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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    Re: #2293 by Karen S.

    Not sure I understand the post. Caddy has cancelled the convertible but as far as I am aware the coupe is still on schedule for Spring 09. Have you seen something to the contrary?
  • srynsryn Posts: 27
    For any who have the AWD version of the CTS, does that feature in any way limit/reduce/encroach on any legroom inside the CTS cabin as compared to the non-AWD version?

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I just replaced my '03 CTS with a new '08 CTS. I was planning to order an '09 for delivery later in the summer, but I walked into my favorite dealership and my saleslady said she had just received a new car in trade from another dealer and it outfitted exactly as I had discussed with her for the future order, and it would qualify for the $1,000 loyalty rebate, so how could I refuse. It's a great car, but I have run into two problems.

    When I tried to program the garage door opener I could not get it to work, and then I discovered the process had apparently disable my other clickers, including my wife's. Now I will have to wait until monday to see about correcting the problem. Luckily my outside key and inside button still operate the door.

    The other problem is that my memory seat, which moves back to the exit position when I open the car door, also moves forward to the driving position as soon as I open the door from the outside and before I have a chance to sit down, making it very hard to get into the seat. On the '03 it waited until I put the key in the ignition.

    Did anyone else have either of these problems? and how did you solve them?
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The description in the original report was CTS coupe convertible. Not Coupe/convertible. Only the convertible version of the coupe was dropped, not the hard top coupe. The coupe is still in line for production.

    I hope this clears it up.
  • srynsryn Posts: 27
    When is the Coupe expected to be available?
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    All reports I have seen indicate Spring of 2009, some have said May 2009. It can't be soon enough for me.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    It seems to me that if you like to "lead foot" your car, you will do it with any engine. But the point of my post is to point out that performance wise, Car&Driver did not find much difference between the base engine and the DI engine. The DI engine has a bit more torque, mainly in the 4000 to 6000 RPM range. Either engine has good performance which would lead one to "lead foot" it if one is so inclined. The DI engine does make the northstar V8 less needfull, but the CTS does not offer the V8 in any case.
  • The AWD and the non-awd have the exact same interior dimensions. I will say though that unless your in extreme weather conditions the non-awd is more than you need, just get the performance package with the limited slip differential.
  • dennisa50dennisa50 Posts: 1
    I also had the problem programming the universal home link buttons to open my garage door. I haven’t resolved that issue yet, but the Memory seat problem you are having can be corrected by changing a setting in the Driver Information Center (the buttons on the dash to the left of the steering wheel). Take a look at your owner’s manual under DIC Customization. There are a lot of settings you can change to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I resolved both problems on Sunday.

    I got out the instructions for the garage door opener and found out that by holding the learn button on the opener for more than a couple of seconds I wiped out the programming for the clickers, so I had to re-program them. Then I programmed the car's button from one of the clickers as per the instructions in the car owner's manual instead of from the separate instruction sheet given to me by the sales person.

    I changed the DIC setting for the seat to not respond to the door opening, so now I can get into the seat and then push the button on the door to move the seat into the driving position.

    Now I would like to know if anyone knows how I can remove those ugly instruction strips that are affixed to the sun shades. On the '03 it just peeled off, but it seems to be attached much more securely on this car.
  • mike241mike241 Posts: 5
    There is less legroom in the AWD version than in the non-AWD version.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I agree that the AWD has less leg room. Sit in both to see for yourself.
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I think that they don't want it removed , which is why it is so difficult .
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Congrats on your new CTS, Bingoman. What color did you get?

    My wife is only driving 1/2 mile one way to work, so our CTS mileage is pretty much at a standstill. I'll probably hang on to the 03 for another year. Since we live in the midwest, my wife wants AWD for the few days when we have bad snow storms in the winter.

    Good luck and keep us informed on your experiences with the new CTS. I trust your opinions along with those of sevenfeet0.

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    White Diamond with a Cashmere interior. I think this is the first time I ever bought a car with same colors as my previous car.

    I picked it up Saturday so I have not yet put 100 miles on it. I can't believe how smooth and quiet it rides. There is a street near me with a series of cracks and ridges that really made the '03 rattle, but this car hardly noticed them. Next month I will be going out to Vegas to see the kids so I will have a chance to see how it handles on the freeway. In the meantime I need to put some mileage on the car as they say not to drive over 70 for the first 500 miles.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    Speaking of colors, has anyone seen a CTS finished in Sunset Blue? I think I have seen all of the colors except that one and it does not reproduce at all well on the website. It does not seem to be very popular. Is it one of those paints that changes tone as you change your angle of view?
  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    I saw one when I was shopping for a car . The color changes with the backgound and reflection of the environment .
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Looking forward to the report on your drive to Vegas.
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    First of all, I just wanted to announce that I just ordered a 2009 CTS DI RWD tonight. Thunder Grey ChromaFlair Exterior with Lt. Titanium interior. I am looking for suggestions for a real brushed aluminum dash trim kit to fit over the factory plastic on the center console, doors, and hopefully steering wheel. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!
  • jgaffney1jgaffney1 Posts: 41
    My only suggestion is to leave it alone. Aftermarket anything still looks aftermarket.
    The car is beautiful as is...congrats and enjoy it!
  • dabennysdabennys Posts: 1
    Thunder Grey ChromaFlair is an excellent color! When you ordered your 09 CTS, was there a price increase from 08? And do you know if it is it too late to order an 08?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You're almost 2 months to late for a 08
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    I have heard there will be a price increase. The dealer does not know yet how much. The agreement I have with the dealer is that I will pay any increases (above my agreed upon price). On the other hand I will be entitled to any dealer cash, incentives, rebates, etc. that may be available at that time (as if!). I ordered the Consumer Reports electronic "car buying kit" so I can keep track of these kinds of things, including dealer holdback, etc which is how I arrived at my negotiated price in the first place. The kit is good for 3 months of online access. I expect the vehicle in either late August or September. The wait is killing me, maybe I will take up smoking to keep my mind off of it. ;>
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    I hear you, all aftermarket wood style kits I have seen are not attractive to me. Even the factory wood on most cars in this and lower classes does not look great. The best I have seen is the Rosewood on the Infinity M35; I like it because it has less sheen and therefore looks more real to me. The effect falls apart at the ashtray cover where it is curved around and wraps under - real wood, even veneer does not do that...ahh well. Only solid wood could be carved this way, and the cover is definitely not constructed of solid wood.

    This is the reason I am looking for "real" honest to goodness aluminum, not simulated graphic style aluminum. I love what Cadillac did with the interior, but let's face it guys and gals, the bean counters are still alive and well. The painted metal look plastic looks like painted plastic, and the door switchgear is cheap. The bottom door panel pockets are cheap feeling (and sticky inside - what this is all about I do not know). also, I do not like the way the outside mirror selector switch glows orange 24/7. Ok, my gripes are done with, I really love the car in spite of these interior issues. Congrats to Cadillac and GM for heading in the right direction!

    So, I still am interested in pursuing a possible upgrade to the silver colored plastic, but leaving the wood trim as is.

    BTW, I did order the wood packages (including the steering wheel and shifter), for some reason the high gloss finish on the wood trim for the wheel and shifter does not look cheap to me. Go figure!
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Ahh, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. That glossy finish on the steering wheel and shifter stood up very well on my '03.

    As to the orange light on the mirror switch, I also was disturbed until I found that if you pushed the same side twice it went out. So it doesn't have to glow all the time.

    I have had my first dealer fix on my two week old '08. The temperature control on the drivers side would intermittently refuse to raise or lower the temperature. It turned out to be a programming error, so the electronics tech re programmed the climate control computer and it now appears to be working properly.

    I have now passed the 500 mile break-in period and am starting to push the car a bit more, but here in LA with 35/40 mph street speeds I cannot push very hard. Just today I passed a patrol car up a side street with his radar gun pointed at traffic.
    I am beginning to think I may need a radar detector.

    I had a clear plastic mask applied to the front of the car, hood bumper, mirrors, and headlight covers, all forward faceing surfaces, for protection against stones and orther objects that scratch car paint. I had this on the '03 and I never got a mark on the car. That is, except for the guy who hit my rear bumper when I stopped for a fire engine in Phoenix.

    All in all I am very happy with the car, with the exception of the damn head rest. I am having some trouble finding a spot which gives me proper back support without having the head rest right up against the back of my head.
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    bingoman I shall sing your praises the entire time I own my CTS for that helpful hint RE. the orange light on the mirror switch. Could you tell me more about the clear plastic you had applied to the forward facing surfaces of your car, or point me to a website? Thanks!
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The mask is a 16 mil clear plastic which is laser cut to a specific pattern for each car. I had a similar mask on my '03 CTS for the past six years and never had a scratch. Except for a small amount of dirt around the edges (which could be removed with a toothbrush) it was still almost impossible to realize there was anything other than paint on the car. The installation requires pains taking care so as to not trap any bubbles, and must be carefully stretched to conform to any compound curves, so I had it installed professionally, and they did an excellent job.

    The company that did the '03 did not have a pattern for the '08 so I had to look for another to supply and install the mask on the new car. I searched on "invisible mask Van Nuys" in google and found a place called Sun Dimmers. I live in the San Fernando Valley here in sunny Southern California. If you do not live in SoCal you will have to do your own search, as the company I contacted is a local operation. Good luck in your search, and let me know how it turns out.
  • jdavis12jdavis12 Posts: 19
    I have experienced several significant problems since purchasing my '08 CTS in Sept. From the first day I have had a wobble in the steering at 75+ mph - dealer gave in and replaced the tires but that did not resolve the problem. Unfortunately, it's random, some days bad, others not so bad so of course, each time I go for a ride with the service manager, the wobble is not significant enough. Everything points to the tires but 2 sets bad??? Not likely. I also have a vibration and noise in the steering wheel at slow turns - dealer replaced rack, noise went away only to come back after a month. Also have a growl in the engine that wasn't there before and I don't have the DI or peformance package. Anyone with similar issues? I'm suffering from falling for one of the first '08's off the truck!
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    What were you doing driving at 75+ mph on the first day? The book calls for keeping the car under 70 mph for the first 500 miles. And as to that growl, have you checked the oil level?
  • jdavis12jdavis12 Posts: 19
    I babied the car for the first 1500 miles at well under 70 mph but the wobble was still noticeable at 65. I still baby the car but once past the break-in, acceleration and speed are part of the driving experience (70mph limits where I live).
    Funny you mention the oil level - I started noticing the growl after the dealer changed the oil for the first time (at 5000 miles). They used synthetic and the level is fine. Sounds like an air cleaner box or hose is unhooked - hollow growl. Sounds cool at hard acceleration but definitely not normal. Dealer can't find any problem.
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