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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Ditto here! I first noticed this at about 3,000 miles (last week) on my 3.6 DI. At first I thought it was an HVAC fan, but realized the sound reved with engine speed and didn't stop when I turned off the HVAC system. The noise seems to originate in the center of the dash near the windshield. The ticking is more noticeable at the low-speed end of my ride to work (30 miles). It's a lot less noticeable or nearly undetectable during the lunch hour drive or drive home. Also, ambient temps are in the 30's or low 40's on the morning drive. So, you're not alone. With a car this quiet, any noise becomes noticeable.
  • Well, at least I'm not alone.......I plan on taking it to the dealer later this month and get their thoughts. Will let you know.
  • Hi,

    As a person who was impacted by the B20 constraint problem I thought I would pass on this recent observation.

    My brother was visiting Phoenix this past weekend and noticed new 2008 CTS cars in the rental fleet there. Knowing that my CTS order was delayed because of the Wood Steering wheel, he observed that all of the rental CTS cars had the Wood Steering wheel! I found this a bit frustrating and disconcerting.

    Why would Cadillac put a constrained item on generic rental units at the expense of sold customer's cars? It doesn't make sense to me but I admit I am a novice at understanding the machinations of the car business. It really strikes me as disingenuous to talk about constraints to money in hand customers and then on the other hand do something like this?

    This is a case where I truly wish for greater transparency on the part of Cadillac.

  • So, have had a 2008 CTS since August and just now realized that the unit was produced without the Sapale Wood Trim on the Steering Wheel and Shift Knob (and the sticker makes this comment explicitely), although I essentially paid for this in the Premium Luxury Collection. Even though I accepted the vehicle, am wondering if I have any recourse......any thoughts? (please be gentle)
  • I'm hoping I'm not in for the same problem I had with my Audi A6.which I traded for a new CTS. My Audi would make a clicking noise when I reeved the engine. Audi said it was heater vent doors opening and closing to distribute warm air to the cabin.Therefore you would only notice it when the engine warmed enough for the climate control to call for heat. Audi could not explain what the engine speed had to do with it but the noise only happened at 2500 rpms or higher. I hope I didn't trade one lemon for a new one. Please keep us posted if you find out cause of ticking.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Audi could not explain what the engine speed had to do with it but the noise only happened at 2500 rpms or higher
    Sounds like they used vacunm motors to open/close those vent doors and the higher the engine revs the lower the vac. which means the doors snap either shut or open which ever way they are designed.
  • Cars (like mine) produced without the wood wheel and shift knob received a $150 option credit on the sticker. This was refelected in a reduced option package price.

    Now if you want to add either, it's gonna cost a lot more. The shift knob alone is reported to cost better than $350 and the wheel about $600. Personally, I like the wood shift knob. I don't care for the wood wheel.
  • I just bought one.....and I agree with the performance blog. I also own a 275 HP 2007 CTS and that car is definitly faster off the line than this 2008 awd DI car.

    The 2008 is quieter than the 2007, more solid, and I think heavyer. I dont feel a performance issue once I'm off the line and moving...she responds to throttle and I'm OK with it. BUT I agree......she is not faster off the line or even as fast as my 2007.
  • What is the engine/transmission combination in your 2007 cts?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    I believe that the top 2007 CTS HP powertrain was a 255 HP 3.6 V6.

    Not 275,,,,
    2016 BMW 340i
  • You are hardly comparing apples to apples. Your 2008 is about 600 pounds heavier than your 2007.
  • Perhaps you are correct......255 HP not 275???

    I'll throw this out there too and I'll stop knocking my new baby. On the AWD cars, the brake pedal is too close to the gas pedal which causes some drivers to clip the edge of the brake pad while your applying gas. Doesnt happen on 2007's, or 2008 NON AWD cars but somthing with the AWD models and the tunnel that enchroach's into the cabin has caused the brake pedal to be too close to the gas pedal. Scary feeling when your applying gas to be hitting the brake at the same time.
    Size 10 regular foot in case your wondering.
    I've also tried for 900 miles to re-train my foot to no avail. Anyone else with AWD's feel this issue?
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Is that foot pedal problem with a manual or auto transmission?
  • AWD ONLY comes with one transmission type -- so, I guess it must be that one. :surprise:
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    Just finished another 270 mile joy ride through the back roads in the mountains, WHAT A TURN ON! Because the traffic was just so, I was able to play in the twisty turnys for twenty to thirty minutes at a time at triple digit speeds. It was one WOW after another. The handling is superb. Can't wait for my long road trip this coming spring.

  • I'm getting a bit antsy. My car that I ordered on October 26th was scheduled to be built the week of December 3rd which has now passed.

    I got the information from my dealer a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't heard anything so I called the 1800 Cadillac number that supposedly can tell you things. After a long routine of verifying who I was all they could determine was it was to be built the week of 12/3.

    Based on other discussions I have seen, I would have thought I would know my VIN by now and possible delivery dates.

    I think I'm in the home stretch but information is thin on the ground.

  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    CB, I signed my lease on the exact same date (Oct 26th) and was given the same locked-in build date (Dec 3). I've been told that it will be arriving to Toronto on either Dec 11th or 12th. I was able to gain information more easily from my local dealer rather than the 1800 number. You should be provided with a vehicle number (not a VIN number) which is one letter followed by 5 digits in order to access information on your order. I would imagine that you should have your car by next week as well.
  • Size 13 and I find the space a little tight. AWD, DI with automatic.
  • Thanks for your info.

    As it turns out, I just got an email from my dealer that my car has been built and shipped! No delivery date yet but maybe this coming week or the week after at the latest. I get my wish to get it before Christmas. The timing is also opportune because the Maryland state tax is increasing 20% from 5% to 6% effectice Jan 1. I did not vote for the democrat Governor O'Malley who pushed this tax hike through.

    Through a neat trick I learned about, I went to and was able to enter my VIN number and look at and printout my actual vehicle's window sticker. Very cool.

  • adamg2adamg2 Posts: 12
    Please detail the process that allows one to view the window sticker on the cadillac website. Thanks

  • Currently considering the 08 CTS, my first American car in years. I have to admit that I am blinded by the MT and C&D COTY and 10 Best awards. The car is droolworthy and has all the options I need except for Bluetooth. I have a couple of questions:

    a) what are you all doing for hands-free telephony? The car doesn't come with Bluetooth, a rather obvious oversight.
    b) are most of you who've purchased buying at MSRP, or are there deals to be had?
  • Follow the instructions in this thread. It's a little tricky because the the url where you have to substitute your VIN is long but I have confirmed that this works.

    Search Sticker by VIN

  • As someone who is the home stretch on taking delivery of my vehicle, I will offer my thoughts.


    I have to admit this isn't a big deal for me as I make relatively few cell phone calls. I did recently buy a new Palm Centro which has bluetooth. I also picked up a jabra bluetooth earpiece for about $12 that seems to work ok. There are many devices on the market that plug into the cigarette lighter. Some swear by the Onstar phone hookup. I have no experience. Personally, I prefer to listen to music than yak on the phone!


    Given the date of the year and the fact that I believe the GM factory shuts down after next week until next year, I think I would wait until next year to try to price a new CTS.

    In my case, I needed to order mine because of the features I wanted. I did my homework and then sent out a request for bids from all my local dealers. I stated in my request that I wanted specific features and would need to order. I did not need to be sold on the car. I knew all about the car and had test driven it. It would be an easy order for a dealer. Only one dealer out of a half dozen actually responded with an actual quote. The others either didn't respond or wanted to "sell" me rather than just give me a quote. The dealer that gave me a quote was easy to deal with. I negotiated a little further and reached my target price and the order was placed on Oct 26.

    I paid about $3k below MSRP or about $1k plus over supposed invoice. Not a steal or a bargain but I consider it a fair price given the short supply.

    I would think that the new year will bring new supply online that will catch up with demand. Also, with the new year will be all the car shows and everyone will be distracted by 2009 models.

    With patience you'll probably get a great deal on what seems to be fantastic car.

  • I also have a 2008 with awd and definitately I often hit the brake pedal when putting my foot on the gas, They are too close. Wonder if Cadillac knows of the problem. Could be dangerous if you apply brake and your foot hits the gas also.
  • I have contacted GM and the President of my dealership is contacting a Detroit engineer for me. I will keep you posted. Jim
  • Ordered fully loaded ($49,450 sticker) CTS from dealer in Ohio on November 13. Car arrived at dealership on December 9. Picked it up on Monday, December 12. Every option except engine heater. Car came in as ordered, including wood wheel and shifter. Received employee discount and saved a little under $6000 on the deal. I was hesitant about ordering the sunroof because of all the negativity on the board but glad that I got it. It's really not that bad. Looks great with the white diamond paint.
  • Very nice......enjoy it!
    Did you get the DI ?
  • Anyone have any idea how much an extra set of rims would cost?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Aftermarket wouldn't be to bad but to buy a duplicate set of what is on the car would cost a foutune. My guess if you wait a while there will be people here who want to change out their wheels and you may be able to get a set cheap or cheaper.
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