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Pontiac Grand Am Heating/Cooling



  • bluenotesbluenotes Posts: 2
    I got one for you guys. Hopefully this is a simple fix. When I turn my A/C on, it kicks in and then my power door locks unlock and keeps unlocking like I am hitting the switch. While that is happening, the A/C stops blowing cold. I turn off the A/C and the door locks stop. I let it sit for a minute and it will blow cold for a little longer and then the door locks act up again. Need some ideas. I live in Florida and it is the middle of summer. Need that A/C.

    2002 Grand Am SE V6
  • clinnyclinny Posts: 2
    is there a belt i can buy to bypass the a/c unit on pontiac 2002 grand am 4 cyl clinny
  • clinnyclinny Posts: 2
    is it possible to replace just the clutch on a/c unit
  • carole5carole5 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new to the forum and I have a problem with my Pontiac Grand Am. The air conditioning and heater are not working at all, and I am going to take it in for repair but want a little more information to sound intelligent and hopefully not get taken for repairs that I don't need. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong and how much I should be looking to spend? Thanks for any help, Carole.
  • Shop around. I've having the same thing happen to my car. I've had it fixed before and it cost $679.00 and know after a year later the leak is back. Getting a intake gasket fixed isn't a wear and tear type of issue. So I'm pissed that the leak is back and i just missed the opportunity to take it back. The gasket is only 20 bucks but the labor of taking the top part of your engine off is where the big $$$$ comes into play. Good luck
  • I ended up having to replace the manifold gasket,as well as the headgasket again. The mechanic told me the price of the manifold gasket,also explained the the reason for the high price. It's been 10 months since that repair and now its leaking again!Once again it sits in my driveway until I can afford to get it fixed AGAIN. Only if I lived in San Diego county I would bring it to Baja California and make it very available for the theifs there to steal it,as they strip the cars then bring them to a remote area and burn them.Unfournately,I live in central Illinois. am not sure if you were aware of this recall on the 99 Grand Ams,but apparently there was one in the month of March of the year 2007.It was for the fuel system.I know I never got a notice about this.I just happen to find out by going on lemon<
  • bevdbevd Posts: 3
    my 2000 grand am gt blows hot air out of the ac and the heater blows warm to cold never hot , the window in the driver side front and back can;t go down cause they won't go back up. the radio and clock lights are out and the signals only work if I push the hazzard lights a few times any ideas
  • WehleWehle Posts: 2
    I just had my harmonic balancer replaced which cost me about 200 bucks. It was working fine for about a day, then i went to turn on my heat and it sounded like a fan was hitting against something inside the protective casing. i figured since its a beater i would just keep running it and ignore the noise. yesterday i left it run for about 15 min and i went out to go drive it and white smoke was blowing out of the vents and it smelled like burning rubber or plastic. i thought i get some ideas befor i did anything about it. thanx
  • jbe1jbe1 Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your windows? I have the same problem on my '95.

    Also, my heater works great, but the AC doesn't blow cold. I think there's a leak somewhere. I had it charged a couple years ago and it lasted for a couple days.
  • wfo1wfo1 Posts: 1
    Any Help, just installed new water pump on my daughters car along with new plugs,oil change etc... taking the car to her to use at college, car ran fine on the highway, getting of the exit the car started to buck, came to the stop light it allmost stalled. continued on my trip car was running ok ? Got of the exit where i was dropping the car off and the car completly stalled. put in park started right up put it in drive it stalled this continued at least 4 to 5 more times before i started it and sat there a few minutes then put it in drive and drove away. my daughter drove the car today and said the same thing happened.
    any ideas, Thanks Cliff .
  • My wife's '04 Grand AM always blows very hot air no matter what the temp setting is. Even turning on the A/C results in very warm (rather than downright hot) air being ciculated. Aside from that everything seems to work OK. The blower settings all work fine and even the A/C is working correctly it's just being overpowered by the heat. Is this a control module of some kind or perhaps a stuck mixing valve or something? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined but not necessarily all that familiar with the systems. My wife says she's "Mellltinnng!"
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Before you do anything else, check the control knobs for the heat/AC. Pull them off and make sure that they aren't just slipping over the control shafts. Check the back of the knobs where they slip over the shaft and see if they are cracked or deteriorated. This has been a known problem in the past.
  • danielj1danielj1 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 grand am gt that is over heating and shuting off while driving or just sitting in place the fans doesn't come on till 220 or something near that then when it does that the engine will shut off changed therostat and a mild tune up
  • Can anyone tell me where the thermostat is located on a 99 Grand Am? For some reason, water is leaking out as fast as I put it in, but I can't find a leak that severe. Bought a Haynes manual for this car and it gives only vague directions at changing the thermostat. I can't change what I can't locate. Can anyone give me some info?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It's in the housing where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine block. Why do you think the thermostat is the problem, and where is the visible leak at? If more coolant is disappearing than is visibly leaking out, then it could be leaking internally in the engine. Also check for wetness on the carpet below the heater core.
  • ramon4ramon4 Posts: 1
    my 97 grand am gt is overheating but it dont registar that it is and the overflow starts bubbling could someone help me plz
  • hello,

    my 94 Pontiac grand am GT has an issue with the heater control.

    problem is, no matter what i set the control to, air will flow through every vent; top, bottom, and defroster.

    I already went ahead and replaced the heater control as I thought that was the problem, but it didn't resolve my problem.

    I really wish to get this fix so that I can the A/C working again and also so my windows can defrost much better during the winter months.

    I appreciate any help provided for this issue I'm having.
  • dcarmandcarman Posts: 2
    I have a 01 Grand Am. The AC just stop working. I still have the blower fan working on pos 3,4,5. The AC button lites up after pushing it on but no cold air. 71k for miles. If anyone has this same can I repair it.
  • it sounds like you just need to get the a/c serviced. And if you want to get that blower working on 1,2,3,4, and 5 all you need to do is replace your blower motor resistor. I've had to it on my 01 grand am as well as my 05 grand prix. It's a very simple fix.
  • slevoirslevoir Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Grand Am. Just had the blower motor repaired about a year ago. Now, the air inside the car will not stay adjusted to the temp. I set it to. When the a/c is on, I get plenty of air, sometimes hot sometimes cold. When i hit a bump, the air temp automatically changes. Any idea whaat this could be?
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