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2008 Cadillac CTS



  • knotemknotem Posts: 62
    Congratulations! I'm really enjoying mine.
    I have the PDQ option. On the left end of the CD/DVD slot, there is a small triangle for Eject; there's no Load Button.
    I turned on the Navigation system, inserted the CD without pushing any button, then it played it back automatically.
  • I am looking to purchase the CTS. When I test drove the car I noticed the wind noise only coming from the driver side window. The dealer told me that it may be a bad door seal. What was the outcome regarding your car and the wind noise?

  • srynsryn Posts: 27
    My dealer agreed that the wind noise was from the driver side window; none others that I can detect. The dealer, however, has yet been unable to solve it. The wind noise isn't as bothersome as the vibrations/squeaks that I'm getting from the chrome-look plastic rings that frame the dash gauges. The dealer hasn't solved that one yet either and the squeaking really is annoying. The remainder of the car seems very solid.
  • I get a small amount of wind noise from the driver window when there is a strong buffeting wind. Otherwise the car is extremely quiet. On several occasions, when I was stopped at a red light, I had to glance at the tach to see if the car was still running.
  • I drove to Vail on 8/23 & 8/24. I drove around the mountains including RMNP until 8/30. I headed back to Indianapolis on 8/31 and arrived on 9/1. I put 2700 miles on the odometer (it now has 3500 total miles on it). I encountered every conceivable weather condition except snow. I had sunshine, rain, and even hail; high buffeting winds and still air; temperatures from the 40's to the 90's. I drove from 500 feet above sea level to 12,000 feet above. I kept the cruise at 77/78, except in Colorado, where I found it easier to drive with cruise turned off. The car was/is so smooth, quiet and comfortable that I frequently found myself doing 90 when I was not using the cruise. The A/C was flawless in the 90 degree sun, and the cooled seats were wonderful. The drive was almost like playing a video game from my family room easy chair.

    I got 26.3 mpg going west, and I got 27.1 coming back east.

    I plan to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in October. I could fly, but why fly when you can drive?

    Hope you all enjoy your CTS's as much as I do mine.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Glad your CTS is working out so well for you.

    Also happy to hear you enjoyed CO. I moved to Grand Jct. in '53 & still enjoy a timeshare near Granby. RMNP is in our back yard. I feel better above 8K feet elevation and best above 9K. I first did the trail ridge road in '62 & have enjoyed it every time since. It's best (as I'm sure you'll agree) in a great car.

    Excellent fuel economy for such a large car. My Lincoln LS did 27 on the highway on a good day, but it was no prize around town.
  • Glad you are enjoying your CTS.

    I will be driving back from Austin through Albuquerque in late October. Exactly when is the Balloon fiesta.

    And what or where is RMNP.
  • My city mileage sucks. That is why we drive my wife's Pontiac Vibe for everything except road trips. The Vibe does as well around town as the CTS does on the road.

    I do expect the CTS mileage to improve in the future, since it is currently not fully broken in (only 3500 miles on the odometer). Most of the cars I have owned have showed gradual improvement up to about 10,000 miles.
  • Thanks for the information!
  • Thanks for the help. I was almost sure that I had a 6 disc changer.
  • Thanks for responding to bingoman. I still can't figure out how to insert links.
  • to insert a link, press the "url" button under the message window, type in the link name, such as '' without quote marks, and then press the "url" button again.

    That will bracket the address with the necessary HTML code, and it should show up in the message as an underlined address.

    That's how you use all the buttons, B for bold, I for italic, U for underline

    small A for small characters big A for large characters Img for the file name of a picture, placed between the quote marks.

    I believe that ABC will show any characters with strikeout lines through them. I have no idea as to what * does. And Close All can be used in place of the second button push to end HTML commands, especially if you are using multiple commands such as bold, italic and underlined at the same time.

    I hope this has been helpful.
  • It's not too bad once you get the hang of it. It takes much longer to type this than insert a link.

    1. Copy the link you want to insert.
    2. When you post a message, click the "Url" box under the message window. It will insert some text.
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    5. You can name the link by replacing "link title" with a descriptive name for the link.
  • Someone else IS awake this morning.
  • My lease on my STS is ending and I was looking forward to getting a CTS. So I test drove an '08 during the employee discount, and to my shock I heard wind noise. Not at highway speed, but at 40-50 mph. I couldn't believe it! I had read so many reviews about the CTS and never saw that mentioned. So I went back to the dealer and test drove another '08. And, again wind noise! I have driven my STS for 2 years and never experienced that. So, I went to the manager, and to my surprise he told me that he drives a CTS and he has the same wind noise in his car. I still had trouble believing that GM could make such a mistake. So this past weekend I took my son-in-law with me to test drive several different makes and models. We went to different Cadillac dealer and this time test drove an '09. I had said nothing to my son-in-law about my previous experience. When he drove the CTS, I asked him if he liked the car. His response was "Yes, but what's with this wind noise?"
    So this is not an isolated incident, and for those of you experiencing this, I don't believe it can be fixed. In my opinion, and in the opinion of the sales manager of the first Cadillac dealership, what you are hearing is the wind buffeting the outside mirrors. I don't know if the CTS has accoustic windows in the front, but if it doesn't, it should. I know the STS has accoustic windows. This is easily checked. If you roll down the window part way and look at the glass, you should see 2 peices of glass surrounding an accoustic film. If you only see a single peice of glass, it is not accoustic. In any case, I have decided to walk away from the CTS. Road noise is acceptable, wind noise is not!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    You should expect to get something for the extra cost of the STS ;)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    "So I test drove an '08 during the employee discount, and to my shock I heard wind noise. Not at highway speed, but at 40-50 mph"

    Fascinating - as posted some time back, I rented a 2008 CTS -
    and drove hundreds of miles at all ( legal ) speeds -
    and I did not experience any such wind noise...
    - Ray
    2016 BMW 340i
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Yea, what is real funny is when I drive my wife's 07 STS. Depending on the direction of the wind and speed of wind I can hear wind noise on the STS and I wear 2 hearing aids. :confuse:
  • 1. When I start up my 2009 CTS the audio source always come on automatically. If I do not want to hear any audio, then I push the left knob to turn it off. Usually I have to do this 2 to 3 times before the system will actually remain off.
    2. The hold open stops on the front doors seem to be either very sensitive or very weak. You have to gently push the door (I am speaking from the perspective of sitting in the driver's seat and opening the door) into its' fully open position, otherwise it will start to close on you

    Has anyone else encountered these conditions?
  • 1. Which audio do you have, and do you have navigation?

    2. The door is a large mass and has a tendency to rebound. If you hold it for a moment at full open you will absorb or neutralize the rebound and it should stay open.
  • Have had my 08 for almost a yearnow, andI don't have the wind noise you speak of. In fact the car is very quiet.
  • All of the ones I tested were at the very end of model year '08 run or very beginning of '09. I don't know how long the sales manager had his. So maybe this is a recent problem. Now, you can easily drown out the wind noise with the radio, but I always test drive the cars with the radio off or low in order to check for wind noise. Even a low level wind noise would bother me over a long drive. I remember I had a '91 Acura Legend, which at the time was the most expensive car I had ever owned. It had wind noise. I kept bringing it back to the dealer, and they kept returning it in worse condition. It bothered the hell out of me. Fortunately for me, the car was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew so I was able to get out of my lease.
  • I have the audio with the hard drive and the navigation.
  • Just bought this new 08 CTS V6 Std Suspension and noticed the above problem on the way home! It sounds like the noise you hear at highway speed when a rear window is rolled down. Sounds like it's in the rear of the car. The vibration can be felt in the gearshift. It starts at 45, gets worse at 50, then dies out at 55. It happens when there is forward pressure on the drivetrain. It stops when I let up on the accelerator. I've taken it back and they have called Detroit. Anyone else experienced this problem?
  • I took a 30 minute test drive in a 2009 CTS w/DI and PDR & PDW. I noticed exactly what you described. The 2009 I bought (exactly the same car, but non-DI engine) did not exhibit the condition you describe, not has it for the 3500 miles I have put on it.

    I have no idea if the vibration/noise had anything to do with the DI engine, I just know the engine was the only difference between the two cars.
  • Well, my biggest concern with the CTS has come home to roost. I complained about the fact that both the 2003 and the 2008 (in fact all new CTS's) have no security for the contents of the car when given to a valet or other person.

    My Ipod Nano is gone. It was in the center console the last time I looked, but that was several weeks ago. I have given the car to the car wash attendant several times since I last looked, and yesterday to the dealers service department. I have no way to determine who took it. :mad:

    Thanks Cadillac. I can now continue to worry every time I give the car to an attendant at a hotel, car wash, parking lot or any where I need to have someone else move the car. I cannot check every time I get the car back to make sure the console, the glove compartment and my luggage in the trunk is intact. I have replaced the gas tank cap with a locking cap, but I don't know how to secure the various internal compartments.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I know what you mean, that would take all of 30 to 45 sec. I too can't be bothered taking up that much time as I got to use that time to figure out how to screw those jerks on Wall Street that have been screwing me all week. :P
  • Its really strange, Honda has set up my wife's car so that you can lock the folding seatback, the trunk, the glovebox and the gas tank door so you can lock them with a key (the valet key) separate from the ignition and the door. But Cadillac can't do it. You would think that for an extra $20,000 they could find a way. Thanks Cadillac.
  • What you are hearing may not be wind noise! It could be a harmonic vibration like I have on my new 08 CTS (which can be felt in the gearshift knob) .... which the dealer is still trying to determine where it's coming from! So far, they have balanced the drive shaft & installed a new differential .... now they have a Engr Tech coming to look at it and they are going to perform a Electronic Vibration Test. It has 300 miles on it and I told them I don't want a new car that's been disassemblembled and reassembled. Sure has dampened our spirits on our deam car!
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