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GMC Jimmy Chevy Envoy Fuel Gauge Problem



  • This is appalling. And they wonder why people stop buying GM Products and turn to foreign models.

    I too own a 2000 GMC Jimmy. The fuel gauge problem started around the 100,000 click mark and I too have had to rely on the trip meter, so I know when to fill up. Like yours, my gauge reads full when the tank is filled, but then remains around half a tank when I am running close to empty.

    Now my Flasher Relay unit is clicking when signals are not in use. This appears to be a multi-function switch problem which has also plagued this model. The multi-function switch has also been the subject of one recall and can result in stop lamps and rear hazard lamps becoming inoperative.

    I am in the process of looking for a new car, but it won't be a GM. l now have to try to get these problems fixed before I can even look at selling the vehicle. I am totally disenchanted with GM. These should take responsibility for fixing these design flaws.
  • gfp3gfp3 Posts: 2
    If you guys at GM cant do any better than 50% of the cost to replace the known defective unit, can you send the replacement part out at no cost to one of your soon to not be loyal customers? My VIN # is 1GKDS13S152160435
  • Thank you for posting your VIN - there aren't any open recalls on your vehicle at this time. Have you already worked with Customer Service? Do you have an SR#? Please email us more information (name/user name, contact information, and the name of your involved dealership).

    GM Customer Service
  • gfp3gfp3 Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding, I received a letter from you guys regarding the faulty fuel level sensor. It states that you would only cover 50% of the cost to replace the defective unit. I have not worked with a dealership yet and was wanting to repair the problematic part myself due to the cost of labor being more than double the cost of the part itself.
  • Do not buy your part from .
    You are only putting more money in their pockets.
    i would suggest
    Cheapest of anyone.
    I bought mine there for my 2000 Envoy. Has worked fine for 8 years!!!
  • My wifes Envoy has started to become an absolute nightmare. The first thing that went wrong was the dome light quit working when the door opened(but will come on when the fob is used), then the headlights started to go out(beating the hell out of the housing makes it work again), then the check 4wd light came on(the car must be turned off, switch set then turn the key back on and you can hear the 4wd engage), then the check engine light came on(no real reason that I can find), and the latest problem-the blower motor wont shut off. It kills the battery all the time now. Also, today I was jumping the car with a jump box and after the car started I let go of the key, and the car continued to crank. Oddly enough it didn't continue to crank until the starter ground just a few extra turns while it fired up. Oh, and the car wont start now unless you feather the gas and/or put the gas pedal to the floor.
    I have been told by some independents the cluster can be the cause, or the BCM. I have read on here everyones problems, but have ye to find a post that has this much stuff going on at the same time. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • I have also had problems with the gas gauge. It's stuck on empty. We also have many electrical issues with this car. Over the last week or so, when I am in the middle of a turn the car just stops. Like the wheels just stop but the car is still on. And when I press the gas it won't go. I have to turn the car off and then back on in order to finish turning. VERY dangerous if I am turing out into traffic and the car stops.
  • Electrical issues can be a nightmare and an expensive headache. Sounds like another :lemon: to me?

    Fix it (bite the bullet) and unload that :lemon: as fast as you can!!
    Trade it in (while it still has value) on an off lease vehicle of a different brand, but still made in America?
    An off lease usually has 35K mi. on 'em so most of the bugs have been taken care of. And, it has been maintained by the dealer (required).

    My wife's 2000 Envoy with 160k has a value of $4500!!! I don't recall if that's trade-in or private party? But yours is a 2006? It's gotta have a much higher value than my wife's? Your problems could just be the tip of the iceberg!!!
  • My Jimmy recently failed an emmissions inspection due to the O2 sensor. Is this something that is repairable by the home mechanic?
  • jonnyringjonnyring Posts: 74
    edited November 2011
    Yes. The 02 sensor is located in the exhaust system (piping). Look for a large welded on "nut'" (located on exhaust pipe) with a couple of wires coming off of it. This "nut" is usually located before the catalytic convertor or sometimes on the side of the Cat. 'vertor.
    Unplug the wires that come off this 'nut". Next, slip a box wrench over the wires (plug end) and onto the "nut". I suggest using a 6 point box wrench so you don't strip out the nut/wrench mating surface area. If the wiring harness (plug in end) will not fit through the hole in the box wrench....use a flare nut wrench. Unscrew the 02 sensor. Screw in NEW sensor. Hook up wires.
    Be sure to install (smear) new sensor's threads with NEVER-SIEZE...a graphite high heat lubricant.!!!! This usually comes with the NEW 02 sensor.
  • Rosie32 and jwindsor,

    Any further progress made with your vehicles since your last post?

    GM Customer Service
  • ryenryen Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Envoy Denali 4wd. I also was at the dealership to address the fuel guage acting up and was told it was a defective part and could be replaced for 800-1000$ I couldnt afford it (laid off) and have been filling up constantly for the last year. I bought Oct 2008 @ 75000K now it's 156000k. I've replaced both hub assemblies at 500$/pc, brake pads shoes and rotors 800$, Battery in 09' 150$ On friday I had front struts and and rear shocks installed 1300$ w/alignment only to find my vehicle to be sitting on the ground at rear after 12 hour shifts. compressor gets it back to level but in canada at -40C I don't want to test the elasticity of these air springs. For the price of this vehicle used and the repairs (completed and the fuel pump and air shocks i need to fix) I could have bought a new Ford Truck under warranty and not had to worry about getting to work. I've been a GM guy since I was 16 with my buick century, lasabre, 1500, sonoma, now this Envoy. Never have repairs been so costly and feel the quality of GM vehicles have taken a serious turn for the worse. If GM cannot stand behing this obvious safety Issues with failed fuel guages I can't stand behind them anymore. :lemon:
  • Ryen,

    If I have read correctly, you live in Canada? Have you been working with customer service through GM of Canada already on these concerns?

    GM Customer Service
  • I have had the exact same problems as everyone else on this forum. My 2005 Envoy began having issues with blower (wouldn't blow at various times when changing selection from defrost to mid level to feet). Fortunately was fixed at 50K mark under warranty.

    Then at about the 70K mark my speedo and fuel gauge both started failing intermittently. Got estimate on cost and thought forget it!

    About 6 months ago decided I would look to fix myself and found this forum with everyone describing the problems so I contacted GM Canada. Tried to play hardball with them to get the full cost of repair for both items but they wouldn't. They would only stick with the 50% coverage. I decided against the repair again but last week I relented and took it in to my local dealer (Park Lane in Sarnia, Ont.)

    As per the special coverage 10054 they charged me the diagnostic fee (I think about 80$) and then covered 50% of the rest of the bill to replace the fuel sending unit. I think my total bill including diag. fee was 297$ (So about $220 for the fuel sensor repair.

    I was told this repair would fix my fuel gauge issue but the cost to repair the speedo. gauge would be about $503. They told me they would have to replace the entire instrument cluster to fix the speedo. I opted out of speedo fix but got them to fix the fuel gauge sensor per policy.

    I received my Envoy back about 5 hours later but the gauge wasn't reading correctly was off by about 1/4 tank. I felt I'd already invested (wasted) enough time that day so I went home and called the service dept. and told them what I'd found. They said to bring it back and they'll look at it again but maintained that replacing the sensor should have fixed the problem...

    I will update when I take it in for followup repairs

    Also anyone know anything about fixing the speedo gauge on cluster??
  • There is a known problem with the stepper motors in back of each gauge. Some states have forced a recall, others, such as Texas, are ignoring the issue. I bought a full set of stepper motors on eBay and my brother replaced them. no problems since. I agree it's a safety issue. I almost had heart failure - seriously - when my speedometer said 100+ and other cars were passing me like I was a snail. A year earlier, I got a speeding ticket for 80+ in a 65 and I kept telling the patrolman I was not going over 80; I know I speed but I don't go over 80. Since the problem was so sporadic for while, I didn't realize it was the stupid gauge. Stepper motors were about $35 and it required removing the dash but it wasn't bad at all. There are several places that advertise changing them all out - 1 in Austin and the other in Tulsa.
  • re: "it required removing the dash but it wasn't bad at all."
    HAHAHAH...i REPLACED THE HEATER core on wife's 2000 jimmy/Envoy. it was BAD!!! 2 day project. It required removing the COMPLETE DASH....i have all the photo's to prove it. you say "it wasn't bad" because YOU didn't have to do it...OR your model actually was not that bad. i had discussions on other forums re: this dash removal...everyone was asking me how to do it. They also took 2 days to do it.
    Haul all this American junk to the scrap yard. Recycled Chryslers from Japan are sounding better everyday!!!
  • Sarah -

    I have a 2005 Envoy with Gas Gauge problems as well. I am sending you an email now with the details.


  • I had problems with the fuel sensor as well. Received a letter from GMC. I called GMC customer service(spoke w/ Christine) to get details. Was told to go to the dealer & have it fixed, but would pay the 50% of the costs. I asked what if I went somewhere else? I was told that I would have to pay 100% of the cost then have to submit paperwork to get paid for the 50%. I called again on the date of the repair & was told the same thing. Unfortunately I didn't take the name of the lady I spoke with then. I should have known I was going to get screwed over. She even told me I could take the paperwork to the GMC dealership & they would help me submit for reimbursement there. I didn't have the time to go.The local GMC dealership is far from my home, so I decided to submit the paperwork myself. I just got a call from Christine stating they will not reimburse me for the cost. Apparently they have incompetent people working for their customer service & should record their phone calls. It's my word against theirs. I was just told that it states so in the letter, (so basically screw what Customer Service says. What's the point in calling them). If I wouldn't have been given the wrong info... of course I would have gone to the dealership(COMMON SENSE) I feel as though they are pushing people to pay them money for the repairs of their faulty vehicles. They should be paying 100% of the costs. Not sure why they aren't. Now I'm having problems with the "blower" as well. GMC has crappy, faulty vehicles. Wish I had never bought it. Learned my EXPENSIVE lesson. :lemon:
  • So [amazing jess84] you never say if the fuel gauge problem got fixed. Did the other repair centre fix it correctly the first time?? How much did they charge? How long were you there? You may have been better off in going there instead of to the dealer anyway.

    If you read my post from Nov. 28th you'll see I spent at least five hours there on my first visit and the gauge was still off by 1/4 of a tank when the repair was finished. I'm posting an update to this in a minute.
  • Great! We look forward to hearing from you, Jacob.
    GM Customer Service
  • I am sorry for this frustrating situation. If we could perhaps look into your case for you to help clarify the decision making factors, please send us your case number in an email. Or, if need be, we can re-open the case.
    GM Customer Service
  • Here is my update from the attempted repair on my Envoy fuel gauge/fuel level sensor from my original posting of Nov. 28th, 2011. (One page back in this thread).

    As stated the dealer (Park Lane in Sarnia Ont. Canada) replaced the fuel level sensor in the tank under the special program 10054 (I think), but when the original repair was complete the gauge still read 1/4 tank less than actually in the tank. The dealer maintained that this should have fixed the problem as they had also tested the fuel gauge and it was working correctly. They said to bring it back...they'd have another look.

    Booked an appt. and brought it back in on Dec. 19, 2011. They pulled out the fuel level sensor they had just put in a month earlier and stated that it appeared faulty, that there was a design flaw in it that resulted in some wiring preventing the float from being able to float all the way up when the tank was full. They also noticed some wear on the wiring insulation. So they installed another new sensor and somehow attached the wiring so it wouldn't interfere with the float when the tank was full. When I received the Envoy back I checked the fuel level, it didn't look any different to me than when I gave them the truck in the morning. I went back inside and told the service rep. He said the only way to tell was to fill it up again and we'll see if there is any change. They were adamant that this would fix the problem. I filled the vehicle up and there was some improvement.

    Now when the fuel tank is full...I mean jammed full. The gauge still reads about one needle width below the full line. Every other car I've driven, the gauge will at least hit the full with most going slightly past the full. So I would say it's still off somewhat.

    However, I think I am done investing in the time and grief of looking into this further. It's reading fairly close to actual and when the fuel level drops the gauge works as well...for now.

    On to the speedometer gauge now. I have found two local places, one in Sarnia and one in Ingersoll that will replace the stepper motors on the instrument cluster for a hell of a lot cheaper than the delerships estimate of $500+. These places also state the cluster doesn't need to be calibrated to the vehicle which the dealer was adamant about. Anyone know anything about this?
    My GMAC Mortgage lender LIED TO ME TWICE...they returned forebearance payment saying it was late ,when it was 5 days early.
    GMC & GMAC is SO SCREWED away as fast as you can!! Do it now!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm re-registering my '72 BMW 2002 & '75 Opel 1900. They are simple 4 cylinder carburated vehicles that run GREAT, require no emissions, good gas mileage, no computers. WIN-WIN-WIN situation!!!!!
  • You're right, I didn't. I left out other info. I think it's because I had just received the call from GMC and was so angry & frustrated. I went to another repair center. The GMC dealership wanted to charge me $400(it was $800 total, but I would only have to pay half). I paid about $700, but that was with a smog check. I was only requesting to be reimbursed $270. I'm not an idiot. If they would have told me I HAD to go to the GMC dealership to have it repaired when I called them I would have done it. Who really wants to pay more than what they have to? I'm filing a complaint with the BBB. Not sure if it will do any good,( I don't think it will) or what else I can do, but GMC needs to keep their word when calling their customer service line.
  • Well Sarah@gmcustserv...what are you gonna do?? If this person has receipts to prove the work was done, why then would GM not reimburse for the standard cost that is charged at the dealership for this same repair. We all know and agree GM should be paying the full amount as they used faulty parts, but we will settle for half...even if they don't quite repair the problem completely.

    Also amazing_jess84...I would keep copies of all receipts if you have to send in know...just in case something gets lost.
  • @canenvoyowner, I definitely will. I have everything filed. I still can't understand why GM isn't owning up to it and paying 100% of it. I can tell by all of the complaints on this forum that these cars have a lot of problems. Hopefully I can get rid of this vehicle before other problems appear. I won't count on it though.
  • I am posting to report that I have finally made an appointment to have the fuel level sensor fixed, and asked how much it would be to have GMC look at our hub assembly while it is in there... they replied $50 to assess, $700 to repair...

    super disappointed with GMC... there must be some way GMC can be made to take responsibility...
  • Pjstewart,

    If you would like to establish a Service Request through Customer Service, please send us an email with more information including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone and address please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership and appointment information. We would then be able to evaluate the situation and explore any options that may or may not be available.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2003 GMC Envoy and my gas gauge is broken I do not know how much gas I have in my tank at any point. I do have a good friend who is a mechanic who showed me on one of the buttons on my steering wheel he pushed it and and one said miles the other said RANGE. He told me: that means that is how much gas you have. He told me don't get lower than 40 in the range. Because to fix the gas gauge they have to take out the whole dashboard and send it back to the GMC factory to have it fixed and you can't drive your car while it is being fixed. I have been using the range method and that works great for me. I have had some things go wrong with this car but I love this car it protects my daughters and I so well. I have been hit by other vehicles not my fault and I was so safe because of this car and just a scratch. Good luck to you all. If you need a place in Lodi for honest dependable repairs that you can afford, go to Joe's Auto Repair. Tell him the Butterfly lady sent ya :blush:
  • hi,
    my 2004 gmc envoy which has 112,000 miles has fuel sensor issues. I wanted to know what GM is doing about this issue? Please let me know. my email is
    Please let me know.
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