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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Posts: 1,491
    Its not as popular as expected. There was this huge hype about it when it came out 1st, but its been collecting dust ever since. CTS on the other hand had been quite popular. Also, its easy to find a reasonably equipped CTS while STS usually come almost fully loaded at least. IMO I believe pricing is the one thing that doomed the STS. Its just too expensive. I mean come on, its a cadillac, but GM wants to push the price waayyy too close to BMW and Audi territory. Wait a sec, I think Audi's A6 is even cheaper than a similarly spec'd STS.
    That said its an incredible deal when youre looking for a used one. A used STS v6 cost almost the same as the equivalent CTS. $25k for a certified 06 STS, about the same as 06 CTS, which will you choose? Duh...
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think the new (2008) CTS has a nicer interior than the STS for the money. The first generation CTS interior was a bit too much plastic and the V6 STS was a nicer car for a few thousand more depending on options. A loaded CTS was over $40,000 in 2006. Now the loaded CTS runs a bit more.

    A used STS may be a good deal if you can find one at the price that you think it is worth. There are a lot of them on the market.
  • My name is Rob and I am new to this site. I post today because of my concern about the 2008 CTS. I absolutely love the design of the car, inside and out – there is no question that the 2008 Cadillac CTS is an award deserving car. BUT, as a driver of Japanese cars my whole driving career, I am having cold feet when it comes to purchasing an American car. Due to the many miles that I drive per year, I will have to purchase the car. Its story like this one (follow the link), that concerns me:

    This is a 2007 CTS, you would think after four years of production they would get the kinks out of the car. I ask anyone who currently owns a 08 CTS, if they have had any initial problems that may inhibit the vehicle down the road. Also, has anyone actually used the Bluetooth on the car yet?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    You can find these kinds of stories about any car. I remember one of the Car mags testing a top of the line Lexus and a lot of the time they parked it only to come back and all the windows and sun roof wide open. Got wet a number of times. Had it in the dealers like 3 times and they still couldn't fix it. At press time it still was a problem. Go over to the Toyota Camry site and listen to them cry about the 07-08 Camrys with the same hesitation problem that the government wants to do a recall for on the Tundra as it has killed some people. Or the big Toyota truck that came out a few years back and the engines were blowing up right and left. This could be a never ending back and forth posts on any cars. As a retired GM employee the cars of old could be a problem but even then, once you got the bugs out of them during warranty they ran forever and didn't rust out like foregn cars of old. It can be a gamble buying anything new but sitting back and day dreaming isn't fun either.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I'm on my second CTS, an '08. The first an '03 had its little glitches. None worth worrying about and all quickly fixed by the dealer. This one only has 1600 miles on it, but the only problem I had was a sticky temperature switch in the AC console.

    Every manufacturer has its own problems. Toyota had an engine sludge problem and Mercedes had quality complaints. BMW service prices are outrageous.

    I have been buying GM for fifty years (except for one Mustang II) and have never had a major problem. Maybe it is luck, maybe the way I drive and maintain my vehicles, but I think in the vast majority of cases it is simply good manufacturing.

    It is really not in the interest of any producer to put trash on the market, and I think American engineering is still about the best. But one has to recognize that the engineering goes into cars for the mass market and not specialty niches.

    Assembly is a different problem. Individuals do a job over and over and sometimes they make a mistake or become careless. I've had a rear universal joint with a missing bolt, and a disconnected door lock, but they were quickly fixed.

    Over all I am a satisfied purchaser of GM products,and I've had samples from almost all of the car divisions. :)
  • tribmwtribmw Posts: 3
    After 10+ years of driving Lexus/BMW's, I have decided that my next car will be a CTS. I would appreciate input on the following:

    1. What are the benefits of the DI engine? I am told 3% better fuel economy. For me the added HP is not important.

    2. We live in Southern Ohio- maybe 3-4 snows per year. Is AWD worthwhile?

    3. Any suggestions on how the different color combinations look:
    Thunder Gray/Ebony

    4. Should I find an '08 that fits my needs or order/wait for an '09?

    Thanks for any input you provide.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    2. This is a question only you can answer. Can you get along without it till they plow the roads? I love my STS AWD as it even handles better but there is I'm sure a impact on fuel mileage but I bet it isn't much. I love being able to power away from a light on a snow covered street leaving even the big 4 X 4 trucks surprised.
    3. To me the black on black would be the best, but also the hottest too. Nothing beats a clean shiny black car. But again only you can decide.
    1. Again only you can decide. My STS has the unDI engine and being a heavier car than the CTS is still powerful enough and I come from the supercar days and owned a Ford 406 tri-power, Boss Mustang etc. I would get the DI if I ordered but wouldn't let it bother me if I could find a 08 I liked for a good price if there is such a thing.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    I am new to this forum. I just purchased a new 2008 CTS after trading a 2007 Toyota Avalon that only started when it wanted to do so. I have a few questions that may have already been covered in prior posts, but I am unable to find them if they indeed were covered.

    First, does anyone know if the parts and pieces can be secured to install the Homelind transmitter. I have to believe that all is required in the transmitter, the buttons, and the cover plate. Once it is hooked up to a 12v power source and a ground it should be good to go. In any case, I would like to do so.

    Second, I live in PA but the dealer obtained my CTS from WV. As a result the front license plate mounting frame was already installed and rivited to the front bumper. I would like to have it removed. Years ago Honda had painted plugs for just such a purpose. Does anyone know is such plugs exist or will the bumper have to be repaired or replaced.

    Third, I have a slight vibration in sunroof. Has anyone had any experience with this issue and more importantly, how was it resolved.

    Thanks for you time and patience with me as a new poster.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Although I had to act quickly, I still did my research before buying the new CTS which I love. Car & Driver did a comparison of the both engines and stated: "For 90% of daily driving the two sedans behave like fraternal twins." They are exactly the same from 0 to 30 mph and to 60 mph the standard engine is .4 seconds slower. At the quarter mile the standard engine was .3 seconds and 3 mph slower. As far as colors go, obvioulsy that is a personal choice. I chose Black/Ebony because I did not wan another light color interior. Lastly, here in Western PA I would not even think about a car without either front wheel or all wheel drive. If you only need it once, it is worth it in my opinion.
  • rcantwellrcantwell Posts: 77
    My 08 has the non DI engine, and it has plenty of power for me. Noproblem pasing or with highway acceleration. Currently getting around 27 28 mpg if I keep my foot out of it onthe highway.
    AWD? don't know here in southern Oklahoma there isn't much need for it.
    Color? Mine is goldmist with cashmere interior and I love it. Really dusty around here so a dark color wasn't for me. The Thundr Gray with ebony would appeal to me though.
    Caddy was running so great interest rates on the o8, don't know if those have expired yet or not. All depends if you want the best new options, or can live with the 08 options.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    2.5% price increase from 08 to 09 and no incentives (yet) for the 09. If you can find an 08 you like, be as coy as you can be with the dealer, but buy it.

    As far as the engine is concerned, you will need timing lights or a stopwatch to tell the difference in performance. Fuel economy--is $1000 price differential worth a 3% (less than 1 mpg) differential?
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    This topic is slowly morphing into a discussion (comparison) of both model years. Any way to change the topic title to 2008/2009 Cadillac CTS?
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I just drove identically equipped CTS, except for the engine. (automatic, pdw, pdr) The one with DI might have been quicker side by side, but I could not tell the difference on my drives, which were about ten miles each.

    For 3 to 4 snows a year, I think traction control is sufficient. In my younger years I lived in PA and owned several Chrysler 300 letter series (300 to 400 hp) with traction control. I never had a problem in the snow.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    From what I have read the DI engine is noisy, mainly at high power. At cruise the engine is quiet. This may be worth checking on test drives.
  • cafpafcafpaf Posts: 65
    Here are a few comments from Car & Driver in an article dated April 2008 written by John Philips comparing the base V-6 and the DI engine.

    "Around town, the base V-6 emits a charming growl right to is 7000-rpm redline. At full whack, it is 2dBA noisier than the DI. On the other hand, it's quieter at idle and at a 70mph cruise. Both engines offer smooth throttle tip-in and excellent idle quality." Speaking of both engines he goes on to say, " terms of engineering, value, and dynamic charm---(they) likely represent the finest effort in Cadillac's 106 year history." I hope that helps. Also for what it is worth, my new CST with the standard V-6 is a quiet as a tomb.
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    I ordered a DI without these two options, but my dealer can get one quicker with these 2 additional options. I posted prior that I did not like the "cheesecloth" sunroof cover. Thinking some more about it, I might be able to live with it.

    Survey: I usually keep a car for about 7 years. Do you think resale would be any better (or worse) with or without these 2 additional options?

    Thanks for your opinions.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Went to NADA bluebook and a 2002 STS (no CTS back then) they allowed $500 each for the nav. and roof. If I was to guess I figured they wouldn't be worth any extra but was really wrong. Sounds like a good investment to me a useful. I have both in the wifes STS and I'm surprised just how much we use them The Nav I find I just love when on a trip somewhere else. We just drive around looking at the sights not worrying where we are or which way we went. When we decide on its time to go back to the motel or to eat we punch in what kind of food we want, it takes us there and after eating tell us to take us back to the motel without an arguement on we're lost and that man thiing about having to ask for directions. :shades:
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the reply and doing the homework dmathews3, I did not think of doing that. Saving family arguments is worth it alone!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    With the Nav unit to get full use there is a slight learning curve sometimes but it is easy to use. I have found for example I had to go down by Detroit for a DR. to look at my hearing and he was on West Twelve Mile Road in Southfield. It took a while to find it on the Nav. as the Dr. letter had Twelve Mile different ways in 2 parts of the letter. 12 Mile and as Twelve Mile. Then there was W for West and of course West. When it was over and done West Twelve Mile was W `12 Mile. But we find the hardest thing is believing it sometimes after using it around home. It will get you where you want to go, but not always the way you are used to going. I know the shortcuts but it don't. You must learn to trust it.
  • james104james104 Posts: 21
    Yes, I understand about different street spellings as I use google maps on my phone to do the same thing. Some additional questions if you would be so kind to answer:

    1. Can a route be programmed into the unit while driving, or does the vehicle have to be in park, or stopped?
    2. Does the screen always rise out of the dash when starting the car, or can it be programmed to stay down until called for?
    3. How is the database for the POI and streets updated? Can you download from Cadillac and enter via a USB, or do you have to buy new DVD's, or via OnStar, or?

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    1. No, GM has it setup so only limited functions work while the car is moving faster than about 2mph to stop you from playing with it while driving and having your eyes off the road. Don't know about the CTS but someone has made a plug in device that will over ride the safety GM has built into the STS.
    2. Don't know I have a STS
    3. You must buy the DVD's but GM gives you the first 3 years worth for free. I find that things don't really change that much except for new sub divisions and maybe new malls. A road always stays the same and the same McDonalds doesn't move either :-)
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    The screen only rises if it was up when the ignition was last turned off.

    I was told a navigation upgrade could be downloaded from OnStar, but I believe that was ended when GM discontinued the three year free navigation upgrade earlier this year.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Bought it last week. 2009, 1SA, radiant silver/ebony leather, automatic, PDW, PDR.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Ordered it? or took deliver?

    If ordered, when do you expect delivery?

    In any case, congratulations and use it well. :)
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Programmed it and drove it home.
  • badhugobadhugo Posts: 10
    That's exactly what I'm thinking of. None of my business question. How much did you pay for it?
  • badhugobadhugo Posts: 10
    DAM, that's just a few hundred over invoice if you believe Edmunds.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    That is why I snapped it up. I could not foresee a better deal, unless Cadillac starts throwing rebates/incentives around. If they do--my loss. However, I still got exactly what I was looking for.
  • badhugobadhugo Posts: 10
    Good stuff! Maybe I'll start looking around a bit.
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