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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • 1gr8cpa1gr8cpa Posts: 7
    Now the dealer wants the car for a week. About every two weeks, after leaving the CD player on, when I switch to radio, all 18 presets are lost. The dealer replaced the radio and it happened again. This morning the display would not show and it needed to be reset for brightness. Now the telephone loses its presets, voice recognition and memory.....clocks DO NOT lose time. Any suggestions?
  • I have been having the same problem since I got the car 1 year ago. They have replaced 3 radios insisting it is the radio that has the problem. This morning, I lost all the presets again.
    1gr8cpa, Was this problem ever resolved on your car?
  • 1gr8cpa1gr8cpa Posts: 7
    The car has now been in for 10 days. They said a wiring harness replacement will solve the problem. In the meanwhile, I exercised my Lemon Law rights and filed a claim with their consumer division. So far, I am not optomistic.
  • 1gr8cpa1gr8cpa Posts: 7
    This will be the fifth repair - I should say fifth attempt to repair in less than a year. Also check your preset bass, treble, etc. You might find the problem I had in that those settings were also lost. In addtion, the GPS switches to white at night and dark during the day which is backwards of where it should be.
  • imkramerimkramer Posts: 26
    Does anyone know where I can purchase basic replacement engine Air Filters for a 2007 G35 Sedan?

    In the stores, somehow the parts books all have the wrong size filter listed (11"x6.625"). The correct dimensions of the filter are actually 7.125 x 6.625. And there are two of them of course (dual intake).

    I've been to and called a bunch of stores including AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, Pep Boys, Tires Plus and even looked online. Everyone who worked in these stores was stumped when I asked them for help. Many tried to cross reference the OEM part # but had little luck. The only filter they or I could come up with is a lifetime washable K&N High-Flow for around $50 each.

    I called the parts department at the Infiniti dealership and they want $32 each. I just want to find a basic disposable Fram/Purelator/Some-other-brand air filer that costs the typical $8-$12 dollars.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • ladino1ladino1 Posts: 6
    I just purchased a 2007 G35. I am trying to reset the electronic displayon my dashboard. Currently it is showing Time: 27:06 and counting and Miles 702. When I hit the Trip A/B it just resets my miles that I have currently driven. Does anyone know which buttons to hit to remove the Time/Miles and display another mode .i.e. Outside Temperature etc.
  • steverestevere Posts: 14
    There are additional buttons. If you are looking at the display, and you look to the right and the left, you will see 2 flush buttons they are on the EDGE of where the instrument cluster is inset in the dash board.

    They have little bumps on them. The buttons adjust the contract, and the various "views".
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I bought a set of OEM filters from Rick at Riverside Infiniti in CA for less than $20-.
    He takes very good care of the G35Driver members.
  • lralra Posts: 13
    Here is a little known but true fact. If you mix different octane levels the result will be a HIGHER octane level. So if you put in 50% 87 and 50% 91 you get something like 93-94! octane.
  • That makes absolutely NO about the average of the two, like 89 sound?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,624
    I found this which should shed some light.

    Using higher octane than your car needs is a waste of money. And yes, mixing 91 and 86 half and half will yield approximately 88.5. If your car requires regular, anything up to approximately 89 octane is good. Many service stations have only 2 tanks, but dispense 3 grades. They get mid-grade by mixing regular and super in the mid-grade pump, and there are no problems

  • lralra Posts: 13
    "That makes absolutely NO about the average of the two, like 89 sound? "

    It sounds as if you are thinking about math. You have to remember that this is chemistry, not match. Do a Google search. You will find that mixing different octane levels will produce some interesting results. But I will correct one point. Back in the day when there was LEADED fuel mixing two levels could produce higher octane levels but with UNLEADED it is closer to an average but still higher than what you would expect.
  • I did research...also work at Ford in fuel systems for 15 years! It does not produce 93 or 94 octane as mentioned above..
  • lralra Posts: 13
    Recently purchased a 2007 G35 with 25,000 miles. I noticed that about 65 mph there is a noticable vibration that gets real pronounced at 70 mph. What should I have the dealer check? Tires? Front end?
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 94
    first thing to check is wheel balance...if it starts vibrating at the steering wheel at high speeds, wheel balance will be the first thing I will check. Could be other factors, but wheel balance is a good cheap place to start.
  • steverestevere Posts: 14
    It is under warranty - just tell them TO FIX IT:) Serious, tell them the problem and let them fix it - should not have to explain to them where the problem is. Could be many things.
  • lralra Posts: 13
    I think it might be a wheel also. I noticed that if I drive a long distance at high speed then the tire pressure light come on but goes out when I slow down. I think the vibration in the wheel or tire is causing the tire pressure sensor to malfunction.
  • 6th and 7th time the memory failed. Requested arbitration
  • Can you give me an update on your situation? It might help my arbitration
  • Hi,

    I'm a filter distributor and I'm trying to solve this issue.
    Do you own a coupe or sedan?
    Does you G35 has an eng designator VQ35DE (V35) or VQ35HR (V36)?
    If I send you a free Air Filter could you take pictures of the installation process?


  • pk4668pk4668 Posts: 1
    I was originally looking only at G35X, as I will sometimes drive my two young children. Have come across a G35 sport sedan, which currently has W-rated performance summer tires at a reputable used car dealership. I'm considering substituting V-rated all season if I purchase car. Vehicle otherwise appeals to me as it has low miles and navigation pkg. and is in pristine condition. Infiniti dealer, in an attempt to dissuade me from buying this vehicle from competitior, tells me "car will go nowhere in snow." I live in southeastern PA on somewhat hilly terrain. Looking for assurances/opinions as to the effectiveness of vehicle in snow.
  • Did imkramer respond to you? I also own a 2007 G35 sedan with the VQ35HR engine and the dual air filters. These filters are almost impossible to find. Changing the filters is easy; finding them is not. Even many dealers do not have an adequate supply. I would be glad to send you an old filter in the Nissan/Infiniti box and/or photos of the replacement process (nothing to it!) if you can help me get the filters at a reasonable price.
  • Barefoot,

    How are you doing? Will definitely help you with your Air Filter. I need to ask you few questions to be in the same page.

    The air filter you are trying to get is square, right?
    and the one the dealer wants to sell you is rectangular, right?

    If you could send me a picture of it, right on the car will help me a lot. Will definitely help you with to get your filter as soon as i solve this issue.

    you can email me at


    Jorge Fernandez
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    You would need to add "true" snow tires to a RWD G35 in PA. I own a 2005 G35X in MN and put on Goodyear Triple Tred tires last year. They are as close to snow tires as you can get in an All Season tire. The downside is that they are LOUD on all pavements.

    I would tell you to find an X because that car is like a road going snowmobile :} :shades:
  • I have a 2007 G35x with about 25K miles on it. I love this car....but I've noticed that when i'm going 30-40...and it's cold out while giving it light gas....the car seems to jump a little or studder some. even the rpm's this normal? I don't feel it should be. Is there something I can do to fix it or can the dealership?
    Thanks for any help!
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I have an 07 G35S auto. On a few previous occasions I have pushed it really fast. Decided a few months ago on a relatively (Stretch of a word) safe night to see how fast i will go. Seemed to fall flat at around 137-139 with 5th gear shift coming in well below redline. Two nights ago, tried it again with it locked in 4th....same flat spot. It pulls up to that speed VERY strong...then kinda falls flat. Is there a governor that is set that low in this thing? I can't find any info online about it. Anyone else get stupid on a highway with this thing with different results?
  • bejasbejas Posts: 3
    I've hit 140 in a g35S stick-shift. It did not feel like it topped out all.

    Went from 90 to 140 pretty quickly.

    Hope you didnt do your 140 on the pike!
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    lol too much traffic and too many cops on the NJTP. I swear it feels like it hits a brick 4th it was in the 6600 rpm 5th 5800ish. My 04 TL would pull much slower to that range but trickle past it. I don't get it.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    It was a cold dark night, around 2am. I merged into the main road, there was no traffic in sight. I stopped and told my sweat ride "lets dance", I went full throttle, hitting 100mph in around 14s,as can be expected, then I told myslef, lets see how fast we can go, a few seconds later, I was around 130 mph, and as you said, the car was still screaming for more. The car was being a very bad girl, LOL. Now I saw a car ahead of me and decided to kill my spirited driving. I pulled away from the main road into my neighbourhood. About a minute later, a cop flashes his lights behind me, stops me and asks me how fast I was going. He tells me he saw me pull into the main road. He lets me go off with a warning. So I have never visited those unholy speeds again. However my driving remains spirited, LOL. With 300+ horses, its difficult to contain them. Am thinking of getting personalized plates saying "THE STABLE" when I upgrade to 328 horses next year, LOL.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    man...I wish we had cops like that around here ! ! Locals would have probably called a helicopter in to get me ! ! That's that part that confuses me....even the R & T test shows that in high speed acceleration it beats even the just kinda STOPS. Gotta try again...but I like my license ! !
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