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Mitsubishi Galant exterior issues



  • Yeah, We Need To Talk To Someone on Channel 10 about this issue. They Need to come out and look at our cars . I Have A 2006 Gallant and it looks outrageous !! I Went to four places and the lowest was $1300 and they highest was $3500 , Mitsubishi only want to give you $300 to $500 . We need to take them to court .
  • Mitsubishi Needs to go to court ! We all Driving around with cars looking like garbage and they laughing in our faces giving us only $300 .
  • I have a silver 2003 Galant, that I bought new and have very low miles on it (under 60k) the car runs great, the maintenance is next to nothing. The problem is the PAINT IS HORRIBLE! Peeling, white, oxidation-YUCK!

    I called for a paint estimate, they range from $2500 to $7000, the car isn't worth that much. The other issue is no one wants to touch a car older than 10, it appears that parts break and they are not easily replaced. I had planned to have this car for 20 years, now I'm not so sure.

    Any home remedies anyone can share. I hate to give up on this car.; Thanks

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