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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • I experienced identical water dripping in the same location on my '08 CTS,
    i.e., left front driver's compartment, falling on my left shin/ankle and floor beneath.
    Not an excessive amount, but more than a few drops--perhaps as much
    as a cup. My dealer's service dept. was familiar with this problem, which has
    apparently presented itself over the past few years, and was able to repair the
    problem without difficulty. It was explained that cracks and separation of the
    drain channels in the corners, as well as possible clogging, might occur.
  • I sat in all the luxury cars at the auto show, except the Bentley. (You had to be wearing Armani or better to get inside the ropes) The only interior as comfortable (for me) and as well appointed as the CTS was the LS460. Caddy has arrived.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Any suggestions between these two vehicles? A few friends have owned Nissan's in the past and they swear that the fit and finsh is terrible with squeeks and rattles. I was thnkin about a TL but a 4th Generation is allegedly in the works for 09. The G35 is a tad cheaper in price though. The CTS is a new Generation (rattles and problems?) and is more expensive to a comparably equipped G35.Anyone compared the two while shopping???
  • I have a new 2008 CTS that has an interior smell. The odor began after the first 400 plus miles..It is awful..Quite noxious I must say..Gives you a headache and makes you nauseas..Noone can sit in the rear seat at all..The smell begins as it warms up and most noticable when you come to a stop or drive slowly.. The car only has 1050 miles on it..I brought it in to my selling dealer who is blowing me off..At first I figured it had something to do with the catalyst converter, and it may..Or perhaps it is something leaking on the exhaust..Nothing like paying 45000.00 for a car you can't stomach to drive. Also night driving is trecherous to make turns..I do not have the adaptable forward lighting so there is no light from the sides..The car should have no other option but to have the headlights with the adaptable foward lighting ,it's unsafe. I have contacted Cadillac on these issues and are awiting the solution.. My seller dealer is totally useless. Way to go! Motor Trend Car of the Year 2008!! I believe sales will be slowing down..Also since this has begun I have noticed a dratic drop in the MPG. Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    That omission is a case of design ignoring the real world.... You'll find side trim strips on the Vogue Tyre website so they're probably available elsewhere as well. Not sure if was here on the 2008 CTS forum, or on that someone bought aftermarket side moldings, color matched, and had their dealer install them and was quite satisfied. You might do a search.
  • I did some extensive car shopping over the course of a year, and had all but settled on a G35 or G37. I test drove the G35, and it was beautiful car, with all the features I wanted. It was a tad snug inside the cockpit for me, (6'1, 215), and I found its outside a tad boring. But, I was all ready to buy one anyway, or perhaps a slightly used M35.

    THEN, I actually SAW a 2008 CTS, and there was no comparison for me. The curb appeal, and stunning visual image of the CTS made it by far the car for me. Bigger inside where it needs to be, and regular unleaded gas to boot! I've owned mine since OCT 07, and I STILL have to stop and just look at it when I am approaching or departing the car. I just love it! :)
  • I just got back from the 2008 Auto Show, and I am very happy to say that even after looking at all the new models coming out...I would STILL buy my 08 CTS all over again!

    And the new MKZ, the supposed CTS killer?? :P
  • 08cts408cts4 Posts: 1
    I'm averaging 22-24 on the highway at 75 mph (cruise control on) in the winter. I'm at 10,000 on the 08 cts 4. The best average I got was 26 mpg in the fall.
  • Which engine? Which transmission?
  • I also looked extensively at the G35 vs 328 vx CTS.

    The G35 is quicker and costs less. The G35 also had higher levels of noise, vibration, and harshness.

    My CTS (only 500 miles to date) has higher levels of available equipment (I had to have cooled seats). The CTS has the best interior design in this class of vehicle, along with very strong curb appeal. The CTS has slightly better fuel economy, and does so on lower octane fuel than the G35.

    I'm biased, of course. Buy what you like.
  • cosmo13cosmo13 Posts: 31
    My 2008 CTS Direct Inject, AWD with 3500 miles averaged 22.2 MPG at an average hiway speed of 67MPH over 160 miles winter driving.
  • DI engine, RWD, automatic.

    In city driving, I get between 17 - 18 MPG.

    The sole highway trip I took (60 - 80 mph) I averaged 27.5 MPG.

    Impressive for a vehicle this heavy and an engine this strong.
  • Has anyone else been having the problems I have? Bought my 08 CTS early November 2007. Ordered it and waited 6 weeks for the lemon to arrive. It is Gold Mist, 3.6VVT, luxury level 1, performance package, polished wheels, and the wood trim packages with spare tire. Found grease on the garage flor, took it in Dec 31st, rear axle seal is leaking seems Cadillac buggered some of the axle housings and left it up to the dealers to "repair" not replace. Had to order the seal. Took it back in on Jan 8th to get the seal installed and the axle housing "repaired. Also had the check engine light come on. They "repaired the axle housing and replaced the seal. Engine light was a bad evaporative canister, but also found the left rear wheel sensor on the ABS system was showing bad. Wuldn't let me have the car back cause it was unsafe. No sensor available. I asked how this was possible since they were still rolling off the assembly line in Lansing. Friday Jan 11th was on the phone with Cadillac for over an hour, asked the same questions about the availability of parts on the assembly line and was finally told they had located the part. Part arrived and was installed on Jan 14th and got the car back that evening. This makes 8 days that the car was in the shop. Last Thursday, Jan 24th the check engine light came on again. Took it to the dealer Friday the 25th, and the car is still thdere. They haven't been able to "determine" the problem yet. Who knows what is wrong or what the length of this repair will be. First time my wife had to drive a Cobalt for 7 days as that was all they had available. This time we refused the cobalt, I told them I didn't care if they had to get the owner's personal Demo car I wanted something better. Tired of driving a cobalt while making payments on a Caddy. Got a Grand Prix this time much better but still no Caddy. This is my last GM car, my 2005 CTS was great, no proglems, now this lemon, did I mention that the car has less than 1800 mile son it? I am now researching my state's lemon laws and getting my step-mother who is a very good lawyer up to speed on the situation. This is the last straw if it breaks down one more time I am going afer them, I didn't spend $40,000 to put up with this crap. I would NOT recommend a new CTS to anyone. Cadillac likes to talk the talk about quality and customer service, but they sure don't walk the walk. Thanks for letting me vent, and I hope my postis helpful for someone wanting to buy a new CTS, and consolation for anyone suffering the same quality and customer service problems I have been experiencing.
  • jharoldjharold Posts: 11
    :confuse: Sorry you've had so many problems... Hopefully the dealer will get everything fixed to you satisfaction. My new CTS is due at the dealer next week. Your CTS problems have me a little concerned.... I'm hoping that your CTS problems are an exception and not a rule. Any way, good luck... I'll post my level of satasfaction with my CTS after a few miles....
  • Well, I hope your new car is trouble free. Mine was for almost two months. I even highly recommended one to a good friend and he bought one just before Christmas. I have already apologized to him in advance and assured him that at the time I recommended a CTS mine had not had any problems. Just checked the calendar where I am keeping track and including visits to diagnois the problem and weekends when they have kept the car it has been in the shop for 11 days since Dec 31st and I am not holding my breath on getting it back tomorrow, even if they find the problem I doubt they will have the part and will have to order it. The guy who bought my 2005 CTS just lives two blocks over, I have threatened to sneak over and repossess it. Only owned it for two years and 15000 miles but never had any problems. Makes me wish I hadn't wanted the new body style so much and I would still be driving the trouble free 05.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    I would be concerned. I really like the 2008 CTS. I am strongly considering buying the 2009 model. As a matter of fact, I am a raving fan. But this is the kind of post that will sway me to stay with the Japanese cars and get the G35. I recognize that Cadillac may need to work out some kinks in the new model. That's one of the reasons that I am waiting for the 2009 models. But I won't put up with major problems like leaks, engine light coming on and bad ABS sensors in the first 1,800 miles. GM...I hope you are listening.

    On another note, GM and the Cadillac team, if you are listening, you did an awesome job on the 2008 CTS. It is gorgeous! The most gorgeous and capable American sedan in many years. I do a double take everytime I see one and I still am looking forward to buying a 2009 at the end of this year. The exterior design is striking and fresh. The interior is the best interior design and has the best fit and finish that I have ever seen in an American car. But that does not mean that I don't see room for improvement. I see qualities in other directly competitive cars that the Cadillac missed and should have as well. So here are a few of my suggestions for the 2009 model:

    1) BLUETOOTH - I know you are already going to have this since it's in the new CTSV. But just in case, I thought I would mention it.
    2) SUNROOF COVER - The translucent cheesecloth cover for the sunroof. This is unacceptable. The cover needs to stop the light from coming through. The sun here in Florida and I suspect in other parts of the country like Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada is just too strong. The shade needs to completely block out the sun. The other option is to offer a traditional sunroof.
    3) SATELLITE ANTENNA - The cheap looking black plastic satellite antenna you are using is not the best idea. Most quality cars use a color matched satellite antenna. The BMW 328i, even the Honda Accord has a color matched cool looking antenna. I saw a new entry level Saturn sedan today in the supermarket parking lot, and it had the same cheap black plastic GM antenna stuck on the front of the roof. Come on Cadillac....I know you want to conserve costs by using universal parts. And you should wherever possible. But you should not do so when it cheapens the look of the car.
    4) CENTER CONSOLE - Work in improving the surface of the plastic you are using on the silver plastic of the center console. There is a lot of silver plastic there. It looks good but I am a little nervous about scratching it. Why not use a different metallic texture like Infiniti did on the new G35? Or something that seems more like metallic. You obviously took some cues from the Audi's. But the CTS interior is still not up to the quality level of say the Audi A6 or the Lexus GS300. Why not go the extra step and really make the interior as superb as Audi and Lexus? I wonder how much it would cost to tweak a few things and bring the interior quality up another notch?? And the knobs on the CTS console are not as good as the Audi's. The tactile feel is a little plasticky when turning them versus the Audi knobs which have a tactile feel like the knobs on a fine stereo. Again, just bring it up another level. I am sure you have this higher level of refinement available. Just do it! Also there is really no room to put anything more than an iPod in the center console storage. Where are we supposed to keep our stuff? I realize that the rear air conditioning vents are there. But still. People need room to keep a small yet reasonable amount of stuff in their center console. Work on an improved design with more room for stuff.
    5) SEATS - The CTS seats are good. But again. they are not as good as the very supportive and just perfectly comfy seats on the Audi's. the BMW's or the Volvo's. Why not be one of the best in seats, Cadillac?

    Well, that's it. I hope you are listening Cadillac. These probably won't stop me from buying the car. But they are valid suggestions.

    And when you want to hire me to give you honest opinions. I am here. :shades
  • Thanks for the sensible reply to my post. My wife and I both loved the new CTS as soon as it came out and even before when you were seeing all the auto show pictures. Ordered one as soon as possible and took delivery on October 29th actually now that I look at the records. We both loved the styling both interior and exterior and the car drew and still draws looks wherever we go in it. Unfortunately that has been pretty much nowhere the last month. We live exactly halfway betwen Oklahoma City and Dallas. The last trips to either have been made in my Avalanche. My wife has lost all trust in the CTS to get that far away from home in it. The 2008 has it all over our old 2005 in styling, but the 05 never had a mechanical problem, and the 08 looks like it will be a constant source of trouble. I am already looking at other cars, cause I won't put up with one that gives me as much trouble as this one even if it is in warranty. I am 54 years old, and I trade cars a lot. I was trying to remember and I think I have bought 17 new GM cars and trucks in my lifetime. NO MORE, looking at the Lincoln MKZ now and maybe the Toyota Avalon, those are about the only other choices I have in my town cause I won't buy a car that I have take to OKC or Dallas for service. Imagine what a nightmare that would have been with this car. Well, thanks again for the SENSIBLE reply to my post. I assure you the problems with this car are real, and I really hope that it is an isolated case.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    Perhaps the 2005 model CTS had no problems because the model had been out for a few years and they had time to get out the kinks. This is no excuse for Cadillac of course The Japanese cars are usually not problematic even in the first year of a model. But the 2008 CTS is the first year of the model. My dad always told me, don't buy the first year of a model. I am 45 now, and I still heed his advice. I wish you the best of luck with the Cadillac. Maybe it will redeem itself after you get through these annoying issues.
  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    tntmyth, Kudos!

    “2) SUNROOF COVER - The translucent cheesecloth cover for the sunroof. This is unacceptable. The cover needs to stop the light from coming through. The sun here in Florida and I suspect in other parts of the country like Texas, California, Arizona, and Nevada is just too strong. The shade needs to completely block out the sun. The other option is to offer a traditional sunroof.”

    I live in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.
    If they come to their senses and realized that the cheesecloth sun-shade is just for toys not for a luxury cars, or build a CTS with a traditional sunroof I would buy a fully loaded one today. I'm waiting for 2009 Model hoping they'll have that option; otherwise I'll go for Mercedes, I’m sure they’re going to treat me with respect and cover my head from the sun, when I don't need it, with an opaque sunroof shade..
  • Yeah, I have always been told the same thing, this time I let my passion for the new style overtake my reason. Looks like I am regretting it, but I reasoned that I was buying the same engine that I had NO problems with in my 2005. Oh well, maybe I will find out something today, the service men are starting to scurry like mice when they see me coming. My service advisor is a smart [non-permissible content removed] young kid. Got smart with my wife on the phone the first time the car was in the shop. Said no rentals were available. I sternly pointed out to him that one of the privileges of being a Cady owner is that they WILL provide a rental,not might. After our first discussion, he has had a change of attitude where our car is involved. I am sure he calls me a jerk to my back, but he is very polite and respectful to my wife and I now. Maybe I will get a call this evening that it iall fixed. Yeah and pigs fly too. Thanks for letting me vent on this forum
  • adnanzadnanz Posts: 10
    what type of problems are you guys incurring?? I have had the car for about a month now (DI, RWD, Premium Lux, FE3)...driving in the northeast, cold winter starts, etc...only about 500 miles on it and so far, THANK GOD no issues...i'm concerned reading blogs here...please advise.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Just remember that sqweaky wheels (even foul mouthed ones) seem to get the most attention. You do have to wonder if the guy with the problem approached the service manager with the same attitude (and language) as he did in his response above...and if perhaps that resulted in a less than cooperative attitude on the part of the dealer.

    As for the problems, well, statistically, there are going to be some problems out there because it's just cost prohibitive to make everything perfect (even the FAA's risk analysis on aircraft assumes that there will be failures). I do have have to wonder, though, for those that trash a produce based on one bad purchase: The first time they have a serious argument with their wives do they turn off on all women and turn gay??
  • Hi everyone... I'm having an issue with my 08 CTS and want to see if I can get some help with it.

    While idling in drive, the car makes a rumbling/rattling sound from the rear end (it's kind of hard to describe). It doesn't do it all the time and at times its louder than others. If I release my foot from the brake, the noise stops. I'm not sure if it's an exhaust thing or not.

    I've taken it to the dealership twice and they could not duplicate the issue. I picked it up Friday evening (1/26) and as soon as I pulled out of the dealership it started doing it again. I turned around and went back to the dealership and my service advisor took a ride with me again. This time he was able to hear it.

    So it is back at the dealership today. Hopefully they can find and fix the issue... it's annoying!!

    Have any of you experienced the same/similar thing?
  • jharoldjharold Posts: 11
    After reading your post... I think the main problem is your attitude!!! :cry:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    sounds like a bad catalytic converter...find a new dealership...and when you get the customer satisfaction survey for the old dealer.....nail them on customer service...bad MPG could certainly be traced to a clogged or bad converter.......assume you are getting on codes or a check engine light??

    not sure about the lighting issues.....most cars made today dont have the adaptive forward lighting, nor is there a side light like you refer not sure about this particular issue
  • For your information, I was very respectful to the dealership people until I started getting the run around and the old these things happen. This is my 17th new GM car and it hasn't happened till now on their top of the line car no less. I have moved past the service advisor and am now dealing directly with the service manager at the dealership, who is trying to be helpdul. They think the car has engine problems at 1800 miles. Want to pull the heads to inspect it further. I will not authorize this. Either I want a new motor or a new car. I didn't spend 40K to have a rebuilt engine in my car. The service manager is contacting his rep to find out what Cadillac will do. For your information vic10, nowhere have I trashed the entire CTS line, just this particular car which if you had it I bet you wouldn't be so smug. I can see that this isn't a forum to share experiences, just a forum for all of you to sing the wonderful praises of Cadillac.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    ". . .isn't a forum to share experiences, just a forum for all of you to sing the wonderful praises. . ."

    Well, not so much. There are a few fanboys who drop their s*** (let's say stuff) here from time to time, but mostly it's pleased new drivers and a few of the old-timers who've been around since the first CTS, a couple of whom drove both that & the new one.

    You get what you give, pretty much.

    Good luck with your car. I know it must be a horrible disappointment to have to deal with this. Happiness equals reality minus expectations, so given how high the bar has been set with the expectations for this car. . .
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Yes this is a forum for sharing experiences. Unfortunately there are those who are quick to make snide comments and equally unfortunate your response was a bit overboard (I see they've been deleted)

    No, Mr. rcantwell, you didn't trash the entire CTS line, you merely said this would be your last GM car, which sounds like trashing the entire corporation.

    But I thank you for confirming my original comments. One bad car out of 17 tells me you were waaaay overdue. As for it being a Cadillac, what, you think GM has high school dropouts building Chevy's but college grads doing the Caddy's? You get maybe better design and more goodies with the Cadillac. But the same type of guy who leaves his Coke bottles in the doors of Chevy's works on the Cadillac line.
    (You think you have problems? My SECOND GM car, a Buick, before it reached 35K miles, had six water pump changes, one power steering pump AND rack assembly, new rear suspension mounts, believe there was an alternator change and, let me see, oh yes, TWO engine changes for cracked blocks. My third GM car, was another Buick, which went 60K with any problem whatsoever.).

    Nobody wants a bad car and certainly nobody here wishes a bad car on anyone. But a nice objective description (realize that is hard to do sometime, especially when goated) would have sufficed.

    P.S. No I don't own a CTS. Currently driving a 300C which has been trouble free for 3 years. Have considered the CTS but it doesn't offer anything more than what I have (and has a lot less space) so I'm looking at the STS.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Yes if you think you have a lemon go over to the Toyota Camry site and you will find a lot of very unhappy customers with their engines that hestitate bad gas mileage squeaky dashes and the list goes on. Toyota isn't paying the least bit of attention to them and that is making them even more made. Toyota is saying the car is running as it should since there are no engine lights coming on. Some of them have had 2 trannys put in and still have problems. I don't monitor the other Toyota sites but some say this is the same problem on some of the Lexus and Avalons. At least GM is paying attention and trying.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    You have to take most of what's written in any forum with a grain of salt. There are people who write in them, who pretend to be owners of a certain vehicle and complain about their bad experiences. These people are commonly referred to as trolls. They deliberately try to start arguments or to be negative.

    Most forums try to ban trolls. I've seen it here in Edmunds. People who constantly tried to start arguments or are always negative, have disappeared from the forum.

    I'm sure that some people looked at your original post and thought "Troll". I'd rather believe that you are an internet beginner and not aware of how your post looked.

    I've had my CTS for almost 6 years. It's been exceptional, except for a few sensors which were repaired under warranty. It's my wife's daily driver and I wouldn't trust her safety to anything but a reliable car.

    Retirement means keeping a car a little longer, but I would not hesitate in getting a new CTS in about a year. I hope your problems are resolved.
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