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Jetta Transmission Problems and Questions



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You *do* realize that a formal "recall" is only for SAFETY related issues - right?

    If there is a reliability problem which warrants dealer action, it is called a "TSB" (Technical Service Bulletin)

    Also, there is no mandate for a dealer to tell you that a TSB even exists for your car. That is why I do my research when I have a problem with my car. In that way, I enter the service area armed with printouts and proof that a TSB exists for the specific issue I am there for.

    The above technique has saved me many $1000s of dollars. From free tires to free catalytic-convertes, free engine-computers and other items that they were supposed to cover.

    BTW: Do not forget to read your "Federal Emissions Warantee" --- essentially all emissions-related components are covered for 10 years/100,000 miles. (This is most of the engine-electronics and exhaust-system!!)
  • We bought a 2008 petrol Jetta it has only done 41000k it just had its 40000k service. We have been told that there is a fault in the auto transmission and we are up for a new gearbox. The problem is a small thud happens under the floor when breaking. The car is out of warranty and Volkswagen wont pay the full $11000 to replace the gearbox which we are not happy about hence its only done 41000k's.

    Has anyone had a similar problem with the gearbox or with Volkswagen?
  • I have the same exact problem with mine. The volkswagen dealership said they weren't sure what the problem was because they couldn't replicate it so I took it to a transmission shop and they said it is the transmission valve body that is causing it. But since volkswagen did not diagnose it when it first started to happen and the three other times I had brought it into volkswagen they didn't know what the problem is now I am looking at rebuilding my transmission on a car that has 100,000 miles on it.
  • Greetings to All,

    I have a 2006 Jetta TDI. I bought this car with 80,000 miles on it and now I have 127,000 miles. The car rides and rive very well and the fuel mileage runs about 41-42 mpg. I was happy with the MPG UNTIL I talked to others who have the same car and they tell me they are getting 48-49 mpg with out any effort. Now I wonder am I missing out? When I am driving at 65 mph, my tach is showing 2300 rpm. Is this normal rpm for this speed OR is my transmission not doing its job. In other words, does my transmission have an overdrive that is not working that is effecting my mpg? Any ideas to improve my mpg or should I be happy again with what I have?

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,471
    Your MPG is about right for a TDI--that's about what Edmunds got on a longterm test.

    You can't really rely 100% on other people's anecdotal claims---also they might have different driving habits than you. If they do more freeway, then sure they're going to have better MPG.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply. I understand the concept of highway driving. I drive 75 miles one way to work and it is 90% interstate driving. Has fare has relying on other drivers impression of their mpg, that is always something to think about. On the other hand, when I talk to these people and I ask question, I always get consistent answers. There are a few people that do not give consistent answers and come to find out, they do not even know how to calculate MPG. So needless to say their input to me is like a paper boat. But , can you tell me if my transmission has and overdrive and is 2300 rpm at 65 mph normal.

  • p10p10 Posts: 1
    Hello there i am having similar issues with my 2002 Jetta 5 speed automatic transmission. I am was wondering if you ever found out what the issue was and were able to get the transmission fixed? I wont shift out of first till its warmed up but once its warm it shifts fine. Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
  • slomoshnslomoshn Posts: 12
    It was the ABS hydraulic pump.

    I had the entire tranny rebuilt before they realized that's what the problem was.
  • I have an older base model Jetta GL that has had repeated transmission issues. At 91K, it has been replaced/rebuilt twice already. We are hoping to hang onto the car since my son will be driving soon, but don't know if it is worth the cost to fix? When the car is running but you are not engaging the gas pedal (so, coasting), a whirring, or clicking (like a card-in-the-bike-spokes kind of noise) occurs at the front end. We were told by our mechanic that it sounds like a transmission problem. Don't know whether to gamble and take it in to a tranny shop, as you never know the cost of the repair until they open up the transmission, and by then you are in too far to back out. Could it be something simple, or something other than the transmission? All gears still shift okay, and it was replaced ONLY about 6K miles ago...out of warranty as it is a spare car and we hit the 12 month expire on the warranty well before the mileage expiration. The rebuild included a new clutch kit. Any thoughts? Thanks.....
  • i have a 2002 jetta 1.8 a/trans 5spd a/t that is. when i sit at idle on a warm day and the water temp goes up to about 190 degrees, the trasmission ceases to engage almost like its low on tranny fluid or something and once i get going and get the temp to about 180 the problem seems to clear up. ???strange as hell. is there any way to check the fluid in the transmission cuz I was told you cant ? can you at least drain the fluid left and add a certain amount ? helppppp
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The only real way to check VW automatic xmission fluid level is with computer hook-up.

    If you have never changed it, perhaps instead of a check and top-off... you might consider a PM (preventive maintenance) on the xmission.

    Have the old fluid drained, any internal filters changed and new fluid put in. It will cost more... but an automatic xmission NEEDS to have this service on a regular basis. This is one of the costs associated with an automatic xmission.

    That is one reason I only run manual xmisisons.... virtually no PMs.
  • We are in the market for a first car for our teenage son and he wants a Jetta. It will need to be an automatic and we have been told that Jettas have transmission problems. Is that true? We have found one with 200,000 miles on it for $3000.00 and know that, if we take him to see it, he will want it...just want to make sure that we are not purchasing a car that is known for serious problems - as he will not have any $ to get it repaired...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,471
    I myself wouldn't advise anyone to buy a miled-up Jetta. What year is it?

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  • bamaunclebamauncle Posts: 1
    i have a 05 1.8t auto and 2 codes come up p0732 and p2637 after 3 shops could not I.D. the problem i found the problems myself but am not familiar with ger-main engi nu ity but when this jetta is gone i'll never have another.Can anybody out there tell me what these tranny codes are?Better off if somebody steals it so just in case i'll leave the keys in it. thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,471
    0732 is an incorrect gear ratio code and could be a lot of things---probably the easiest to check would be the VSS (vehicle speed sensor--not sure where that is at the moment). Also indicates a possible malfunction in the solenoids in the valve body of the transmission, OR some kind of internal transmission problem.

    2637 is more specific, indicates a problem with the MAF sensor or an intake manifold leak.

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  • wlakerwlaker Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    My daughter has a 98' Jetta and has replaced the transmission at VW dealer and it failed after about two years. We had it rebuilt and it lasted a little more than and year. That was an electronic part. We rebuilt the transmission mechically the next time and it out again. $6000 total cost over four to five years. It's hard to get her out of it. Spent too much and Volkswagen could care less!!! When the transmission went out we fought with VW of Amercia as the warranty had just gone out but we had complained atleast three times before the warranty went out of date. Find a good Honda or Toyota in hsi price range! This car won't shift and this has been the problem all along. Right now it won't go in reverse. :mad: :( Volkwagen has problems period!
  • I have a 2005.5 2.5 jetta and i have the same problems as you, did u ever found out wat the problem was? They charge me 1600 to rebuild it. But they wont tell me what it is until they open it. I would like to kno if u ever found the problem, Thanks.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Volkswagen GLI about 3 months ago and have had the engine replaced due to a timing belt giving out within the first month, after driving the car with another engine for about a week I started having this problem in my third gear.. Where I would accelerate and around 5-6k RPMS the gear slips and doesn't switch gears, doesn't even catch back into 3rd it just revs as if it's in neutral.. Can this be a problem from the timing belt giving out? Or that after driving 20 hours from Missouri back to Arizona that the engine had an oil leak? Does this have anything to do with it? Please help me as soon as you can! Thanks,
  • I have a 2005 jetta GLI 1.8t 5 speed auto. im having issues mainly when its the tranny is cold i can manually shift first through third fine , but when it tries to go into 4 or 5 it just seems to hit neutral. usually once the tranny warms up , a good 10 miles or so(and the weather is not super cold) i can usually start getting 4 and 5th back. when i have the gears 4 and 5 working they run perfectly fine . the tranny shop briefly looked at it and wants to tell me i need a whole new tranny ..anyone run into this?
  • robvr6robvr6 Posts: 1
    triptonc tranny-

    1st to 2nd gear is fine, but when shifting to 3rd, it slips completely as if its in neutral. If I shut the car off and let it cool down, problem goes away. Most days there is no issue, only when I drive lots at short distances (engine get to warm?) Dealer found just one code when scanning it: 00652 - Gear Monitoring: Implausible Signal. This could mean many issues.

    Any help would be great!

  • Is your car an automatic?

    If it is then have a shop check your transmission. Sounds like there's a problem with the transmission.

    More than likely it doesn't have to do with the timing belt or oil leak.

    Here's some info about oil leaks in case you're interested in knowing:

    Otto YM
  • kirouackirouac Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my 2003 Jetta wagon TDI. Did you ever find out what it was? I would appreciate any feed back. No technician I've talked to seems to have a clue what it could be.
  • slomoshnslomoshn Posts: 12
    The issue was a faulty TCM (transmission control module) and the transmission wiring harness.

    The error code causes the initiation of "limp mode" in the transmission. This restricts the transmission to 3rd gear to prevent damage until issue is resolved.
  • I am having the same problem now with my TDi. It started back in Jan. 2013. Did anyone ever find a fix for you? I'm tired of not having a ride.
  • jmb18jmb18 Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    I have been having the same problem with my car with less than 66,000 miles. It randomly shifts into nuetral usually around 3rd gear and has some electrical issue that drains the battery if I do not drive it for a few days. The VW Dealer told me to replace the transmission for $7,000 and see if that fixes the problem. I have taken it to several other people and have been told it is the transmission, mechatronics unit, unknown electrical problem or no idea. I had the transmission fluid replaced and reflashed but did not solve the problem. I also wanted to see if anyone knows if this is the same transmission as the Audi 2002-2006 A4 or A6. They just settled a lawsuit stating the transmission was flawed. It would be nice to know exactly what is causing the problem before I start throwing more money at the car.
  • bullettranybullettrany Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    If the radio was installed rite there is no possible way the radio caused the computer to fail. Maybe if you shorted 2 wires together. If you herd that from the dealer that is false. Check Fluid get a clothes hanger an put in the hole of the trans paint it white and measure 2 in and mark it thats full mark

    German engineering is great
    I own a 2003 Jetta And it is the Best, no problems just changed the water pump and timing belt 102000.
    Transmission shifts good i rebuilt the valve body all new electronics at 100000 Fluid still clean.

    BulletProof Transmissions
  • I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t with 5speed tip-tronic automatic transmission that does the exact same thing! And I'm on my second transmission and it's doing the exact same thing again! NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BUY A VW/AUDI/PORSCHE with an automatic. This is my second Jetta and my other one had a slipping transmission too!
  • I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8t with 5speed tip-tronic automatic transmission that does the exact same thing! And I'm on my second transmission and it's doing the exact same thing again! NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER BUY A VW/AUDI/PORSCHE with an automatic. This is my second Jetta and my other one had a slipping transmission too!
  • Yes , those transmissions are well know to give a lot trouble.

    The way I use to correct them is by installing a shift kit from , " Trans go " along with a wiring harness from " Rostra presicion controls , Inc " P/n 75 446 from " Transtar " .
    The factory wiring harness is a very , very bad unit .
    The factory should be recalling those trannies .
    Why they do not do it ? . Because it will cost them a lot of money !.
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