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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • I disagree. I believe rcantwell only had 2,800 miles on his car. He has been very very understanding in my book. I would have pushed for no less than a new car under the lemon law and sued Cadillac if necessary including for the time I was making payments and for the rental car if they refused to declare it a lemon. I would have a cow , simply be horrified, and on a mission, if I were told that I have to let a bunch of techs tear the engine and transmission out of my brand new car at such low mileage. And all the while, I'm supposed to make payments???..... I don't think so. Simply unacceptable. I think any judge would agree. New cars are not supposed to have to get a heart transplant. And I agree with dmathews3. If I could not get it declared a lemon. I would sell the car on ebay and buy something else new that doesn't need a heart transplant.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    I sincerely hope this works out well for you, and I think it may.

    It comes down to the pride and competence of the mechanics who are replacing the engine, and it sounds like they are on the right track. They work for a Cadillac dealership and probably have seen that the CTS is the flagship for all of GM at the moment. You need to know that, while an engine swap looks like a Mongolian cluster event to the uninitiated, it's business as usual for those who do it for a living.

    In my industry, gas turbine engines are torn down in a few hours & put back together with different instrumentation on a regular basis. Over and over (& over again). It's all about the person doing the hands-on work. We have some excellent mechanics where I work, and I'll bet this dealership does too.

    Try to look at the upside, given that you've had a couple of weeks to absorb all this. This dealership and the service department knows you well by now (for better or worse) and, if you work it right, you could be treated very very well over the next years. If I were you, I'd try to have some quality one-on-one time with the mechanic (or mechanics) after they're finished to thank them for doing what GM should have done in the first place.

    Companies make money (hopefully), but people make (& fix) cars. I wish I had a mechanic I knew well at my dealership.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I don't disagree with you or rcantwell, but like it or not he hasn't met the Lemon Law as of yet in any state that I know of. Has to be in the shop for the SAME problem so many days or usually they have 3 tries to fix the SAME problem. If it was my car I would be hopping mad to and the first thing I would want to do is peddle it off as fast as I could while it is a hot product and may get most or even all monies from it. The dealer at the least should step up to the plate and make him a deal he can't refuse.
  • I'm hoping to trade my '06 CTS for an ' get one equipped the way I want, it looks like I'll have to order it.

    I've got an '06 CTS, 3.6, black on black, luxury package(heated seats, leather, home link, etc), sunroof, standard tires, 22,500 miles, exellent condition with an original sticker of $37,445. The '08 that I will order has a sticker of $40,635.

    So far, I have two dealer dealer wants $19,500 to trade and a second dealer wants a trade differece of $20,400. Although I am strictly a novice, both of these quotes seem to be way to much of a trade difference.

    I would appreciate any of your thoughts on what a reasonable trade differnce might be. I would really like to have an '08 but this may not be the right time to get it?
  • If I get the car back this coming Friday, it will have been in the shop for 30 days since the first of the year. Lemon law says 45 days in the first year, so I may get to that point. For your information, the car had 1500 miles on it when the problem first occurred, has 1800 on it now. We will see what happens. The service manager mentioned making a payment on the car for me, and free lifetime oil changes and tire rotations. I will see what I can get them to agree to when the car is back on the road, noticed I didn't say fixed, I don't know if that is possible. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • dude, or rc if you prefer, your story is well documented here. Can you just layoff using the lemon icon over and over in every single post?
    Holy chit man. Any reasonable person feels for you and your situation. You are a minority for sure. Cadillac is not pumping out lemons. These new cars are awesome. Sorry about yours. Hopefully when you buy that Toyota that you dream of, yours isn't one that has an oil sludge problem in the engine that happens to more than a few.
    Please take your tax rebate/loan and go go buy that Toyota, support their economy, deal with their customer service and be sure to let us know then that there is no safe car buying option in the world.

  • Actually on Friday when I was at the dealership checking on my car there was another 08 CTS in the bay next to mine. It had 196 miles on it. I asked the mechanic working on mine what the trouble with it was. He said all the electronics, dash, radio, etc would just suddenly quit and then come back on. Don't know if they got it fixed or not. So, mine is not the only CTS having troubles. Maybe Cadillac is pumping out lemons. My dealership has sold eight of them ( all they have been able to get) and two out of eight are having problems. :lemon: :lemon:
  • As many of you may have seen, '08 CTS has been turning up in the premium collections to Avis and Enterprise (in some areas). I'm on a business trip to Boston right now and managed to get a white '08 CTS for a couple of days to test drive one away from doing a limited dealer test drive. This is a brand new vehicle right off the truck...just 5 miles on the odometer and the protective stickers were still on the HVAC readouts. :) And for all of you waiting patiently for your CTS orders, all the cars are Avis are base model DI engines, no sunroofs, no Nav systems (pity), base radios, automatic transmission cars. It does look like the seating package was included since the car has heated seats....very useful for the freezing cold of Boston right now.

    So far, the car has been good out of the gate. All the time I spent in the dealership in this car allowed me to get a good seating position in a short time (not easy when you're my size). The leg room is killer in this car for people who are vertically Shaq. The wheel tilts and telescopes nicely although I wouldn't have minded another half inch of travel outward. Instrumentation is a leap above my last CTS and the '05 SRX I currently own. The tri-cluster readouts are all focused toward the same point in space...a nice touch.

    Without the hard drive, the pause button on the radio just functions as a mute switch. And although there is a visiable EQ setting for the radio, you can't get to it with the base model. Otherwise the radio performs as advertised with XM radio standard (and working in my rental).

    Power from the base engine is adequate..much like my original '03 car except the engine seems to make a lot less fuss to do anything versus that old Catera engine. One thing for sure...this car is a lot quieter than the old model, and it seems to be just as solid as that car too, if not more so. No weird squeeks or rattles, even going over the rutted streets of suburban Boston. And speaking of suspension, this car has the base package and wheels so I'm not going to try anything interesting, especially in Boston streets that still have ice patches around. But everything seems to be well damped and controlled. Very reassuring....

    More later...
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Thanks for posting that, 7'0".
    I am spending a weekend in San Diego next month -
    and may try to rent a new CTS.
    What is Avis charging?
    Did you reserve a 'Premium Collection' car?
    A CTS, specifically?
    - Ray
    Averse to tiny rent-a-cars...
    2016 BMW 340i
  • Thanks for the post. You always provide good information.
  • After owning a fully loaded 08 CTS and getting the Avis version with the vinyl seats its like getting ina ford focus. They could have went better than the 34K base, gezzzz
  • Thanks for the heads-up. I'm a current BMW owner, with the CTS on my short list.
    I've been looking at the car for months, and one thing I took note of, was a sales manager at my local Caddy dealership, during his pitch to me early last fall, strongly assured me that Cadillac would NOT be placing the new CTS in rental fleets of any kind. He said Cadillac wanted to take the extra step to protect this car/brand from any extra depreciation. Either he was completely blowing smoke, knowing what vehicle I was in, or Cadillac decided to put the base car in, and not the DI engine and other upgrades.

    As far as problems with first year production of the CTS, it happens. I feel for anyone that experiences problems with their car, because that's the only one that matters. From what I've gathered over this model year, it's in the minority. From memory, there seemed to be many more problems the first year of the redesigned 5 series(2004). The first year of the current 7 series(2002) is probably one of the worst BMW's ever built. Any Bimmer service advisor would agree.

    I'm still a couple of months away from purchasing. We'll see where pricing is, and if there would be anything significant with the '09's that would make me wait through the summer. I've really appreciated all the input in this forum.
  • I've encountered a showstopper. I'm looking at the CTS with AWD, and realized that there appears to be absolutely no way to put 4 pairs of skis in, or on this car. My old Audi A4 could do it..heck, most cars these days can at least mount an external rack. Not apparently the CTS....... question is, has anyone found a rack or carrier for this car that takes 4 pairs of skis?
  • What Avis is charging me is probably not what you will get. I work for a major software goliath that has excellent rates with Hertz and Avis so your mileage will definitely vary. I'm not sure Avis has a "premium collection" like Hertz but it doesn't seem to be that hard to get a CTS is your location has them. The Boston airport location had literally just gotten them off the truck the day before and there were 5 on the lot...I may have been the first one to rent one period from this place.

    You can specify a specific model with your Avis reservation so they can hold the car for you when you arrive. I'd try that since if you just ask for a Cadillac, you will probably get a DTS first rather than a CTS. It's still possible you might get a '07 model since its not uncommon for rental companies to have a car in the fleet for 24 months, but I didn't see any '07 CTS's on the lot in Boston.
  • I don't mind the leatherette seats in the rental so much since they opted up for the heated seats. Frankly, the current Caddy leatherette seats in the CTS are worlds better than some real leather seats I've had in Cadillacs of old. I had to have some leather in a driver's seat replaced in my '91 Deville several years ago when I had that car, the and replacement leather was far better than the crappy factory.
  • The light piping on the inside of the car at night is cool without being annoying. So are the rest of the interior lights. It would be nice if the gearshift had a lighted display (you do see your gear selection in the gauges in front of you below the tachometer).

    The car did pretty well on fresh snow tonight in Boston, but I only drove 2 miles on it.

    I personally like the dark ebony interior vs. the tan interior...just a little too light for my tastes...but my rental car is Pearl White so the color is appropriate.

    My coworker who owns a BMW X5 really liked the car and complimented it while we drove to dinner. He also remembered the car positively from the current Cadillac TV ad campaign, so I guess the ads are working.

    Rainsense wipers didn't seem to work in the snow even though the system was on. Strange...

    I'd swear the trunk opening is smaller than my old CTS...maybe its just an illusion.

    With the front drivers seat properly adjusted for my legs, there is just enough leg room for my 20 mo. old daughter but not for my oversized 4 year old son. Still, I can live with that. In many ways, I would personally like the upcoming coupe since nobody full sized is going to sit behind me anyway.
  • Well, they have the engine in my car, it isn't hooked up to anything yet, driveshaft, front suspension, etc, but the mechanic says he will have it completely installed tonight, running romorrow morning, Line the front end, recharge the airconditioner, test drive and back to us tomorrow afternoon. I am no car mechanic, but I do work maintenance in a gasoline refinery and it looks to me like he is being very optomistic. I would think more like maybe Friday afternoon at the earliest, but we'll see.
  • In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned an 08 CTS in the same shop as mine with electronic problems. It was still there this afternoon, with the console and one of the seats out of it. I didn't question my mechanic too much about it, but he did confirm that it only had 196 miles on it, and that this problem happened after the owners had it only a week. He said that the buyers refused to keep the car and that GM now owned it again. If only my engine problems had happened earlier maybe I could have done the same thing.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Didn't you say in an earlier post that the service manager was supposed to drive it for a day or so to see if all is well. If you have a loaner car it may be a good idea to have him drive it for a day or so. If not at least take it on an extended test drive before returning their car in case you find something wrong. Take it on the highway up to 70, take your hands off the wheel to make sure it tracks straight after they aligned the front end. Try the air conditioner if you live where it is possible, go through the gears, check everything, heat, wipers, radio, headlights, and just plain everything to make sure all was hooked back up as it should have been and good luck. Remember, if they have been in business for a long time they have replaced many engines and what looks impossible to us should be a piece of cake for them.
  • Yeah, the service manager did say he was going to drive it for a day. I wasn't talking to him today, just went in the back and was talking to the mechanic that is actually working on it. It was good to actually see the engine and the car as one again, but the suspension wasn't hooked up among other things. I will definetly test out everything I can think of, including the on-star and will have on-star run a diagnostic check on it as soon as I get it back. They diagnosed the miss in the first place. The mechanic said nothing should have changed on the front alignment, he showed me where they didn't mess with any of the alignment adjustments, but they are going to check it to be sure. The AC may have to wait for a while to get a good test, I live in southern Oklahoma, 60's today, but dropping into 30's for highs on Friday and Saturday. One good thing for me anyway was the other 08 CTS sitting right next to mine with the electronic problems. The mechanic said he had referred to it several times to make sure he was getting the pulleys, wiring routed right etc on mine. That is a plus anyway. Thaks for the good wishes, if everything is not as it should be I certainly know their number and the way to the dealership by now. Hopefully I won't be visiting it anytime soon.
  • Can some explain how to turn the rainsence wipers option off? I drove my new CTS through a car wash and almost broke the wiper blades. I'm sure it's a simple procedure but the manuel doesn't seem to explain clearly how to turn this on and off. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • If you haven't already received an answer then this will be timely. Otherwise please excuse the redundancy of my reply.

    Simply click the wiper arm down one click from the rainsense setting. In my '08 CTS the rainsense feature is only engaged when I push the wiper control up one click from the starting point.

    Good luck!
  • Well, the CTS is back on the road. Went by the dealership and the mechanic had it out test driving it. Service manager is going to drive it home tonight and around town some tomorrow. Didn't get to talk to the mechanic, but the other Cadillac mechanic was there and he said it started right up with no problems, no rough idle either, before when you first started after sitting for a while it idled really rough, burning the water out of the cylinders I guess. Both these mechanics work on almost nothing but Cadillac's and one is in his mid forties and the other in the mid thirties, and they both went to work for the dealership right out of trade school.Means they have been at the same dealership for at least 15 years or more each. Anyway if nothing crops up the dealership is going to clean the inside, wash it and wax it and basically do another new delivery on it. We should get it back tomorrow afternoon, that is 30 days in the shop since Dec 31st. I'll post more after we have a chance to drive it some, but the older mechanic said he thought it was going to be alright.
  • Hello,

    I'm wondering if some one could help me with my question.
    I have a 08 CTS with less than 2K miles on it. During smooth acceleration, after car shifts to 2nd ( ? or 3rd) gear at about 2K RPM/40 mi/hr, I hear a subtle knocking sound, similar to spark plug knocking sound. I do not think it is due to gas grade, because the car is being run exclusively on Shell V-power.

    I called my dealer to have him look at this issue. He told me that "this is normal for direct fuel injection engine to make that type of noise". The knocking disappears with somewhat more aggressive acceleration.

    Is it true that CTS's direct fuel injection "knocking" sound is a norm? Does anybody else hear this sound?

    I'd appreciate your feedback
  • It`s been a while since I have bought a car. Is it customary for the dealer to charge a $500 Doc (processing )fee? Just wondering. Thanks.
  • Keep in mind that the person who does this paper work chore, gets paid at the most, $15 per hour, and the paperwork is done in batches. Let's be charitable, and say that she/he spends an hour at the DMV, processing the paper work on your vehicle. Factor in her/his benefits, dealer overhead, you might get $30 per hour - where does that leave you? The "stealership" is ripping you off to the tune of $450+. I think CA has a limit of $50 on these fees.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    We have a discussion in Smart Shopper devoted to Documentation Fees. There may be some info there that would interest you.

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  • lwittlwitt Posts: 7
    I have been installing body side moldings for 30 years now. The newest ones (instended for 2004 and up) are also currently available in a paint to match, and a vinyl close match is available, although this vinyl one is about half the price, most people want the painted version. Just about any car/truck is available, and the product can be drop shipped and has user freindly instructions.
  • lwittlwitt Posts: 7
    I have been installing body side moldings for 30 years now. The newest ones (intended for 2004 and up) are also currently available in a paint to match, and a vinyl close match is available, although this vinyl one is about half the price, most people want the painted version. Just about any car/truck is available, and the product can be drop shipped and has user freindly instructions.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    ". . .they have been at the same dealership for at least 15 years or more each."

    I'm thinking your car will be just fine after this sad episode -- at least I hope so.

    Good luck.
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