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Toyota Tacoma Clutch Issues



  • 98toyo4xowner98toyo4xowner Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    I have a 98 ex cab 4x4 Last year I had to replace my clutch slave cylinder my pedal was going to the floor all by itself and staying there until I manually pulled it up. After replacement of slave problem was un changed so the master was replaced after which the problem was better but never resolved to my expectation. My clutch / pedal was never the same . about 6 months later i was hearing a lot of squealing noise every time i started to compress the clutch pedal. Now i get the clutch, pressure plate and all that replaced. ( had a clutch kit put in it) the old clutch wasn't even worn out yet it still had a lot of life left. yet every person /place that listened to it diagnosed it the same. At time of clutch replacement my slave cylinder was again replaced the other one was shot . It hadn't been barely 6 months old. Needless to say the clutch pedal still isn't right i took it into a shop they bled the clutch said there was no air in the lines at all. The pedal sill goes down by itself only now it just goes a little ways or it doesn't come back up all the way. Also a new problem of the shifter getting stuck in neutral or in a gear and doesn't want to go into 2nd gear very easy.The clutch wont disengage or at times engage until i shut off engine, or kill it, then start it back up. then it will shift into gear.. WTF is going on here anyone have a clue?
    I'd like to add that I hadn't put 20000 on my truck I actually got the receipts with the truck of the clutch being replaced just before i bought it. 2 clutches 2 slaves and master cylinders in 20000 miles and it still doesn't work right . This is rediculouse!
  • I have a 2006 Tacoma as well and had the same exact issue. Only when Toyota replaced the clutch, it started slipping at approximately 28k - 29k and I was so disgusted and fed up with the service by Toyota that I brought it to my friend's garage who used to work for Toyota and knows them like the back of his hand. When he took the clutch apart to replace it, it was soaked in oil. I had him do the replacement and tried working with Toyota but they wont give me the time of day because I didn't go back to the dealer. Now, 16 mths and another 16k miles (approx.) later.....Slipping again. The clutch was soaked in oil again. There has to be an issue here with the clutch I'm sure. I've driven standards all my life and my mechanic knows his stuff and he was even puzzled when I recently brought it back to him with the clutch slipping again. The truck is an '06 with only 53k miles and I am now on the 4th clutch. The last 2 clutches were like brand new when replaced but had to be replaced because they were SOAKED in oil.
  • I think you have on the engine the rear main bearing leak. That would leak straight to the clutch. Have it replaced regardless. My 05 V6 with 6 speed manual and close to 80000 miles is still on its original clutch
    h with no problem.
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