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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • Perhaps you don't remember starting the whole thing by calling my original post a ____ in the wind? My reaction might have been a bit overboard, but remember I was and still am stressing about what is going to happen with my CTS. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Picked up my CTS Saturday, February 2nd.... I had ordered it on December 28th.
    Have the DI engine, performance collection, luxury level one, sunroof, spare tire, high polished wheels and wood trim packages. I had the dealer install the side molding and tint the windows. A great looking car inside and out.

  • Great looking car, I hope you have much better luck with it than I have mine.
  • Hey if anybody has a 2008 CTS that has actually been trouble-free, please let us know about it here and how long you have had your car. We have had alot of negative input here. I am curious if all the new CTS cars are having issues.
  • I have had my 2008 CTS since OCT 07. It is fully loaded, minus AWD, with 8500 miles on it. I have had no problems whatsoever with it, and love driving it! :)
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,279
    There's a guy from Vegas (thebug, I think) who has one of the new ones after driving one of the originals for several years. He's happy as can be, last I heard.

    You've got to realize that people come to these boards, mostly, before the acquisition to get information and after only if they're having trouble. The vast majority get the car they want & we never hear another word because they're out enjoying it & not hanging around on these boards.

    They (unlike people like me, it appears) actually have a life.
  • In September I took delivery of an AWD, DI, all the toys. It has approx 5.5k miles and no problems, rattles, squeaks, etc. - which is much more than I can say about my last 3 Audis....
  • I have my CTS fully loaded AWD,DI,all the options and not a hint of anything wrong,it,s got about 2800 miles on it and running perfect.I love the car,I picked it up on Nov 13th.If you are thinking of getting one don,t worry its a great car.Driving over the streets of NYC,and no rattles sqeaks its amazing.
  • j4mstj4mst Posts: 1
    Ordered my CTS Oct 19th 08 car was delivered Jan 04 08 3.6 SFI, PDQ, Auto
    White Diamond W/ spare tire. I have been watching this forum since before my
    purchase. I would like to respond to some of the postings by saying after 50 +
    years of auto purchasing it is not uncommon to have some minor or major
    problems with a first year production. However after looking at the competition
    I do not find any other vehicle that can compare to the CTS '08 the ergonomics
    are far superior to its closet competitor,performance is on par with the best. It
    remains Cadillac all the way. It most certinaly is not a European Sports car it is
    however one of the most adept at finding the middle of the performance road to
    Sport and Luxury. I have 1200 miles no problems other than a heated seat function
    problem that is being taken care of by the dealer who is replacing my fuel used to
    come in for service. :) :) :) :) :) The only other thing I can say is WOW Great
  • I've been lurking watching the events of this unfold. I think all of us here really hope that your dealership and Cadillac get to some resolution everyone can agree to. One thing for sure is that issues like this aren't limited to Cadillac or GM. My mother had been driving Lexus ES cars for some time now and she had purchased the 2007 model last year. That car was an absolutely nightmare of gremlins...mostly resulting in the car refusing to start in her own garage. After being towed to the Lexus dealership five times and have no luck with the service solutions, the dealership made arrangements to get her into another vehicle. By this time the 2008s had shown up, and that's what she moved into. No problems with the current car.

    Usually manufacturers have policies about how to handle the most serious issues that try to balance customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness. After all, drop shipping a 3.6L DI engine for your car isn't exactly a walk in the park. What helps in the process is not just being persistant (and not a jerk at the same time), but also having a dealership willing to go to bat for you. There are two Caddy dealerships in my town. The one I go to treats me like gold, regardless of why I'm there. They all my name (and all their regular customers names), from the receptionist to the owner, who always makes it a point to stop what he's doing and say hi to me. They remember what's going on in my life and ask about my family. They never try to spend their time selling me a car....they know when I'm ready, I'll come to them. And their service managers are all the same people for the last fifteen+ years I've been there. If there is an issue with my car, I know they will tell me the truth and not just try to do what's profitable. I have no doubt that they would go to bat for me with GM if something like what you're going through happened to me.

    Bottom line is that if you feel your dealership isn't serving you well, let them know and look for others. If it's GM, make sure the dealership is pulling every string they can. The last thing they want is the loss of a customer, much less to a competitor. When that happens, odds are the customer is gone for good.
  • Still no news. Mine is actually the 3.6VVT engine, so you would think it would be more reliable. Talked to the service manager this afternoon. Still no word from the Cadillac rep on what is going to happen. Evidently with GM the area rep has the say so on major things. Service manager says they are going to have to replace the engine, they know what is wrong with it ( water in 2 cylinders,) but can't see a way that it is getting there. Head gasket was not blown, head isn't cracked, the only thing they can come up with is that block has a porous casting, letting the water in. Says he hopes to know someting tomorrow, but that is what he said about today also. If he gets the ok to replace the engine he thinks he can have one here early next week, and the car back to us maybe by the end of the week. If that time frame holds, that means the car would have been in the shop 31 days since the first of the year. Getting me closer to the 45 day lemon law all the time. I do feel like the service manager is trying to do what is right. It all depends on the Cadillac rep, and he is the one who refused to replace the motor earlier. Service manager says that is their only choice now, but I will feel a lot better when the decision has been made. Actually I would feel a lot better if they would just give me another car, but that ain't going to happen. :lemon:
  • Wow, that seems like a pretty quick delivery time. I ordered my CTS November 24 I was told 6-8 weeks. I call my dealer weekly and am being told they don't have a build date yet. I ordered mine Black Raven in color with the base engine, RWD, auto, Luxury Collection, both wood packages and no sunroof. Every CTS I've ever seen has a sunroof and I was also told by another owner there may be an availability problem with the wood package for the steering wheel and gearshift. Maybe those items are causing the delay. With our winter in the east central US so far I think I should have gotten AWD too.
  • mthmth Posts: 18
    We have a 2008 CTS AWD Thunder Gray with Ebony interior.

    First, the dealer ordered touch up paint and the paint color on the touch up lists: Code 30 WA-417P Kelava Gray Met.

    The color looks like the correct color but I can find no cross reference to Cadillac's name of Thunder Gray. Can anyone verify this is the correct color. I believe the option code is 30U but I can't find the paint code on the car.

    Second, so far (760 miles) we absolutely love this car. We did have a strange hiccup with the transmission, but my wife is not really sure what the sequence of events was and it hasn't happened again. It is taking getting used to having a car with no body side moldings (it looks beautiful, but those lazy people who don't put away shopping carts and think doors are for dinging are giving me nightmares!)

    After three new Volvos over the past ten years, it is nice so far to have a rattle free car that is absolutely gorgeous and comfortable INSIDE and OUT!!!!
  • Sounds like something is wrong. Maybe your dealer doesn't have an allocation for a CTS and that is what is keeping it from being picked up. I ordered my :lemon: in mid September and it was delivered Oct 30th. I know the wood wheel and gearshift were orginally constrained, but I thought they got that taken care of. I would go back and talk to whoever takes care of special orders at the dealrship. They can find out why it hasn't been picked up for a build yet. Also, if it hasn't been picked up for building yet, they can probably add the AWD to the car. I know we changed the option package on ours just before it was scheduled for build. Anyway something is definetly wrong either with the factory or your dealer. 2 and a half months and no build date yet is nnot right.
  • Update 1-5-08,service manager just called, Cadillac finally approved a new engine. Should have it installed and the Cadillac back to us by the end of next week, maybe a little sooner depending on where the engine had to come from. A little happier about the situation now, it only took Caddy two weeks to decide to do what they should have done oirginally.
  • You must have a dealer problem.... I originally ordered a CTS November 28th and it was set to be delivered December 28th. The dealer screwed up the order so I got my deposit back and went to another dealer the next day December 29th and ordered another CTS. I took deleviery of that car on Saturday February 2nd. You may need to check with another dealer
  • I ordered my CTS and picked it up on 28 Dec.

    Last Friday I went to start the vehicle and it didn't turn over (no crank).

    I used Onstar which forwarded me to Cadillac Roadside Assistance (CRA). CRA asked me for a phone number, to which I said "I've got Onstar". They said "We don't have access to that, do you have a cell phone?" It seems that GM doesn't quite have the whole thing planned out perfectly yet.

    Anyway, after I finished with CRA, I gave the CTS yet another try, and this time it fired up. I drove home with the groceries, and as I walked in the door, the home phone rang. It was CRA telling me about the tow vehicle that was en route. I explained that after unloading the perishables I intended on dropping off the car, but thanks.

    The dealer gave me an '08 CTS loaner, which was nice. It was pretty basic in terms of equipment, as expected. I hadn't driven the base suspension in awhile, and there is a marked difference between it and the FE3. Surprising, even. Pretty Soft. Also, since it was a rental, I didn't feel the need to spare the RPM. The base engine (non DI) really does have pretty decent push.

    I picked up my car today. It was all tied to an insufficiently grounded cable.

    Here's the good news: There was a service bulletin on it. This alone speaks volumes about Quality.

    It wasn't where the Dealer Tech's said "Well, we looked at it and it turns out that the assembler must've been drunk".

    It was evidence of statiscal based, process-controlled manufactured environment. Their manufacturing engineers knew (unfortunately, after the fact) that a subset of their vehicles didn't pass mustard due to a process in their manufacturing flow. But they've updated their manufacturing process to address shortfalls.

    I've accepted that purchaseing a vehicle very early in the manufacturing flow means you're more suspect to some problems. But after 6 weeks, and 1K miles, this was it. Some would not accept this, but I loved the car and had to have one.

    Hats off to GM. Even with the slight inconvenience, it's been worth it, and I love the ride.
  • Consumer Reports gives the CTS a good rating... Considering they have always been anti-US cars... They rate the TL and G35 better... they just couldn't get pass their bias against American cars.

    From their on line article.

    Upscale sports sedans: American dream--
    Cadillac gives its German rivals a wake-up call

    BMW 328i
    Cadillac CTS
    Mercedes-Benz C300
    Saab 9-3

    BMW and Mercedes-Benz have long been considered by many to set the standard in the sport-sedan category. But this month a newly redesigned Cadillac outscored cars from both of the German automakers in our 2008 upscale sport sedan review, earning high marks for agility, powertrain, and refinement.

    The 2008 Cadillac CTS beat out the BMW 328i and the redesigned Mercedes-Benz C300 in our upscale sport-sedan group. It also outscored the freshened Saab 9-3 (all available to subscribers).

    While the CTS vaults past most competitors, the Infiniti G35 and Acura TL still outscore it and lead the 2008 upscale sport sedan class in our Ratings
  • With all due respect. replaceing an engine should never be an option on this new of a car. Do what i was famous for. Tie lemons on a string and run it across the top and sides of your car. park it legally in front of the dealer. Let the dealer get involved in pushing for a new car for you. Every prospective buyer will want to hear your story before they walk in the show room and look at the CTS. Trust me this works. the car is hot right now.
    My Fuel pump went on my car with 200 miles on it.
    I held a big sign that said...The real question is"when you turn your car on. DOES IT START????
    They gave me oil changes and wheel alignments for the life of my lease.
    Give them Hell
  • The look of them on the grill is awesome. However they are really not bright enough. can they be replaced with bright bulps within specs?
  • The look of them on the grill is awesome. However they are really not bright enough. can they be replaced with bright bulbs within specs?
  • Well guess what? My salesman called me today and said the car was "in the system." He couldn't give me a build date and said it would be another six weeks! :mad: I don't want to burn bridges with this dealer just yet but it sounds like it never got put in right or something and they're covering themselves. They have two CTS's in stock but I don't care for the options and or colors, One of them they've had since around the 1st of November at least so they're not as scarce as they want you to believe. Most people seem to be getting theirs in 4-5 weeks. I'll be going to the Chicago Auto Show in a few days and will talk to a Cadillac rep to see what's going on. If I could find one with the right color and options at a nearby dealership I would buy it the same day.
  • I'm not sure it's a dealer issue. I think it has a lot to do with the option that you ordered on the car. I got mine loaded up with every option. I think this is why mine has taken so long to get entered into the system. I ordered mine on the 12 of Dec and didn't see it in the system until Jan 24th. I stopped at the dealer on the 18th to check the status of my order and at that point they informed me that the car that was ordered prior to mine just received a build date of the 21st. The nice thing about it is once you have a build date it about a week out. The lucky person that had the build date of the 21st, picked there new car on Sat the 26th. Now I'm only a few hrs from the plant, so I'm sure that cut's time off the overall cycle time.

    Now for the good new, on Jan 29th I did receive my build date of 2-11-2008. I just can't wait..... Good Luck with yours :shades:
  • I have just ordered a White CTS as well and want to add the door guards. Do you remember how much extra your dealer charged to add the door guards? Thanks for your help.
  • I called Cadillac a couple of days ago and they said it was scheduled to be built the week of Feb 18. It's nice to get somewhat of a concrete date. I can't wait for mine either! :)
  • mthmth Posts: 18
  • mthmth Posts: 18
    Anybody? :confuse:
  • They didn't itimize the side molding on the paper work but I think they were between $300-400.
  • My new engine has arrived at the dealership and they should start putting it in tomorrow ( Mon). I hope that this is the beginning of the end of this nightmare, and not the beginning of another chapter. Saw the CTS on Friday afternoon, it was pretty sickening, the car on a lift and the motor, transmission, entire front suspension, exhaust system laying on the floor underneath. I hope the technicians are sharp enough to put it back together right. They seemed pretty confident. Dealership said it will take at least two days to get it back together, they want the mechanic to take his time, then the car will have to be realigned, and the service manager wants to drive it himself for a day, so maybe I will have it back by the end of the week. I just want to let everyone know that I think GM totally left me hanging on this one. They should have at the very least immediately approved a new engine,instead they initially wanted to repair the old one. The dealership finally told them there was no way to repair the old one. With as much noise as they make about satisfaction and customer service a new car would not have been out of the question. Boils down to you can't change a zebra's stripes. It is still the same old GM doing business the same way. They can talk the talk but don't walk the walk. No wonder Toyota is kicking their [non-permissible content removed]. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Maybe they were a tad slow but it looks to me like GM handled it just as they should. You can't really expect them to put in a complete new engine at I'm guessing, 10K when they need to be sure it really needs a new engine. Since you are so down on them and it is such a popular car maybe you should just cut your losses and sell it now why it is hot. If you didn't pay sticker for it you may be able to get near all your money out of it and then go by your Toyota as I think this car has given you a bad taste in your mouth and you will never be happy with it. :sick:
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