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Hyundai Azera Front End Problems



  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    "I'd be willing to join an "en masse" contact of the appropriate Hyundai personnel to get my front end
    shock problem resolved. I definately think it's worth a shot. My second set of shocks are
    no better than the original set. Otherwise, I love the car."

    Exactamente! That's what I am hoping for. ;)
    Most all of us have had the TSB done and after just 5K miles or less,
    we're right back where we all started from which is :lemon: city!

    Pass the word. There are probably more people in this boat than those that are aboard here.

    We will wait until Mr. Bob gets his answer back from Hyundai and if they won't
    do anything for Mr. Bob, we will all "en masse" write in or call or both.

  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    I think my people in Iowa have FINNALY found the solution to the front end noise. I have an 07 that has had the noise since day one (sept. of 06). I have been to three dealers and until last week no one has had a clue what to do.
    After replacing the rear shocks and the front struts with no improvement they finally replaced the assembly on top of the struts and the car no longer clunks going over rough roads. It is such a diferance you wouldn't know it's the same car.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    Hi Newguy, Can you identify specifically which parts were replaced on top of the struts? The part numbers might be found on your service write-up.
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    No, I don't have the part #, but since I am on a first name birthday card basis with the service dept. I can get it this week. I do know that they called the part that fixed the problem a strut mount. Hope this helps.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    OK, I'll look in my Service Manual to see if I can find that nomenclature. Anything is a help with my recluncking '06 with the later replacement front shocks.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Isn't it simply called an upper strut mount? :confuse:

  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    I looked in my Factory Service Manual and none of the front suspension components are listed as either a strut mount or upper strut mount. There are parts that could be so named but apparently not by the factory.
  • No response yet, but my first letter this time was on June 26. Will call Customer Center on Aug. 27 if no response. I asked about new struts for front and rear or a big discount on a Genesis.
    See address below. Everybody needs to write to him now. Don't wait to see what he tells me. He will not write back, but someone from there will call. Helps if you have a case number to list, as well as listing your VIN, model, dealer, etc. You can get a case number from the toll free customer center in your owners manual if you do not have one.

    Mr. Owen Koh, CEO
    Hyundai USA
    PO Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    This is NEW GUY who now has an Azara that sounds like a car of this class should sound. I have the official name and part # of the fix!! It is called an upper strut mount and is part # 546 303 L100. I hope this will help all of you who have been putting up with this as I had. By the way the repair was done at Edwards Hyundai in Council Bluffs Ia. Josh is the service advisor.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Make that part number 54630-3L100
    That's how it appears on the Hyundai parts micofilche.

    List price is $42.87 each (It takes 2)
    Available at a certain online place for $33.22 plus shipping.
    Front suspension - Struts and components - Upper mount,
    Also sometimes refered to as an insulator assy-strut

  • Re: Azera Built b4 Dec. 05, 2005

    I am the recent buyer (May 08) of a used 2006 Azera Limited, production date Nov. 2005; miles at purchase about 20K, it was traded in with about 17,500, but was driven for a while by the Financial Manager at the HONDA dealer where I puchased the traded-in Azera (traded for smaller Honda, not an Accord). Traded by a gentleman in his early 70's (I'm in early 60's); he was looking for better MPG for his road trips. I know who he is and have talked to him personally here in town.
    I am new to the "forums" and have been educating myself concerning ALL aspects of the Azera. It appears the "hot issue" for 2006/2007/ and maybe part of 2008 Azera's is the suspension/front strut problems.
    Yesterday I went to the local Hyundai dealer for some additional conversation (have already picked their brains on other minor issues/education efforts on other visits), regarding what was the "as built" configuration of this Azera, the "bill of material BOM" for the front stuts.
    Low and behold the original part numbers for the "early" built 2006's is the current replacement part. That is the 54611 - 3L040. The TSB for this issue is/has replaced "tonking" struts (when accomplished) pulling out the 3L041's, and putting in the original part numbers. The parts manager also answered my question has to "what P/N" would be used for repair/replacement, if needed, on my Nov.2005 production date car, and it still would be the 3L040.
    He researched his "purchased" data base (includes customer out of pocket, and warranty purchases), and NO struts have been transacted by this dealer for any Azera being serviced. In other words, no customer has either complained, or won their argument with them that would have lead to a "strut replacement outcome". The parts manager is/was aware of the "tonking/noise" complaint that out there in the world of Azera's. But again, has not had the need to issue "replacement stuts" for any reason.
    I am aware that "Upper Strut Mount" P/N 54630 - 3L100 has been declared has a possible fix in this issue of "3L041" strut complaints. Possible that one or both components have been part of the problem.
    OK, what about my early production Azera and its ride? No, it is not always the smooth ride over some of the rougher city streets, or repaired roads. I don't have the "tonk/clunk" that the later production cars have had. My research indicates this Azera ride will never be as mushy as say an old "boat Mercury or big Ford, or other big GM boat. My experience is the HONDA Accords at times are just as rough. Matter of fact, Consumer Report states that is their only finding on the Accord, and Odessey Vans, they both ride rough.
    Regarding MPG on my Azera. I did a road test with newly full tank (auto shutoff at pump), and reset computer MPG, and entered Interstate Highway for a 100 mile ride and did 27.9/28.0 MPG. My experience with city driving is yes only about 14MPG, maybe up to 17 if I add some "upper miles city driving" with it. So I'm looking at about 22 MPG average, not really that bad. My figures/findings are comfirmed by both the on board computer, and my math calculations for fill ups concerning city driving, and Highway/Interstate driving. I did the highway test because I was panicked when I saw what the "computer/and manual math calculations" where giving me. I wanted to "proof" the highway miles.
    PS: I've learned that in "city driving", that I periodically "bump" the shifter over to "manual mode" and "bump up the shift" to the 4th/5th gears to get the RPMs lower, and "save gas???". I find if you leave it in Auto/Shift in town, it may be staying in "lower gears" too long. Hey, my 5 speed manual truck operates fine in 5th gear in town, why not the AZERA???

    Thanks, Retired Dad
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    I am becoming more and more convinced that there are early 3L040s, those that were mounted on the early 2006 Azeras built before 12/05/05, and the replacement 3L040s that are now being provided by the parts department and installed according to TSB 07-50-007. There is a world of difference between the early and late 54611-3L040 parts. The early (original) parts last and last and work like any good shock should;
    The late 54611-3L040 will not last at all and do not last for even 5,000 miles and do
    not work like they should. They are excellent when first installed, but "wear out"
    and do not function as a proper shock should in just a very few miles.

    I am not speaking of a rough ride but the lack of proper control as far as jounce and rebound are concerned.
    Proper control in those categories is not satisfactory.
    Mine poggos, and porpuses, and at speed is dangerious because of this lack of control.
    On certain roads, that uncontrolled motion will almost make me seasick.
    My replacement shocks were fine when first installed, but quickly went back
    to the same old ways as the original 041s that first came on my car.

    In order to get the TSB done, I had to raise holy hell at the local dealership.
    Only after talking to the top manager was I finally able to get replacement shocks installed.
    I think the manager ordered the service manager to go ahead and do the TSB only to get me off his case.
    Now, the answer I get when I ask to have these floppy wonders replaced
    is that 'Hyundai will only replace the shocks one time'and one time only.' No more! :lemon:
    So much for the warranty. One time, and one time only. After that, you are on your own.

  • I'm "onboard" with you thinking that "current" P/N 3L040s may NOT be as reliable as the original ones. And, when used as a replacement for the "41s" per the TSB will not guarantee a "good fix" for the strut problem. Your experience with those replacement parts is proof enough for me that something drastic occurred in the manufacturing processes at the "strut manufacturer".
    My experience has a Government Rep at Pratt and Whitney, Jet engine manufacturing (government fighter/cargo engines), revealed to me that "supplier problems" (supplier provided parts/components), and yes "primary manufacturer (P&W) problems" (their produced parts, etc.), must be fully investigated for "root cause" events when a part, or component no longer is operating to design and operating specifications.
    Usually, a manufacturing process, or raw material, sub-assembly, was changed, without proper "proofing" of the result, and lo and behold the part/component is no longer giving performance results, or short life performance.
    I guess, I will "baby" my front end for ever, so has to keep good operating struts in the car. Maybe in a few years, as some have said, a after market producer will have replacement stuts available that are guaranteed under a "miles/calendar" sales package.
    I'm convinced the Azera design element for the front end was not "robust" enough to accomodate variations in manufactured parts. If they proofed the front end on their test tracks with what they tought to be the "best production struts", they evidently didn't realize that "manufacturing process variation" was going to come back and bite them in their "design behind".
    I picked up the GENISIS brochure, and they are using a German (design engineering) SACHS* ASD (amplitude Selective Damping) advance suspension system. Coupled with the full front set-up with upper and lower control arms which create a virtual "kingpin" axis to reduce unwanted kickback (emmm, whats that???, strut crap???), and improve steering response. OK, I'm lifting words from the book, not that smart!!! But, sounds like they learned from their mistakes on the AZERA. Further example being the back seat is not a 60/40 fold down, they wanted a "solid unit" there to improve the regidness of the back of the vehicle.
    Who knows, maybe in three years, or more, I would look for a 2010 used one (not 2009, let them find/fix the bugs first) with a Premium Plus package (plus adds 18" alloy wheels). The Technology Package, top of the line is too much "space craft" for me.
    Later, Retired Dad aka HolyAzera
  • Congrats on your new car. If the ride is OK, it is a great car. Actually the car rides well, so to speak, but it rolls or bounces too much on dips and rises in the road.
    Spoke to a sales rep re: Genesis and they got one in and sold it the next day. Same dealer got in 5 Lincoln MKS' and sold four within a week. All are selling at MSRP.
    I like the Genesis concept, but I'll wait a year or two to see what happens. It took two years for the Azera suspension issue to fully surface and then not on every car. Also, I cannot bring myself to pay MSRP for any car, much less a Hyundai or Ford product.
  • I have 15,000. If the bouncing gets worse, I don't know what I will do.It was great when they changed the shocks at 5,000. Now I have to slow below 60 on a stretch of Hiway 92 between Foster City and San Mateo or the ocillation becomes dangerous.I can live with this as 95% of the roads don't cause this.I would pay to replace the shocks again but not if theya re only going to last 5,000 miles. I have never heard of a shock that had this short of a life.

    It seems over passes or short bridges cause the bouncing. anyone know why? Is the road not level or what? WOuld be curious to know.2007 azera.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Be patient my friend. There is something going on and we will all know all about it within a few days.
    I won't say anything more at this time, but we will all be kept appraised. :surprise:
    The topic discussion is located here:

    Go to the topic under Factory Tsb-azera Shocks Replacement and stay tuned. ;)

    "It seems over passes or short bridges causes the bouncing. Anyone know why?
    Is the road not level or what?"

    Of course it is not level. That unevenness of the roadway is what starts the oscillation.
    Proper shocks would stop or control this instead of allowing our Azeras to continue to oscillate
    as ours are all doing with the replacement 54611-3L040 shocks.
    Proper shocks are supposed to 'control' this undesirable monkey-motion.
    The problem is with the lack of control of these replacement shocks and most
    of those shocks that were originally installed at the factory prior to the TSB.

    Ours shocks feel like they are worn out and this is happening to us before we have even 5,000 miles. :lemon:

  • Needing a recall. How do safety issues generate recalls? People complain to the National safety Institute or some other agency?Not that many Azera owners to complain, I am afraid.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    It certainly is if you drive fast enough on the type of road that causes this almost out-of-control oscillation.

    Go over to that 'other' forum I spoke of and read how many individuals are
    complaining about this common problem. I think you will be surprised. ;)

  • markingmarking Posts: 2
    Interesting...I have an '07 Limited with exactly the same problem between 45 -50mph. It appears more during deceleration or using cruise control.

    Two of 4 tires were replaced due to feathering and mis-alignment. The back tires still had about 10 -15k miles left and an alignment was done also. The problem remains and I am hoping that when the other 2 tires are replace this goes away.

    Any additional advice on this issue from Hyundai?
  • tuyauxtuyaux Posts: 8
    Dear snag,

    Just this Wednesday I purchased a 2007 Azera Limited - previously a 1-owner vehicle and in beautiful shape. It seemed fine on the test drives but, when I got it back to Richmond, VA and began driving on our dreadful downtown streets, I noticed the wallowing, etc. I read all of the posts on Edmunds and Hyundai-forums about this and am armed with a printout of the TSB about replacing the shocks. (the car does have the 041 shocks still - my build date was in Oct. '06 but the previous owner didn't act on the TSB back in Sept. '07.) It seems as though you might "know something" that the rest of us don't however. Should I 1) go ahead and get a dealership to replace the 041s with 040s, 2) ask them to replace the 041s with 640s, or 3) just wait for the recall???? It's my beautiful new car and I'm dying to know what's up???

  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160


    Sent me an email an include your landline number and I will call you. :surprise:

  • Or it is really bad.
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    Not only do you new struts but most important is that you have them replace the upper strut mount part # 546303L100. This will make all the differance in the world. Enjoy your Azera!
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    In a word, isn't the original strut mount that is already there still good? :confuse: I'm sure mine is.

    Isn't replacing a perfectly good strut mount simply throwing money away?

  • tuyauxtuyaux Posts: 8
    Thanks for the advice! Just to be sure I understand you correctly, are you suggesting that the upper strut mounts be replaced with the exact same part? Will this be a permanent fix to the problem?
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    I do not know for sure if it the exact same part or not all I know that my 07 make had the "strut" problem from day one and the fix that worked was the strut mount. It's only been three weeks so I don't know if it's a permanent fix but as of now it's like driving a completely different car. And that is a good thing.
  • 15,000 mile service and they are checking my shocks which were already replaced once under the TSB.WIll try to get 3L640. Will report back.
  • tuyauxtuyaux Posts: 8
    Ok. So did you just describe the symptoms and the dealer told you what the fix was going to be? Did you have to go back to the dealer repeatedly?
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160
    "15,000 mile service and they are checking my shocks which were already replaced once under the TSB.
    WIll try to get [the] 3L640s. Will report back."


    Please do.
    Many have tried to get Hyundai to replace those bad TSB shock replacements known as the 040s.
    I know of only one person who has succeeded.
    He will surely be reporting on his success shortly. :surprise:

    There is no sense in even allowing the dealer to install another set of those 040s. :lemon:
    Insist on the newest shocks, the 54611-3L640s.
    No one with them is reporting any problems whatsoever!

    Please keep us all posted.

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