it with the 6 speed manual. Is there anyone with the 2008 with manual transmission who thinks Car and Driver is out of line with their comments? (The CTS placed 3rd behind the G35 and 328i, but ahead of the MB C300 Sport)
  • After sending 3 years trying to get Audi to recognize a problem in my 2005 Audi A6 I finally gave up and traded it in for a 2008 CTS DI engine with all the bells and whistles. Only thing I can say is" I love this car "and as I told Audi I'd never by one of their cars again. They are a terrible company to deal with. So if your considering a new Audi do yourself a favor and look and drive this CTS.
  • Are you able to get other manuals. I am waiting for my 2008 SRX to arrive, and it would be awesome to get up to speed on the vehicle. I called Cadillac and GM but they could not help. I know after delivery, or at least once I have a VIN #, I can download the manual from mygm.c*m.
  • Would this be the same Car and Driver magazine that rated the BMW #1 in its October 2005 comparison test of 8 sport sedans even though the brakes failed and put the car in a full spin? LOL

    C&D probably prints sales brochures for BMW.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Just a follow-up from your earlier comments: Although I plan on renting a CTS for a couple of days to get a better feel of the car, today was my first drive in one, the DI version, (tarted up with Vogue wheels, whitewalls, pinstripping, tinted windows, painted grill, in Diamond White--it was stunning) with the dealer. A couple miles of city streets, two highway merges, some parking lot maneuvering. Maybe it's the comparison (I too drive a 300C). But I was kind of underwhelmed. Nice power, very responsive engine/transmission, but lacks the brute force of the Hemi. Nice ride and control, maybe a tad softer and without the annoying rear suspension noise of the 300, but not a whole lot better. Biggest disappointment was the interior. Comfortable seating and plenty of legroom, yes, and enough headroom that I could adjust the seat up (I'm 6 ft.) to give more of the up right sitting position like in the 300. But the perception was slightly confining, probably due to the wrap-around design of the console/dash, and the center stack seemed a bit busy, though admittedly the detailing and finish was very impressive. Also noticed that the doors don't close with a solid thunk. No rattles, but there was definitely some flexing in the door/window area, almost like the old the Devilles of the 70's. And what's this with the no flash-to-pass headlights (only works with the headlights ON). That's one of my most used features (Yes I'm going to pass you; Yes I'm going to let you pull in ahead of me; Hi gorgeous; What the heck kind of maneuver was that you jerk; etc.).

    Still an impressive vehicle, though not quite the WINNER I was expecting. Will have to see if the longer term renting will change my impression.
  • The Car and Driver comparo was with the FE3 equipped car. Wow.

    At this price point/class the Infiniti is a winner.

    At this price point and whatever class the 300C AWD with a bunch of options on it is in, it too is a winner.

    At the discount price of the STS with the DI engine, it will pull sales from the CTS.
    The CTS will, in perhaps 6 months, probably be pretty much discounted, too -- then, with the addition of the bluetooth factory feature (which even the 300C offers via a package called Uconnect), the CTS might be an appropriately priced winner.

    Gawd, it sure is purty -- but even with the great (apparent) build quality and pretty decent power -- a maxed out 300C with the current discount structure seems like so much more car for da moola. But, it is a bit porky -- yea, I know so is the CTS, so what else is new.

    I do believe I am still going to wait for the new LWB V6 AWD A4 Sline -- then my choice will most likely be between the Audi A4, Cadillac CTS DI and the Infiniti G35X.

    The rumored updated 300C (D?) will be out then too -- the Cadillac, IMHO, will need hmmm, about a 10-12% nominal discount at that point.

    Then, it could be the winner -- if I say it often enough and fast enough, while I'm squinting. . ."it could happen!"

  • bdingbding Posts: 13
    I talked again (11/30) with Cadillac Customer Assistance. There are still "constraints" placed on my 10/05/07 CTS DI order out. No build date, no reason given. With the Lansing facility closed for the last two weeks of the year, I don't expect anything soon. The CSR rep said she was closing my account out. She said all further contact should be thru the dealer. I asked if there was someone I could speak to above her and was told, "no". So I'm thinking I was speaking to a dead-end all along. If my wife didn't want this car so badly, I'd say, "damn you Cadillac". GM, if your reading this, you've left a bitter taste in my mouth and this will most likely be the last car I'll ever purchase from you.
  • You need a better dealer. I have no problem getting ordering information from my dealer, not to mention reasons why things are happening or not happening. The "constraints" issues are well known and well discussed in these parts. Compare your options list to what's already been discussed and you'll have your answer. The reason they don't have a build date is because they honestly don't know. Suppliers can be a real PITA sometimes and these supply-chain issues have a real danger of customers saying "forget it" and heading straight for the Infiniti dealer. Trust me, GM is probably more pissed off than you are over this. For you, its an inconvenience. For them, it's costing them real money.
  • I haven't read the review yet (hasn't been delivered to the house). I can't say I'm surprised at the result. I still think it's not entirely an apples to apples comparo to put a CTS in the same test as a 3 series...they just aren't the same class vehicle. A G35 is a better comparison but that's smaller too. But Cadillac will have to live with this until the BTS bows sometime in the future.

    And I think the automotive press agrees with me. Motor Trend has given the 2008 CTS the COTY award this year. The aformentioned Car and Driver put the '08 CTS on their 10Best list this year. The BMW 3-series was on it, but the G35 was not. Not that the G35 didn't deserve to be on the list, but the new G35 is evolutionary improvement over the old car. The '08 CTS is night and day over the '07 CTS. Sometimes you get awards for how far you've come.

    The STS with the DI engine picking off CTS sales? I'd love the get some of the tree you've been smoking. The STS is just a plain boring vehicle next to the CTS. The only thing it has going for it over the CTS is a V8 option and soon that won't even be a differentiator.

    The 300C is a nice favorite rental these days (leg room for days!). But the interior quality just is not the same class as the CTS or anything else in the class.

    The A4 is a very very nice vehicle. Audi has probably done more than anyone in transforming FWD cars into Quattro cars that can get around a curve. If somebody buys an Audi over other cars in the class, I can't blame them.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The STS is just a plain boring vehicle next to the CTS.
    I beg to differ on that. I have a 07 STS-4 and have driven a number of 07 CTS's in which the 08 is different but it is still a bottom of the line Caddy. Very Nice, but no STS.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    markcincinnati - After reading your post (# 1797), I can only say this. I hope you are as happy with whatever you buy as I am with my 08 Cadillac CTS, because I think it is awesome. What a car!!! And truly, that's all that really matters.

  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    I've been a subscriber of Car & Driver for about 20 years but will not renew my subscription after this year. The reason? I'm fed up with their complete BMW/German bias.

    C&D believes that if you're a car enthusiast then you want a race car for the street. I think we all realize this is not the case. A great sport sedan/coupe is a combination of style, luxury, technology, handling and performance. The fact that a car can lap Nurburgring or Laguna Seca faster and quicker than any other car in it's class doesn't make it the optimal car for a car enthusiast's daily driver.

    I haven't owned an American car since 1999 and swore I would never own another after that awful Jeep Grand Cherokee, but since the introduction of the CTS I've slowly changed my mind. The 08 CTS is everything I had hoped it would be, correcting all of the problems of the previous models. I would have already put my order in for an 08 CTS if it weren't for the fact that Cadillac will be building a coupe, hopefully in 08 as an 09.
  • Not to knock your purchase, but here's an elaboration on my opinion. Again, your mileage and opinion will be different.

    Thesis: The STS is boring

    1. The exterior styling is bland. The original '05 STS was supposed to be introduced in '04 but got held back because Bob Lutz thought the styling wasn't sophisticated enough. I don't know what that car looked like because the car that went to production didn't light many eyes afire. Considering that the '02 'Slade, the '03 CTS, the '04 XLR and the '04 SRX were all considered to be "out there" styling exercises (some succeeded, some sort-of succeeded). The '05 STS looked to be to be an unfinished project. The lines were too toned down from the other A&S efforts. The sides were too slad sided without any emotion lines to break up the wide expanses of nothing. The rear clip and spoiler looked completely unfinished and the spoiler didn't look integrated at all. I spent some time in my mind trying to defend it when it first was released, but the more I looked at it, the more I couldn't defend it.

    2. The interior was a better effort but it falls because Cadillac compromised it with poor quality plastics. All you have to do is put your hand on top of the '08 CTS's dash and feel the soft feel of the leatherette compared to the hard plastics of the STS to know that the CTS's game got updated from what had been done three years previous. It's not that the STS's interior is bad...far from it. But once you get back the center stack that was pretty well done, the rest of it is lacking, I'm sorry to say. Keep in mind, I'm the same guy who told my Caddy dealer back in '03 that I thought my new CTS's interior wasn't enough for the class (and the SRX's original CTS-based interior was a joke for the class).

    3. The seats are boring. The STS's seats are pretty much the same units in the CTS and SRX. Outside of some styling differences, the seats showed no improvement from the other vehicles...again, just trying to put more of the same across the product line.

    The STS-V did change some of my pain points, but the main problems of the car remain. The '08 STS does spice up the front clip with the new family grill, but I think the CTS is a better interpretation of that effort. The side vents on the new STS just look slapped on...not an integrated part of the design as the CTS or even the '07 Slade.

    Given the styling effort on the CTS, I am hopeful on the replacement for the STS/DTS since I was getting a little worried after the STS came out.
  • Does the 2008 CTS have it? And why is the more powerful engine only available with the auto tranny?
  • 150mphclub I think Car and driver was referring more to driver zen feel than anything (BMW model) They can't make fair comparisons or conduct fair tests. They are driving enthusiasts who test cars on test tracks, and that's it
  • The '08 CTS does have hookups for MP3 players and supports the iPod (5th Gen or newer) specifically. There is a special iPod adapter that ships with the car allowing you to see and manipulate the songs and playlists from the dash. You can also transfer unprotected music from your Ipod to the hard drive of the CTS, or rip songs from CDs. The media player in the radio stack supports all popular unprotected music formats including MP3 (all versions), AAC, WMA, Apple Lossless and even Ogg Vorbis for you Linux fans. The hard drive feature is available with or without the more expensive navigation system. Otherwise you can plug in your Zune, Zen or older iPod into the mini-plug jack in the cubbiehole between the front seats.

    The manual tranny is available with either the base or DI engine. Check your dealer for availability since most dealers these days special order the manual transmission for customers who specifically want it.
  • I completely understand the perspective coming from a 300 owner. I now ask for 300s when I travel since Avis now keeps a fleet of them and Chargers at most rental facilities. The 300 has legroom for days for those of us who are challenged by the accomodations automakers make for those shorter than us. :-) The 300 and Charger are old school in that their dashboards are fairly flat, which allows for more overall knee room. Most cars used to have dashboards like this. The CTS is like many newer vehicles with swoopy curved cockpit inspired designs (or at least what we fantasize what a cockpit is supposed to look like). I usually hate designs like this since it makes it even less likely I can fit in a car like this. The CTS is the rare exception of cars in this class that can handle my legs....a feature shared with the Infiniti M and the Acura RL. Everybody else is a no-go.

    I would disagree on the "door-thunk" noise...not that it couldn't be better...I think it could be. But I've owned a '76 Deville and a '80 Deville and those doors sounded nothing like modern cars. :-)

    You're not ever going to get the torque of a Hemi V8 until Caddy puts a V8 Northstar in this car. Wait a year or two and it will happen...and a V-series car is a certainty next year anyway.

    No flash to pass? That's the first time I've heard that complaint...even the last CTS had that feature. Weird.

    Finally about the pimped up Vogue Tyres (r) and pinstriping.....Cadillac as a division of GM is going to have to get firm with the dealers on crap like this. Coming back from the airport this weekend I saw a brand new red '08 CTS in the airport parking lot...and then I took a doubletake to see a saddle-colored fake convertible coach roof stuck to the top of it. It's like somebody wearing a obvious bad toupee, only much worse. In the last 5 years, I think I only saw 2 CTS's that were ever inflicted by this kind of aftermarket travesty, and now just 2+ months out the gate and I see my first '08 CTS to get the '79 Caddy Phaeton treatment (yes this was a real factory car from Cadillac, look it up!)
  • I have an 08 CTS with the HDD and input jack mentioned but no "special ipod adaptor". I'll admit, I haven't had much time to play with the options or look through the owner manual but definitely have not seen any extra parts. What does it look like?
  • Have about 3,000 miles on my new CTS now and have noticed a ticking noise which is more pronounced than when I first started driving the car. It comes from the dash and is probably related to one of the guages as it parallels engine acceleration (neutral or in gear). Does anyone else have this same noise? Trying to get some data before visiting the dealer. Thanks in advance.
  • There is a USB port next to the input jack. The special iPod adapter that is supposed to come with the car has a standard iPod jack on one side and a 2 port hydra on the other for the USB port and the other for the mini plug since the USB port is for control only, not sound. If you didn't get the iPod adapter, ask your dealer since regular iPod adapters don't work with it (I tried one at the dice).
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    jdavis12 - All of my extra parts (owner's manual, plate bezel, iPOD connector, etc.) were located in the trunk inside the cargo net (difficult to see at first) in a package. It's a 7 inch dual pigtale type adapter. If it's not their get it from the dealer.

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