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Hyundai Azera Front End Problems



  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    I'd love to hear a report 5-7 K miles later. Don't know if this post will die before then, but sure would like to hear about it.

    Like the above poster, I have a harsh ride, not soft or mushy at all. Every stinking expansion joint on the interstates vibrates through the steering wheel and front seat.

    It's sooooo disappointing to have this buck-board still ride in a $33K car!!
  • Today I found out KYB makes a shock/strut that should fit the Azera. We all know that Monroe has the 72281 front and 5614 rear that fit the Azera and tinydog1 will vouch on that. I found that Rockauto lists KYB 341476 front and 349060 rear and the Monroe 72281 front and 5614 rear for the Sonata SE. But they don't list the KYBs for the Azera , got me confused? Just some information I found for those who are having suspension problems. I have 34K on my 08 and 3200 on my General Altimax HPs which made a world of difference compared to the Michelins that came with the car. so far no complains about the suspension. :confuse:
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I was on KYB's site and they don't show anything for the Azera as of yet.

    However, if you go to show the Monroe front strut (72281) and rear shock absorber (5614) both from the Monroe Sensa-Trac line. Prices aren't bad would be able to get both front and both rears for a tad more than $200 w/s&h. I just wonder how much a shop would charge to install them.

    With my Azera getting close to the 85K mile mark, I am considering upgrading the OEM struts/shocks. I have to replace my ball joint on the passenger side as well as the upper control arm on the driver's side (passenger side was done around 70K miles.

    Still loving my ride on the Altimax HP's. Wife loves it too...asked if I could get the same tires for her Audi A6 (which is riding on ContiTouring tires now).
  • I replaced mine with Pirelli P-Zero Nero's. I would have sworn the ride was better, but as I put more miles on them the same lofty bouncy ride has re-appeared :cry: . I must have been hopeful and convinced myself that it was going to solve the issue. That said, the car does drive better and respond better with the pirelli's vs. michillin (at least in my opinion). Wet weather handling certainly seems better (but that could be due to differences in remaining tread life).

    On another note I have finally taken my car into the shop for the suspension issues, I made several appointments and actually missed every single one (been really busy). I told them about my squeaking and bouncy ride with clunks, and a whining noise from the engine. Lets see if they charge me the $98 fee to look at it (claiming its not warranty work! - I hate dealerships!!!! :mad: ) I am printing up the TSB's when I speak to them regarding the suspension because I have a feeling they are going to say there is nothing wrong. I will try to post my results when I find out. Any further advice is appreciated regarding how to deal with the dealer if they claim there is nothing wrong. :confuse:
  • So brought the car in... the whining noise is covered under warranty and they are replacing a pulley (if I remember correctly).

    As for the suspension they told me they are replacing a bushing (or mount - not sure which one as the phone convo was fast). I did ask them about the TSB's for the suspension and was told that does not apply to me. My question is why would the TSB's not apply to me?
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    I believe there is a crappy suspension in this car and nothing will really "fix it" except a totaly redesign of the suspension.
    I have an '08 which supposedly as the most updated suspension (I'm told) and it rides like crap.
    I also have an '03 Highlander which rides like a Cadillac or a Lincoln Town Car of yester-year.
    My wife drove my Azera for the first time a few weeks ago and told me I had to take the car to the dealer right away. I asked why and she replied, "that car rides horribly, some is wrong."
    Now, my wife knows as much about a car as my 11 y/o..... probably less, but, point being if someone like my wife notices a crappy suspension, then it has a crappy suspension.
    Yes, I changed tires too ot the Conti Extreme DWS. Great tires but didn't do squat for the ride except increase handling a bit.
    I'll never buy another Hyundai unless I can test drive it for a couple of days. Being as Hyundai is Hyundai, I don't see that happening. I'll spend the extra few hundred $$ and buy me another Toyota.
  • vikeavikea Posts: 7
    hello i am a new member. i own hyundai grandeur 3.3 2006 the european model for azera. i read your posts and sadly some of it is happening to me too. but maybe not so dramatic as some of you describe it. i dont have any clunking o noise(may be on very big bumps, at least it does better then my previos 2007 passat(piese of crap and dangerous car)) but yes on bumpy roads it does get a bit unstable.
    i saw also some numbers of shocks here something like ...40, ...41 or ...640. i looked at mines and the last numbers were ...130, and made by Sachs ( which i know is one of the best shock manufacturers). i own also a 2006 sonata which also has Sachs shocks, dont know the numbers, but it rides very well though have a little "clunk". so i decided that not the shocks a the problem but the spring which are too soft and killing the shocks. i replaced them with eibach springs which lowered the car by 3 cm(dont know how many inches). and now it rides a lot better it does not roll a bit. its super stable at big speeds. i didnt tested it on bad roads yet but when i will do i will post some more of course if someone is intrested. but the car is much stiffer now so its lost some of its comfort .other then that the car is realy great.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    allmet: were the suspension parts you replaced just worn out??? rough roads up there in DC area...Are you going with the Monroe aftermarkets??? I had to change my Edmunds account ...used to be101649 as my screen jamazera..I was having problems with the pages timing out and finally I couldn't log in....maybe Edmunds upgraded or changed the site...I'm still riding on the OEM Michelins @ 30K good tread wear, but a lot of noise...will justt have to wait until they wear out to get the Altimax's...
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Are you taking about the upper control arm? Yes, it was worn out and the one on the driver's side is the same way now. I also found out that one of my ball joints needs to be replaced as well. The roads here in the DC metro area are terrible as they are doing all sorts of construction to install a street trolley system and of course, my commute takes me along those very roads they have torn up.

    When I am ready to change my shocks, I will more than likely go with the Monroe aftermarkets for sure, but I really am not having any issues with the shocks other than the back end bottoming out over big speed bumps when I have stuff in the trunk or all my kids in the back seats.
  • newguy6newguy6 Posts: 34
    I have an 07 with all of the noise problems everyone else is talking about. After four trips to the dealer they finally put in new "strut Mounts". It made a world of difference....... for about three months. It's just as bad as ever. I really don't think that there is a fix, its just a terrible suspension. Will the '11 be any better?
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    I don't think there is a "fix" for this suspension. Only a completely different suspension will fix this rough-riding "luxury" car?!

    What difference would Monroe or KYB shocks do? Aren't they supposed to be designed with the same characteristics as the original, otherwise it could create a tremendous imblance in handling.

    All this is just my opinion, but, I'm very firm with it.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    shagnat...I highly doubt that the Monroe or KYB shocks would be made with the same characteristics as the OEM shocks. That's the great thing about quality aftermarket most cases, it's better than OEM.

    I also believe if you go with aftermarket control arms (which I will doing), you'll probably have better results too. I think OEM stuff is a gimmick...they make it knowing it will fail after so much time so you have to come back and spend more money.

    I doubt that Monroe or KYB would create a shock that would create a "tremendous imbalance in handling", that would be crazy. I'm sure they test their products to see how they can improve upon the OEM shocks, dampen them differently and probably use better materials to begin with.
  • tinydog1tinydog1 Posts: 83
    Replaced the struts and shocks on my 2006 with Monroe's and can honestly say the ride and handling have greatly improved even with the crappy OEM Michelins. Can't wait to replace them with Altimax HP's. This is the best investment I have made in this car, 6K miles and no sign of the Monroe's weakening like the OEM struts.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    This right here is GREAT feedback. Thanks for letting us know for sure. :shades:
  • I replaced all 4 struts with the monroes which improved the ride for maybe 200 miles. Then it starting wallowing and the ride returned to its bumpy old self.
  • shagnatshagnat Posts: 78
    That's a real pisser. I so want my Azera to ride better. My wife won't ride in it 'coz of the rough ride, and she drives a Toyota Highlander....... not some $80K+ luxury mobile........ what a pity Azera is such a rough-rider....... otherwise I really like the car for the most part anyways.
  • vikeavikea Posts: 7
    hello. i think i know what is the problem. since i am no mecanic i can"t tell you for sure if i am right or not. the problem with the azera is not the suspension. in fact azera suspension type is one of the best. i have a hyundai grandeur which is the same azera but for europe. it came from factory with all around german suspension: sacks shoks , springs and so on. it has the same crapy fellin when riding over bumps. i added a strut bar to regidize thr chassie and wow! what a feeling. its no more feer to press the gas pedal.
    so i made a conclusion that the suspension is very good but the week chassie flexes and bends under bumps and engine presure driving out of aliment the suspension which causes this problem of ours.
    p.s. i instaled a very week crapy strut bar and i observed this big diference. does anyone knows where to get a good one. on ebay the struts won"t fit to a car with cruise control.
  • hello. does anyone knows where to get a good proper strut bar for azera. thanks a lot
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    edited September 2010
    check it out...there used to be a couple others out there, but I guess they stopped selling them. I did come across this one...

    KFX Performance
  • My question is: Which would be better to help to reduce the side to side wallowing when going over uneven pavement? A strut bar or a sway bar? And would either make much of a difference?
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Personally, I believe the strut bar would do a better job. The anti-sway bar is designed to help eliminate body roll when cornering.
  • dmildmil Posts: 1
    Can you tell me if the shaking and vibration was at a specfic speed or the same speed all the time? I have an Azera, and they are telling me the same thing. 4 sets of tires, can't all be bad, and it didn't begin to do this until I had 18 k miles on the first set. Always at the same speed. They even put a set of tires off one of the cars they had there that day.
  • antonyrantonyr Posts: 6
    The shaking and vibration occurred at all speeds. After they “finally” replaced the struts/shocks it went away, but now I’m faced with the clunking noise when going over uneven pavements. It may be my struts/shocks… or swaybar.

    As much as I love the car, it’s going to be my last Hyundai due to the service after the sale.

    My son is going to be driver very soon, so I guess it will be his 1st car.

    They know they have a problem but they try to make it seem as if you are the problem.
  • r7nr7n Posts: 5
    There could be another cause for noise in your Azera. I've had the clunking noise and the tire vibration with the original Michlins. Clunking was cured by replacing struts and tire vib was cured by replacing with a better Michlin than the original. The other source of noise could be one or both plastic undercarriage shields that run down the right and left side of the undercarriage. There is a TSB to replace these because they have a tendency to break around the mounting bolts. This allows the shields to buffet in the wind and pound the undercarriage. Eventually, enough of the plastic will break causing the wind to force the panel to the pavement which causes one heck of a noise. As you slow down the shields will lift from the pavement and the noise stops. Both of mine broke within one month of each other. I repaired the first one myself but the other one failed while on the way to my grand daughters out of town wedding. I had to drive 10 miles with the shield dragging until I found a country town Jeep dealership. They were nice enough to get the car on the rack, pull off the offending shield, inspect for other damage and get me back on the road in 15 minutes. All for no charge. There is a reason that my other vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. The panels are easy to check for damage: Lay on the ground on each side, just behind the front wheel and look under the car at the undercarriage. The panels are gray black in color. Reach toward the front of the shields and push up on them several times. If they move up and down you have a problem. Your dealer should replace them without charge, but of course they will need to order them.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    As per the previous post, " Hyundai service after the sale is poor ", I agree completely. In response to your post concerning the shields, I had the problem with mine, they just used bolts with bigger heads to fix it, and "only" charged me $25 for the repair. Yes I'm being sarcastic: I had to pay for repair of an obvious design flaw.
  • 06_azera06_azera Posts: 4
    I own a 2006 Azera with 90,000 miles on it and the suspension has always been inferior. Tire noise both front and rear along with a rough sloppy ride. Replacing the tires will only hide the problem temporarily. Here is what helped the suspension and the noise more then I could imagine. I removed the front wheels and in the back of each wheel well is a plastic cover. Remove the plastic cover and using spray glue install Thick Dense Foam from top to bottom. The key here is Dense Foam. Then replace the plastic cover and seal the edges with a 3-M under-body coating. Now install a rubber coil spring doughnut between the springs at the very top. You will need some silicone and a piece of wood to bang the rubber doughnut into the springs after you get it started.

    In the rear of the Azera use a Quality Sound Deadening Material. Remove both sides of the trunk panels and insulate both rear wheel wells. Also run the Sound Deadening Material in the space in front of the spare tire or right behind the rear seat. Now remove the rear tires and the plastic cover in the front of the wheel wells and insulate behind the plastic cover. Replace the cover and seal the edges with the 3-M under-body coating. Also install a rubber doughnut on the Bottom of each rear spring.

    It's like a different automobile. Quieter, the front end is more stable and the improvement in the ride is amazing. A little work but so far well worth it. New tires, shocks and upper strut bars and I think that would really make it ride like a luxury car.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    edited May 2012
    Just had one of these panels fail and was charged by the Dealer as my 07 azera has 63,000 and is over the warranty. Called Hyundai and they inform me there is no TSB for the 2007. If you have a TSB number, please post it so I canc all them back and try to recover the money I paid.
  • vikeavikea Posts: 7
    could you tell me what kind of rubber donaut did you put in your springs? did you put only in front or rear too? did it raised the car a lot? isn't it unstable beening higher?
    i also did some mods to my azera. koni struts heavy duty strut bar and thicker sway bars. best result is from sway bar so i think the problem isnt in shock absorbers alone but more in too soft springs setting.
    strut bar also did a lot to improving the ride.
  • Sorry for such a late response to your Question about the rubber doughnuts I put between my springs. I purchased them at AutoZone. They are round and about 4 inches in diameter with a concave groove on both sides for the spring to fit into. They are also split so you can kinda straighten them out to get the end started in between the springs. You have to remove the wheel and let the spring hang so the spring will open up a little to get them in.

    If they raised the car it was only a quarter inch if even that much. I put them in the front at the top of the spring and in the rear at the bottom of the spring. You are absolutely correct, the springs are too soft.

    Where did you find a thicker sway bar? I found a front upper strut bar that ties the two front shocks together under the hood without any modifications required. Just do a search for Hyundai Azera strut bar I think it was $99.
  • vikeavikea Posts: 7
    Thanks for reply.
    But i think i will not put anything into springs as i am going to sell the car. Beside the too soft spring there is another problem to the cars suspension which i detected and its difficult to correct as it is a a factory missdesign.
    The thiker sway bar is all the way from korea from site. Its quite expencive. Also i got the strut bar from Luxon Korea. No offence but the strut bar that you got is no good. It is too thin. First i got one like this and it did some efect but nothing like the super heavy duty luxon bar. I can send you some photos if you like my mail is
    Also i can sell them if you like them. As i am going to sell the car with this upgrades so if you want them i can get them off the car.
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